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How would the 104th squad and the vets react to snow?

Mikasa: So romantic
Reiner: Snow ball fight!
Bertholdt: :/
Annie: Worried about the animals
Jean: Oh my god leave me alone seasonal depression just hit me
Marco: It’s so beautiful!
Sasha: *___*
Connie: It’s cold and I don’t like it
Historia: Puts three tiny snowballs on top of each other “Levi”
Armin: Is amazed and loves it
Ymir: Whatever, I prefer sitting at the fireplace and NOT having my hands freeze off
Levi: IS2G if you come in with your dirty shoes I will skin you
Hanji: makes 20 snow angles
Erwin: Watches the kids play and likes the atmosphere of snowy landscapes
Nanaba: Likes it for one day and is annoyed after that
Mike: Accidentally kills everyone with a huge ass snowball
Moblit: Why is any of this happening

Let me have barely brushing 30 Agent Washington who has really just hit his prime, armed to the tooth with over a decade of betrayals, and backstabs to learn from.

Give me Wash who doesn’t really know what his next step is, where he’s going to go or what he’s going to do because the last 15 years of his life have revolved around a will to survive and having a war to win.

Give me amputee Wash who jokes about cutting his arm off, all hand puns intended, but every once in a while swears he can feel the phantom pain of plasma melting, and burning flesh his flesh, slicing through his bone as bullets whiz by overhead.

How about a Wash who hasn’t had time to properly dye his hair in years, his dark roots a stunning contrast to his pale skin, and stormy eyes.

Maybe even a Wash who falls in love with an alien sword wielding, self-declared “ladies man” in aqua/turquoise/seafoam/whatever armor. A Wash who maybe decides to leave the military behind and starts taking the first steps towards coping with his trauma. A Wash who signs official papers and Junior’s permission slips ‘David Tucker’. 

Everyone’s version of Agent Washington is different, different ethnicity, different family background, different quirks, go wild with your imagination, canon be damned! Don’t let anyone stop you from headcanoning certain things or even changing your headcanons. If you like popular Wash traits, use them! If you don’t then don’t! Have fun with your favorite characters, because they’re someone else’s favorite character too.

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Dialogue List: 11! Reader telling Reggie 😫😭🙈😍

“Why are you pushing me away?”
“Because Reggie,” you answered, pushing past him in the hallway. He quickly followed, “I don’t want to deal with you right now.”
“What did I do?” he pleaded, grabbing your arm. You yanked it out of his grip and continued moving.
“If you don’t know what you did,” you responded, “then we have another problem.
”(Y/N),“ he grabbed both of your shoulders and turned your body towards him, forcing you to stop in the middle of the hallway. “Please, tell me.” You shrugged his hands off your shoulders but made no move to leave.
“Because you’ve been terrible to my friends, Reggie,” you finally answered. “It’s bad enough that when we started dating, none of them approved. I wanted to prove them wrong and show them that you’re not a bad guy. That’s kinda hard to do when you’re always being a dick.”
“I’m not that bad,” he argued. You rolled your eyes and began to leave. “Wait!”
“What, Reggie?”
“I’m sorry,” he apologized, stepping forward and holding your hands in his. “I shouldn’t be such an asshole to your friends. I’m sorry, and I’ll try to be better.”
“Promise?” you asked meekly. He smiled and nodded, pulling you into a hug.

I decided that I needed to see what was going on with the whole Gil romance, not just rely on word-of-mouth. So now I have words and need to get said words out of my system before I can think of going to bed.

It wasn’t as bad as I feared, though if you want to read that as damning with faint praise, you’re not wholly wrong.

I just… You know, yeah, sure, gays having kids and a family, sure, there’s a thumb to heteronormativity there. BUT, and this is the big thing, starting this family isn’t Gil’s idea. Jill springs it on him. This is HER idea. He makes an off-handed remark about how ‘making babies’ is a thing, but we don’t really hear him talking about this being a want of his - he says himself, he’s a ‘live in the moment’ kind of person. He doesn’t plan for the future that much.

