Day 17-20 // Fire

I have this little au of mine where Sanji is into Cantonese cooking, and Cantonese cooking is basically cooking stir frying with lots of oil. This came from a little “How We Met:” video from one of my favorite channels, JKFilms, and in the video, Brandon Choi was talking about how his father was a chef and had burns on his arms, from the “Dragons Breath” (fire). So I thought it’d be fun to have Sanji being into this, because it really is a cool way of cooking. Despite how Sanji’s hands are the most precious things to him. 

Does anyone ever wonder how NaLu will end in the cannon-ly way?

Like, do you guys think Natsu will straight up say “Luce, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, protecting you and the guild, my precious nakamas.” while cradling her injured figure after the Alvarez war?

or do you guys think he’ll do it like F!Natsu did to F!Lucy at the golden field:
grabbing her hand, her guild marked hand and pulling her, running into tomorrow; a new morning. A brighter future.

“We still have more adventures to go on!”

“The adventure continues!”

Can you imagine Sanji trying to shove off any other woman who tries to nurse him? If it were Nami or Robin he would’ve died from excessive nosebleed, but here he’s treating Reiju like she’s some kind of infectious disease - he seems disgusted at the idea of his sister even touching him (and like anyone can blame him for that!).

Which makes me wonder what kind of role Reiju would play in this arc. For now she’s the one who put Sanji in his biggest peril, but do you think Sanji would still treat her as a ‘woman’ than a Vinsmoke? Would he still be unable to kick her if she tries to harm his nakama? Because I certainly hope that he DOES kick her ass for shackling his precious hands

  • what she sais:im fine
  • what she thinks:the last one piece chapter completely fucked me up. sanjis past with zeff where he nearly starved to death was already sad but this is even worse. they literally locked him up, bullied him, beat him up. and all the time he was with the straw hats, he never even once mentioned his past and they will probably never know about it and this just fucks me up. i just want snaj to be happy please oda give snooj happiness he really deserves it. and you know what. the writst band tHE FUCKING WRITST BAND. im sososoos scared that he ends up having to cut his hand off to get his freedom back. his hands. his precious hand which he doesnt use for fighting, bc his hands are only there to be making food. im gonna fucking cry, this arc is fucking me up so bad.

Woooooow “i wouldn’t hand over one of my precious sons…then i remember I had a "dud” laying around"
Puts collars on his wrists that will blow his hands off if he tries to deny marriage

Night’s Call|closed


Cillian stretched, standing on the porch of his families home. The house was quiet, but the night was alive with the sounds of night creatures and he had one last round to do. Stepping down off the wooden porch he grabbed up his riffle and headed towards the barn first, he knew that Ronan had slipped from the house a few hours ago and was probably sleeping in the barn her hands encased in the precious earth. Peeking inside he stayed silent as his blue eyes scanned over the room until he spotted his sister right where he expected to find her. Smiling softly he headed to his next check point.

The sheep where quiet, nestled down together in the fields…at least they should be, the troubled sound bleep from his left had him turning that way as some of the sheep from on of the back pastures headed his way. It meant there was a disturbance. Closing his eyes for a moment he reached out, touching the elements around him…Ro would know the exact location of something walking in their pastures but she was sleeping and he wouldn’t risk her to unknown danger. So he walked in the direction the sheep where fleeing from. Silently he moved through the pasture, riffle over his shoulder but at ready.

Seventeen Reaction

“how would seventeen react to you automatically grabbing their hand whenever you cross the street”

Hoshi: He’d be a bit shocked when you grabbed his hand, he’d give you a questioning look before it clicked you were holding it to cross the street. he’d hold your hand tighter giving you his sweet squishy eyed smile. Good luck getting your hand back after this 

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Junhui: He’d be a bit like hoshi, when you first grabbed his hand he would look at you like this *gif*. He didn’t mind holding your hand, but when you didn’t let go he would smirk at you “Was that just your way of getting go hold my hand”

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Minghao: The only thing going through his head would be “score score score score” He’d be so happy that you held his hand even if it was just to cross the street. He’d think it was really cute and would probably cross more streets than he needs to only to hold your hand more. 

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Dino: This precious babe would be so happy. When you grabbed his hand he would flinch a bit, not because he did want to hold your hand but its just the fact you grabbed it so suddenly it would startle him. He would hold it tightly as you walked across the street to insure your safety 

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I don’t know if I told you

but I love these two so fucking much. So much. So much. I’m pretty sure my heart burst at this part. The sincerity in Sorey’s voice, on his face, how he has more or less tuned out what Mikleo was saying since he appeared in order to process who’s in front of him, how he won’t have to go it alone, and how not only that, but he’ll have his favorite person at his side, and he’s just so genuinely overjoyed.

And then Mikleo. MIKLEO. With his careful explanations of shared conclusions about Lunarre being after Alisha and going straight into lecture mode, all messages prepared by him and Gramps, and then Sorey catches him off-guard. AND THEN THAT LITTLE BLUSH. HE WASN’T WORRIED ABOUT YOU OR ANYTHING, NOPE, BUT, UH, THERE’S NO WAY YOU’D MAKE IT TEN MINUTES DOWN THERE. BETTER COME KEEP YOU ALIVE.


Haru is literally me. I can relate to him so much. I can be so awkward when it comes to doing things that draw attention to myself and doing something that i’m not used to or comfortable with to begin with.

Ton on the other hand is my precious child. I mean the fact that he joined the team because he wanted to try something new and change himself is really inspirational to me. And he tries so hard to improve himself, the second he was introduced I loved his character.

I love all these characters in general because they’re all just so unique; different personalities and reasons for joining. I’m sure their group dynamic will be something interesting to see develop over the course of this series.

Shrunken Onesie: Antoine Griezmann

REQUEST: Antoine Griezmann Imagine please ?

DISCLAIMER: There might be some How to get away with murder spoilers in here, so if you watch it and have not finished season 2 just be aware.

Word Count: 679


I held up the yellow baby onesie in my hands admiring how precious it looked. I was too far in my thoughts that I jumped when Antoine called me from upstairs.

“Yeah I’m coming just hang on a second,” I shouted out. He yelled out again but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I quickly snuck the onesie into the basket with the rest of the washed clothes and exited the laundry room

I was giddy with excitement and was hoping that he would be too when he found out. I was nervous to see his reaction. Of course, we had talked about children before, but never did we plan or expect it to happen now. A bout of butterflies erupt at the pit of my stomach as I pushed the door open to our bedroom, let’s hope we get the right reaction.

“Hey baby,” he greeted, beaming at me as I walked in. He was slumped up against the headboard in bed, remote in hand and watching the new season of How to get Away with Murder.

“Hey, I told you not to start without me,” I whined, a small scowl fixing itself on my face. I dumped the laundry basket on the bed, huffing in annoyance.

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Whenever I look at the comments on articles talking about Harvey Smith saying there would be bi and gay lead characters in dishonored 2 and it’s all ‘ooh why are you shoving sex in videogames’ and 'would you be excited if they were Canadian? This is pointless’
I just
Make every dishonored character LGBTQA+
Jessamine Corvo and Emily are all bi, the entire Kaldwin lineage is bi, Jessamine’s parents were bi, I want there to be a book about it
That red headed guard we saw is a lesbian
Delilah is a lesbian as is EVERY LAST WITCH IN HER COVEN
Billie Lurk is a lesbian transwoman
Daud is gay, the gayest gay
The outsider is gay too
One of the conditions to bear his mark is to be gay
The NPCs are gay
The crew of the dreadful whale? All gay.
Except the villains
The villains are hetero