hands off my guy


tfw you double a quad combination and so you then throw in a quad-double and a triple axel and end up with a season’s best high score 


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.

Written in support of and solidarity with the KakaSaku fandom


She ignored the plea, tightening her grip on the hand threaded through hers.


The crunch of the gravel grew louder under her feet, a soft tremor running through the ground that one could have mistaken for the general hustle and bustle of the village marketplace but for the perfect timing of the quakes to the falls of her footsteps.

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My Hubby gets aroused when I act Slutty

I guess I am lucky because my hubby gets sexually aroused when I act Slutty..

I don’t do it very often, 2 or 3 times a month with various old friends I keep in contact with.

I don’t tell Hubby until a month or so later when we have both been drinking and are in bed and in between me sucking Hubby’s Cock

I’ve been doing this off and on for the past 5 years. Never more than 3 times a month.

A few years ago while I was at a friend’s place he asked me if I’d like a few of his friends as well. I was shocked at first. Then interested. I said, “you mean like a gangbang” He said “exactly”

I blushed and said, “Well… ok… just once…”

OMG… we did everything or I should say they had me doing everything.

At one point, I was giving one of them a blowjob while the second guy was fucking me and I had the third guys dick in my hand jerking him off.

For some reason, all 3 guys got me to finish them off by sucking their cocks and having them cum on my face, 3 loads of cum, one right after the other.

Even as I drove home, my clit was still tingling and twitching!

I couldn’t wait to tell my husband

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Was sidney Crosby really bullied as a child?

horribly. from the primer:

He joined the Timbits hockey team at age 5, and gave his first interview at AGE 7!! This boy has been attracting attention with his skills since he was a wee one. BUT!!!! Not all the attention was good. From a very young age, he was constantly harassed by other players and their parents. Here, a quote from Sid: “I remember being in Pee-Wee [12 yo], a guy trying to break my leg. It wasn’t even during a play: I was going to a face-off, and a guy just two-handed it right at my knee—like a baseball bat.”

And there’s these awful tidbits: “During one provincial playoff game, when Sidney was 8, he scored five goals, and a man in the stands called him a bum with no skills and yelled at him to go home.”(x) “Men in the stands, frustrated at the way Crosby overshadowed their sons, would yell about breaking his neck, how he was going to get killed.”

Let’s take it to Mama and Papa Crosby for some more heart breaking quotes: “Sometimes there was nothing said, but you still felt it,” Trina said. “Something like that happened every year and it got worse. There were so many comments. People said Troy pushed him too hard. It wasn’t everyone, but there were a lot.” [The taunts at the rinks moved Sidney to tears a few times. It was confusing to a kid who was talented and had just been taught to try his hardest.] “It wasn’t healthy for him to play here, physically or emotionally,” Troy said. “He was taking a beating on the ice. Grown men and women were yelling at him, wanting to see him harmed. They cheered dirty hits. If he’d come back the following year, he would have been killed.”

YEAH WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT???? Because of all the bullying and harassment, Sid’s parents sent him to Shattuck-Saint Mary’s, a boarding school in Minnesota that’s been referred to as the “Hogwarts of Hockey”

sold a little old 19″ tv to a dude through facebook marketplace. he was supposed to come pick it up last thursday & stood me up. he messaged me again yesterday like “sorry about that is it still available?” and i said yes, he could come get it today.

so he comes by and gets it today. my listing price was $25. he looks at it and goes “that’s 19 inches? it’s really small.” i tell him, yes, it’s 19 inches. of course, that is corner to corner, because that is how tvs are measured. the guy asks if i’ll take $20 for it instead, and i say yes bc at this point, i am moving in 5 days, i’ve had 2 people say they want to buy it and then ghost me, and i just want the damn thing off my hands.

30 minutes later, the guy calls me. there’s something wrong with his cell phone, so i’m having issues understanding him, and he’s getting pissed at me and refuses to just text me or message me on facebook. but finally i figure out what he’s saying: he has gone home and measured it, presumably by width instead of corner to corner, and is saying it’s less than 19″ and wants his money back.

fine. whatever. i do not care. i am not going to argue. i told him to bring the tv back and i will give him his $20 back. but NO. he wants me to venmo him $20 and keep the tv because “it’s the wrong size.” like i am a fucking retailer.

he hung up on me after he realized i was not giving him any fucking money unless he brought back the tv. asshole.


I remember getting my first American girl doll. I remember how much I loved her. When I went to my friends house; 4 years old, she and I would be the moms. We didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.
When I was five I met a new friend. She had two mothers. My mom was close friends with both. I didn’t think anything of it besides the fact she had TWO moms ! How lucky

When I was 10 I heard the word “faggot” for the first time. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew I didn’t want to be called that.
By the time I was 13, I knew what that meant. And I hated myself for thinking a word like that could define who I was.
I took so much time hating myself… that I didn’t love myself.

I remember waking up sobbing when gay marriage was legalized. I thought, “I finally have a chance.”
I remember coming out shortly after then to my family. I was welcomed and supported. I don’t know why I hadn’t done it sooner.