Any thumb to heteronormativity is negated by the fact that this isn’t something that Gil necessarily wants, that he is not the one who goes ‘I’d like to have a kid, Jill, if you’re willing, would you be the mother of my kid?’ He’ll come around to the idea, sure, but it’s not his to start with. It’s Jill saying ‘hey best friend I tease about making my job as a reproductive tech harder, wanna be the father of my babies?’ And that’s actually a red flag when it comes to becoming a parent. One of Ryder’s VERY. VALID. points is that this isn’t the kind of decision you can undo or casually walk away from. This is more than a decision. It’s a commitment. One that you can’t back out of - once a child is conceived, with the intent of carrying it through to term, you are bound to that child.

And the simple fact is there are more than a few gay people and couples out there who are content with not having a family. Like we recognize early on ‘traditional family life isn’t going to happen, to have kids is going to involve a lot of work and steps to get there,’ and there’s a lot of people who see that work and effort, see that time and effort and energy needed to expend on the business of having kids, and say it’s not something they’re willing to go through. Having children is not a be all end all for everyone, gay and straight alike.

And ultimately, this really makes Gil’s story, his character arc, revolve more around Jill - Jill makes the decision that she’s going to have a kid and tosses fathering it in Gil’s lap. It’s not about him deciding to start a family, it’s someone else deciding to enlist his help in her effort to start one. It sorta makes me feel like I need to only romance him, in every playthrough of Andromeda I ever have, just to keep him from being backed into a corner on this.

Because it IS her pressuring him - he talks about how she gives him shit about ‘making her job harder,’ and, yeah, all our information about their friendship is through him, there are friendships like that, yadda, yadda, WHAT WE HAVE IN THE CANON TEXT is that she pressures him, regardless of how much or how little she means it, and then, after all of that, proceeds to drop this in his lap, with a seeming expectation that he’ll go along with it. Honestly? What is Gil getting out of this supposed friendship? Cuz it hasn’t done anything for him lately.

This isn’t Gil’s story. It’s not about him wanting a kid but not having been ready or willing before to take the plunge, or about him getting past any abandonment issues to commit to being a father. Jill is the one who has decided to be a parent, and her first instinct is ‘I’m gonna drag my gay best friend along for the ride!’ There’s no thumb to heteronormativity in that. That just reduces Gil into an accessory for this straight woman who appears for two minutes tops of screentime.

If I’m charitable, I’d call this well-meaning but misguided. Given the overall treatment of m/m relationships in Andromeda, I am not inclined to be charitable.

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Your post with the steampunk dress you get upset about the Gender thing, but most people wouldn't know off hand you're nonbinary. Something can't be -"phobic" if it isn't done with malicious intent. Because having a beard is seen as cultural normative for a man people would assume you're a man. And it's okay that you aren't. Something about the added bit rubbed me the wrong way and I guess I wanted to ask if you intended for it to come off as hostile? I don't understand the defensiveness when f

Your post with the steampunk dress you get upset about the Gender thing, but most people wouldn’t know off hand you’re nonbinary. Something can’t be -“phobic” if it isn’t done with malicious intent. Because having a beard is seen as cultural normative for a man people would assume you’re a man. And it’s okay that you aren’t. Something about the added bit rubbed me the wrong way and I guess I wanted to ask if you intended for it to come off as hostile? I don’t understand the defensiveness when fOr many it was probably just an accident. I know why it must’ve frustrating but honestly most people were trying to support you and your decision, and had no idea they were hurting your personhood. I’m sorry off this came off as anything other than curious? I just I don’t understand I guess and so I’m confused?“
(The rest)

Ok. Let’s take this step by step.
First off. Let it be known that my words can be read in two ways. Extremely factual calm and collected. And extremely emotional hostile and angry. While both are simultaneously correct, the most accurate to my tone is calm. But note that I am angry. I am hostile.
“Why?” One asks? Well my friend. It’s because I am tired.

