Wolf on a Leash

Part Two to this Part One!

OMG I got such positive feedback from the first part! I DID NOT EXPECT THIS. You guys spoil me tbh, thank you for all your kindness and support xxx

Summary: The feuding continues. Robb and Y/n manage not to get along even worse than they did before, but Ned’s resolve prevails. Starks are stubborn and breaking their will is near impossible. 

Tags: THE FIRST OF THE HATE FLIRTING, s l o w b u r n, humor duh, AnGsT aLeRt, Stark family feels, unresolved jealous feelings

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{okay woah btw this is a LOT longer than the first part hehe sorry}

Chapter 2

“He’s mine to hate and hurt and do with as I please, no one else’s,” You hear yourself hissing at Lady Evangeline, shoving your face forward and closing in on her personal space despite the frantic beating of her delicate fan to keep you at bay. 

Her intimidated expression of growing fear (of you, you realize with a twisted satisfaction) is not what pulls you from your sudden flash of gripping fury. 

It’s actually the silence beside you that shakes you free of it. Robb is silent. That never happens, Robb always has something to say in retaliation to literally any words that leave your mouth whether they pertain to him or not. You pull your face back only enough to swing your blazing gaze on Robb, whose expression holds the shape of an emotion you haven’t seen on him before. 

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25 Days of Solangelo

Day 1: Cold

Will was freezing and felt as if he was colder than Antarctica. He had some how managed to forget his jacket on the bus ride home from school and now had to walk the next twenty minutes in the frigid New York winter weather with his arms folded and teeth chattering. To make matters even worse his supposed friend Nico was walking next to him and snickering about Will’s misfortune. 

 "Y-you know Nico, I-I would l-like to see y-you without y-your coat a-and gloves in this w-weather,“ Will shivered while sending a glare at Nico, who just grinned wider at Will’s obvious struggle to form a coherent sentence.

"It’s not my fault you left your coat on the school bus. And you can get it back tomorrow morning,” Nico tried to reassure him. Though considering Nico told him while laughing the positive outlook wasn’t really helping Will’s situation or mood. 

“If I’m not at home with a cold then sure I’ll get it back tomorrow,” Will huffed, the breath he let out visible in the cold. 

Nico laughed softly and if Will’s hands didn’t feel like blocks of ice and his arms like jelly because of Nico’s laugh, he would have picked up some of the snow on the untouched part of the sidewalk to throw at his friend, who was comfortably warm in his own black coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. To make it worse Will was pretty sure that the scarf was the one that Will gave to Nico last year for Christmas. 

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