𝐹𝒶𝓈𝒽𝒾𝑜𝓃 & 𝒜𝓅𝓅𝑒𝒶𝓇𝒶𝓃𝒸𝑒

bold what applies to your muse.

( body. )

long legs. short legs. average legs. slender thighs. toned thighs. thick thighs. muscular thighs. skinny arms. toned arms. soft arms. muscular arms. toned stomach. flat stomach. flabby stomach. soft stomach. six-pack. beer belly. lean frame. beefy/muscular frame. voluptuous frame. petite frame. lanky frame. short nails. long nails. manicured nails. dirty nails. flat ass. toned ass. bubble butt. thick ass. thigh brows. small waist. thick waist. narrow hips. average hips. wide hips. big feet. average feet. small feet. soft feet. slender feet. calloused hands. soft hands. big hands. average hands. small hands. long fingers. short fingers. average fingers. broad shoulder. narrow shoulder. underweight. average weight. overweight.

shorter than 140 cm. 141 cm - 150 cm. 151 cm - 160 cm. 161 cm - 170 cm. 171 cm - 180cm.181 cm - 190 cm. 191 cm - 2m. taller than 2 m.

( skin. )

pale. rosy. olive. dark. tanned. blotchy. smooth. acne. dry. greasy. soft.

( eyes. )

small. large. average. grey/white. grey/white. brown. blue. green. gold. hazel. black. doe-eyed. almond. close-set. wide-set. squinty. monolid. heavy eyelids. upturned. downturned. thick lashes. average lashes. thin lashes.

( hair. )

thin. thick. fine. normal. greasy. dry. soft. shiny. curly. frizzy. wild. unruly. straight. smooth. wavy. floppy. cropped. pixie-cut. shoulder length. back length. waist length. buzz cut.undercut. bald. jaw length. mohawk. white. silver. platinum blonde. golden blonde. dirty blonde. ombre. light brown. mouse brown. chestnut brown. chocolate brown. dark brown. jet black  ginger. auburn. copper. dyed red. dyed any “unnatural color”. thin eyebrows. average eyebrows. thick eyebrows.

( tattoos/piercings. )

full sleeve. thigh tattoo. neck tattoo. Chest tattoo. one tattoo. a few here and there (two tattoos). multiple. no tattoo. monroe piercing. nose piercing. septum. nipple piercing(s).genital piercing(s). industrial piercings. earlobe piercing. prince albert piercing. eyebrow piercing(s). tongue piercing(s). lip piercing(s). tragus piercing. angelbites. labret. stretches out ears. navel piercing.inverse navel piercing. cheek piercing(s). smiley. nape piercing(s). no piercing.

( cosmetics. )

eyeliner. light eyeliner. heavy eyeliner. cat eyes. mascara. fake eyelashes. matte lipstick. regular lipstick. lipgloss. red lips. pink lips. dark lips. bronzer. highlighter. eyeshadow. neutral eyeshadow. smoky eyes. colorful eyeshadow. blush. lipliner. light contouring. heavy contouring. powder. matte foundation. shiny foundation. concealer. wears make up regularly. wears it from time to time. never wears make-up.    

( scent. )

floral. fruity. perfumes. aftershave. cocoa. moisturizer. shampoo. cigarettes. leather.sweat. food. incense. marijuana. cologne. whiskey. wine. fried food. blood.

( clothes. )

jeans. tight pants. overknee socks. tights. leggings. yoga pants. pencil skirt. tight skirt. loose skirt. tight/formfitting dress. cardigans. blouse. button up shirt. band-t-shirt. sports tshirt. sweatpants. tank top. fur. faux fur. leather. designer. high street. online stores. thrift.lingerie. long skirt. miniskirt. maxidress. sun dress. tie. tuxedo. cocktail dress. highslit dress/skit. t-shirt. loose clothing. form-fitting clothing. jean shorts. sweater. sweater vest. khaki pants. suit. hoodie. harlem pants. basketball shorts. boxers. briefs. boxer-briefs. thong. hotpants. hipster panties.bra. sports bra. crop top. corset. ballerina skirt. leotard. polka dot. stripes. glitter. silk. lace. velvet. chemise. patterns. florals. neon colors. pastels. black.dark colors.

