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Perhaps seeking out the elder Shimada on his own wasn’t the best idea he’s had. Pure curiosity had driven McCree to search for Hanzo, tossing the idea of adding a sniper to Overwatch’s rebooted forces around in his mind up until he finally saw the guy. But this…

Jesse let out a cough, grunting as he felt the blade pierce him. He stumbled back, his hands grasping for something, anything, and they latched onto Hanzo’s wrists. The pain shook him, and already he could feel his blood stain his clothes.

Fucker…” He snarled, his robotic hand aiming to yank at the former yakuza’s hair. Stay awake, don’t fall, he urged himself, swerving in his position. 

“I… didn’t… I ain’t your enemy…”

Damn it all. What had he been thinking?