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i made this icon for myself but i‘m kinda proud of it so i thought i‘d post it

(if you like it, feel free to use it but please give credit)

bonus with a rainbow flag:

so for my 8000 word course essay that i gotta write for Literary Representations of the History of Homosexuality i’m thinking: 

‘The Alien on the Ship: Representations of Black Gender and Sexuality in Culture and Media (1950 - 2000)’. 

it’ll be a post-colonialist look at black homosexuality/masculinity/femininity etc and its influence on pop culture of the 60s - 90s (but w a brief bit about nowadays) and a specific focus on James Baldwin, Spike Lee, Baz Lurhrmann

i feel like i’ve got my work cut out for me, but i’m quite excited

YES to all of these things, but ALSO:

• having sex is natural and normal if that’s what you wanna do!!!
• sex shouldn’t be a punishment and making it more possible to have consequences that come with it is foolish
• if you’re someone who complains about abortion rates, you shouldn’t be supporting women not having access to birth control

• birth control pills prevent pregnancy! that’s something important that they do! and if women want to use them just for that reason—to have sex with less worries—they should be allowed to!

stop making women feel bad about having sex!

Do we need to say it louder for the law makers in the back??!

In response to the news of Quebec’s ‘niqab ban’ this past week, people have been protesting against this bill being passed. It is ridiculous that in 2017 we are still policing women over their bodies. 

A woman doing her grocery shop in niqab is not a threat. A woman walking down the street in her niqab is not a threat. A woman working in the office in her niqab is not a threat. 

Stop policing women over what they can or cannot do in regards to their own bodies. 

Mad respect for all the women who choose to wear niqab - we support you.