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Stormy Night

I wrote this little drabble for my wonderful so @racetrrack because they really wanted some Cravey. I was happy to oblige <3

Davey woke up to a wall-shaking clap of thunder and a bone-crushing grip around his stomach.

“Crutchie? Are you ok?”

Crutchie looked up at Davey’s concerned face, eyes wide with fear.

“I just, uh, really… don’t like thunderstorms…” he whispered; Davey could barely hear him over the rain pounding on the roof.

“Crutch, you should have said something! Come ‘ere.” Davey pulled Crutchie close, pressing a light, sweet kiss to his lips and then his cheeks. A dopey grin spread across Crutchie’s face, but then there was another blinding flash of lightning followed by more deafening thunder, causing him to let out an alarmed squeak and bury his face into Davey’s neck. Davey stroked his hair and smiled softly to himself because, god, he just loves his boyfriend so much and how can he be that cute?

The thunder subsided and Crutchie poked his head up again to look at Davey. The storm wasn’t so scary when it felt like he was drowning in Davey’s gorgeous hazel eyes, which were somehow still shining even in the darkness.

“Dave, will you… read to me? Your voice always makes me feel better…”

“Of course, Crutch. Anything for you.”

Davey walked over to their bookshelf, shivering a little as his bare chest left the warmth of the blankets. Soon he was climbing back into bed, The Lord of the Rings and a reading light from the bedside table in his hands. He pulled the covers over their heads. The thick comforter muffled the sounds of the storm somewhat and Crutchie hummed happily as he snuggled up next to Davey.

Davey flipped to the beginning and began to read.

Crutchie wasn’t really listening to what Davey was reading because to be honest, he didn’t really care all that much about The Lord of the Rings. But he was perfectly content to listen to Davey’s soft, beautiful voice sculpting the words with such precision and care. Crutchie absolutely adored Davey’s voice. Well, he adored Davey in general, but his voice especially. There was a reason he was called “The Walking Mouth.” (Crutchie might also have some other, more private reasons why this nickname was accurate, but that’s another matter).

Time seemed to slow down as Davey’s voice reading page after page drowned out the storm and Crutchie’s eyes fluttered open and closed as he struggled to stay awake. He wanted to listen to Davey for just a little longer. Inevitably, though, Crutchie’s gentle snores caught Davey’s attention and he stopped reading to smile fondly down at him. He set the book on the bedside table and placed a kiss to Crutchie’s forehead. The storm kept on as Davey closed his eyes, Crutchie wrapped up next to him as he too drifted slowly off to sleep.

In the morning the sun was shining, and Davey laughed at Crutchie’s bedhead while they shared a piece of toast, hands and lips smudged with nutella. They just kissed it off.

Marked (Part 10)

Summary: Soulmate AU! Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too but soulmate’s are really rare and one day you get bullied for it and Bucky is there to save you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,567

Warnings: none, it’s just fluff this time

A/N: Guys! It’s done! That’s it! I finished my first ever marvel series and it’s making me so emotional rn. Thank you so much for reading, for commenting, for sending me messages about it. 

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9

Your memories never came back and even now, almost a year and a half after you’d started living in the Avengers Tower, you had no ideas of who you were or what HYDRA had exactly done to you. Of course, Bucky and Steve had told you many things about your shared past. They had tried to fill the empty parts of your mind with as many memories as possible. Steve even started drawing again so you would get a more visual picture of everything.

But nothing helped. None of these stories and memories felt familiar. Nothing of it felt like it was you they were talking about but nevertheless, you wrote all of it down in your notebooks. Bucky told you a little bit about your time at HYDRA but not much. He was glad that not remembering anything of your past also included that you didn’t remembered HYDRA. It was bad enough that he had to deal with these memories. Seeing you so carefree and happy helped.  

It helped fighting when he felt like there was nothing worth fighting for. It helped him through his darkest moments. It helped him through nights where he couldn’t sleep. You helped him to live his life. 

You helped him to be Bucky again.

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Anonymous said:
Prompt Z is in the studio with Diane and they are singing a love song. Z realizes she loves Val from thinking about the lyrics.

 Listen to this while you read it puts you in the mood of the story


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hi, i am dad - 1727 words
mostly namjoon centric but namjoon x seokjin ft. kid

fluff drabble that might just be a part of something bigger

this was originally a twitter convo between me and a good (but not really) friend of mine, zoe, who i am not sure if she has an aff but wte. and it all started because of the photo above


To think that Namjoon and Seokjin would really end up together had the entire group taken aback by surprise. And for them to suddenly bring a 6-year old boy to their most recent reunion party at the three youngest shared apartment unit got them so good that they had to stop everything for a while to coo at the kid covered by thick layers of jacket.

“Hyung, you really did it!” Taehyung exclaims as he drags the poor thing around the house and offering him various candies they have at the refrigerator.

“By it I hope you mean adopt, Taehyung, because yes, we did.” Seokjin huffs, removing his scarf and sitting down on the couch. Namjoon follows him, a relatively large bag in his hand.

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My name’s Bella. U.S. I’ll be 18 on December 3rd. I’m super gay.

I love cats, the beach, and intellectual conversations. I play guitar and I can really sing; music is so important to me. My taste in music is really weird and varies. I love to read and I think that women who read are the best kind of women. I like bubble baths with candles lit and the lights off and a big jar of Nutella in hand. I like to open the windows and lay in bed while it rains; I love the sound of the rain. I like femmes, studs, and everything in between- I just really like women lol. Oh! And I have bees tattooed on my knees because I’m the bee’s knees. I have two other tattoos and my ears are stretched to 5/8- which is information that I could have left out but I like to ramble. Okay yeah so talk to me, you’ll never be bored. Meow.

What Is Happening To Me? || CLOSED

It had been a strange past… eighteen hours? The school field trip, the spider, all the sleeping… When Gwen awoke the next morning, she found herself breaking all sorts of things. The door handle, the toaster, ripping a zipper right off a pair of jeans? Woops… She had to be very careful that day. Well the toaster was old… But then sticking to things? It took her ten minutes to shake her toothbrush off her hand. Then sticking to and smashing toaster? So much for nutella on toast.

Going and being at school was difficult, Gwen had to try really hard not to break anything again. Everything was so light! Her bag of books felt weightless! It was, quite strange. She prayed she wouldn’t stick to anything else.

In between classes, that’s when Gwen found herself in another sticky situation. It really irritated her when she found the jocks picking on the nerds. So typical it was rather sad. “Hey what do you think you’re–” The blonde ran over to the scene, where Flash Thompson and some other kid were cornering Peter Parker. When she ran over she felt a tingling at the back of her neck and suddenly a fist was clenched in her hand and the owner of that fist squeaking to be let go. Had this jock almost punched her? And she just blocked it?! She didn’t know what had gotten into her.