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Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 4

“So.” Harris sucked in an audible breath. “What do you think?”

DJ looked up at him. After a moment of consideration, DJ shrugged, a hapless expression on his face and the Roomba still cradled in his arms. “Yeah,” Harris agreed, tucking his hands in his pockets. “It’s… A guest room, I guess.”

The suite was very nice, in a modern sort of way. Harris looked around, feeling out of place already. The main room had an open layout, sparsely furnished with black leather couches and glass tables. Everything was stark and sleek and possibly the least kid friendly space he’d ever seen.

Maybe he’d cover everything in sheets or something.

“Bedrooms are in the back,” Coulson said, a bag in one hand. “And the kitchen’s through here.” He pushed the door open, leaving them to follow awkwardly behind, DJ bumping into Harris’ legs with each step.

Harris glanced around. More marble and chrome, glass and highly polished metal. Coulson seemed to be waiting for some reaction, and he managed a smile. “Tell me it has a coffeemaker.”

“It has a coffeemaker,” Coulson said. “We’re not savages.”

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Jasico ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au


There he was again. The same curly black hair and dark, almost black eyes. The boy’s hands were in the pockets of his aviator jacket. I still wasn’t quite sure why or how he was able to get into the building. After all, this was a place of high-fly cooperate business and this kid looked to be a teenager. A too skinny but still beautiful teen but still.

 I held the door as Percy rushed in, tie crooked again. “Thanks Jace, I owe you.” The doors closed with a ding as I swiped my security card and punched in the 34th floor for myself and Percy. “Triton said if I’m late again he’s cutting my workday short to dock my pay.” I saw the boy push the button for the 40th floor.

“Owch.” I replied in sympathy. Percy was chronically late due to him sleeping too late. Especially if his fiancé Annabeth was over. Percy’s sea green eyes darted to the younger boy and back at me, a grin plastered on his face. “Oh shut up Perce!”

“I’ve said nothing.” was the sing-song reply.

“It’s not my fault he has the cheekbones of a model and hair that looks so soft it should be freaking illegal.” I muttered tersely. “Besides, he can’t understand me AND he’s probably a minor. I refuse to be a cradle robber no matter how bad I want to pin him to the elevator wall sometimes.”

“Aww, that all?” Percy teased.

I sighed in frustration. “How the crap can a teenager have such smooth-looking skin?! I mean, shouldn’t he have zits or something like everyone else? It’s like he’s one of those gorgeous gothic statues come to life it’s not fair.” I noticed out of the corner of my eye the boy shuffling uncomfortably as my voice had gotten louder. I winced. “Oops, too loud. Now he’ll think I’m angry. Or some crazy person.”

“But you ARE a crazy person Jason.” Percy laughed. “Oh my God if you knew…”

“What? Tell me!” I pushed, gaze boring into Percy. “I swear if you’ve been recording my stupid love-struck rants…”

“More like he didn’t tell you I could speak English.” a new voice piped up quietly. I turned around and saw the teenager looking at me. “He thought it was too funny so I played along.” I felt my face heat up.

“W-wait… you mean…”

“I can speak English. Fluently in fact.” He smirked then and I swear my heart skipped a beat. “Though Italian was my first language.”

Percy burst out laughing, clutching his side. “Oh my GOD Jay these have been the best three weeks of my life, just so you know.”

“You KNEW?!”

“Dude! We’re been friends and next door neighbors since we were kids!” Percy snorted. “Of course I knew.”

I turned back to the teenager. “But wait… how are you able to access the building?”

“Aidonus is my father.” Aidonus. One of the three founders of the Olympia Company alongside my own father Jupiter and Percy’s dad Poseidon. I felt the blood rush from my face.


“I’m Nico.” He held out his hand to shake. I took it and felt smooth yet cool hands. “And I’m not a teenager; I’m 20.” He was only 4 years my junior.

“Um… I wouldn’t suppose I could take you out for coffee as an apology?”

“I prefer tea; Americans can’t make coffee for shit.” He let go of my hand. “And it’s a date Jason Grace.” The elevator dinged and Percy pulled me out as I was too stunned.

“He’ll pick you up at seven Neeks!” Percy called over his shoulder as the elevator doors closed.

 “I’m going to kill you Jackson.” I growled at Percy, finally snapping out of my stunned stooper.

“Yo man, I got you a coffee date. Well… tea date but whatever. You owe me lunch, not a punch.”


“You’re kinda cute.”

