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they signed my art

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If you're still doing the body headcanon ask meme Hands and Mouth for Saguaro?

I am literally forever doing that meme; please I’m an obsessive child willing to talk forever about even the smallest detail on this guy.


His hands are fairly large, like even for his size, about the width of a human back’s width. Very long and slender fingers that come to a point at the end. The claws are “under the skin” so to speak, that is the bone itself is sharp. The pelt becomes most thin on the hands, so the skin there is more suede-y, and the claws are hard. They aren’t the sharpest claws, kind of dull actually, but they can puncture if enough force is applied.


COMPLICATED!!!!! To begin with here’s an open mouth look from something old because I’m lazy:

We already know he’s got basically flayed skin at the back of the mouth and throat. Exposed muscle and organs can be seen on the skull and in the throat (that’s basically the muscles around his larynx in there). It isn’t in pain really, as it’s been exposed so long. Almost like a second skin due to callousing at this point. Tender but not constantly in pain. The bit of skull exposed is dry.

The slit doesn’t go all the way through the neck, it stops with a muscle wall just beyond where I typically draw. You couldn’t stick anything THROUGH his neck I mean. It’s just the skin layer that’s been flayed.

His dentition is (best as I can ever remember) three before the canines, then a tusk like canine that protrudes, then 5-6 teeth rounding out the back (I always forget one it should be 6).

His tongue is long and tapered at the end.

At the back, he has a hard time closing the mouth fully, so he’s poor at whistling or using straws lol.

I’m sure there’s more about the mouth I’m forgetting but this is already so long omg… Thanks for the curiosity!

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headcanon: has sticky fingers. if startled, climbs up nearest wall onto ceiling. sometimes smol hiss if poked at with broom.

can newts climb up walls? regardless one arm is metal so maybe not

grappling hand tho


There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


Kenma’s hair grew out some more over the spring holidays and Kuroo’s v flustered about it~~

((don’t think about Kuroo tugging Kenma’s hairband out and running his fingers through his shaggy hair i mean—–))

Now you’re VIP with a special one way ticket on a spaceship that flies to me, baby, bon voyage ~ ★ !

oh boy i can finally post the illustration i did for menons-la-danse