handsome atlas


the action of killing a king)

anonymous said: more atlas ceo rhys, with jack being forced to kiss/lick rhys’s boots…

so I didn’t actually draw the request, but the lead up is close enough right???

anyway, transcript under the cut if you can’t read my shitty writing

also!!! this isn’t canon to my AU, just a bit of fun

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-Do you think Atlas is haunted?

-Haunted? What the hell are you on about this time?

-Rumors, mostly. People keep hearing weird things around the CEO’s office, like laughter. Familiar laughter.

-Yeah? And whose would that be?

-Handsome Jack’s.

Small piece this time bc I’m on a tight schedule. BoY was it nice to draw in sai again tho hoooo boy. also don’t read too much into Rhys’ tattoos, he’s not a siren in this au

Now you see me!

I’m in love! I just watched both of the ‘Now you see me films’ and I want to just jump on ‘Jack Wilder’! Not joking! I mean I knew how much of a hot stud Dave Franco was but then I saw ‘Jack’ an’ I was all like: 

Jack: *mimicking Rhodes’s voice* we’re all good at 6 move to 7.

Me: Omg he’s so talented!

Jack; *Picks up cards and throws them at Rhodes, his muscles tightening*

 Me: *dies*

So yeah….expect Jack Wilder and Dave Franco imagines from now on. Peace out Peeps!!

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 ME:* giving Jack my belt for “safe keeping”