“Huh…oh…um. Thanks.” Sam shoved his hands into his pockets and tried not to embarrass himself. “I mean, uh…you’re kind of cute too.”

You smiled and looked down, blushing. “Thanks.”


Accidents Happen (Bias x Reader) Pt.1

“Babe,” B/N says as you press your face against the glass, mouth watering at the sight of the pastries, “just pick one,” 

You sigh and look at him, “One doesn’t simply pick one.” 

There’s rows of cakes, macaroons, cookies, pies, everything. You’ve been unable to get ahold of these sweets because of your profession. They didn’t have this kind of delicacies in the jungles of the Amazon where you had to report a story in the span of a month. But now you were back home and it was your chance to indulge and by Heaven you would. 

It’s also been a month since you’ve seen B/N, and there was a low chance he’d say no to your requests tonight. 

He stands next to you, hands tucked into his pockets, looking through the glass as well. 

“Which one?” he asks again.

“Any of them except strawberry and orange flavors.” 

With that he walks into the bakery and you follow behind him, eyes glued to every colorful dessert. 

“Yes, I’d like one of each of everything, except the strawberry and orange flavor ones.” he tells the cashier. 

You nudge him, “Why so much? It’s not like we can’t come back,” 

He winks at you, “You think this is all for you?” 

You grab the first raspberry cookie before he can and make a face at him. He pays for the pastries and you walk out of the store with four pastel boxes full of sweets. 

Holding a bag with two boxes, you bite into a cupcake. You turn to B/N and hold the cupcake to his lips. He takes a massive bite out of spite, nipping at your finger.

“This is why I don’t share my food with you,” you frown.

You arrive at your apartment, practically his third home after his own place and work. You place the pastries on the countertop and he stares at it.

“We didn’t get dinner,” he says. You open your mouth to speak but he reads your mind, “And no, we can’t eat this for dinner.” he says.

“Order a pizza then,” you suggest enthusiastically sitting on the counter.

“Keep this up and you’ll fall into a junk food coma,” he stands between your knees and plants a kiss on your forehead. 

“Wake me up with a kiss?” you grin innocently. 

He stares at you, unamused, “That was so cheesy, don’t ever do that again,” 

You laugh and throw your arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around your waist instinctively. You lean in and kiss him, “Seriously, let’s order a pizza or take-out,”

“No. I just got you food that could practically give you diabetes in one night,”

You kiss him again, “Give me pizza,”

“Its almost midnight, which place is open now?” 

You wrap your legs around him, “Feed me,” you whine.

“How about we make a pizza?” 

You sit back, “Never mind, I’m not hungry anymore.” 

He smiles triumphantly, knowing you’d be too impatient to go through the process of cooking tonight. 

“Good,” he picks you up, “Then let’s go to bed,” With your legs still around him, you wrap your arms around his neck. He tries to get you off of him once he lowers you to the bed but you hang onto him. 

“What is this?” he asks with a laugh. You’re still holding onto him with him hovering above you.

“I’ve missed you,” you say caressing his face. He says nothing, only leans into your touch as he looks into your eyes. 

"Tell me you’re not leaving me for a good while,” he says. 

You shake your head, smiling reassuringly, “I’m not," 

"Good. Cause I’m tired of going to bed by myself." 

"I’m a bad fiancee, I know." 

"Terrible, absolutely terrible.” You move your hands up his arms that are beside your head as he remains above you. You unwrap your legs from around him, suspecting this position was uncomfortable for him. Instead he falls next to you on his side and simply looks at you.

The extended silence and his lingering gaze makes you antsy and you turn his face away with the push of your hand. He takes it and examines your fingers as if it’s the first time he’s seen them. He moves the ring on your finger, a small smile on his face. 

“Do you really like it? Its not the normal kind of ring,” You look at the ring yourself. The engagement ring was a band of white gold with small, colorful opals that surrounded the large middle stone that was a diamond. 

“That’s why I love it.” After you say that, he continues to look at you, “How long are you going to stare?" 

"For as long as I want.” he says propping himself up on his elbow. You hide your face in his chest and snuggle against him. “Don’t fall asleep, you’re still wearing jeans. You hate that," 

"But I don’t want to get up,” you were already comfortable in the spot you missed and were getting sleepy. 

“I’m not going anywhere,” he says into your hair. 

“Then hold on,” you say. You unbutton your jeans and pull them off. You take off your blouse and find his spare sweater on the floor and you instantly put it on. You snuggle against him again, “Okay. Problem solved," 

"You’re an absolute genius,” He says with a smile, holding you closer. He strips down to his underwear and t-shirt, both of you entangled in a longing embrace.