Picture this. You’re walking down the street wearing a name tag that says “hi my name is: Madison” (I’m using Madison bc it’s unisex but picture it as a name that fits your gender)
And for some reason everyone you pass on the street reads your name tag and decides you don’t look like a Madison enough so they all say “oh hey Alex!” (Also a gender neural name). They all smile. They all wave. They are all generally pleased to see you. But one by one they all call you Alex. You know they can’t mistake you for someone else. You know they read your name tag. But they refuse to see you as anything but Alex. You beg and plead but as each person passes buy you get more frustrated. It feels like no one is listening to you.
When you pass person number 568, they say “hey Alex!” And you respond “WHY CANT YOU JUST FUCKING READ. ITS MADISON” they are shook! This is the first and only time they have called you Alex. Why would you be so mean to them? They were trying to be nice! You shouldn’t get so angry. Be more forgiving. It’s not their fault. You are just being difficult.

Do you see? Misgendering me with a smile and a good intention is still misgendering. So it’s frustrating. Accidents happen and I am trying very hard every day to be forgiving and patient. But I can’t coddle all 15,000+ people who have seen it.

2 by “your decision” I hope to god you don’t mean that as my “decision” to be trans. You better fuckin watch that shit.

3 "something can’t be "phobic without malicious intent” good lord. Do you hear yourself. Do you see the issue here at all? “lol I mean it can’t be racist without intent to be racist” uhm sweetie.

within a societal system which punishes the oppressed for merely existing, any participation in that system is “phobic” because it supports the system that wants us dead

4 my beard was a masculine presentation marker. Was the dress not a feminine marker? Tell me. If you mix both red and blue. Doesn’t it make purple? You don’t call it “blue wearing red that is definitely still blue” you call it “purple”

5 this whole ask bothers me and honestly you and people like you annoy this fucking shit out of me. But guess what. I am forced by people like you to play nice. I have to be a soft and kind trans princess that you want to politely educate you and hold your hand while you process things. And if I don’t, you then assume that all trans people are angry and bitter and mean and don’t make sense. So I’m heavily bothered that you force me to hold your hand and make you think. But I am still trying. It’s hard enough to swim on my own without yall bitch ass gray faced dick nozzles clinging on to my back.

but I do it anyways.

BoB Drabble

Just a quick drabble that I felt compelled to write. Purposely vague and without names, so you can insert whichever easy company member that you want:

It was the coldness of the bed that first alerted me to his absence and my eyesight only confirmed my suspicions, the bed sheets slightly rumpled, but nevertheless empty. The covers were still wrapped around me tightly though and I knew he had must have taken the time to make sure I was tucked up warmly, before leaving our bedroom.

Knowing the routine by now, I wrapped one of the bedsheets around me, before making my way down to the kitchen. I made the effort to be especially quiet at this late hour, but he still heard me anyway, his darkened silhouette turning towards me. I went to turn the light on, but he stopped me, mumbling for me to leave it off, his hand gently reaching for me as I made my way through the darkness and over to him.

He was sat on one of the dining room chairs and he pulled me down into his lap, tucking his chin over my shoulder. Sat like this, I could feel the steady movement of his chest press against my back, every time that he took a breath. His breathing sounded calm, steady and collected, but I knew better than to be fooled by that and instead ran my fingers over his hair and waited for him to share the things that kept him up at night. Sometimes he told me and sometimes he didn’t, but the one thing that remained constant was the way his arms seemed to tighten around my body, almost as if afraid I would disappear if he let go.

The silence seemed almost too fragile by the time his voice broke it, the tone hoarse from too much emotion combined with too little sleep.

“You didn’t need to come down. You should be asleep”. He experimentally ran his hand over my slightly chilled shoulder. “And warm” he added pointedly.

“I’m no colder than you” I told him in return, cuddling in closer to him, his breath ghosting over my forehead as I tucked myself into his chest.

“And I’m always here for you” I added adamantly after a long pause.

Rather than easing the tension from his body, my statement seemed to make him clam up even more, those familiar shoulders, tensing up under my fingertips.

A deep silence fell between us once more, this one seeming even more fragile than last. I resorted to listening to the heart beating in his chest, reminding myself that he was real, that he was here.