I still don’t understand how people can look at any person of the LGBTQIA+ community and think that there is a problem in learning to love another person or in loving ones self.

this pride month is a reminder to me, that even after almost two years of being out, there is still so much I can do for the other people in this community.

I hope you all stay safe and have a gay time 🌈 you deserve so much love

“You are so drunk”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: mentions of sex

Word count: 1065

Request: Open


“Save the queen!” The boys yelled dropping a penny into my glass of wine. I rolled my eyes playfully and picked my glass up. I chugged the wine down and the boys cheered me on. I fished out the coin and looked around the table for the next victim. Joe, Caspar, Josh, Jack, Conor, Mikey or Oli.

 I waited until everyone went back to their conversations and threw the coin in Jack’s glass of Rosé. He quickly drank his glass and grabbed the coin immediately throwing it into Joe’s drink. After we finished our games and food, we decided to go clubbing. We took two separate Uber’s. One car contained Jack, Joe, Josh and I and the other contained Oli, Mikey, Conor, and Caspar. We got into the club and we all went our separate directions. 

Oli, Caspar, and Mikey went to talk to some girls, Conor went to make friends with the Dj, Josh went to go find a bathroom and Jack, Joe, and I went to get another drink. Even though I had gotten drunk many times before now, I still get drunk very quickly. Because of this, after 1 more drink, I was absolutely drunk. 

“Jack I have to tell you a secret,” I said. “And what’s that?” I went to tell him but then closed my mouth. “I can’t remember,” I said giggling. “You are so drunk,” Jack said laughing. “I am not,” I said pretending to be offended. “You can even ask Joseph,” I said putting my hand on some random guys shoulder thinking he was Joe. Jack grabbed my hand off of the random guy and apologized. I burst out laughing.

 "Jack, can we get another drink?“ I pleaded. "I think you’ve had enough,” Joe said with a laugh. I gave his puppy eyes and he gave in. I smiled wide and Joe ordered for me. “A cosmo, a JD and coke, and rosé,” he said to the bartender. I drank my cosmo and started fanning myself. “Are you alright?” Jack asked. “Yeah, I’m getting hot. You guys are so attractive,” I said. Joe laughed shaking his head. “Can we go danceeeee,” I said. “Sure,” they said in unison. I stumbled to the dance floor and we danced the night away. 

  After me convincing the boys that I wasn’t drunk and getting another drink, they decided that we should go home. I tried to walk to the uber but ended up need assistance from Jack and Joe. “Do you want to stay at my house?” Joe offered. “Sleepover!” I yelled. They laughed. Jack got dropped off first and then Joe and I. He helped me up the stairs to his place and unlocked the door. He stopped in the kitchen and grabbed bottles of water for us. We went to his bedroom and he handed me clothes to change into. I gasped. 

“What, are you okay?” He asked. “I remember what I had to tell Jack!” I pulled my phone out called him. “Hello?” He answered. “You aren’t Jack!” I said. I looked at the caller I’d to see I had called Josh instead of Jack. “No, I’m not,” he laughed. “Sorry, Joshie!” I yelled hanging up. “Can you help me?” I asked looking up at Joe and handing him my phone. He clicked his name and handed it back. 

“Jack!” I yelled into the phone. “Y/n he hasn’t answered yet,” Joe laughed. “Oh,” I laughed. “Hello?” Jack answered. “Jack!” I repeated. “Y/n!” “I remembered what I wanted to tell you!” “What’s that?” “I just wanted to tell you that you and Joe are my Best friends,” I said. “I already knew that,” he laughed. “Who told you! Was is Josh? That bastard,” I said quickly. “Alright I think it’s time for bed,” Joe said taking my phone from me and ending the call. “Heyy,” I said. He placed my phone on the nightstand. “I need to change,” I said.

 "I’ll be back,“ I announced walking to the bathroom. I peeped my head in but quickly came back out to the light. "I’m scared!” I said running to Joe. “I’m changing right here.” I changed into the clothes Joe gave me and told him it was okay to look. I laid down in his bed and he sat down next to me. He picked up his water and took a drink. “Joe lets fuck,” I blurted out. He choked on his water. “Are you okayyy?” I asked. “Just fine,” he said catching his breath. “Sooo want to?” I asked.

 "Y/n just go to sleep okay?“ "Ugh fineee,” I said turning over. He turned off the lights and we laid there. However, I was wide awake. And my drunken self decided to be as obnoxious as possible. I turned over and l draped my legs over his body. Gaining no reaction from him made me unsatisfied. So here I was at 2 in the morning poking Joe Sugg over and over again with my legs over his. “Y/n,” he finally warned. I quickly pulled my legs back and stopped poking him. He turned over so we were face to face but his eyes were closed. 

I went to poke him again but he said my name again scaring the shit out of me. “How could you even see! Your eyes were closed!” I said in disbelief. “Because I know you,” he said, “come here.” He pulled me closer to him and put my head on his chest. Instantly, being in his arms calmed me causing me to drift to sleep.


