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nico minoru: in a-force, which unfortunately got cancelled
alex wilder: in power man and iron fist as an antagonist attempting to rebuild the pride
victor mancha: dead as of the vision
gert yorkes: still dead.
karolina dean: majesdanian aliens appeared in mighty captain marvel, but still no sign of karolina herself.
chase, molly, klara, xavin, old lace: ????

Sheriff Handsome

You’ve just moved into a new town and Sheriff Negan offers to lend you a helping hand. 

Written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash writing challenge!

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Warnings: None, Fluff, AU, Reader Insert. Sheriff/Cop Negan

Words: 1007

It was a minefield. Who knew nails came in so many different sizes? Certainly not you, but after buying a beautiful lakeside house that upon closer inspection seemed to be actually falling into the lake you had a feeling you were going to become accustomed to nail sizes and the tiny hardware store that lived the centre of town.

You placed your box of nails next to the roof tiles, superglue and lengths of wood that were already in your cart.

“You ever actually fixed a roof before?”

The voice was all smoke and masculinity and when you turned around to see who it belonged to you weren’t disappointed. You’re eyes landed squarely on a shiney sheriff’s badge before your gaze drifted up to find the matching sheriffs hat and a smile that was just about verging on a smirk.

“Is it really that obvious?”

He nodded to the cart, his hand resting on the pistol that was snug against his hip, “you picked up the wrong size nails.”

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3.16 ‘Into the Speed Force’ Preliminary reaction
  1. We got Wally!  We got Wally!  We got Wally!
  2. Keiynan crushed it.  Standing in an empty room, he brought a heartbreak that just ached
  3. Jesse’s satisfaction after knocking HR out was fantastic.
  4. Cisco and Barry’s friendship is alive and well.  Cisco letting go of Barry’s shoulder in the Speed Force gave me a lot of feelings, especially in light of Cisco’s straining hand in The Runaway Dinosaur as he begs Barry to hold onto him.  The whole “let you go” line got to me.
  5. Holy musical Speed Force!  I loved how we got to see the teeth underneath the smile.  Speed Force might’ve played nice last time, but Speed Force is also the entity that comprises time wraiths.
  6. Which, yanno, are still spooky dementors capable of taking a slow, lull-you-into-false-security scene and turn it into an edge-of-your-seat flight for your life.
  7. Another incredibly jarring moment: the gunshot, and the drops of blood on the floor.  Wow.  It woke you right up.  This isn’t Speed Force having a conversation with Barry.  This is Speed Force sending a message.
  8. Oh how fun it is to watch Barry stand against the universe.  He defies the three ghosts – Eddie, Ronnie, and Snart – who all attempt to dissuade him.  He’s not going home without Wally.  He’s not.  He won’t fight Speed Force because he can’t, but he won’t leave.  He will rescue Wally or he will die trying.
  9. The fact that Barry said it out loud, that he was ready to take Wally’s place – Barry is such a hero.  We’re so ready to hyperanalyze him that we forget, at the end of the day, Barry is twenty-eight-years-old, and he was willing to die for Wally.
  10. Actually, he was so ready to rescue Wally that he was willing to accept a fate worse than death with blind determination.  Barry is so brave.
  11. Jay’s timely intervention was spectacular.  I loved seeing him again.  His sacrifice broke my heart, and I deeply hope Barry honors his promise as soon as he possibly can to rescue him.
  12. I also loved how we went back to 1.04 Going Rogue with the Snart scene.  Here we have Barry, who has survived Savitar and Zoom and countless other metahumans, succumbing to the same trick that brought him down then.  Because this isn’t just Snart: this is the Speed Force.
  13. And, as I’ve already included in yet another reaction fic: if the universe is against you, how can you possibly win?
  14. Brute force.  Sheer force of will.  Blind determination.  Unrelenting optimism.  Gumption.  Barry ran through a time wraith (which, by the way, has to have some sort of effect on him) and even survived an encounter with The Black Flash.  In The Black Flash’s home turf, no less.  I also loved how in the end all he had to do was vibrate his hand to shatter the ice on the door and call to Wally.
  15. It wasn’t being the biggest or baddest or strongest that enabled Barry to win.  He couldn’t possibly be these things against the Speed Force, which is infinite, and all of these things to their extremes and more.  No, he won because he cared.  He loves Wally so much that he unflinchingly chose to trade places with him rather than accept that Wally had walked into this situation on his own and therefore needed to get out of it on his own.  He called Wally back, and he didn’t shout or drag or force.  He simply insisted, because he cared too much to do anything less.  And Wally was freed.
  16. Barry loves Jay, too, which is why even after a harrowing encounter with not one but two literal embodiments of death, Barry still says without blinking that he’s coming back to rescue him.  He’s already gearing up for round two.  You wonderful boy.  You brave, brave man.
  17. Jay’s sacrifice broke my heart.  Henry didn’t give up his life for Barry; it was taken.  To see a man who has Henry’s face – and boy, it helps throw the whole HR/Harry situation into perspective – doing something like this has to have hit so deep for Barry.
  18. Please keep that in mind when we return to Earth, overwhelmingly, ostensibly back to “normal.”  Barry even freely admits that they need time.  The experience changed him, physically and mentally.  It revealed the give-take nature of his relationship with the Speed Force, and how it could be both benevolent and malevolent.  It was a startling revelation.  A lot to swallow.
  19. Enter Iris West.  I can’t really justify Barry’s decision, because like his shell-shocked refusal to rescue Wally in The Wrath of Savitar, breaking up with Iris isn’t the “right” move.  It’s something he’ll have to course-correct later.  But right now, I know that Barry has been through absolute hell.  Trying to balance his feelings for Iris and breathe is a lot to ask of him.  He ran to Flashpoint last time.  This time, he’s not running as far.  And he’s not doing it to escape Iris.  He’s doing it because he needs room to breathe.
  20. Westallen is exactly as strong now as it was before this episode, as strong as it’s been for years.  The fluctuations are normal.  The core of the relationship remains intact.  You’re not happy every day of your life; you experience a full range of emotions.  Sometimes you get overwhelmed and need time to process them alone.  That’s okay.  Barry didn’t challenge the quality of their relationship; he requested space.  And, to be fair, one can’t say that Iris wasn’t doing the same thing in The Wrath of Savitar.
  21. They love each other, trust each other, want each other.  But to be human and to err are the same thing.  It is okay to not make all the right moves.  It is okay to move one step forward and two steps back.
  22. Because, in the end, with a relationship that strong, you do persist.  You do insist.  You don’t settle, or accept, or walk away with ease.  You fight for it.  You fight for what’s worth it.
  23. In conclusion: this episode was awesome and I enjoyed every minute of it.
get some air

