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Bad Match - Part 13.

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words Count: 2.8k+

Warnings: angst, tough love from friends, kind of fluffy, self-loathing, swearing, bad english.  

A/N: Friends give some tough love to both Bucky and Reader. Sorry for the huge delay on posting this. I promise (fingers crossed) that part 14 won’t take that long to be posted.  

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“Tony…” you cried out tightening the embrace. Between sobs, you proclaimed the reason you had gone to him. “I can’t be here anymore. I’m sorry… but I can’t be an Avenger.”

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Is that my lipstick?

You are downstairs, at the backyard, doing some yoga exercises, a daily routine you’ve gotten yourself used to. Since it is Saturday, you left the bedroom when Harry was still sleeping, but he should be awake by now. You roll your yoga mat and put it under your arm to carry it upstairs along with your bottle of water and a towel. When you get inside the bedroom you see Harry’s already awake, since the bed is empty and the bedsheets are a mess at the bottom of it. You smile to yourself, shaking your head at how he can be so antsy. You put the yoga mat in its place and leave the bottle of water on your bedside table, thinking you’ll bring it downstairs with you after, when you go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. You turn around and see there’s light coming out of the bathroom and you notice the door isn’t fully closed. It must be Harry, maybe he’s gonna take a shower, you think, so why not join him? You need to shower too after your yoga session. You decide to take a look inside the room through the little gap between the door and the door frame before stepping in and, to your surprise, you find him leaning against the sink counter, looking at himself in the mirror and holding something between the fingers of his right hand, just in front of his face. You cover your mouth, trying to supress any noise as you blink twice, surprised by the image you’ve just seen. You think about your next move and decide you want to make him suffer a little, so you open the door fully and speak out loud as you step in, so he notices you.

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Tainted Darkness



Dark chuckled in delight after Angel spoke and looked at her crew, “You heard the lady!” She turned to Anrez and his crew, “Kill Them All!!”

The demons leapt into action, laughing and smiling, heading towards the much smaller crew.

Anrez, narrowed his eye sockets in anger and shouted to his crew, “Stick to the plan!! You all know your jobs!!”

“Yes Captain!” They all shouted back.

Anrez tried to fight his way towards Angel, while CTK, Mel and Senkiller fought began to fight back against the demons. Cherry dove into the water to find a way to sneak up on Dark as V teleported into Dark’s ship’s quarters to look for the charm.

Anrez fought and fought to get to Angel, filled with determination. Once he reached her and Dark he stopped and looked into Angel’s now Crimson red eyes.

“Angel…” he spoke, “it’s me. I’m here..” then he looked at Dark as he saw her put her arm around Angel’s waist and growled,

“Get. Your goddamn hands, off my lady, and let her go. or I’ll kill you.”

Dark laughed evilly, shaking her head, “your lady? No no no Cappy, she, belongs to me now~ she’s my new first mate, and My new, lady~ she no like longer needs you and wants nothing to do with you anymore cappy~ isn’t that right, my little panda~

Angel nodded as her and Dark looked at each other, and Anrez froze, and his eye sockets widened in shock, as he saw Angel smile as Dark and nuzzle her cheek, “no…no..”

Dark smirked at the now shocked captain before her and looked at Angel, “darling?~ your willing to do, anything for me, is that right?”

“Yes. Anything my love~” Angel said eagerly.

Dark pulled a knife out and handed it to Angel before looking at Anrez,

“Kill him, Angel.”

Angel looked at the knife and took it without hesitation, then looked slowly st Anrez, narrowing her eyes as she came closer to him, gripping the knife and making him back away.

“Angel, this isn’t you, I know your still in there..” Anrez tried to talk to her.

“Shut up.” Angel spoke in a distorted voice, “why did you come here? You obviously weren’t gonna win,” She spoke as she walked closer, “you’re weak, stupid, and Worthless!“

“Angel..I don’t want to hurt you…”

“Of course you don’t. Face it, Anrez. your a coward. A stupid brat running some kiddy crew. and I, don’t love you. I never did and never Will love you!” She tries to cut him, but he dodges as he backs up,

“the only reason I ever got with you is because, I felt Sorry for you! I didn’t Need you before. I didn’t Need you to save me! I would’ve rather die, than be with you!” She slashed the knife at Anrez, cutting him harshly.

