handshake i have a gun

anonymous asked:

Ok, I got a weird one. A blurb of Ted meeting your dad who is extremely over protective of you cause your his only daughter. Plus you also have an over protective brother too. Yay or nay ?

Definitely YAY anon :)

You’d probably be together for five months or so and Ted would insist on finally meeting your parents. He would not want to seem rude or like a coward just because you would not want your parents to meet him.

The best thing would be that strangely you’d be the one to be all nervous while Ted would be completely laid-back.

‘Oh my god, they are gonna hate you.’ ‘They’ll love me, calm down babe!’

Your father would be one of those guys that would already judge his daughters boyfriend by the handshake. And inform Ted on some matters beforehand ‘I have a gun.’ What a nice welcome….

You’d desperately beg your father to stop his protective behaviour this time. Only once and he’d agree but as soon as you’d sit on the table he’d interrogate Ted about everything.

‘What are you doing for work Mr. Bundy?’ ‘How did you meet my daughter?’ ‘What would you say are your future plans?’ Of course Ted would be politely and answer everything despite how rude your father would be.

Your mother however would love Ted. ‘He’s so handsome and charming.’

Whenever you’d want to take Ted’s hand or give him a quick kiss your brother would clear his throat and your father would shoot Ted a look that could kill. You’d eventually not try to do anything like that again.

Your brother would be so embarassing, ruffling his feathers, telling Ted that he’d do everything to protect you and that he had been in the military in one sentence. Ted would just smile at that.

Your father would also drop hints the entire time about marrying and becoming parents. ‘My daughter is a respectful woman with a lot of dignity, she has to be treated that way.’

Later that night when Ted would be busy with fucking you into the pillow he’d ask you about that dignity and how much you had left right now, while you were begging him to fuck you harder. He’d laugh and say that your dad should maybe be made aware of who his perfect little girl called daddy when he wasn’t around.