The next morning I woke up and my head was pounding. I looked up to see Joe walking back into his bedroom with a glass of water and medicine. He handed them to me and I thanked him quietly. After a few minutes of silence, Joe spoke up. “Do you remember anything from last night?” He asked. I shook my head. “I remember going to the club then it’s all a blur from there,"I said. He laughed. "Let’s just say I have never in my life seen you that drunk,” Joe said laughing. “I didn’t do anything, you know?” I asked rubbing my temples. “Well you asked me to have sex with you,” he said. My eyes widened. “I’m so sorry,” I said covering my face. Joe laughed, It’s alright,“ he said. I stood up and hugged Joe. "Thank you.”

Everything I Wanted Was You Kyle Spencer x Reader

Words: 3,424

Request: @shellscreams​ :  I would like a Kyle Spencer imagine please love the last two you wrote xx

Description: This is an imagine where you and Kyle are together and he dies and you have to deal with that and don’t worry there is a very happy ending.

Author’s Note: I would like to say thank you to @shellscreams​ for requesting this! I am so sorry if this isn’t you wanted. Also requests are always open so don’t be shy XOXO


It was cool windy Saturday in the middle of Spetember. School had just started for me at Tulane University in New Orleans. I was a senior and had been in total bliss for the past three years. The reason? Kyle Spencer my amazing boyfriend. He was a frat boy and I was a frat girl. My fraternity was having a party tonight at the Zeta Kappa Mu house, aka my fraternity. Yes it was very popular for someone from our fraternitys to get together. I didn’t care it was fate for us to meet. It all happened when I was walking on campus on my first day at school and some jerk approached me.


“Hey sugar! You want some of this?” this college boy asked as he started running towards me.

“No thank you.” I said trying to make him go away.

“Awwww. Don’t be like that baby. I just want to have some fun!”

“Well you better scram before my..” I hesitated and blurted out the first thing that came into my head,” boyfriend comes to meet me!”

“Oh really? Where is this so called boyfriend?”

“I just said that he was meeting me here soon.” I said getting annoyed that the guy wouldn’t go away. He started to approach me and I backed away. He got closer to me and grabbed my wrist.

“HEY! Get off of me!” I yelled.

“I thought you had a boyfriend.”He said. But little did I know that a boy heard the whole thing an decided to stop it before it went any farther.

“She does.” The boy said. I turned my head away from the from the college student and looked at the boy who saved my life. My (Eye Color) eyes met his dark brown eyes.

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“I think you should get your hands off my girlfriend mister.” The boy said. The college guy then released his grip on my wrist and the boy wrapped his arm around my waist protectively.

“Like I told you, you better scram you know now since my boyfriend is here.” I said confidentley. The college guy looked at who had his arm around me and ran for his life.

The boy released his arm from my waist when we couldn’t see the jerk anymore.

“Thank you for doing that. I really appreciate that.” I said looking at the ground rubbing my arm.

“Hey don’t mention it. I can’t help myself from saving someone espically if it is a beautiful girl like yourself.” You immediatley blush at his compliment and look up in his eyes. “Kyle, by the way.” Kyle held at his hand and you took it.

“(Y/N)” You reply shaking his hand.

“Beautiful. Just like you.” Kyle responds. I chuckle lightly at his flirt. “What do you say we go and get a coffee?”

“I would love that.” I say. Kyle takes my hand and holds it. We walk to the coffe shop on camous, hands in hand. Ever since then we have been in love.


Tonight Kyle and his frat brothers were coming to the party tonight. I was excited to see him because he just got back from a school trip for football. Yes I texted him if his team won adn he texted back saying that they killed the other team. Once I read the text I decided that we would have a party in celebration for their win as soon as they came back. They arrived early this morning so I sent out party invitations to everyone. Apparently the new of having a party reached outside the campus and reached to the movie star Madison Montegomery. I one-hundred percent believe that someone tweeted it and it got around EVERYWHERE. I wasn’t upset that more people were coming, I was actually happy. That means that I could show off to more people about how great my boyfriend is.

I started to get ready at eight o’clock since the party started at nine and supposedly to end at midnight but I doubt it. I got finished changing into my (Favorite Color) dress and went down the stairs to finish decorating. I hung up the red and blue disco lights and the ice sculpture of God knows what. It was about nine o’clock when people started flooding which was good. This party was much bigger but it is okay the more the merrier. I saw some guy name Chad enter with packages of beer which I didn’t really care unless underage people were drinking it. I just let it slide because I was too busy trying to watch when Kyle’s limo bus was going to arrive.

It was a good ten minutes of me just waiting until a big black bus arrived on the curb infront of the house. I got so excited and decided to wait for about five minutes becasue I knew that Kyle was giving his brothers the chat about public parties Do’s and Don’ts. That is one of the reasons why I loved his personality so much was because he was respectful and a gentlemen. I always had great respect for him because ever since hurricane Katrina he had been providing for his single mother.

Kyle finally came running out of his bus with his brothers yelling “ Kappa Lambda Gamma” which was their fraternity. He saw me sitting on the step waiting for him to arrive and he immediatley ran to me. Once I had seen what he was doing I started to run to him. We meet in the middle and he engulfed me in his arms picking me up.

“I missed you so much baby.” Kyle said sounding out of breath. He placed me down, removing his head from the crook in my neck, he looked at me and oushed back my hair that had been messed up in this form of affection.

