hands in the pockets

Louis Tomlinson sports beanie as he lands at Heathrow
The One Direction star, 24, donned a blue and grey Adidas tracksuit top and black bottoms as he made his way from the terminal flashing a beaming smile as he landed at Heathow airport on Monday.


PUBLISHED: 17:19 EST, 24 October 2016 | UPDATED: 18:05 EST, 24 October 2016

He spends much of his time in the US sharing custody of his son Freddie Reign.

But Louis Tomlinson looked happy to be back on home turf when he landed at Heathow airport on Monday.

The One Direction star, 24, donned a blue and grey Adidas tracksuit top and black bottoms as he made his way from the terminal flashing a beaming smile.

Keeping his head shielded from the autumn chill in a black beanie, he looked relaxed with his hands in his pockets, sporting some designer stubble on his chin and upper lip.  

Louis has arrived in the UK a day after Simon Cowell said he would never ban any of the One Direction boys from singing on the X Factor.

He slammed rumours that he denied Niall Horan a spot on the show after the One Direction singer signed a solo deal with a rival record label.

The 57-year-old SYCO boss said he would ‘never ban’ any member of the band from appearing on the show - despite three of the boys signing up to the competition.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday night following the latest installment of The X Factor, the SYCO boss rubbished the reports that there was bad blood between himself and any of his most famous proteges.

Addressing his 12.7million followers, the music mogul wrote: 'Reading some stories. To be clear I would never 'ban’ anyone from One Direction appearing on the show.’

Simon’s clarification came after reports emerged that he had overlooked Niall, 23, as he launches his solo career with Universal Music - suggesting there was tension between the two.

The X Factor boss was said to be frustrated with the Irish star and fellow 1D singer Liam Payne after they snubbed his offer of a record deal to sign with rival labels.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: 'Simon really thought the 1D boys would show loyalty after he mentored them on the show and made them the huge global success they are. Instead they went behind his back.

'He’s not going to be doing them any favours. He knows artists love performing on the show as there are eight million viewers to promote their songs to.

'Niall also chose to do The Graham Norton Show. The X Factor don’t like to have acts that have been elsewhere.’

Niall’s debut single This Town peaked at number nine in the UK and Simon is reportedly unconcerned about having the star appear on the programme.

A source told paper that the X Factor boss doesn’t feel as though he’s missing out, as the song is already 'going down the chart’.

Meanwhile, Niall is said to have been aware of Simon’s stance when he opted to sign with a rival record label.

An insider shared: 'They knew when he didn’t sign with Syco he wouldn’t be appearing on The X Factor. Everyone is totally fine.

'He’s extremely proud and grateful for everything The X Factor did for him.’

Just a few weeks ago Simon took a dig at the Irish singer following the release of his debut single, This Town.

The hit peaked at number nine in the charts, landing Niall his first solo top ten single.

But Simon told the Sunday Mirror that had Niall chosen to work with his label, SYCO, for the release instead of Capitol Records (part of Universal) it would have been a bigger success.

The X Factor creator said: 'He probably would have had a number one single if he’d stayed with me.

'But you know who does have number this week? James Arthur. Very pleased he’s back with us with a fantastic record.’

He then signed off with a final parting shot, adding: 'Hashtag loyalty.’

Niall released his debut solo single This Town on September 29, several months after One Direction officially began their hiatus.

However, the release was no match for James Arthur’s triumphant return, with his comeback track Say You Won’t Let Go notching up 85,000 combined sales - made up of 41,000 downloads and 4.4 million streams.

Niall surprised his fans by unveiling the track on his Twitter account and making it available to listen to on all major streaming platforms, iTunes and Apple Music and music video hosting website VEVO.

His tweet read: 'Been workin in the studio, wanted to share this song I just wrote with u guys. thank you for always being there (sic).’

In a statement he confirmed he has signed to Capitol Records and told the Directioners he was 'looking forward to the next part of this journey together’.

He said: 'I’m excited to announce I have signed a record deal with Capitol Records USA and released my first solo song.

'Thank you to all the One Direction fans for your love and support as always. I’m looking forward to the next part of this journey together.’

