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esc songs in other languages (masterpost)

a continuation of the post abt me and kat @tesoro-michielin‘s #1 kink

Alexander Rybak’s Fairytale in Russian

Bojana Stamenov’s Beauty Never Lies in Serbian (thank you @balkanheart!)

Sanja Vučić’s Goodbye (Shelter) in Serbian (thank you @screm2makefrend!)

Pollapönk’s No Prejudice in Icelandic (thank you @uselesseurovisionfacts!)

Monika & Vaidas’ This Time in Lithuanian and French (thank you @esc-is-for-eurovision!)

Amir’s J’ai Cherché in Spanish and English

Greta Salóme’s Hear Them Calling in Icelandic

Polina Gagarina’s A Million Voices in Russian

Sergey Lazarev’s You’re The Only One in Russian

Eneda Tarifa’s Fairytale in Albanian

Maria Olafsdóttir’s Unbroken in Icelandic (thank you @eurenvision!)

Maria Elena Kriakou’s One Last Breath in Greek

Dilara Kazimova’s Start a Fire in Azerbaijani

Jónsi and Greta Salóme’s Never Forget in Icelandic

Elhaida Dani’s I’m Alive in Albanian

if any of you have got anymore esc songs in languages other than the language they were performed in then please let me know !!



Bonus Arundel, because I couldn’t make ones for the main cast without our dragon pal (also because he’s @ginrou’s fav :D ):

Here's an idea

Cloud playing with Sephiroth’s fingers.


So my prints by @yaboykeiji came and I almost died cuz their art is too gorgeous but I also have no idea where to put them?? So they’re hanging out in that slightly creepy shrine for now…