( shoes. )

sneakers. slip-ons. flats. slippers. sandals. high heels. kitten heels. ankle boots. combat boots. knee-high boots. platforms. stripper heels. bare feet. loafers. oxfords. gladiator shoes.dress shoes.

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Hand-colored tintype portrait of three unidentified African American women, c. 1856.

Source: Harvard Library.


Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)


We can’t let these legendary Markbum pictures die. No lies. The second pic made me Markbum AF so quick all my mutuals were scared I will swerve…

and I did. 💁🏻

Dean barely notices when Sam runs into the house to investigate the nephilim situation. His eyes dart this way and that, taking in the tattered, broken wingspan spread out before him.

All of the times that he lost Cas, he never saw his wings. Not once. And it feels so…final.

Dean’s lips tremble as he casts his gaze upwards towards where he knows heaven is watching. He wonders if the angels care. He wonders if God cares.

He knows Chuck probably isn’t even in heaven, and maybe he has his ears turned off while he’s having the family meeting to end all family meetings with Amara, but he tries anyway. He wants to beg, bargain, and scream, but he’s not sure he can speak. He sends up a plea, his lips mouthing silent prayers.

The air is still. Too still. Deathly still.

Dean squeezes his eyes shut and slumps down to the ground. He bows his head down, but he can’t yet bear to look. Not yet. Not again.

He breathes, and it feels like a monumental effort. He is hyper aware of being alive, of his lungs filling with oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide, and suddenly he thinks he might understand why yoga helps to clear the mind. Maybe he’ll take it up. He could do with a nice, clear mind after…after…

He opens his eyes. Cas is there, but he isn’t.

Dean swallows against the burning lump in his throat as he reaches a hand out. Hand touches hand. One is cold.

Dean stares at the eyes and wills them to open as he curls his fingers around the still, cold hand. And finally, after much effort, he finds that he can speak.

“Please,” Dean pleads, his voice smaller than he thinks it has ever been. “Please. Cas. I need you.”

No. That’s not right. That’s not enough.

“I love you.”

Too late. He says it, finally, after all of these years, and it falls on deaf ears. Ears that will never hear those words.

Dean’s eyes sting. “Come back. Like you always do.” His voice cracks. “I love you. I love you. I love you. Please come back.”

The world is still. Too still.

He’s not coming back this time.

Dean folds himself over Cas’s body and finally allows himself to break.

anonymous asked:

I'm kinda ashamed to ask this, but could you make a tutorial on how to draw hands? ;A;

omg dont be ashamed at all!! Hands are generally tough to get used to, lots of artists struggle with it! so dont be ashamed i feel you.

and I actually have made a hand anatomy guide before in fact! If you want to get better at drawing hands I def recommend you learn the basic anatomy first. Please check out the ones I made, I try to make it simple and easy to understand:

There’s my guide to the anatomy, but here’s some more tips that I’ve noted to myself that I’d like to include

First off, I’d like to just note on the fingers: if you pay close attention to your own hand, you may notice the fingers are ever ever so slightly curved inward. It’s a very subtle detail, but I noticed that, despite how slight it is, it can make a hand look more lively, and less stiff.

Second, the “M” on the palm! Your hand moves in many ways, and because it does it creates creases in your hand. The most prominent creases appear to make an M shape; this is handy to remember for what I’m going to talk about next. (It also could be a “W” I guess, or to be more specific a “ )X( “; just think of it in whatever way helps you remember!)

SO now that you see the M, draw your hand as a basic blocked shape and add your details. As you do, you can see that the M divides the palm into four basic parts!

When the hand moves, parts A, B, or C of the palm, alone or in different combos, will create the general poses that the hands do normally. These parts are the parts that move, with D being stationary, no matter what!

Here’s a chart of all the possible combos. Once you have down what part of the hand moves for a certain pose, you can change up the fingers and tweak it a bit to do what you need to make it more specific!

This is simply my method of drawing hands. God knows there are hundreds of tutorials out there by other artists, but personally, this way helps me the best (after learning the anatomy first). 

This way I can divide the hand and combine the parts in any such way I need! 

Hands take a lot of effort to grapple, and you need to practice them a lot, especially foreshortening of the hand; that’s really something you need to learn through your own studies. Look at your own hands, draw hands from life, from magazines, shows, comics; just draw hands! You’ll eventually figure out a method that works best for you. So to get better at drawing hands; draw hands!! And don’t stress over it, have fun with it!