handsome davis


I still miss the two Brits.
Mick Davies and Arthur Ketch moments (Part 5)
Mick Davies in S12 E16

Adam Fergus
P.S. Dr. Buckingham, I still smiling when I think about it :)

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I hope it’s okay that I tagged you guys without asking. I just saw that you liked my Adam pic ;)


I had a dream I was stuck in a haunted house that used to be a church in a remote mountain range and had to be saved by the the ghost of a gunslinging frontierswoman (who looked suspiciously like Viola Davis) from the ghost of a monk–also gunslinging (but with laser guns??)–in the very spot where she had originally killed him centuries ago while I made my escape to a Temple of Poseidon. And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all this, it’s that my brain won’t be shackled by the constraints of genre.