“I missed you so much too Kyle.” I said. He smiled and put his hand around the back of my neck and leaned in. His lips met mine and we started to make out in the middle of the lawn. It lasted a long time of just us letting our emotions out.

“What is that speech that you always tell your frat brothers? Isn’t public embarrasment apart of that? So wouldn’t kissing your girlfriend infront of everyone apart of that?” I ask jokingly.

“Shut up.”Kyle said laughing while putting his arm around my shoulders bringing me closer to his chest.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.” He said kissing my cheek. He brought me to the couch and sat me down. “I am going to go get us some drinks okay.”

“Okay.” He leaned down and kissed my forehead. Once he left I looked towards the front door and I saw Madison Montegomery and I guess her friend. I was totally shocked that she came. I mean seriously a stupid frat college party? I thought that was too D-list for ‘celebrities. Again I didn’t mind that she was here. I just hope that her attitude doesn’t get the best of her.

Kyle soon comes back with two red cups and smiles at me.

“Here is a Coca-Cola for the lady.” He said and handed it to me while sitting next to me on the couch and putting his arm around me pulling me closer ot him.

“Why thank you.” I said to Kyle with a smile on my face,”Okay so you HAVE to tell me all about your football game please?” i said pouting in a begging form.

“Okay all right since you asked so politely. Well we obviously won. It was fourty-two to four and so we basically creamed them majorly.”

“Obviously,” I said but then Kyle was interrupted by the girl that entered in with Madison Montegomery approached us.

“Excuse me, I am so sorry to bother you but I can’t find my friend Madison Montegomery. I have looked everywhere and I can’t find her can you please help me?”

“Yes of course.” Kyle and I said.

“Let’s look upstairs to see if she might have accidentally found her way up here.” I said. We started to open up all the doors until we came to last on eand we opened it and found Madison and Kyle’s frat brothers. We looked around and realized that they were all takign turns raping Madison adn taking pictures even Kyles best friend Archie was in on it. Kyle was furious.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? GIVE ME THE PHONE ARCHIE!” Kyle screamed. I had never seen him so mad in our entire relationship.

“NO KYLE! I am not giving you my phone so you can just delete the videos and pictures.”Archie said. Kyle started to run after Archie trying to retrieve his phone so he could not only delete it but so that he could beat him up for doing this. The girl who asked for Kyle and I’s help started to wake Madison up so she could walk downstairs and leave. I started to run after Kyle. I got to the front door and I saw all of the frat brothers and Kyle running into the bus. Then it started to drive off so I ran after it.

Madison and her friend weren’t that far behind when all of a sudden the buss flipped over and crashed. I saw it all happen and I fell to my knees crying. Once I had gotten the courage to get up I ran over to the flipped over bus and pried open the doors. I looked around and I saw Kyle, lying there in pieces. I rushed over to him and brought his chest and head close to my body and kissed him, over and over again.

“NOOOO KYLE! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?”I yelled. I brought my head closer to his ear and whispered.”Everything I wanted was you. I love you so much. Why did you have to leave me? We were supposed to grow old together. I love you.” i finally got up and started to get up and walk away. Once that I had left the bus there was blood all over me. I started to cry and I ran back to the frat house which was empty probably due to everyone hearing the crash, getting scared and running.

I closed the door and locked it. I collapsed to the floor crying knewing that I was never going to get my happy ending with Kyle. I went upstairs, took a shower and cried myself to sleep knowing that there was never going to be a day with Kyle or so I thought.

The Next Day

I woke up and decided to go visit Kyles mom to see how she was doing with the news about Kyle. I got dressed and drove over to his house that i had been over a million times. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Spencer opened the door with a tear stained face.

“Mrs. Spencer? It’s me (Y/N).” I said knowing that she would remember me as Kyles girlfriend.

“Oh yes (Y/N), please come in.” She opened the screen door and welcomed me into her house. After I had entered seh had engulfed me into in a hug and the waterworks started to fall from my face. I pulled away and Mrs. Spencer gave me a tissue and I whispered out a ‘Thank you.’

“I came to see how you were doing.” I said looking into her eyes and seeing that she was so upset. She should be she just lost her son.

“Thank you for doing that (Y/N). I really do appreciate it. I think out of all the girls Kyle has brought home, you have always and will forever be my favorite.”

“Thank you. I know how difficult it must be losing you only son espically since you husband passed away. I just wanted to let you know that I am here for you. If you need someone to talk to please just call me and I will be there.” I said letting her know that she won’t go through this alone.

“Thank you so much. It means a lot to know that even though Kyle isn’t here that you will continue to be apart of this familly and I am forever thankful for you. Anyways I have something to show you. Kyle had all this stuff that he had for you in a bag so I feel like I should give it to you, even though he won’t”

“Okay.” I followed her to Kyle’s room and she opened the doors to his closet and bent down to get the bag. It was a large paper bag filled high with stuff. She handed it to me and I carried it and sat down on his bed and started to unpack it. “I hope you don’t mind that I am unpacking it here.”

“Oh no! Please go ahead. I wanted to know what was always in there so I hope you don’t mind that I am watching you open it.”