“I’ve missed you,” he finally says. His fingers are drawing circles in your back, chin resting on top of your head. “I’ve missed this," 

"I know,” you have your arms and legs around him, wondering how much closer you two could get. “But you leave for weeks on end too.” 

“It’s torture." 

“Ah, lets not talk about work.” you suggest looking up at him. 

“Lets not talk at all,” he kisses you as he rolls on top of you, hands on your face. 

“There’s only,” you say between his kisses, “three weeks…until the wedding. Be patient." 

You wake up to B/N getting dressed. You squint at him in the bright, sunlit room. "Where are you going?” you ask. He’s pulling on his dark blue jeans and doesn’t bother to change the white t-shirt he slept in.

He leans down and kisses you, brave enough to tackle your face morning breath despite you forgetting to brush your teeth the night before. 

“I’m getting you pizza,” he says with a grin. 

“You didn’t have to,” 

“I know,”

You push off the covers, “I want to come," 

He gently pushes you back down onto the bed and smooths your disheveled curls, "I already placed the order. I’m going to go pick it up." 

"Why didn’t you just say to drop it off here?" 

"I like a good morning walk,” he kisses your forehead, “Be dressed by the time I get back, I have something planned!” he calls out as he closes the door. 

You shower and get dressed, snacking on the pastries he bought you last night. You check the time, it’s almost been an hour since he left. “I’m ready, where are you?” you text him. 

“Patience my love.” he replies. So corny. You’re about to eat a second macaroon when you hear tires screech outside of the window. You live on the 7th floor of the twenty story apartment building, so you easily hear commotion from the street below. 

You look out the window to find that people are starting to gather where a car rests on the side from swerving, tire streaks visible. “What the heck…” you mumble. 

You decide to go downstairs, with nothing better to do and not wanting to miss out on anything. You exit the lobby and walk towards the crowd. 

“What’s going on?” You ask a bystander. 

He shrugs, “Some guy got into an accident." 

"No,” a woman says, “He prevented someone else from getting hit," 

"Poor guy just wanted pizza,” someone else says. 

“Wait what?” you say once you hear the word ‘pizza’. You push through the crowd towards the scene and freeze once you see what’s before you.

There’s a box of pizza on the ground, the contents hanging out on the pavement. Beside it is a bouquet of blue orchids, petals bruised. And close to it is a figure in blue jeans and a white t-shirt laying on the ground.


Requested by samanthaofanarchy

You stopped dancing as you stood there breathless. You turned away from your dancer partner Alex and looked at Reid. You had invited him to come and watch you rehearse. You walked over to Reid smiling brightly at him as you tried to steady your breath. “What did you think?” you asked, happily. “You were great” he nodded, his eyes flickering over to Alex. You followed his eyes before looking back to him, seeing the expression on his face. “Reid?” you asked, making him look at you. You took his hand as you lead him into the changing room so you two could be alone. “What’s wrong?” you asked closing the door behind you. “Nothing” he said shaking his head. “You might be a profiler, but I can tell when you’re lying” you said folding your arms over your chest. He looked down at the ground as he tucked his hands in his pockets. “Is this about Alex?” you questioned, but he didn’t respond so you knew that meant yes. “Reid, Alex is…he’s gay Reid” you told him. “Listen Spence. It doesn’t matter who my dance partner is, or how big, tall or nice he is. I only care about you, they’re my dance partners that’s it. But you, Reid I couldn’t go a day without you” you said, making him look up at you and smile. “I would give up dance for you” you smiled. Reid knew how much you loved dance and that was a big thing to say. He shook his head lightly and he removed his hands from his pockets and pulled you into a hug. “I wouldn’t make you do that” he muttered as he kissed the top of your head.  “I know” you breathed as you hugged him tightly.  

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please u know louis is the type to just. casually stick his hand into harry’s back pocket. and whine about how tight his dumb jeans are. and give him a good grope in the name of tight jeans. i mean yes louis has a beautiful bum but u know he loves harry’s tiny peachy bum also.

Oh, I’m sorry…is it Evanschess day again?

