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For the wolf Keith and lamb Lance au I was wondering what made Keith fall for Lance? Was it cuz he was hungry one day and saw him and instead of eating him he fell for him?


Well, I’ve been thinking about it.

And like, there has to be a good reason for him to fall in love right?

And not just a love at first sight type of thing.

And I’ve been applying that Lance would be scared of Keith almost unintentionally?

So it got me thinking.

What if they met each other when they were little?

Like little Lance escaped the farm one day and allura and coran were in a frenzy to find him becuase “omg there are wolves and fox that would eat him!”

And Lance is just taking in the amazing scenery and stumbled upon a small wolf trapped in a bear trap someone set.

And poor Keith’s an orphan, so he has no help, doesn’t know what this metal thing is, and is just so scared and is howling, calling for help.

So Lance gets there, and sees Keith’s hurt. He pauses for a moment then helps Keith out.

They both stare at each other for a moment, while Keith is still hurt and crying.

So Lance finally is like “are you okay? Can you walk?” And tries to help Keith up.

When he realized Keith can’t really get up, he sets him by a tree, with Keith still kind of sniffling and in pain.

So Lance has like a handkerchief of something and wraps in around Keith’s wound.

“I’m sorry I can’t do much…. but for now this will do before allura comes 😊. She’s so nice and pretty! She will love you~”

He then looks around and finds a flower. He picks it and puts it in Keith’s hair and smiles.

Keith at this point is speechless. No one has ever been so kind to him before.

Before he could speak though, other wolves started approaching.

They heard Keith’s call before and came to “the rescue”

This in turn leads to them targeting Lance, becuase “hey look, food~”

And this TERRIFIES Lance.

Keith at that moment is pleading them to stop, and to leave him alone.

Then shiro, allura and coran burst into the scene and chase the wolves away, taking the terrified lance with them, all the while with Keith hiding behind a tree of something.

So anyway, Keith longed to see that sweet sheep again. He preserved the flower he gave him as well has kept the handkerchief

And years later he happened upon the farm and there he was!

He was so happy! But before he went straight to say hi he paused, remembering how terrified Lance was back then, and just hid behind the bushes to watch him.

And this lead to him seeing his kindness, and quirkiness, and that “I’m so handsome look at my fur” (this leads to many eye rolls from Keith) and he ends up realizing he’s fallen?

So hard?

And he doesn’t know what to do???

So yeah~💗

anonymous asked:

"Why are we always ending up in this position? If you don't like me then just say so!" hogwarts!au /Jungkook bts

“Ouch” you hiss sharply when his elbow knocks into the back of your head. 
“Sorry,” he whispers back, sheepish. 
One way or another you’re here in the library, way past curfew and the soft champagne of your lamps throwing ominous shadows on the stone pillars. Your current state not exactly comforting to your nerves.  
“Hurry up Jungkook!” you paw at his sweater. Yes, paw. Literally
Jeon Jungkook is the golden student of Professor Snape in his potions class, what they call an “innate genius” so naturally you were at ease when he ended up being your partner for the final project this semester. But perhaps your premature ease was where you made your mistake because half of the time the boy hardly wants to talk to you and when he does they would be in clipped sentences, his eyes refusing to meet yours.

You’ve encountered too many problems to call an accident and now the perfect star student turned you partially into a cat. A freaking feline.
“Why are we always ending up in these types of situations Jungkook?” you sigh, your kitty ears twitching irritably on each side of your head.  
“If you don’t like me then just say so!” you half yell, your tail a bit droopy, saddened by the thought. 

“No!”he exclaims, causing you to jump. 

“I mean, no that’s not why we’re in this situation.” he gulps, his eyes still wandering to and fro in the room. 

“Then why won’t you ever look at me?” you sigh, exasperated. He shifts on the balls of his feet, licking his lips and scratching the back of his head until he musters up the courage to finally look at you. Even the yellow glow of the lamp could not hide the rose dusting his cheeks and he looks so enamored it was almost comedic. 

“Jeon Jungkook, don’t you dare tell me we’ve been in all these situations because you have a crush on me!” you attempt to sound angry but the glee in your voice is almost impossible to conceal. 

“I’m really sorry (y/n), you’re just so- and I’m- uuffmm” he begins to explain, but you smother your lips to his before he could get the words out, his surprised groan echoed with your purrs, your velvety nose tickling his cheeks. 

“I’ll forgive you this one time then.” you laugh at his stunned expression, “Now turn me back handsome, I feel a fur ball coming” you purr and he’s a blushing mess, murmuring something along the lines of wanting to keep you in this form forever.