In the accompanying black and white video Niall gives a stripped-down performance of This Town in a 1 Mic 1 Take promo that premiered today on VEVO.

The clip, which was filmed in the historic Capitol Studios in Hollywood, simply shows the pop heartthrob singing whilst playing an acoustic guitar.

Niall recorded the song with Adele’s producer Greg Kurstin and he co-wrote the track with long-time One Direction collaborators Jamie Scott, Mike Needle and Daniel Bryer.

Fans first got an indication the 1D hunk had completed his first single when a tweet was sent from the official Radio Disney Twitter account announcing the title before being swiftly deleted.

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne tweeted their support for their One Direction bandmate.

'Good luck boss give him all your support huge day for him proud of you boss,’ Liam wrote, while Louis added: 'Feeling super proud. You sound great ! Great to see you at your bday bash!!

Last year, One Direction announced they were taking a break, beginning in March.

'They are taking a hiatus so they can work on individual projects for a while but they are not splitting up,’ a source told E! News last year. 'They will remain together and plan to work together in the future.’

For @abloodneed because I love him and he needs it:

It’s a cold night, dry for now, but it smells like snow and Alec can see his breath fogging the air in front of his face. Magnus seems almost entirely unaffected by the weather, gesturing with his usual enthusiasm as they walk down the street (they’re on their way back from dinner, and Alec hadn’t been able to resist when Magnus suggested they walk; he knows the sooner they get back to Magnus’s the sooner this date will be over, and he wants every minute with him he can get) but Alec has both hands stuffed in his pockets and is hunching his shoulders, as if that will protect him from the gentle but freezing wind. He hadn’t thought about needing gloves when he left the Institute, or a scarf, and his jacket isn’t really warm enough for this weather by itself. He edges closer to Magnus, hoping to absorb some of his warmth by proximity, and Magnus bumps their shoulders together gently. Alec feels warmth radiate through him from that point of contact, and, impulsively, slips his hand out of his pocket and catches Magnus’s hand, lacing their fingers together. Magnus turns to him, and smiles, and for the first time since they stepped outside Alec can’t feel the cold at all.

Whatever You Want

Kevin almost got lost on the way to Frank’s apartment. He had to call in a favor to get the address because he may have been exaggerating about knowing where Frank lived. It was a scare tactic, of course. And it worked! Sort of. Frank was meeting with him at least. He felt rage simmering within him. It was mostly self-directed, but the situation wasn’t helping. 

How had he let this happen? His guilty conscience was eating him alive, even if it was just that stupid fucker. But he already promised he’d let the guy do whatever he wanted to him so he figured the only way to feel better was to let Frank take out his anger on him. He groaned once he got to the door and knocked hard, then stuck his hands in his pocket. 

My Untold Story

(My take on what should have happened last night.)

Emma didn’t know what she was expecting when she reached Regina’s vault. Regina had taken the news of her vision pretty well. Even though Emma hadn’t wanted to tell her family, she knew they needed to know sooner or later. She would have preferred later, if it wasn’t for Archie, but she wouldn’t dwell on it.Pushing down her annoyance at Killian, Emma sticks her hands into her pockets and enters Regina’s vault.

The place isn’t as creepy as it used to be. It was still dark and mystic but the smell of candles always led her way to Regina. It had become their secret spot. Where they could just talk…. the two of them.

“You ,uh, took off kind of quickly.” Emma mentions as she steps aside Regina. The brunette was mixing some kind of potion-serum thing. Emma really couldn’t tell. Regina was always the one to do that type of stuff. Folding her arms she watches for a second as Regina mixes another liquid.

“Well, I’m sorry I’m trying to save your life.” Regina replied offhandedly.

“Right.” Emma muttered. “About that…”

Regina stops mixing and tilts her head to look at Emma. Everyone had been angry at the woman for keeping the secret from them. Regina knew and understood what it felt like.

“How’s Henry?” Regina found herself asking. “How are you ?”

“Honestly, anxious to figure this out.” Emma looks down back to the table.

“That makes two of us dear.” Regina rolls her eyes and continues her task at hand.

