yall,  NOT related to hands mcdudeson but i was sitting down in the lobby of our student center at school, studying, and when i stood up to leave so did this guy who had been sitting nearby. he handed me a note and i was like “uhhh ok” and took it and the note said something like “turns out i’m too shy to say anything but blah blah blah compliment here and i have to go to class now so here is my number if you are interested - Name”. like wow what is up with this. luckily i won’t see him again.

okay this might read as humblebragging about ~all the men i’m attracting~ but srsly no. i’m really just weirded out (not scared per se) bc i’ve never been hit on before? or flirted with or courted lmao or whatever this is. or if i had in previous years i never noticed. plus, i’m not even as interested in guys as much as i thought i would be. :| and i’m not interested having any sort of dating in my life at the moment.

i’m fortunate that neither of these guys are outright unnerving bc i HAVE had those kinds of creeps before. idk. advice? words of comfort? scolding? what do u have for me