buys him all the food in the world (except for cucumbers)

I got you. We got this.

A very quick colored doodle because I saw so much MegaRod handholding headcanons on twitter that I wanted to scribble some during my breaks because I was really inspired by everyone

screenshot redraw of this:


I am hypnotised by Kyungsoo’s hand…


New hand guard for the IWI Tavor by RPM Tool from B.C. Canada. Remove the two screws from the factory hand guard, remove it, place the new hand guard in place, and put the two factory screws back! I outfitted the hand guard with Bravo Company tool-less keymod vertical grip, as well as their snap on keymod covers(cutting the rest to fit this weekend). This hand guard provides the best vertical grip option as well as being able to mount a flashlight in a more accessible spot than the canted picatinny rail, opposite side of the charging handle. Expect more info and pictures in the near future!