hands off the nutella


My name’s Bella. U.S. I’ll be 18 on December 3rd. I’m super gay.

I love cats, the beach, and intellectual conversations. I play guitar and I can really sing; music is so important to me. My taste in music is really weird and varies. I love to read and I think that women who read are the best kind of women. I like bubble baths with candles lit and the lights off and a big jar of Nutella in hand. I like to open the windows and lay in bed while it rains; I love the sound of the rain. I like femmes, studs, and everything in between- I just really like women lol. Oh! And I have bees tattooed on my knees because I’m the bee’s knees. I have two other tattoos and my ears are stretched to 5/8- which is information that I could have left out but I like to ramble. Okay yeah so talk to me, you’ll never be bored. Meow.