“Why?” Emma finds herself asking. “I mean, you have to worry about yourself dying on top of trying to save me. I should be the one to do it. I’m the savior!”

Regina drops the mixing stick and sighs. Was this really where they were?

“You know Emma, you don’t have to be everyone’s saving grace.” Regina informed her. “Certainly not mine. Yes, you’re the savior and saviors save people. But you deserve a chance at a happy ending even if it is with Captain Guyliner. I’m determined to fix this myself. Especially if I’m the hooded figure in your vision.”

“You really don’t like Killian ?” Emma bites her lip.

“I wouldn’t say like was a strong enough word for what I feel towards him.” Regina began to distract herself. This was not the conversation she wanted to have. Especially not about him. Not with Emma.

“So what is this you’re making?” Emma quickly changed the subject. She wanted to delve further into why Regina didn’t like Killian but she knew Regina would just shut down like always. She didn’t want to fight with her friend. Regina was the only one keeping a cool head about all of this.

“It’s a locator spell.“Regina held it up for Emma to take.” To find and connect both saviors. In this case, Aladdin to you. Just take it whenever you are ready and you should find him.“

“Thank you, Regina.” Emma took the cup and held it in her hands. Looking down into the cup, she takes a deep breath. “For what it’s worth I didn’t and still don’t want to believe that it’s you that is under the hood.”

“Is that why you stood so far away from me at the docks?” Regina suddenly asked. “Did you already have suspicions ? Please don’t lie to me, Emma.”

Setting the steaming cup back onto the table, Emma nods her head.She tries to avoid the hurt she can see in Regina’s eyes.

“You really think I would hurt you ?” There is a silence where neither of them speak. Regina waits for an answer but Emma can give her none. Like a fish out of water, her mouth opens and closes but no hint comes.Regina takes this as yes and turns to leave.

“I won’t let that happen.” Regina frowned. “After all that we have been through. After all we have conquered together, I’m always going to be seen as the Evil Queen. I’m starting to figure out that darkness is something that I cannot run away from. I have to die I know that. But I would rather die than ever hurt you or our son. I’m done taking away happy endings.”

With that being said, Regina sets out on climbing the stairs of the vault. This new information has devastated her. She wanted so badly to be the good guy for once but it felt like no one believed in her. Not even Emma.

“Regina, wait.” Emma grabs her wrist and pulls her back down. “I don’t care what that vision says I’m not going to lose you. Not now and not ever.”

Regina can feel tears surface and she wants to scream and cry. But this isn’t about her. The bigger picture is that Emma didn’t feel secure or trust her enough to come to her. Damn the pirate!

“Emma, just stop.” Regina can feel a sob bubbling at the back of her throat. They had never been this close. Not in weeks and probably not since Emma began dating Hook. “I’m not in that vision for a reason. I’m not apart of your happy ending and certainly not apart of the heroes. Everything I touch I destroy. I just trust that when the time comes and the darkness does over take me, however that may be, that you do what needs to be done. You promised and I need you to hold onto that promise. I’ve taken too much away from you already. I couldn’t live with myself if I took away another happy ending from you.”

Regina didn’t know why all of this was coming out now. She just couldn’t hold it in anymore. The queen had spoken about their untold stories and everything being torn apart. She didn’t know what that meant until now.

“What if you’re my happy ending?” Emma blurts out. Her blue eyes widen before she takes a step back.

“What?” Regina’s voice comes out as a whisper. Had she heard right?

“What if for some good reason you aren’t in my vision ?” Emma continues. “I refuse to believe that you are under that hood. I did for awhile but it was only because I was afraid. Afraid of all of the things I have been feeling for a while now. For five years actually. I’ve been in denial for so long.”

Emma began to pace and Regina thought she would walk a hole into the concrete. If that was possible.

“I went to hell for a guy.” Emma rambled. “I went to hell for a guy I thought was my happy ending. I took my son to hell. I dragged you to hell. You lost Robin. I did all of this for a guy who gets pissed at me for keeping a secret when he has many of his own. I was so blind before and I wanted to make it work with him. But I was missing what was right in front of me all this time.”