“Of course not.” I started unpacking and while I was unpacking I realized that these were presents for our upcoming anniversary of three years. I took out the first thing and it was a scrapbook filled with pictures of me and Kyle and little love notes he wrote. I sat there crying knowing that this must have taken him months to put together and he never got a chance to give it to me. The second thing I took out was a shirt that said “Watch Out Boys This Girl Is Taken By This Guy” and it had a picture of Kyle winking on the back. I laughed remembering his funny humor. There was only one thing left and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a small red box. I took it out and started to cry knowing what it is. I opened the box and found a small diamond enagagment ring inside.

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I showed it to Mrs. Spencer and she started to cry her eyes out.

“I always knew that was a question he was wondering about when he was going to ask. I guess he was going to ask on your three year anniversary.” she said. I put my hands over my eyes and cried even harder. I put the ring on my left finger in a way of saying yes to his question.

After that I bid Mrs. Spencer a goodbye and then walked out of the house. I was walking to my car that was a couple houses down. While I was walking I could have sworn that I saw that girl that Kyle and I helped from yesterday approach Mrs. Spencer’s house with her holding someone up. I ignored it knowing that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I walked to my car and got in. I just sat for a long time looking at my engagement ring and crying. I eventually stopped and drove back to my frat house. I walked in and went upstairs to my room and locked the door.

A Couple Months Later

It has been a couple months since Kyle died and I couldn’t have felt more alone. Sometimes if I went out I would think that I would see him and the minute I blinked he was gone. Other than that I haven’t left my room. I miss him everyday. There is nothing that can replace him. I haven’t felt love, compassion, or happiness since he died. I wish he would come back.

Today I was forced to leave my room saying that I had a visitor at the door. I went downstairs and opened the door to find the girl that Kyle and I helped all those months ago.

“What do you want?” I ask with tears starting to fall from my eyes.

“I just want to show you something. Please come with me.” She said.

“Why should I go anywhere with you? I don’t even know your name!” I say

“Okay. My name is Zoe Benson.” Zoe said.

“You think just because you said that I am going to go with you?!” I said.

“Okay, fine! If you won’t come with me then just promise me that you will come to the cafe downtown. Please.” She begged.

“Alright I’ll be there. What time?” I asked.

“Just be there at noon. Okay?”


“Thank you.”

“Do I need to bring anything?” I asked.

“Just bring yourself.” She said.

“Okay. Bye.” I said. Zoe waved a goodbye back to me. I was so confused. Why out of all the people on Earth does she have to come back? I went upstairs and got dressed. I looked at the clock and saw that it was eleven fourty. I exited the house and went to the driveway to my car. I got in and started to drive downtown to the coffee shop. I looked for a parking space near where Zoe was standing. I got out of the car and locked it. I walked over to her.

“So why am I meeting you here?” I asked.

“You are meeting me here because I have a surprise for you inside.” Zoe said.

“If it’s a guy then I am not interested.” I said and then I walked in.

“I don’t think so. Well at least not with this guy.” She said. I walked around trying to find out what she was talking about. I finally understood when my eyes met his. The same dark brown I fell in love with. I ran over to him with tears coming down my face. I ran into his arms and he held me close. I pulled back my head and started to pepper his face in kisses. I finally ended with his lips. There was all of my emotions, his emotions intertwined into this form of affection. He let me down and pulled out my chair for me to sit down.

“Kyle! How are you back?” I asked with tears running down my face.

“(Y/N), I know you aren’t going to believe me when I say this but please do.” I nodded my head in response.”Okay well I died you saw me. Zoe and Madison went to the hospital and retrived my body parts and sewed me together. Another thing is that they are witches. There is a whole coven of them okay. So I was crazy and I couldn’t speak. I was a lot like Frankenstein. It was a long time before I could speak. But then their supreme Fiona Goode fixed me. She did something to me where i could speak properly. I guess you coudl say she brought me back to normal. So I remembered all about you. I had never forgotten about you, I just didn’t have all the details. But I called for you and then Zoe decided that it was best if I came back now and so I did. That is where that story ended.” He said looking into my eyes.

“I don’t care how you came to be here. I am just glad that you are here with me. Kyle, you’re all I have you’re all I want.” I said and he just looked at me emotionless and then he smiled and leaned over to kiss me on the lips.

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I put my hand on his cheek and he stopped kissing me and looked at my hand.

“Oh sorry. I forgot that my hand is probably is cold. Sorry.” I said.

“No it isn’t that.” He pulled my left hand towards his and at my ring finger. “You said yes?”Kyle asked.

“Of course I did Kyle. I love you with all my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you unless you don’t want to anymore.” I said looking down.

“Hey,” Kyle said putting his fingers underneath my chin and lifting my head up so I looked at him in the eyes,”I want to start off where we left off. I want to be with you. I want to call you my wife. I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” I said. I am so happy that Zoe brought him back. I couldn’t ask for anything better. After that Kyle and I started to plan for our wedding. It was perfect. Now we are living in total bliss and there isn’t anything I could ask for more. I love him and he loves me.

NCT Dream: Reactions to when another person confesses to their S/O


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He would have to think over of what just happened but keeps getting surprised with his eyes wide open, but then complimenting you cause he know why they would confess.


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Just reminding you that he loves you very much and that you’re everything to him and that you should care about any other boy except him, which includes the other members too, my boy keeping safe at all times.