His lips were gentle as they smoothed momentarily over the back of my neck and I turned to be met by intense eyes, the emotion almost stunning me to a complete stand still.

My lips were met with a chaste kiss next, though any innocence that had remained with us, had been shattered by the last few years. His lips hovered above mine for a moment, before he lowering them again, this time in a more lingering kiss. There was something almost unsteady about the pace he set, though his passion was clearly evident, enough to leave me slightly gasping, the small sounds escaping from the back of my mouth.

His hands continued to linger on my hips, but their grip was tighter now, the bed sheet wrapped around me, falling slightly in their way. It was the moments like this in the dead of night, that I felt it the most. Felt all of his encompassing emotions, almost threatening to consume me.

But yet I never felt safer.

“I love you” he murmured as he pulled away. The moonlight barely shone through the window, but it was still enough to illuminate the lines of his face and my fingers trailed over the curve of his jaw, him turning his head to nip half-teasingly, half affectionately at my questing fingertips.

“And I love you".


Allison: You and Lala are going to Newcrest?

Remy: That’s what I said.

Allison grabs Nico’s hand, tugs him off the sofa.

Allison: Nico! You should go with them! It’s been so long since you visited your siblings in Newcrest!

Remy gives Nico a sly look.

Remy: You want to come with us, brother? See your family?

Nico pulls Allison close.

Nico firm: I have no desire to see my family in Newcrest. At all.

Allison: But Nico-it’s been almost a year-

Nico: No.

Remy smiles and winks at Nico.

Remy: We’ll be off then.

Nico watches his brother and Lala leave. He takes a deep breath, struggles to get his emotions under control. It was getting increasingly difficult.

Watch Me Drown update: I’ve got 10,000 words drafted across just two scenes… for those of you that implored me “never stop writing this” it looks like you’re getting your wish… I have so much plot to get to! And yet these two just can’t seem to keep their hands off each other in super detailed foreplay. 

67. Drunk Dean mumbling about his really great girlfriend while you take care of him.

A/N: This one was kind of fun to write. Also, if anyone has any requests, I’d be happy to give them a shot! Enjoy.

Word count: 731

Warnings: mentions of oral sex, but otherwise pretty clean


“Hey, get your hands off me,” he slurs, pushing at her arms when she helped him so that he wouldn’t fall. “I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, you do?” she murmurs, raising an eyebrow at him as she tried to make him sit on his bed so she could get him changed.

“Yeah, she’s really beautiful,” he mumbles, blinking tiredly at her form after plopping onto his bed. He looks up at her much like a child would, with wonder-filled eyes as though he’s never seen her before.

“Tell me about her,” she states, pulling his shirt over his head and taking it to the laundry basket. She can’t look at him, now with how he’s watching her like the most perfect thing in the world.

“She kicks ass at hunting. She’s saved my life so many times,” he begins, grinning happily. “And she’s really smart, too. And her eyes are like stars in the sky when she’s happy and her hands are always so soft and she’s so nice to me, even after we fight.”

“She sounds good for you,” she half smiles as she returns to him. She considers recording his sweet words spoken with an unhindered tongue, then decides against it.

“She’s great, she really is,” he agrees, leaning back as she presses his shoulders to the bed. “She looks just like you, you know. You’re as beautiful as she is.”

“That must be a very odd coincidence,” she tells him as she sets to work unbuttoning his jeans. He doesn’t offer much help to her since he was too busy daydreaming, but finally she manages to undo them and pull the zipper down. “Do you think she’ll forgive you for getting drunk like this?”

“Maybe. She gets drunk with me sometimes and we dance and act weird together. You know she likes to dance when she thinks I’m not paying attention?” he rambles, and she pauses for a moment, looking up to his green eyes and cheesy smile. “She thinks that I don’t see, but I like to watch her. She dances really good.”

“That’s… good to know,” she murmurs, kneeling down by the bed to start on untying his boots.

“She goes down on me really good too,” he says with a flushed smirk. “She kneels down like you’re doing right now and just-”

“Dean, I’m not going down on you,” she tells him firmly. “I’m taking off your boots and then I’m going to take off your pants and get you to sleep, okay?”

