hands on shoulders

Cas sitting and reading a book in the bunker’s library - not for business, but for pleasure. He’s lost in the story.

Dean coming in and walking up behind Cas quietly, meaning to surprise him. Cas doesn’t notice, his focus on the story too complete for anything to bother him.

Dean reaching out his hands, meaning to pinch Cas’ shoulders suddenly, and make a loud noise at the same time - just to give him a bit of a shock, see what happens when an angel jumps.

Dean’s hands softening at the last moment - and before he knows what’s happening, the pinch becomes a gentle squeeze. It’s careful and caring, both. He’s the one who’s shocked - at himself, at this impulse to be affectionate. And Cas is turning around to look at him with wide, happy eyes.

“Good book?” Dean says, to cover the moment. His hands haven’t moved. Cas reaches up, and presses his palm to the back of one of them.

“Very good,” he says. “You should read it some time.”

Dean awkwardly patting Cas’ shoulder and heading off on his way.

His hands tingle for the rest of the day.

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junhui + library 👀

Smut. I’m glad we read the signs right 👀

Your back was pressed against the tile wall behind you, and one of your hands was holding Jun’s shoulder tightly while the other searched for support from the nearest dusty rack of books. He was thick as he desperately moved inside of you, his lips mindlessly moving on your neck and chest, leaving light marks whenever he got excited enough to suck on your sensitive skin a little.

Jun held your ass snugly with one of his hands, the other holding your leg that went around his waist, and his breathing was hot and heavy and probably turned you on even more than the fact that there were people not that far away, yet no one would end up in your aisle. …Or at least they wouldn’t, if you were quiet, which you knew from all the times you had come to that specific aisle to make out with no interruptions ever.

“Shh, baby, we don’t want anyone here, do we,” Jun breathed by your ear when you let out a muffled moan, frustratingly close to your orgasm. Your legs were quivering around him and your hips were starting to move against Jun’s on their own accord, and it all felt just so good and you just needed to come.

“No,” you sighed and brought your other hand to Jun, too, and pressed your lips onto his shoulder, nibbling and sucking on the skin in an attempt to remain quiet, and when you finally came, your mouth opened into a silent cry, your fingers dug into Jun’s shoulder and he couldn’t do much else than grunt as he continued chasing his own high.

With him fucking you through your orgasm, it was exceedingly difficult for you to remain quiet, yet somehow you managed to mostly keep it down to sighs and the quietest whimpers of Jun’s name.

As his orgasm began approaching him, Jun slowed his movements down considerably, almost gentle as his hips met yours thrust after thrust. Pushing deep into you and making you gasp, he finally released into the condom he had on, and buried his face in your neck.

“Considering how nervous you were at first, you got into it really fast,” Jun said with an amused chuckle and kissed your neck while caressing your sides gently. You giggled and played with his hair.

“I wonder why,” you mumbled, referring to how seductive Jun had been earlier and how weak you were for him in general, which he knew more than well.

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yall, i’m aware that the whole list/lottery issue causes these crazy debates in the fandom right now, but that last scene between clarke and jaha is ingrained in my brain, because their interaction during the last seconds is kinda nice? lol

like, the way clarke tells him that she hopes he is right about all this

and how jaha then puts his hand on her shoulder

and then

fucking smiles

because “damn clarke, you’re the only one to say this to me”

obviously somethings are going to happen, but i still think this is nice dshfds

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Jeremwood, astroneers (bc I love that lets play and also your last fic made me emo) ((or fahc if ur not feelin it)), and safe

Ryan comes to in the infirmary, blinking past the harsh white lights, groaning as his head aches in pain. His head is foggy and it takes him several moments to figure out why he was here.

Oh. Right. He fell. Far.

Ryan hisses as he tries to sit up, but he doesn’t make it very far before there’s hands on his shoulder and a worried voice above him.

“Fucking hell, Ryan, just lay down,” Jeremy says, gently pushing the other back against the bed. “You don’t need to make it worse for yourself.”