“Emma, what the hell are you talking about?” Regina was pretty sure Emma had gone mad. She couldn’t make out all of the rambling but she could tell that Emma was only now realizing something.

“I’m talking about you, Regina.” Emma threw her hands up. Longingly, she steps closer to Regina. Personal space had always been an issue with them but not right now. “I’m talking about us.”

Emma was now so close Regina could feel her warm breath ghost across her lips. Regina’s breath hitched but she didn’t step away. She was trying to find any sign of mirth or mischief in Emma’s eyes. All she saw was love.

“I’m in love with you…” Emma’s heart soared as she finally spoke the words out loud. “I have always been in love with you. I just didn’t want to admit it.”

“Emma.” Regina whispered. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to stop the tears from coming. If this was some sort of joke it wasn’t in the least bit funny.

“Please, tell me you feel it too.” Emma reached out and grabbed Regina’s hands. “Tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way.” Using her other hand, she wipes away the tears falling from Regina’s eyes.

“I can’t lie.” Regina began before she took the step she had been wanting to taken for the longest time. When their lips connected, it was like everything in the world was crashing down on her. Everything she had been trying to suppress was now right here being brought out of her. Emma’s lips were softer than she had imagined. Emma’s arms caressed her and Regina melted even further into the kiss. Everything felt right.

Finally pulling away, forehead to forehead, they both pant for air. Nothing is said but at the same time it’s everything.

“Wow.” Emma breathes out. That kiss was everything she expected and more.

“Yeah.” Regina giggled. That was certainly new.

“Tell me I’m not dreaming."Emma pulled back to look into Regina’s expressive brown eyes.

"You aren’t.” Regina lifts a hand to brush Emma’s long blonde locks away from her face.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” Emma smiled and only did she realize that their hands were still interlocked.

“Me too.” Regina smiled and her heart soared.

“So, can we agree to figure this out together?”

Regina’s brows furrowed. As much as she wanted this to happen there was still a problem.

“What about Hook?"Regina asked.

"For now, I don’t want to think about him.” Emma rolled her eyes. “This is about us and I love you Regina. He’s just been a beard or something for my gay panic. I’ve been in love with you for five years and no one can stop me from telling you that.”

“I…I love you too.” It was the first time Regina had ever spoken those words since Robin. Granted it hadn’t been that long,but this felt right. It felt different. She believed in Emma’s words.

“So together?” Emma wiggles her brows and gives her a hopeful smile.

“Together.” Regina matches her smile.

They would figure it out together.

Misterul Meu: Part Five

Summary: James was a mystery, and you loved mysteries

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: Some sad James

A/N: Since this is so late, I decided to make it a bit longer than usual! Hope you all enjoy!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4


James picked you up after your shift on Saturday. He stood outside the shop, his hands in the pockets of his jacket, bouncing on his heels while he waited for you. Despite it being a particularly warm day, he wore his coat, which he always seemed to wear.

“Hey James,” you greeted him with a smile. His head snapped up to look at you, his blue eyes meeting your Y/E/C ones. His lips turned upward and did a mock bow.

Doamna mea,” he laughed, extending his hand to you. You took it, curtsying as you did. “Shall we?”


doamna mea - my lady

“We shall. Lead the way.” He had suggested that the two of you should walk through the marketplace, saying that being outside would be a nice change of pace. You obliged, very excited about the idea.

“So Y/N, how was your day?” he asked as you began to enter the market, weaving your way through the people.

“It was the same as usual. And you?”

“Better now that we’re hanging out,” he answered, nudging your shoulder. A pink tinge spread across your face.

“I am pretty great,” you grinned as James pulled you over to a booth, it’s sign reading Constantin’s Produce. “I see you took my suggestion.” He started grabbing plums and bagging them as you greeted the older man running the stand. He had been working there every Saturday since you had moved to Bucharest.

Hei, Constantin! Ce mai faci?” you asked as James examined more fruits

Hei, Constantin! Ce mai faci? - Hey Constantin! How are you?