You know you’re already running late. You had promised you’d be ready in time to make your reservation…that you would do your best not to get stuck at the office, especially on a Friday night. But, as luck would have it, there was that thing called rush hour and you were stuck in it. You had called, texted, left voicemail after voicemail and Chris had yet to get back to you. You tried to blame it on the shoddy reception on the T, or that maybe, he knew you were doing your best. But you knew. You knew he was pissed. You practically raced up the stairs on to the street, hastily trying to fix your dress and not trip over your heels when you finally caught a glimpse of him. Leaning against the wall outside of your favorite bistro, wrapped up in your favorite of his leather jackets, hands deep in the pockets to keep from getting cold in the cool fall air that Boston was know for. He looked up as soon as he heard your heels come to a stop, directly I front of him.
“I’m so sorry!” You blurted out.
“Come on,” he takes you by the elbow, leading you inside to the hostess. “Let’s eat.”
As the hostess leads you to your table, he leans down, his warm breath fanning over the side of your face, and he whispers.
“You’re going to make it up to me when we get home, sweetness.”
Anticipation is already wreaking havoc on your body.

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Pretty Little Omega

by pepsi

“Y’know, I’ve got some tickets to the World Cup. Suites,” Harry boasts, wrapping his arms around his Omega’s waist.

Louis’ cerulean eyes brighten — brighter than Harry’s ever seen them before. He manages his clap his hands from between the Alpha’s grip.

“World Cup! That’s bloody mad!” he shouts.

“Only the best for my Omega.”

Then, Louis is reaching a hand into the pocket of his jeans. When it’s pulled out, the reveals the two, dark–coloured tickets in his grip. He’s smirking.

The Omega says, “You mean these tickets?”

“Okay, kid, you’ve got to stop stealing from me.”


Harry’s a con–man/Alpha who’s been in the business for far too long. Louis is the pretty little Omega/pick–pocket who wants in on the game.

Words: 2432, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/1dzJzEZ
Redemption, Pt. 2

Part 1

Simon and Raphael: one year later

CoHF spoilers

He could see nothing in the darkness. He fumbled in his pocket for his witchlight, keeping a firm grip on his bow in his other hand. He retrieved the stone from his pocket, and the sudden glare of light burned his eyes and startled him so much that he immediately dropped it, the light winking out again.
And then the world was filled with noise as the demon reared up behind him, roaring. Simon had enough time to think, There you go, you lasted a whole year as a Shadowhunter. Well done, before something collided with his side, knocking him to the ground. Pain flared all down his left side and he expected to feel razor sharp teeth sink into his flesh. What he heard instead was the demon utter a second roar that sounded like a scream, before the sound abruptly cut off.

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day two

sasusaku month 2015

prompt : no filter

“I really like you, Sasuke Uchiha, and if you’re going to reject me then yes, I’m going to go on a date with Mori-san since he deserves my attention more than you do!”

Sasuke’s mouth curled into an amused smile. The girl really had no filter. But that’s probably why he liked her. She wasn’t like the other girls who shook and stammered, afraid of his rejection.  

Sakura Haruno wasn’t scared at all. She had looked at him straight in the eye, her own jade orbs fierce and unyielding.

Hands in the pocket of his pants, Sasuke turned to scan her adorable enraged face.

“Hn. Does he now? Aren’t you just using him to get to me?”

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snippets (139)

Here it is, Maria, three years later: “I just imagine them on a rooftop, staring at the people and the city and shit and one of them goes ‘Why don’t we get married?'” - Maria

How many damn steps are there? He’d lost count after eighty; Shizuo’s legs feel heavy today. 


Izaya is a thin, tall silhouette against the sky, hands in his coat pockets as he hums a J-pop song. Not one of the cheerier ones, Shizuo notices. The one Izaya’s been singing along to lately, about losing love for good. He wonders if Izaya’s hands are cold. There are times when Izaya sprints home, and his hands are shiny with sweat, red from how hard he’s gripped his knife.

Shizuo steps up next to the informant, bumps his shoulder with his. Izaya leans against him and Shizuo closes his eyes.

Ikebukuro is a city that never sleeps. If he could, Izaya would like to stay in this pocket of time, forever twenty-one and on top of the world. 

(with Shizu-chan by his side - how else would it be?)

A presence that somehow became comforting to him - how funny.

Shizuo opens his eyes when the pressure suddenly disappears, and Izaya’s balancing himself against the edge.

Shizuo knows he won’t fall

(but if, just if, would he be able to catch him?)

and blows a smoke ring in his direction.

“Hey,” Izaya says. “Shizu-chan.”


“Why don’t we get married?”

“Why?” Shizuo asks, surprised. To be honest, his mind’s going completely wild. Did marriage mean weddings? Not really, right? Was Izaya seriously saying this? Would this change their new found, delicate life?