“Argh!!” Anrez shouted in pain, but refused to fight back.

“Captain!!” He heard his crew mates shout as they fought against the demons.

Dark grinned as she watched Anrez be, powerless against Angel as she attacked him and laughed in amusement and pure evil, then she heard a shout behind her,


Dark turned around and saw Cherry, soaking wet behind her, her eye patch off, eyes black and full of rage,

“Don’t Forget About Me You Souless Demon!!” Cherry shouted in a distorted, scary voice.

Dark only smirked in amusement as she faced Cherry, “can’t we get off the subject of what I am already? You honestly think you can take me on Cher-”

Before Dark could finish her taunt, Cherry pushed her hand towards Dak as she ran towards and and shot electricity out of her hand at Dark.

Dark widened her eyes and jumped to the side, tucking and rolling, dodging the attack and Cherry. Dark stood up and smiled again, her eyes glowing brighter.

“Heh~ fine. You wanna fight Cherbear?~ ” Dark closed her eyes and her aura began to get brighter, and she opened her eyes, which were glowing brightly blue.

She sharply held her arms straight out to her sides and her arms were engulfed with ocean water, forming octopus like whips on her arms.

“Come At Me!”

Dark shouted as her and Cherry charged at each other.

The ocean got rough as this battle continued and the skies got darker. The rains came and wind blew, and each side was getting struck harshly, blow after blow.

As his crew fought against Dark and her crew, Anrez never let his eyes leave Angel’s. She shouted at him, and struck him with her knife over and over. He felt the werewolf side of him try to take over in order to defend himself, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt her.

“Die!!” Angel shouted, “just die! why won’t you fight back, you coward!!” She shouted as she cut his arm, chipping his bone and cutting his shirt.

Anrez winced and then hugged her, holding her as close as he could. She struggled to get out of his grip, shouting at him to let her go.

He spoke to her, in a soft yet pleading matter, “Angel. I know, you can hear me. Your My lady, Your My first mate, not Dark’s.”

“No!!” Angel shouted as she gripped her knife and struggled. “I’ll never be with you! And I’ll Never be your first mate again, ever! I’ll never love you like I love her. You Never made me happy! The only time you’ll ever make me happy,

Is when, your,


Angel raised her knife and stabbed it right into his back, harshly. And Anrez let out a shout of pain,


He heard his crew shout his name as they fought against Dark and the demons as Angel stabbed him. He grit his teeth and growled, continuing to hold Angel tight and continuing to talk to her despite the pain.

“No, I refuse…..Angel, I know you can do this. Your strong…stronger than me, and everyone else in the crew. We fought together side by side and we’ve been through so much together, and you always came our strong. I know, you can fight this! So fight it!! Fight it!!”

“Finish Him!!!” Dark shouted at Angel as she fought Cherry.

Angel sat there and growled as she struggled, then she pushed out of Anrez’s grip and stood up. Anrez didn’t cower as Angel stood, preparing for whatever she was gonna do. Then Angel dropped the knife and screamed as she held her head, thrashing and stumbling around.

She could barely get the words out as she struggled for control, “…G…Get, out of my head!!”

Anrez stood up quickly despite his painful injuries and put a hand on her shoulder, “Angel, you can beat it.”

Dark growled as she grabbed Cherry by the arm and threw her hard against the mass. Cherry stood up and snarled as she started to get up, ready to attack again.

Just when Dark was about to charge head on towards Cherry, V teleported behind her in almost and instant and quickly put the charm around Dark’s neck.

“Get back in your cage Dark!” V shouted and she grabbed Dark quickly after to hold her back.

Dark screamed in anger and pushed V off harshly to the ground. Then Dark screamed again, but in pain, as she felt herself losing control of Blu’s body. The water that engulfed her arms dropped and her blue hair tips started fading back to black, and her eyes back to dark brown.