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Title: get some air

Pairing: Kim Jongin/Reader

Genre: “We Got Married”!AU

Summary: As he steps inside his workplace, he notices how the dark clouds and bright sky fell over her features and made her look simple but cute. At that moment, he realizes that he needed to talk to her and that he needed to use the excuse of ‘getting some air’ more often. 

Relationships were mostly precious, leading to stories that will be remembered in the middle of the road when one is having a runaway, hands on the steering wheel and hair flowing with the wind. If she said that relationships weren’t important for her, then she would be lying. The feeling of someone’s fingers wrapped around yours, lips over the others and laughter resounding around the place was something she craved for, almost like everyone else, for a long time she had thought that it would come her way as she waited, but as she gets older she wonders if the clock just stopped suddenly and she’s still waiting or if she was going to end up all alone without much thought. It’s like love has ended without even starting, as if she created a character in her head that was more like a prince than anything else but it didn’t get written. Her fairytale was long forgotten and there wasn’t anything she could do, she could only cross her arms and watch romantic movies to stop the beating of her heart.

She thought that princes stopped existing when she turned an adult, but she felt like it could be true as she looked at the man that was in front of the camera. His blondish hair was in bangs over his forehead, wearing a sweater and skinny jeans to create an effortless look as he smiled softly at the celebrity in front of him, holding hands with her for the mere script that was written as she recorded the two of them. Kim Jongin, a very well known artist that created everything with his hard work and she was only a camera girl, waiting for someone like him, with a smile that could light up the entire world, if not the universe. He was a prince, a very casual one that was good at dancing, but one nonetheless.

And it was absolutely her fault, much more when she accepted to work with a show called ‘we got married’. If she wanted to be so far away from love, then she wouldn’t have accepted it, but she couldn’t help but feel her heart racing when she sees how Jongin treats the artist in front of him. Obviously, there weren’t feelings involved –or at least, not that the staff knew, but she felt like it was such a beautiful way to display love. It was all acting, but it looked effortlessly beautiful in a precise way.

She bites her bottom lip as she looks at him, noticing that after the recordings he liked to have something to eat, probably starving from the amount of work he had done. His eyes settle upon hers as he stops looking at his phone and immediately he sends a smile her way. It had been a few times since the two of them had talked, but it was mostly based on work and how he was supposed to act in front of the camera. He immediately gives her a bright smile, making her look down at her food with a shy smile before she cleared her throat.

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A Poorer Prospect - niniblack - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Damianos bows and then says, “Auguste!” before pulling Auguste into a back-slapping hug. He kisses Céleste’s hand next. When he gets to Laurent he gives a short bow, eyes not leaving Laurent’s face. “Laurent,” he says. His accent is perfect.

“No hug for me?” Laurent says.

Damianos takes his hand and pulls him forward. There’s no back-slapping, and it’s just Laurent’s imagination that Damianos holds on for a bit longer than appropriate.

When he steps back, Laurent gestures to Justine. “My fiancée, Justine of Patras.”

She courtesies. Damianos kisses her hand as well.

aka the runaway groom au


“Oh shit! What have I done? She’s probably gone because of me too! Why do I always screw things up??”