Twenty One Pilots Handshake Tutorial

Slow motion video: (x)

Start with your right hands!

Hand Pair 1: Both right hands

Hand Pair 2: Both left hands

  1. Slap (Hand Pair 1) palms together
  2. Slap (Hand Pair 1) backs of hands together
  3. Slap (Hand Pair 1) palms together twice
  4. Vertical fist bump twice (Hand Pair 1) (KEEP THUMB FACING VERTICALLY)
  5. Hook thumbs together and clasp them (Hand Pair 1) [SEE BELOW FOR A MORE DETAILED VERSION
  6. Clap your (Hand Pair 2) hands on your (Hand Pair 1) hands, clap above them, clap below your (Hand Pair 1) hands, and finally, clap them on your (Hand Pair 1) hands
  7. Hook pinkies and bring them up, down, then up again (Hand Pair 1)
  8. Once you bring your pinkies down, clasp spare hands together (Hand Pair 2)
  9. Bring the clasped hands, which are Hand Pair 2, down, use the other pair of hands to clap twice above the clasped hands (Hand Pair 1)
  10. Slap partner’s forearm (elbow area) once (Hand Pair 1)
  11. Pat your own forearm (slightly above the wrist) once (Hand Pair 1)
  12. Clasp hands together again (Hand Pair 1)
  13. Unclasp the hands from 11 (Hand Pair 2) and put it around your partner as if it is a one-armed hug (Hand Pair 1)


1) Face both hands upward

2) Interlock your hands by hooking your thumbs together, still faced horizontally

3) Move both hands so the backs are touching

4) Roll your hand under your partner’s while they roll their own hand over yours (YOU NEED TO UNLOCK YOUR THUMBS FOR THIS STEP)

5) Lock thumbs together again as your hands are in a hand-shaking position

Helpful tutorial if you’re still confused: (x) 

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jadie will you write what we didn't see in home again? i.e. The Drive back or the hours leading up to yer a wizard mulder? :-) wreck us all pls!

hospital parking lot, 2016

parking lot conversations are mostly echoes, mostly pin-drop silences; inhales go in tasting like gasoline and come out dragon’s breath white. it is not very cold (the winter has been mercurial, indecisive, it muddles itself with spring and confuses the flowers), but her hands shake and she clasps them together, tight, as if in prayer. she leans back against the muted black of her car just to feel the chill of it against her spine. just to feel.

months ago she’d blinked at him in a parking lot like this, wiped at her eyes (too old to be crying) and agreed to go on another adventure. years ago, too, she’d met him in between rows of cars, let her fingers linger against his head to try and feel the nervous beat of him, map out the impulse and paranoia and brilliance underneath her palm. she is remembering this, remembering him holding her hand, remembering her mother holding his.

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Definitely don’t think about Finn and Rey reuniting and the happy tears and joy-

Or about how one of the last times Rey saw him he was nearly dead, and she was in such despair that she would have stayed and died too in the snow

Or how his last memory before nearly dying was of her unconscious, hurt who knew how badly, and Finn prepared to defend her to the death…

Or how Finn, upon waking, would immediately bolt upright in bed and ask, panicked, terrified, if Rey was dead??? Why can’t I see her??

And he won’t believe that they’re telling him the truth (part of him fears he’s been recaptured and that this is some form of psychological torture) until Poe comes in and clasps his hands, reassuring him that Rey is alive, and that she’ll come back…

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram for the Trad Witch

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram for the Traditional Witch


Face South

Touch forehead. Say “BLESSED THE BRIDE”
Touch solar plexus or genitals. Say “BLESSED IS THE BEAST”

Touch right shoulder. Say “HAIL, FAIR HAND OF CREATION”
Touch left shoulder. Say “HAIL, FOUL HAND OF DESTRUCTION”

Extend arms in form of a triangle. Say “SO THE MASTER WATCHES”
Clasp hands upon breast and say “SO MY WILL FLOWS”


Trace pentagram in South. Say “Spirits of Fire”. Trace circle of protection until facing South.
Trace pentagram in West. Say “Spirits of Earth”. Trace circle of protection until facing West. Trace pentagram in North. Say “Spirits of Wind” Trace circle of protection until facing East.
Trace pentagram in East. Say “Spirits of Water”. Finish tracing circle, closing it in the South.


