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long rant about handshake etiquette

Personally, one of the things I really cannot stand when I go to handshake is seeing someone in a member’s lane, decked out in other member’s merchandises. 

Probably I could understand if it’s like shipping like a fan in Megu-tan costume in Yuko’s lane (which I really did see, but she went Nyan’s and Sayaka’s lane too LOL) but say with a Mayuyu gekioshi towel, in Mayuyu shirt and going to Takamina’s lane? I sorta side-eye the dude to death for that >.> Probably because failed ballot Mayuyu’s lane and ended up balloting to be in Takamina’s because you can usually see Mayu from Taka’s lane. And wasting those precious tickets from the real Taka oshis. 

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this is lame but if any of you want to learn the Stressed Out handshake my sister and i made a video.

lol nattsumii has 6 sessions of handshakes (2 on each day) …and I have 14 handshakes tickets for her alr ;~;// 2 on each sessions at least. i must be crazy ;~; 

members that I’ll be going handshake of:

  • Takamina (7 tickets)
  • Haruna (ONE ticket ;~;)
  • Sayaka (One on each day)
  • Nattsumii (14 tickets) 
  • Haruu (8 tickets)
  • Annin (Applied one, got one. LOL)
  • Nana (Taking a friend’s ticket)

May 2013, come quick! ;~;

applying for 2013 May’s AKB handshake now and going crazy. LOL its quite bad when u like a number of members -_-//

and i was like “ima not applying takamina’s cus i’ve shook her hand like twice, h5 twice too.” but when at first i thought i could only apply 3 tickets….i put in takamina for slots 1, 2 and 3. omg. i cannot believe it myself. LOLOLOL

but wells, now im applying for the rest. ;~;// glad im not into ske. so i only need to worry for my 239487239472394 akb biases and nana. :3