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“okay?” nervous laugh, thinking that maybe he should hide you so no one confesses to you again. speechless, probably rethinking life again too. “Y/N I don’t know what to say to you…”


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*wtf expression* for like 100 years, but would go up to the guy like, “ She my boo, hand off” and then would start telling you how he was surprised of why that guy even bothered to ask when you already got the best in the world.


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Probably just like Jeno, extremely speechless, and will just keep smiling, and try to think of ways he could impress you more just because of whatever reason he has or show other guys that he can always do anything better cause guess what. he’s Jaemin. I wonder how my baby condition’s are


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XD This boy would just start laughing evilly cause we know how he is until he goes up to the guy and put his arm around you shoulder and be like, “She’s taken, your feeling are irrelevant” then laughing all over again in his face.


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He probably wouldn’t find out until you actually tell him, he would so surprised but wouldn’t be so surprised cause you good for him but lowkey jealous and will keep thinking about it overtime, and asking you if any other boys asked you out.


still taking request, and y’all should listen to Osshun Gum. And sorry the link weren’t working on the description so I deleted them, I’ll fix them by tmmr.

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Goodbye Yugyeom: You’ll be missed :(

Warning: You’re gonna cry :))))

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Flushing Love

REQUEST by M-A-T-91: Hi could I request a very flirty Roman with Reader she’s a new diva? Please n she’s a blusher 🙂 pretty please

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert when it comes to writing flirty content, but I’ll give it my best shot. I need some more practice with this so keep them requests coming


‘’You were fucking amazing out there y/n,’’ Lana said as she hugged me, ‘’Jesus girl that was awesome.’’

‘’You gotta teach me one of them moves hun, everyone can learn from you.’’ Naomi added. I was beyond happy with the opportunity to be transferred from NXT to RAW. I worked my butt  off these past years and there were times where I considered to just quit, but at the point where I am now, I’m happy I was strict to myself .  ‘’So what are you up tonight?’’

‘’Nothing much really,’’ I chuckled as I wiped my head with the towel, ‘’just resting and recovering from this match.’’

‘’Let’s go out tonight y/n, you gotta relax a bit, you’re on your own otherwise.’’ Naomi said, swinging her arm around my shoulder. Lana smiled, nodding excitedly. ‘’Pretty please?’’ She smiled sweetly. I looked at Lana at my other side, also smiling. I laughed and threw my hands in the air.

‘’Alright then, but we’re not making it late.’’ I said. Lana yelled in excitement, hugging me.

‘’You have no idea how happy I am you said yes, we’ll make it an amazing time.’’

‘’Yass girll,’’ Naomi hugged me also, ‘’We’ll pick you up in an hour.’’

‘’Don’t rush yourselves ladies, I won’t be going anywhere.’’ I grinned. The two went their own way. The moment I was moved to RAW, Lana was the first person who welcomed me with open arms, happy there was someone new who she could share her stories and excitement with. Even though Naomi was on SmackDown, we hung out together almost all the time outside the matches. I smiled thinking about it. Being lost in my own mind, I bumped into someone way larger than me. Looking up, I saw the handsome, tall Samoan God standing in front of me, sweat dripping down his body. He was always flirting with me but I just had no idea how to respond on his compliments. We could talk of course, but foolish me, could never really talk back.
I could feel myself getting red, which I absolutely hated. I blush way too much, way too fast.

‘’Lost in thoughts, beautiful?’’ He asked smiling. I nodded, looking at the ground. ‘’You were really good out there, flexible as a professional gymnast.’’

‘’Thanks,’’ I said, looking at him for a split second, his eyes never left my face, ‘’You were awesome yourself.’’

‘’Why thank you,’’ he chuckled, ‘’so you have anything to do tonight?’’

‘’Well, me, Lana and Naomi are going out somewhere, so yeah.’’

‘’Too bad,’’ he said, almost closing the space between us, ‘’I was going to ask you to show all your moves to me. For a girl who just made her debut, you’re incredible’’ Roman spoke low. By now, my face must be as red as a tomato, making me wanna run away to save myself from the possible embarrassment I would cause.  

‘’M-maybe next time.’’ I murmured, making him chuckle.

‘’You’re cute, y’know.’’ I felt him smiling. He put his index finger under my chin, practically forcing me to look at his flawless face. ‘’We should go out sometime.’’

‘’Yeah, that’d be nice.’’ I smiled and whispered. He smiled and walked off to his locker room.


Once in the bar with Naomi and Lana, we were all laughing like crazy, talking about the most ridiculous stuff. Naomi told stories about her vacations with Jimmy and the things they did, Lana told her stories about her, Russev and his crazy family. Me, at the other hand, couldn’t talk along about the subject ‘my husband’, let alone boyfriend.

‘’But girl,’’ Naomi said, taking a sip of her drink, ‘’You happy ‘bout being on RAW or would you prefer SmackDown?’’

‘’I’m really happy with RAW, because…’’

‘’She has a crush on someone.’’ Lana spilled, finishing my sentence. I told her I liked Roman, a lot but a man like him, couldn’t possibly fall for a girl like me.  Naomi almost spilled her drink.