“M’sorry,” Ryan mumbles, not really with it yet as he blinks over at Jeremy.

Jeremy just sighs, shaking his head. “You’re lucky we found you when we did. Next time, no going anywhere alone. Got it?”

“Yeah,” Ryan mutters, letting out a deep breath and looking around. He spots Gavin and Michael curled around each other on another infirmary bed. Not injured, just sleeping. It looks like they’ve been there a while and Ryan feels a pang of concern over thinking of the distress he’s caused the others.

Jeremy sighs again, leaning over and pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Get some rest, now.”

“M’kay,” Ryan says, letting his eyes close again and drifting off. The last thing he registers is a hand holding onto his own.

send me a character and a word and i’ll write a short ficlet.

When link no longer works, event is over.

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Male companions react to a fem!sole who's chubby and self conscious about it?

(just so ppl know they sent a separate ask for Kent and Edward) Every time Kent Connolly is mentioned, I think about the time my sister called him Kenneth and it makes me laaaauuugghhh.

Codsworth: He knew that they were self conscious before, and he always told her that she look perfectly fine and that he thoroughly enjoyed her. 

Danse: Sole confessed to Danse that she were more than a little self conscious about her weight. Danse just looked at her without saying anything, after a little while he sighed and put his hand on her shoulder, “soldier, I can assure you, your size couldn’t change my feelings toward you what so ever.” He made sure to give her strong eye contact so that she knew he was sincere. “You’re excellent the way you are, and if anyone’s superficial enough to not want to associate with you because of the way you look, then they simply don’t deserve your company anyway.” 

Deacon: “Jeez boss, tell me how ya REALLY feel why dontcha..” Sole gave Deacon a confused look, she had just told him how she really felt about herself, she didn’t mention anything about him. He looked at her and slapped his own tummy, “if you think you look bad, I can’t even imagine what you must think of me!” He continued on being dramatic, and the entire time Sole was just, “????” After awhile he finally said, “so you realize how ridiculous that sounds right?” He crossed his arms and looked at her with a smile on his face, “no really, you look f i n e. I know it’ll take some time, but I’ll do whatever it takes to help you to look at yourself with confidence.”  Afterward he just wrapped one arm around her shoulder and told her it was time for them to head out. 

Dogmeat: He loves her no matter what size or shape she is!!!!!

Edward: He looked at her with confusion, did Sole really think about her weight like that? He didn’t say anything, he was thinking to himself. After a little while, he looked at her right in the eye and said, “I just want you to know, when we first met, I really thought you looked damn pristine compared to everyone else I’ve met, and I work for the Cabots,” he paused, “how you think of yourself isn’t really my business, but I just want you to know that I personally think you look good.” His voice kind of trailed off, he wasn’t entirely sure if what he was saying sounded weird or out of place. “Anyway, don’t worry about it too much, really.” 

Gage: “What, are you forreal?” For a moment, Gage doubted that she was telling the truth when she said she was self conscious about her weight. Once he realized that she meant it, he gave her a heavy sigh. “Boss, I really can’t stress this enough, no one really cares about whatcha look like.” He gestured to some nearby raiders, “have you seen some of these guys? They’ve got nothing on you.” He told her not to worry about it, and that he thinks she looks good no matter what. 

Hancock: Hancock was no stranger to being self conscious about one’s looks, but he was always confident in his personality. Once Sole had told him how she felt about her own appearance, he gave her the most genuine smile. “D’ya think I’d really care about that? You’re perfect the way you are,” he embraced her in a hug, “and I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.” He fell silent and just held her for a little while. After he let her go, he looked her up and down and looked like he was in deep thought. “I don’t know, I don’t think I could even dream of someone more ideal than you.” He smirked at her and told her that the next time she doubted her looks, she should tell him and he’ll make her feel brighter than the sun. (in my mind Hancock likes a particularly soft girl anyway sooo)

Kent: “No kidding?” Kent didn’t really know why she was telling him this now, his initial thought was maybe she didn’t think she was fit enough to be the silver shroud. Because of this thought he went off on a big spiel on how the Silver Shroud can look like what ever, and how anyone who wants to be him can be if they want to and that no one should tell them otherwise. After his big ol’ speech, he just sat there smiling at her. He didn’t really get what she meant, but she appreciated his enthusiasm. 