“Why not?” Izaya counters easily, a lazy smile on his face.

“What does it mean for us?” Shizuo still can’t get the ‘us’ out clearly, naturally; it trips him up a bit. He waits, smoke filtering through his lips.

“Maybe I want another ring,” Izaya decides, then adds, “and maybe I like looking at the city with you.”

Shizuo can’t trust himself to speak, so he pulls Izaya in, kisses him hard, and says, “Yeah, sure, flea. Whatever you want.”

A Collection of Quotes in preparation for meta, shhhh don’t worry about it nbd nbd
  • “There’s nothing better than a self made monster.” [Lucy “ArcturusOne” Zephyr]
  • “In the beginning, Pandora was chaos… and then there was Jack.“ [Opportunity Hall of History pt 1]
  • “The Handsome One“ [Opp. HoH pt 3]
  • “There is only one word to describe what Jack has become to Pandora: a hero.” [Opp. HoH pt 4]
  • “Jack damn you!” [dying Hyperion engineer] 
  • “Jack as my witness, you’ll die!” [aggroed H. Eng]
  • “Thank Jack! He owed me money!” [H. Eng. on comrade death]
  • “…so his doubles can do all his hand-kissing and baby-shaking for him.” [Angel]
  • “That pocket watch also records audio – Jack loved to listen to the praise of his underlings.” [Angel]
  • “Did you know that some people on this planet still believe in silly superstitions like angels, demons, and ancient alien warriors? We like to call them ‘bandits’,“ [Opportunity echo of Jack] 
  • “Did you know you’re staring at the future site of the opportunity pleasure palace? That’s right – for a thousand bucks, you’ll be able to spend an hour with a life-sized likeness of me.” [Opportunity information kiosk #2]
  • “The Hyperion corporation wishes to clarify that the bright light you saw after death was our digistruct technology, not a higher power. Not higher than Hyperion, anyway.” [Opportunity New-U Station
  • “Hey, kids! Did you know what your mommies and daddies gave up so you could live in Opportunity? Literally nothing! Your families are paid to be here – I’m the one who feeds and protects everyone. Remember: we should all love our parents, but love me more.” [Opp. Info kiosk #4]
  • “Robots, remember your three governing laws: Jack is your God, Threshers are your enemies, and both consider you disposable.” [Hyperion Dam Overhead Speaker]
  • “Why… it is man’s endeavor to become god! How’s that for an enigmatic answer?” [Coyote, Gunnerkrigg Court, Chapter 20][this doesn’t have to do with borderlands specifically I just think it’s a good quote]
  • “Do not fear about the afterlife, Hyperion customer. Hell is reserved for pedophiles, and people who buy Jakobs munitions.” [Lynchwood New-U Station]
  • “I can finally get off this Jack Forsaken Planet!” [Ulysses]

bedlam-faun asked:

"I think a coven is more easily concealed these days." Pan scratched his scruffy cheek, his hand tucked into the pocket of his fitted black jeans. "4000 years ago we met in bath houses... now you can just rent a house and put everyone's name on the lease. No one asks questions."

“We try to be a little less obvious that that. Those sorts of things attract hunters and that never ends well.” Abel raised his brows knowingly as he spoke.

“And not all of us want to live together either. I have my sired, Abel has his.”

keep-singingx asked:

“What the hell happened to you?!”

What the hell happened? That was a good question. Elliot cocks his head.

I fell. I stumbled. No, none of that is right. Some one hit me. The truth will bring up too many questions.

Elliot tilts his head, tries to think of a good excuse, watching a space just past the woman’s shoulder. He rubs his head, shrugs slowly.  "It was a mistake.“ Slowly, he raises his gaze to the woman with a smile, lips curling in a way that he knew could appear fake. So he tilts his head and lets his gaze fall as the smile does.

It was my own fault. Cops didn’t come soon enough when I gave the tip about the last guy, he punched me as he ran.

“Wrong place, wrong time you know?” He smiles again. Doesn’t say what he’s thinking and slips his hands in to his hoodie pockets.

                                                        &&. fightcrs.

     maybe it’s not fair to only wait a few seconds after confessing your feelings for someone to blurt out, just kidding, but that’s what happens as luca stands there, hands shoved into the giant pocket of his hoodie as he tries to sink further into it. it’s all too much — he’d felt courageous just a second before, but that was quickly disappearing the longer they stared at him.  that was — that was a joke.