Return to center of circle and face East. Extend arms in form of a Triangle. Chant:

Behind me Whispers the Black Goat

Below me stirs the Crimson Serpent
Before me lies the Crooked Path

On my right hand is the path of creation

On my left hand is the path of destruction
On my brow is the mark of Quyin

About me flame the pentagrams

Above me stands ladder of worlds.

Around me speak the Ancestors


Face South.

Touch forehead. Say “BLESSED THE BRIDE”
Touch solar plexus or genitals. Say “BLESSED IS THE BEAST”

Touch right shoulder. Say “HAIL, FAIR HAND OF CREATION”
Touch left shoulder. Say “HAIL, FOUL HAND OF DESTRUCTION”

Extend arms in form of a cross. Say “SO THE MASTER WATCHES”
Clasp hands upon breast and say “SO MY WILL FLOWS”

Ooh but Finn waking up in the med bay, and he’s alone except for a med droid and he has a really bad reaction and freaks out and demands to know where Rey is.

He’s disoriented, and he thinks he’s been recaptured by the Order until BB8 rolls in beeping worried assurances–

“BB8!”  Finn gasps, woozy with relief- that must mean…

Poe Dameron hurries through the door, grave-faced, and immediately comes to Finn’s bedside, soothing and steady.  

He puts a hand on Finn’s shoulder and clasps his hand, instructing Finn to breathe in- in- in… then out- out- out— until Finn’s calmed down (he didn’t even realize how much he was shaking until Poe’s steady hand covered his)

“You okay?”  Poe asks finally, when Finn is breathing normally and sitting back against his pillows. 

Finn nods.  He closes his eyes and braces himself to ask, willing himself to fight off a second wave of panic and nausea…

“Rey is okay.”  Poe says, seeming to read his thoughts.  “She’s alive.”

Finn’s eyes shoot open and he’s crying, and Poe’s hugging him, and everything that’s happened just seems to come crashing down on him.  
Phasma, Kylo Ren, Rey, Han…

Poe tells Finn the battle as he experienced it, and how Rey went off in search of Luke Skywalker.

“I know she would have wanted to be here.”  Poe says kindly.  “I hoped you wouldn’t have to wake up alone- I’ve been here every chance I got, but as great as BB8 is, even he can’t pee for me…”

BB8 makes what sounds like an apologetic noise, and both men laugh.

“Thank you.  Thank you both.”  Finn says, meaning it from the bottom of his heart.

Dr. Kim - Heechul

This is for Anon! I wanted to do something a little different with this scenario, hopefully you enjoy it!

Request: Here

Pungent antiseptics and latex gloved filled your olfactory sensors while you padded across the clean tile floors. Pressing the button next to the elevator, you stood back and clasped your hands around the handle of your purse.

“Morning” A kind voice called behind you as a figure stood beside you, a smile playing on his lips while his brown eyes looked into yours.

“Hey Heechul” You gave him a warm smile, trying not to be too friendly as the ding came from the elevator. Stepping inside, you pressed the button of the floor of the break room to change for your nursing shift for the day.

“Ready for our shift today?” He questioned softly watching the elevator doors close in front of you.

“Hopefully” You replied shortly, trying to be pleasant but not wanting to make a conversation out of it.

“Are you a little tongue tied around me?” He chuckled, his eyes running up your form before letting his gaze linger on your face, especially your eyes.

“Why do you say something like that?” You questioned, your heart picking up it’s pace as you moved past him once the doors opened, a second ding signaling that you had arrived on your destined floor.

“Because you like me” Heechul sang allowing his lips pull to one side of his lips more than the other, showing you his handsome smolder while sticking to your hip as the two of you headed towards the break room door.

Scoffing, you laughed lightly while moving past him, “Me like you? That’s laughable.”

Pushing open the door, you went to your locker, twisting your lock one direction than the other and then once more, you pulled the lock from your locker and pulled your shirt off as a tank top remained underneath. Pulling over your scrubs, Heechul changed behind you, catching glaces wondering if you were teasing or serious.

Gathering your hair into a ponytail, you tied it off with a hair tie before closing and locking your locker. Looking over your shoulder, you saw Heechul lock his locker as well before both of your phones sounded. Swiftly pulling out your phones you watched as the message blinked across the screen.

“Ready?” Heechul questioned seeing the message as well. Nodding your head, the two of you ran out of the break room and out to the ambulance that just pulled up in the overhang.

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❛ for once , theo, i’m going to ask you to take your father’s advice and talk less. ❜ a laugh escaped the petite female as she led theo with her hands clasped over her eyes. ❛ i know what i’m doing. ❜