MacCready: Sole had told him that she was self conscious about her weight, and it took some time for it to register what she meant in MacCready’s mind. Never in his life did he really care about his or other people’s looks. Yeah sure some particular people would catch his eye but that was about it. He put his hands on her face and looked her in the eye, “listen to me. No matter what, and no matter what anyone says or thinks.. You. Look. Great.” His voice was serious, and she could feel how hard he was trying to get his words to her. “Just because some douche bag doesn’t think you’re attractive, won’t stop you from being attractive. And if someone actually says anything to you regarding your weight, just you watch, I’ll teach them a lesson. Count on it.” He let her go and turned his back to her and shrugged, “at least, I like the way you look anyway…. *awkward cough*” 

Nick: Once Sole had told him how she felt about herself, Nick gave her a compassionate look. He rubbed what was left of his face and looked at her. “You should know, that never once, in all the time that we’ve known each other, did I think you looked bad or, big.” He paused for a moment, to let what he said sink in. “You shouldn’t care about what people think you look like, besides, most people these days only care about your personality or how well you can survive.” 

Preston: Ever since Sole told him about how she felt about her weight, Preston made a conscious effort to compliment her often. He knew he couldn’t change how she felt about herself, but he wanted to make sure she knew how he felt about her. It wasn’t often enough to be annoying, but Sole always appreciated any compliments he gave her. When she first told him how she felt, he didn’t even say anything, he just embraced her immediately. He didn’t say anything afterward either, he just hugged her and that was that. She understood what he was doing once he started the compliments, but she didn’t mind it. Preston likes to care for people in subtle ways, which this was just another one of those things. 

Strong: He could not care less about it, all he cares about is how strong she is lol

X6-88: X6 literally never in his existence considered paying attention to someone’s weight. Sole has time and time again showed him just how strong her and her personality is, and that’s all that mattered to him, and he made sure she knew that. He, almost angrily, told her just how highly he really sees her, which was really confusing to Sole, considering how he said it. After all that he just, dropped the subject, quickly. He told her not to worry about it too much.

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To show Carol as conflicted, like she was considering changing her mind (thus getting to a better place emotionally/mentally)? Though that in itself was a romantic trope and I guess technically they could've just had Daryl put a hand on her shoulder and told her to watch out for herself instead of a turning-around hug. The romance novel can really only hint at a Caryl romance. The Dwight/Sherry stuff sound promising, too. The Richard plot and the final Morgan scene would've also been unnecessary

Now you’re catching on, Anon :D 

That’s the thing, individually sure the idea of what happened last week could be seen as platonic, but once we saw it, once we see all the details, all the moments and all the unnecessary extras - the only thing you can take from it is that it’s building to show an actual coupling relationship.

The little bits like the goodbye hug and the scene with Morgan could have easily have been cut, yet they felt the need to make the episode 6 mins longer and keep ALL that in - that tells us those scenes are vital.

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Heyaa :D “Tell me you need me.” with Overwatch Reaper pleeeease :>

Prompt #91 “Tell me you need me.” with Reaper / Gabriel Reyes

The leaves of the mourning willow danced in the gust of wind which blew over the area and made an unruly mess out of the hairdo of the blonde, who was walking closer towards your position.

One of her hands reached out to give your shoulders a gentle touch, Angela became doubtful about her intentions which brought her here, so she froze in her motion with barely a centimeter between her hand and your shoulders.

Wheeling around, the blond haired woman was about to walk away, hoping that you haven’t noticed her presence, but she turned into a pillar of salt the moment your sorrowful voice reached her ears.

“Stay, please.”

