hands up who was almost in tears at this point

Imagine: Poe getting drunk and trying to express his feelings for you

For anon… Enjoy!

The mission to blow up Starkiller base was only just days away. The air around the Rebel Base was incredibly still and painstakingly tense. General Leia spent all of her time in the control room, trying to organize exactly how each troop and fleet will assemble and fight. It was strenuous work, seeing as how you were one of several who were constantly being ordered around by her. Day and night she worked and you listened and worked alongside her. Leia was almost always on the brink of tears and her hands shook horribly to the point where she could barely hold a cup of water. 

You felt terrible for her. 

Two days before the massive attack, you snuck down into the cafe late in the night to grab a quick coffee. Only one light was on and not a soul was in sight. You grabbed a small cup and went over to the coffee machine, jamming your thumb against power button. It whirred to life noisily. 

Suddenly, there was a thump in the dark corner of the room. You spun around to see Poe Dameron making his way over to you sloppily, a massive grin across his face. 

“Y/N!” He shouted, even though you were only a few yards away from him. “Y/N, hi, it’s me!”

 You gave him a small smile. 

“Hi Poe.” You replied, holding out a hand to him as he almost tripped and fell over a table leg. The commander grabbed on to it clumsily, laughing slightly as he did so. 

“Th-thank you.” He stuttered, leaning against the counter next to you. You smiled. 

“How much did you drink, Poe?” You asked, smelling the alcohol on his breath. The pilot smirked and shook his head. 

“Onl- a few.” He slurred before hiccuping. You chuckled, whacking your hand on top of the coffee machine. 

“This thing never works.” You muttered, leaning against the counter alongside Poe. The pilot reached over you to grab for the coffee machine. 

“Here, lemme fix it.” He said but you gently pushed him away. 

“No, it’s fine. Somebody else will come and fix it.” You murmured, giving him a small smile. 

Poe stared at you for a second, a funny smile crinkling his cheeks. 

“You, um, look very pretty tonight.” He stammered, trying to nonchalantly lean beside you. 

Your cheeks suddenly started to burn and you looked at the floor, kicking at it with your heels. 

“Um, thanks.” You said quietly, looking back up at him. Poe was looking at you more intently now but you could see the embarrassment in his eyes. 

“Hey, listen,” He said, regaining some steadiness in his voice, “I’ve really… liked you for a long time but I’ve been too scared to tell you. Now that I’m going on a suicide mission to blow up the First Order’s massive base, I-I thought you should know.” 

“Poe don’t talk like that.” You whispered. The pilot turned his head.

“Like what?”

“Like you’re not coming back.” 

He smiled at you again, a strand of black hair falling on his forehead. 

“It would be heroic if I didn’t though, wouldn’t it? I’d be like, a war hero or something.” 

You looked at your feet and Poe noticed almost instantly, despite his senses being somewhat numb. His hand brushed against your shoulder. 

“I’ll come back.” He whispered, trying to catch your eye. You craned your head to look at him and suddenly he was leaning closer to you, his eyes closing. 

You placed a hand on his chest. 

“Poe,” You started, “I’m sorry but, anyone a mile away could smell the alcohol on your breath. 

The commander retreated away from you instantly, his cheeks starting to redden for the first time. 

“Uh, yeah, sorry.” He muttered, backing away from you and scratching the back of his head. 

You smiled at him. 

“But… we can pick up where we left off tomorrow.” 

Lizzington Fast Approaching?

After watching 03 x 17 - Solomon I am more convinced than ever that Lizzington is fast approaching. Why? Because both Red and Lizzie’s emotions are so pent up we are coming to a tipping point. Consider the following scene, first from Red’s point of view:

The conversation ends soon after this.  Lizzie asks Red to leave. Obviously Red was very upset about Lizzie marrying Tom. His voice was breaking almost the entire time. And he is clutching his hat with both hands. When does he ever do that? He was trying his best to talk her out of it. But he failed. 

However Red wasn’t the only one who was upset. Lizzie’s eyes were watering the entire time. She was on the verge of tears herself. She starts to breakdown after Red leaves. She got hurt and she knows she hurt Red. 

One other thing - I believe Lizzie rushed into marrying Tom because she thinks he is the “safe” choice for her baby (remembering how he used to be). She is afraid of her feelings towards Red and what they could develop into. But now she will be forced to deal with them since she did not end up marrying Tom.

Bottom line, Red and Lizzie are at the point were they are both hurting each other so much. And they are going to break one way or another. All their emotions are coming to a head.  Underneath they love each other very much - maybe too much. Their compulsion for each other is so strong. They just can’t continue hurting each other and the only way to repair that is to be honest with each other.

I think Red is going to break first, especially after watching next week’s promo. Red seems very out of control in the next episode which could lead to the break. Red has kept so much close to the vest that Lizzie is not sure how he really feels about her.  Red needs to tell Lizzie he loves her. And with all that is going on, now is the time. Once that happens I think Lizzie will open up too.

Now I do feel something bad will happen to Lizzie and / or the baby next episode. So I am not sure if this will play-out before then. And I don’t think Lizzie will die. The Blacklist story is the Red and Lizzie story. Lizzie dying would end the show. 

But if Lizzie were to get kidnapped instead, then when Red finds her - and you know he would burn the world down to find her - the reunion would be pretty epic, don’t you think?. And that is the other place Lizzington could start. And I believe this will happen by the end of this season.