‘’Wait gurl, what did I just hear? Who is it?’’

‘’It’s a Samoan named Joe.’’ The blond woman smirked.

‘’Please tell me it’s not Samoa Joe.’’ She pleaded. I burst out laughing shaking my head.

‘’It’s your husbands cousin, you idiot,’’ Lana laughed, ‘’Speaking of the devil.’’ She trailed off and looked at Naomi who was grinning. I frowned and looked at the doorway, seeing Roman and Seth standing there, walking towards us.

‘’Kill me now,’’ I murmured, covering my face with my hands, ‘’You guys ain’t getting off this damn table.’’

‘’We both have to sit over there,’’ Naomi said, trying to hold back her laugh, ‘’it’s too cold here.’’ She grabbed Lana by her arm, dragging her away from where I was sitting. Too cold? Hell, it was hot as hell.

‘’Well hi there,’’ Roman smiled and sat down next to me, ‘’how are you doing?

‘’I-I’m good, how are y-you?’’ I felt the blood rush to my face, making me wanna disappear.

‘’I’m amazing now I’m sitting next to you baby.’’ He smoothly said. Did he just really called me ‘baby’? Am I dreaming? ‘’Can I ask you something?’’

‘’Sure, ask away.’’ I blushed.

‘’Do you dislike me? I mean, you hardly say anything to me and I don’t know what I did wrong. I’m not as intimidating as you when I’m in the ring.’’ He chuckled.

‘’Oh god no,’’ I said with disbelieve written all over my face, ‘’I could never dislike you, I love you.’’ I blurted out. Oh god, shoot me.

‘’You love me huh?’’ Roman shifted closer to me, his head close to my face. ‘’I got a secret to tell you.’’

‘’What’s that?’’ I asked nervously, looking down at my drink. I was prepared for the worst; him saying he hated me, that he disliked me, that he didn’t want to see me anymore, it could be anything.

‘’Well, I kind of love you too.’’ He whispered so only I could hear. ‘’I love everything about you; the way you blush everytime you see me or when I say something, your smile, your determination in the ring, just everything.’’ I turned my head, looking at him, our faces still inches away from each other. I smiled lightly, making him smile as well.

‘’I don’t really know what to say,’’ I honestly said, ‘’The moment I saw you, I don’t know what happened to me, but I’m happy you let me feel things I never felt before.’’

‘’So,’’ Roman intertwined our fingers together, shoving a lock of hair behind my ear, ‘’this means we’re trying?’’

‘’I guess so,’’ I cupped his cheek with my hand and rubbed my thumb along his jawline, ‘’boyfriend.’’

‘’Girlfriend.’’ He laughed, making me blush once again.


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Collab with @texts-from-bts

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Yoongi opened the door to his hotel room and let you all in. 

“I can’t believe we just did that.” You said taking off your beanie and throwing yourself on the bed. 

“But now we have goodies~” Hoseok sung dumping all the items he grabbed onto the bed. 

“I got band t’s if anyone needs any!” You said grabbing one and walking to the bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower! Order some food while I’m in there yeah? I’m starving.“ 

“Y/n it’s 4 in the morning… what place is going to deliver?” Jin peeped up.

“Then someone go get foood!” You cried out. 

“I’ll go, I’ll go…” Jungkook offered, “Jimin give me money." 

"Say please punk." 

"Please punk." 

"Fucker.” Jimin handed him some money. 

“Yeah yeah, I’ll be back in a bit. Let’s see what I can get with 15 dollars.” Jungkook crumpled up the money and shoved it in his pockets. 

A couple minutes had passed when you heard knocks on the bathroom door. “Who is it?” You said not knowing if you were loud enough because of how tired you were. “Hello?” You walked closer to the door, about to grab the knob.

“Hey I was wondering-” Jimin had opened the door as you walked toward it, smacking you on your forehead causing you to fall back. "Oh my god! I’m so sorry!-“ he looked down at you and shrieked. 

"Get out you piece of shit!” You pulled a towel on top of you. 

“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t think you were naked! You just got in there!” He screamed from outside the door. He turned to the other boys that were just staring at him. They all turned to look at each other and started laughing at him.

“Fucking A,” Namjoon laughed, “gotta see her naked before I did.” Jin slapped him on the shoulder also laughing. After the laughing fit and a couple hits at Jimin, you came out, clean and angry but spotless nonetheless. 

“One of you fucks want to go?” Hoseok got up to take a shower. 

“I took one of the shirts you got.” He said. 

“It’s okay.” You put your hand on his shoulder as he passed by you. 

“You didn’t get any shirts your size? That shirt fits you like a dress.” Namjoon stated. 

“Good, that way I don’t have to waste clean pants.” You told him. “Anywho where’s Jungkook?” You sat on the bed closest to the front door, in between Jin and Namjoon. 

“Not here yet. Idiot probably got lost.” Jin said. 

“So what’s up with all of you? Why did we rob the place?” Yoongi finally spoke up. 

“Just cuz,” You shrugged. “We don’t have money and we thought it’d be fun. Now look at all the stuff we got.” You said grabbing all the cds and pulling them towards you with sparkles in your eyes. “We’re gonna have music slappin for days." 