Unknown to Angela, who shifted her weight from one foot to the other with her head drooped towards the ground, fresh tears roused in the corner of your eyes as you stared at the gravestone of Gabriel Reyes, your late deceased fiancé.

A little bit more than five years had past since the day when a pair of high ranked members of the army arrived at your workplace and leaded you into a meeting room, informing you about the destruction of the Overwatch’s Swiss headquarters and the death of Gabriel Reyes.

Since that moment, a lot of things had changed, and not just for the worse.

You took a time out, which ended in you quitting your job at Aetria for the better, as you traveled and assisted Dr. Angela Ziegler on her journey to help the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas.

The street was nearly empty as you walked down the road from the local supermarket to your house and the flickering light of a street lamp drew your attention towards itself for a split second as you carried the grocery bags in one hand while you held the keys to the house in the other.

Quarterly, Angela demanded you to go on a three weeks hiatus, since she wanted to have you in good shape and, even if it wasn’t an outspoken fact, to try to continue a normal life.

So, in a matter of facts, on your first day back home, you had to restock your fridge and even more importantly, your privat library. 

Allowing the front door to fall back into the frame on it’s own, you closely listened to the sound of the closing door before you continued  your way through the small hallway towards the kitchen.

You made quick work out of unpacking the grocery bags, piling the counter with your newly bought books while the groceries landed in the fridge, or in the case of your dinner for the night, in the microwave.

Years ago, you loved to cook the dinner for your fiancé and yourself, for what you had spended hours in the kitchen to prepare the food at fresh and healthy as possible, but now, you subsist from fast food and meals out of the microwave.

Seven more minutes until dinner was ready, so you took the remaining time to carry the books from the one room into the other and as you entered the living room, the ceiling lamp denied you to brighten up the room.

Pulling the on-off switch of the ceiling lamp over and over again, nothing happened as you still stood in the darkened living room, only the light of the nearby light post out on the street.

Carefully, you crossed the living room from one side to the other, searching with your empty hand for the floor lamp close to the interior design and the very moment you had reached it, a gloved hand covered both your hand and your mouth.

Tell me you need me.”, an enstranged voice whispered into your ear and tears clouded your view while your hole body felt like you had been hit by a car.

List for the Prompts

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This girl who I have a huge crush on put her hand on my shoulder when she was reading something and walking in the hallway and my face turned red and I was mentally freaking out and I could barely handle it I am s o g a y

aaaaaa anon I feel you!! before my gf and I started dating she’d constantly give small touches, like scratching my back or just rubbing my knee when we sat next to each other and I definitely died everytime she did 

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top 5 william's body parts

I have a shitpost answer and a serious answer so here’s the serious one:

1) eyes - have u seen them beuatiful glorious 10/10 would recommend dying to see
2) hands - choke me daddy
3) shoulders - have u seen that one of him in the tank top bc mmmmmmmMmM
4) leg - he has skinny leg but also nice leg that i want to run my hands over
5) hair - that shit is glorious regardless of whether it’s done or not it is beautiful would very much like to touch if given chance

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Nico flinched hard, bringing his hands up to press them against his ears to block the noise out. "Nico? Hey, hey. C'mon. You know we have to get moving if we don't want that thing to get anywhere near us. It didn't sound too close." Will had honestly never seen Nico react to a monster like that and he was worried. "C'mon. That's it." He managed to get Nico to pull his hands away from his ears, though he screwed his eyes shut when the scream pierced the air again. "We should get going."

Will had no idea what the thing was that was screaming, but he didn’t like it one bit. Especially if it made Nico react like that. It hadn’t hurt Will’s ears too much, but it must have been a painful sound to Nico. Maybe he had more sensitive ears. He managed to get Nico moving at a decent pace again, steering the son of Hades with a hand around his shoulders. Nico kept his eyes firmly shut, trusting Will to keep him moving. Will was touched that Nico trusted him enough to guide him, but now wasn’t the time to get mushy about their friendship.“What even is that thing?” He asked Bob. Maybe the Titan would know why it was bothering Nico so much.