The demons screamed before being disintegrated into black smoke, and the demon in Angel, left her body in a red puff of mist, before it disappeared.

Blu fell to the ground and V ran to her side. Blu opened her eyes as she saw V,

“V” she spoke in her normal voice.

“Don’t worry kid, your okay now,” V reassured.

Blu fell unconscious from exhaustion and V smiled, feeling relieved Blu was okay. V brushed Blu’s hair over her left eye again before picking her up bridal style as going over to the crew.

Seeing that the battle was over CTK quickly went to Cherry’s side and saw her eyes fading from black to grey now,

“Cher, you alright?”

Cherry looked at Blu in V’s arms as V approached the rest of the crew and growled as she stood up, but CTK stopped her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey hey, we won, Remember, V told us she shouldn’t be dangerous anymore now that the charm is on. Calm down, it’s ok.”

Cherry breathed heavily and angrily before her breathing began to calm and her eyes went back to white. Then she sighed and relaxed,

“Yeah….I’m glad it’s over..”

CTK grinned and nodded, “yeah, me too,” he said before handing her an extra eye patch to put over her right eyes.

Angel opened her eyes out of exhaustion as she looked at Anrez and they were back to their normal color. Anrez grinned slightly, glad that Angel was now okay, not caring about his injuries. Angel looked at Anrez’s cuts, cuts that she caused.

She watched everything the demon in her made her do, and was shocked, scared, ashamed of what it made her do. She felt herself wanting to cry but no tears came out. She looked away from Anrez and covered her mouth to keep her from crying and Cherry immediately went to her side and comforted the frightened Panda as Anrez used Senkiller as support. Feeling a bit weak from his more severe cuts.

The rest of crew looked at his injuries in shock, there were so many cuts on his bones, some looking pretty severe.

“Cap, you alright?” Mel asked.

“Don’t worry about me lad, we’ll fix this…nngh, later…” Anrez reassured them even if he was in deep pain.

Anrez looked at V, who had Blu, unconscious in her arms, and the rest of crew looked at Blu, uneasily, and hostility.

“V.” Anrez said sternly, “what are you-”

“It’s okay,” V interrupted, “She’s fine now, Dark’s gone dormant, Blu’s back in control. She’s just, exhausted.” She said as she looked at Blu.

Cherry looked at Blu and then at Anrez, “so what do we do with her now?”

They all looked at him, wondering the same thing, and then there was a silence.


And that’s possibly the end of my story. Thank you all for the love and support you all gave my story. I will definitely write more stories in the future ^^

Till then, thanks for reading. And special thanks to the people below for letting me use these characters


Anrez and Senkiller: @anrez-op-skele

V: @vzearia

Angel: @armyaangel

Mel: @golzy

CTK: @perfectshadow06

Cherry: @domino-doodles

PT! Blu/Dark: meee!

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“I love you. I’m in love with you.”

He isn’t sure he hears you right at first. In fact, he’s certain he’s heard you wrong. If he’d heard you right…

He feels his hands begin to shake, violet eyes staring at you with such intensity that you couldn’t look away if you wanted to. He’s searching for any sign, any way that this could hurt you. Looking for the way your face contorts when the headaches come back, looking for even the slightest bit of hesitation. A bright, warm feeling explodes through his chest as he finds none.

“I love you, too,” Asra says, hands still shaking as he runs them through your hair, down your back, over your shoulders, then back to your hair. He can’t seem to stop touching you as he speaks, desperate to be certain this isn’t all a dream.

“You have no idea how much, I…” He pauses, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips, hands steadying themselves on your shoulders. “I would do anything for you, everything- I’d - Seeing you hurt, seeing you in pain, I can’t tell you how much that hurt me, how badly I want to keep you safe, I promise I’ll always keep you safe, for as long as you’ll have me-”

Words seem to fail him as he kisses you again. This time, he holds nothing back.


just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.

“going for gold”

something for a composition challenge on deviantart but I don’t like how it turned out so might resubmit my entry for september;;;