Fac bine. Lar tu, draga mea?” He responded, looking between you and James. ““ Nu mi-am dat seama că îl știi pe James.”.” Your friend looked up at the sound of his name.

Fac bine. Lar tu, draga mea? - I’m fine. And you, my dear.

Nu mi-am dat seama că îl știi pe James - I did not realize you knew James

“Noi suntem prieteni.” Constantin let out a hum and rolled his eyes as James payed for his things. You took his hand after he finished and began dragging him away before anything embarrassing could be said. You knew James was picking up on some of the words.

Noi suntem prieteni - We are friends

You had no clue how fun a market could be until you spent time in one with James. He was always cracking jokes and making you laugh, and you held hands the whole time, which you had to admit was pretty great.

He bought both of you lemonade and had snuck a flower out from a bouquet and tucked it behind your ear. You had to try your hardest not to blush as his hand brushed your ear. He was quite the flirt and was extremely charming. You could’ve sworn you’d seen girls swooning as he walked past.

You were currently sitting next across from each other in the back of a small diner, munching on a plate of fries in front of you. You watched him look around, taking in the checkered floors and stools that lined the counter.

“Has a very 40’s vibe doesn’t it?” You placed your head in your hands as he nodded, slowly dragging his gaze back to you.

“Yeah…it does,” he whispered, his eyes looking lost. You reached across the table and set your hand on his.

“Are you alright, James?” He blinked a couple times.

“Yes, yeah. Yeah I’m good,” he smiled, picking up a fry and tossing it in his mouth

“Okay, so what’s the deal with the plums?” you asked. “I heard they’re good for memory stuff.” You raised your eyebrows and he shifted in his spot.

“Um, I’ve been having some, er, memory lapses, I figured coming here and eating plenty of plums would help me out.” he smirked, leaning forward. “Now it’s my turn to ask a question.”

“Okay…shoot,” you grinned, leaning forward as well.

“Why did you move around so much as a kid?”

“My parents were in the military, I decided to settle down in one spot when I finally turned eighteen. Been in Romania ever since.”

“Ever been to Brooklyn?”

“Yeah, for a couple months when I was fourteen I think. How long did you live there?”

“Um… for as long as I can remember, until I moved here.”

“Brooklyn boys are always the best,” you winked, taking a sip of your drink.

“That is true…” he laughed. “Okay, what does Poppy look like? You have yet to show me a photo of her.” You were already pulling out your phone by the time he finished, turning it on to show him a selfie of you and your cat which was proudly displayed on the lock screen. He chuckled, throwing his head back, the corners of his eyes crinkling. You had to do everything you could not to swoon.

“Okay, okay. My turn. Have you written about me in your diary?” You wiggled your eyebrows.

“As a matter of fact, yes I have. Have you?” He questioned, bringing his cup to his lips. You nodded.

“Actually, yeah.” He choked on his drink, his eyes widening. You covered your mouth to keep from laughing.

Your fun was interrupted by the radio in the corner, which had been playing soft jazz, started blaring the emergency warning. You put your head in your hands. This had to be the millionth time you had heard it this week and it was still the same, though it had added some details that the suspect was brunette and been in the country for less than two months. There was more but you really hadn’t bothered to listen

“We should get going, it’s getting pretty late,” James voiced. You looked up, seeing that he had gone pale and was sitting straight up, a completely different James from just a moment earlier.

“O-Okay,” you murmured, confusion written across your face. He set some bills on the table and then took your hand and briskly walked out. You headed towards your apartment in silence, your hand held tightly in his.

“You know, Y/N, I was in the army for a while.” You opened your mouth to respond but he continued. “I-I got hurt pretty bad, I think. It’s all still pretty hazy if I’m being completely. It was bad though Y/N, really bad.”

“James…” you whispered as you came up to the front of your apartment complex.

“Let me walk you inside,” he spoke so softly you barely heard him. You lead him inside and to your floor. Your fingers were still intertwined by the time you reached the door. You pulled out your key and unlocked it. Poppy was instantly at the door, rubbing up against your leg and purring in delight. James took a deep breath, smiling sadly as he watched the cat.