“Are you my girlfriend?” he sits up on his elbows, his muscles crunching together as his eyes widened. “You’re really pretty like her.”

“Dean, you’ve told me that a few times now. Yes, I’m your girlfriend,” she tells him, pressing a quick kiss to his chest. “And you’re very drunk and need to stop talking.”

He watches her silently, finally cooperating by lifting his hips and letting her pull his jeans off those glorious thighs of his.

“How did I get so lucky?” he finally asks, cocking his head to the side.

She has to smile some at his words, even as she tries to tuck him into bed.

“I have such a great girlfriend,” he babbles, nodding.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she runs a hand through his hair and kisses his temple. “Now you need to sleep this off.”

“Will you sleep with me?” he asks quietly, reaching up to hold her wrist.

“I still need to shower, and then I’ll come to bed,” she tells him with a small smile. “But only sleeping.”

“Only sleeping,” he agrees with a nod. “After your shower.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” she tells him, and he nods.

“You’re my It Girl,” he says as she walks away, making her pause in her tracks and look back at him in confusion. “If you really are my girlfriend. You’re my It Girl.”

“What do you mean?” she asks him, leaning against the threshold to the door.

“My That’s It girl,” he explains, giving her an honest expression. “Like “That’s it” and I’m done with girls. There’s no one else for me anymore.”

Her chest flutters with his honesty once more, and she smiles at him.

“I’ll be right back,” she says. “And Dean?”

“Yeah?” he returns eagerly, and she can’t believe she’s found someone so excited to call her his.

“You’re my It Man, too.”

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Full Name: Tee’lah Varrick

Gender and Sexuality: Female/Bisexual

Pronouns: She/her

Ethnicity/Species: Twi’lek/Lethan

Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa

Guilty Pleasures: Terrible movies. The kind with cringey, laughable acting. 

Phobias: Cats. She is absolutely terrified of anything feline, even Cathar. They creep her out. 

What They Would Be Famous For: For being a Sith hunter. Or that one bitch that rules the underbelly of Nar. 

What They Would Get Arrested For: Murder, destruction of public property, owning illegal weapons and probably for having less than harmless spice on her person. 

OC You Ship Them With: Panguur Latzvab, as if anyone was surprised. He is owned by @moonlitalien

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Uhhhh. She has a lot of those. I guess the Chiss siblings whose sister’s hands she cut off. After murdering her husband. 

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: B horror movies. Shitty romances. 

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Who knows, dude. She purposefully watches movies with the worst cliches because it’s predictable and funny af to her. 

Talents and/or Powers: Resilient, the ability to make some pretty devastating explosives, resourceful. Also a p good shot. 

Why Someone Might Love Them: HELL IF I KNOW, SHE’S SUCH A CUNT. But I guess she’s got that tsundere deal going on where if you can get close enough to her, you’ll find she’s not -that- bad of a person and can actually be pretty nice in her own weird way. She’ll also protect those she deems as ‘family’ with her dying breath. 

Why Someone Might Hate Them: SHE’S SUCH A CUNT. SERIOUSLY. She’s a reckless, angry tornado of insults and blaster fire. She has 0 respect for any sort of authority and unless she sees you as useful you’ll probably end up with a blaster bolt through your head. IF you’re lucky. She’s been known to drag out the death of those she REALLY hates. 

How They Change: Tee didn’t used to be half bad. Before shit really hit the fan in her life, she was mischievous, flirtatious and someone who would actually reach out and help others. Sure, she still had that biting sarcasm and flippant attitude towards her superiors and she was still a little too headstrong and reckless, but she was bearable. Since some things have gone down, the worst parts of her personality have been amplified and the best parts have been thrown away, only to come out when she’s p much blackout drunk. Tee is definitely not as trusting as she once was and is certainly more sadistic. She feels the need to be in charge of everything, having an obvious discomfort if she is not. 

Why You Love Them: She is such a bitch and she’s so fun to play. SO MUCH DRAMA IN HER LIFE IT’S DELICIOUS.