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how would the guys react to their crush that theyre trying really hard to pretend they aren't crushing on just up and disappearing for 3 days? (sorry thats kind of oddly specific, but im writing a fic and trying to get as much input as i can)

“I would worry and more than likely start a search for them, I do not think they would just ‘dissapear’ in our experience they’ve usually been kidnapped or have been injured and are hiding out until they are able to contact us.” Leo responded quickly before letting Raph answer next since it seemed only fair that the eldest went first and then the youngest last.

“Fer me I wouldn’t let it get to three days if I haven’t been contacted by the second day I would be out lookin’ for them scowerin’ the streets till I found em.” He frowned glancing away, “’D never let somin’ like that repeat it’s self.” Feeling a hand pat his shoulder he turned and spotted Donnie offering some comfort.

Taking in a deep breath Donnie tried to speak clearly, “ For me I c-couldn’t imagine losing someone I care about or even them being taken away from me, but I track most of our friends locations th-through their phones GPS. and try to figure out wh-where they might be.” frowning he glanced at Raph through the corner of his eye. “I have seen what it d-does to people and I would s-stop at nothing to get them back.” feeling a tap on his elbow meeting the bright smile of Mikey he stepped back to Let the youngest answer as him and raph walked to the kitchen for some tea.

“Losing someone isn’t something I wanna do man like I would be driven mad, for me my friends are like my family and like Leo and Raph said I would try to search for them and if I couldn’t find them I might lose it.” Glancing towards the kitchen he frowned a bit. “none of us should ever feel like someone we care about is being taken away from us again.”

[hopefully this helps you, I know my boys cant imagine losing someone even if they are still alive having to try and find them would tear them apart.]

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jeremichael king au "strength"?

tfw this is techincally the first time uve openly written someone other than gavin and ryan and ur like ??? whats a characterisation who even KNOWS


“You never cease to amaze me,” he says to you, his voice soft as he rests his hand on your shoulder. You know if you turn to look at him, you’ll see his adoration and infatuation clear as day on his face. You know he’ll see it mirrored on your own.

“I’ve done nothing but swing a sword and be angry about missing,” you respond with a sigh. You are feel that you’re always angry, always yelling. But oddly, never around him.

“Yet you continued,” Jeremy is always so gentle with you, always treats you as an equal and not as the king you’ve been treated as for so long. “You’ve been so strong throughout all these negotiations, Michael. It’s your strength that amazes me, always.”

You look at him now, the magi knight with the hair that shifts with his emotions. You love him. “Your strength is why I keep goin’, Lil’J.”

10 sentence prompts?

i mention this often but i really love that viktor takes every opportunity to be touching yuuri in some way, both in the series and in offical art. i love how intense his physical need for him is because i love the idea of him craving yuuri’s constant presence in his life and him being afraid of losing him again

in general i love the way he’s…. like i hesitate to use the word ‘obsessed’ because of its creepy connotation but that’s basically what it is. his NEED for yuuri is so powerful and evident and it’s treated so casually. like half the time it isn’t done in an obvious way like some dramatic hug or something, like it’s just viktor always having his hand on yuuri’s shoulder or viktor clinging to him like some sort of gay koala and no one cares and yuuri is just like ‘mmkay’ like it’s nbd that his lifelong idol melts into a gay puddle if yuuri so much as looks in his general direction  

IDK i love seeing the nonsexual physical aspect of their love for each other it’s just so pure and simple and natural and not forced or awkward, and i love seeing how comfortable they become over the course of the series, particularly yuuri because he’s such an anxious wreck and the progression of his relaxation around viktor is so sweet

tldr viktor is a clingy baby and yuuri accepts and loves his idiot boyfriend

Sometimes I remember that Chat Noir has been in Ladybug’s bedroom and that Chat Noir and Ladybug played video games together and that Chat Noir helped Ladybug learn Chinese and that Ladybug made Chat Noir a scarf and let him borrow her good luck charm and I experience PHYSICAL AGONY

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.