“Y/N, I have to tell you something…”


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Let Me Save You


Kasuna was walking down the city street, his hands in his inside jacket pocket as he hid the specially made gun, the one that will get the job he needs done. He was tired of it all. He was tired of being nothing more than another body in the crowd, another face in the streets. He tried to matter to someone, anyone, but they always turned away from him. 

He slipped into a nearby skyscraper and began to climb the stairs to the roof. Everything he was ever told was right. He began to think about the verbal shots that rang in his head; He wasn’t worth saving, he was never going to be loved, he was nothing but a killer. On and on it went as his eyes filled with tears, no longer able to hold them back as he reached his destination. He was about to pull out the gun when he saw a girl at the edge of the building looking out, ready to jump.

“What are you doing?” He heard himself asking as he looked on. 

anonymous asked:

Sylphy do you think you'll propose to Lavender or the other way around?

Sylphy seems caught of guard by this question and flinches. He gasps and fumbles his hands around and then shoves them in his sweat pants pockets. 

“I-I don’t know? W-Why are you asking me this?!” 

anonymous asked:

Nate walked around, his hands in his pockets. He didn't know where to start, he just moved here from LA. He sighed and kept walking. He suddenly bumped into a taller figure, falling to the concrete. "Oh god, sorry!"

[[ @manglediixsms ]]

Glitch had been walking around town aimlessly, a blank look on his face as he did so. He had just gotten out of a bad relationship, one that ended in a very violent argument, and now he was left wander around until he finally found his way back to his apartment, which he hoped hadn’t been ransacked by his boyfriend, despite them living in separate homes. Glitch was wearing a large hoodie and black skinny jeans, despite it being fairly warm outside that day, mostly to hide the bruising.

When he was bumped into he instinctively flinched and pushed the other male away, causing him to fall back. He covered his mouth for a moment before extending a hand. “I-I’m so sorry! A-Are y-you okay? Th-That was completely m-my fault…” He gave the other male a shy and nervous smile.

I wrote this a while ago and with the new episode just coming out it seems as good a time as any to post it. No spoilers I promise!

“Hey, Pyrrha,” Jaune started awkwardly. He paused, sighing. “I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do here. Ren thought it might help me get some closure to come…talk to you.”

As expected, Pyrrha’s grave didn’t respond. Jaune sighed again, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I miss you,” he said quietly. “We all do.” He bit down on his lip. “I keep going over it in my head. Wondering if I could have done something, anything to keep you alive.”

Tears started to roll down his cheeks, and he wiped at them angrily. “I wish I could have convinced you to come with me.” He sniffed. In the end, would it have made a difference?

He fell silent, staring down at the grave marker. Their last moments together playing over in his head. If he had known…

“I love you,” he whispered. “I never got to say it. I should have told you when I had the chance. I’m sorry.” He let out a sob. “I’m so sorry.” He didn’t even know what he was apologizing for anymore.

He stood there for who knows how long, letting himself cry before he took a shaky breath, collecting himself. “I’m not sure this is what Ren had in mind,” he joked, wiping at his tears. “I wish I could hear your voice again. Instead of just talking to the gravestone.”

Once again, no response. He sighed. “I guess this is where I say goodbye?” He couldn’t bring himself to do it, so he just turned and walked away. If he didn’t say goodbye, he could pretend she wasn’t really gone. Just… not here right now.

22.“Did you just hiss at me?"  88."STOP INTERUPTING ME!"  NEGAN

The armory was desolate at night, most of men having already gotten their weapons to guard the perimeter.

It was then that I normally took my time to clean the weapons. The quietness was welcoming after having to listen to shouts the majority of the day.

"Well, well, well,” Negan leaned on the door frame, hands in his pockets.

I rolled my eyes, grabbing a rag, “What do you want Negan?”

He shrugged, coming over to the table and sitting down, “Just stopped by to see my little soldier hard at work.”

He knew I hated being called that, “I hate that nickname.” I griped.

He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows, “Well, what should I call you then, huh? Babe?”

I quickly reassembled the hand gun.

“Baby? Snookums? Little Ray of sun-”

“Damn Negan! Stop!”

