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Ok no sg, Lucifer sounds good can I still hold your hand tho? I watch DC' LoT and b99 right now don't have time for more shows. -cold anon

holding hands is mandatory im sorry i dont make the rules it’s just how it is

i cant wait for LOT to come back, i miss the ladies, n b99 is lit af i love p much all of the characters there so much

Daenerys: *Reclaims her ancestral home in a touching and powerful scene*

Me: *Can’t stop remembering the time Stannis and Melisandre had sex on that table*


Reaper76 Week Day 5 “Downfall” - Falling Out/Heart

I had such a hard time coming up with something for this day lol. Well my last one was a little bit clever so I’m evening it out with a less clever one lol.

Gabriel plays favorites and hopefully one day blizz will make the lame hands-heart-thing a matching emote for R76 HAHA!

Plz don’t tag any ships but Reaper76