“Cuddle cakes? Sweet chee-”

“Fuck off.” I got up, putting away the 3 guns that I had finished.

“Honey bu-”


I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I hissed at him.

He cocked his head to the side, then laughed, “Did you just hiss at me?”

Bending back slightly, he let out a belly laugh, “I’ll be damned, you did just fuckin’ hiss at me!”

Still facing the guns, I felt Negan’s body press up against mine, “How about Pussy Cat, hmm?” He whispered in my ear.

“You know, you suck at nicknames.” I said, smiling.

He chuckled, holding on to my waist. Running his nose up my pulse point, he lightly bit my neck.

“I’m pretty fuckin’ good at other things,” he said, darkly.

I sighed, knowing that I was about to make a deal with the devil, “Oh really?”

Another nip as he hummed his answer. He then turned me around to face him, “Why don’t you let me show you just how fuckin’ good I am?”

I was about to answer when a few of his men appeared.


“STOP INTERUPTING ME!” He yelled at them.

Using what brains they did have, they smartly went back outside to wait for Negan.

“All goddamn day they’ve been fuckin’ hounding me.” He sighed, looking down at me.

Clicking his tounge, he actually seemed down in the dumps, “Continue this later, baby.”

Before he could leave, I leaned up, kissing him.

He seemed shocked at first, but then licked his lips and grinned, “You taste good, baby girl.”

I bit my lip, shy all of a sudden.

Laughing, he winked at me as he left.

It appeared that the devil was going to get my signature, one way or the other.

dellastreet1933  asked:

I'd love a ficlet about Bitty getting sick and Jack adorkably taking care of him. Bonus points if Jack gets really worried after using webmd.

This turned out way longer than expected, but I LOVE the idea of Jack taking care of Bitty but having no idea what to do. I think I deserve at least partial credit on the bonus points. 

It took a really long time for summer to arrive that year, the weather fluctuating wildly between the low forties and the low seventies. It remained inconsistent throughout spring and by the time graduation rolled around, it was still cold enough to wear a winter coat. Well, it was still cold enough for Bitty to wear a winter coat, which he did to Lardo, Ransom, and Holster’s graduation ceremony, his hands stuffed in his pockets and his face stuffed into the collar of his sweater. It was adorable.

It was adorable until Bitty came to Jack’s apartment with all of his belongings for their first annual “Jack + Bitty Get to Spend More Than the Weekend Together” summer vacation (Bitty coined the term and Jack laughed when he said it), only to collapse onto the couch in a weak, shivering heap.

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John gives Megan a kiss on top of her head. “Have a good day, bug. Your brother will come get you after class and Daddy will pick ya’ll up.”

“Bye, Pop,” Kyle says as he takes Megan’s hand and leads her to the bus.

“Kyle!” Sidney shouts. “Don’t forget to bring home your spelling practice.”

“Okay, Dad!”

“BYE, DADDY!!” Megan yells as she smiles and waves.

“Bye, sugar!” Sidney waves back at her.

He and John wave goodbye as the bus rolls down their street.
Sidney sighs, putting his hands into his robe pockets.

“What time you gotta be at work?” he asks his husband.

“I got two hours. Why?”

“I think you know why.”

They give each other a sly smile before literally jogging back into the house and tumbling onto the sofa in a sexually frustrated mess.

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Five times Steve had exactly what Danny needed in his pockets and one time he didn’t.

anarchysisterstocking  asked:

“Is this your wallet?”

He didn’t even need to check his pockets to know. The thing in her hands was covered in blue sequins and seemed to have a patch of his own face sewn onto it (he’d argued that no one would want to steal it - his brothers had argued that he should just put his damn ID in it).

“Ah! Yes!” he said, taking it and giving the girl a bright grin. “Thank you, my Karamatsu girl!”

“-and then you called me ‘Toots’ and I was just like, naaaaah…”


“I know, amazing right?”

“More like amazing that you didn’t punch me unconscious.”

“Shoot, yeah! That could’ve saved a bunch of hassle… Okay, 'you ever do it again and I’ll straight-up exorcise you with a fist to the face. Deal?”