"Ahh I see… a gang of trouble makers. I guess I would fit in with you gu-” Yoongi spoke until there was pounding on the door. He got up to open it. It was Jungkook. “Woah what the fuck happened dude?" 

"Where’s the food Kook?” You asked not seeing the commotion. He walked inside and that was when you realized some shit happened. “Wait babes what the fuck actually happened?!” You yelled standing up and running to him to look at his face. “Your face… it’s all beaten up. Were you hurt anywhere else?” You started shifting his shirt around until you spotted a big red spot near his ribs. “Damn that’s going to turn into a bruise…" 

"These shitwads jumped me. I don’t fucking know why! It was complete bullshit! There was three of ems! How is that shit even fair?! They took the fifteen dollars and my fucking phone! Can you believe that?!” He laughed angrily. “I just want to sleep yeah?" 

"Take a shower first kookie… or at least a bath okay? Also were they driving a car or something?” You said. 

“After they were done I seen em hop into this green shitty ass car with a shit ton of stupid stickers that didn’t even make sense… I mean I was probably a bit gone with the head trauma and all but still. Anyway I’ll go shower.” And as by magic Hoseok came out in perfect timing. 

“Woah the fuck happened?” He asked him but instead of answering he just went into the bathroom. 

“Lil homie got beat up.” Namjoon answered. 

“And I say we get revenge.” Your mouth widened into an evil grin. 

“Put some pants on and we’ll go find them fuckers car.” Jimin said. 

“Stay here twat. You’ve had enough fuckeries for one day. I’ll bring you back a souvenir or somethin. Come on Joon you’re good at breaking stuff." 

"Hey!” Both Jimin and Namjoon yelled. 

“I’m kidding. Now come on… also I’m not putting on pants. I refuse. Hand me my cardigan.” And with that you guys were off except for Jin, he stayed behind to make sure Jungkook was fine. 

“I think it’s that one?” You pointed to the car. “I mean it’s the only shitty green piece of crap we’ve seen and I’m sure Kook didn’t walk far." 

"It is!” Jimin pointed as well. “There’s the stupid shit stickers!" 

"Perfect,” you smirked, “you all know what to do." 

You all went up to the car and looked at it for a moment, "This needs more design, don’t cha think?” Yoongi sarcastically said as he pulled out his keys and started keying the damn thing all over. You looked around for anything sharp. Luckily you found a nail. 

“And these tires look way too pumped, a lil less air would do the trick.” You started popping all of them. 

“These stickers are meaningless. Joon help me scratch these shits off.” Jimin said scratching some off but leaving the messed up layers there. 

“Does this car really need windows? I mean, they obviously need oxygen in their brains if they’re messing around with just anybody.” Hoseok took his jacket off and wrapped it around his hand. With a kiss to his fist and a some force he broke the backseat window making the alarm go off. 

“Fuck! Hobi?!” Namjoon yelled. 

“Shut the fuck and go start the car! All of you!” He stayed behind to take a peek in the car. Oooh these fucks aren’t playing around I see. He grabbed a bag of what looked like fucked up weed and some watch he found on the floor of the car. “Oh! There’s Kooks phone!” He said to himself, “and a wallet I see… $600? Why’re these fuckers stealing from a poor boy what the hell." 

"Hey! Who are you!?” A man shouted from the steps of his house. 

“Hey keep it down. You don’t want to wake your neighbors.” Hoseok laughed as he kicked the backlight and ran towards the car. You held the door open for him. “Come on y/n! Let’s go!” He yelled. 

“One second!” You grabbed a big rock from the side of the rode and jumped in.

“Why the fuck?” Namjoon asked. 

“Yoongi make a u-turn!” You demanded and he did as he was told. You threw the rock at the car making the windshield window crumble into bits before the very eyes of the man looking distraught. “Don’t you eva fuck with us! You fucking piece of shit!” You all laughed all  the way back to the hotel. 

“Nice shot and I’m real sorry about earlier okay? I really didn’t mean to.” Jimin said to you. 

“Look, don’t worry about it okay?” You put your arm around his neck as all of you walked back to the hotel room. “Helloooo fuckers. Introducing the most badass crew in town. Here catch!” You threw Jungkooks phone at him. “Aaand we also instead of the fifteen dollars, we got six hundred dollars. Mmm you’re welcome.” Jin and Jungkook just looked at you guys in confusion. 

“H-how?” Jungkook questioned. 

“Don’t worry about it. But we have a small problem. We have to skip town. Book it. Dip. Leave the premis-” Namjoon was speaking but was cut off by Jin.

“Wait, what the fuck. Why? How bad you guys fuck up?" 

"Well you see we may have actually totally wrecked the douches car. It’s a mangled mess and speaking of cars pretty sure the dude got an eyeful of Yoongi’s.” Hoseok spoke up. 

“What am I going to do with you guys?” Jin sighed, “I’m sorry Yoongi we’re going to have to leave your car behind somewhere." 

Yoongi just nodded his head in response, "Hey don’t worry about it. Shit was a piece of junk anyway. I was waiting for the day it broke down on me." 

"I guess now is a perfect time to go get the truck. Hopefully it’s not ransacked. I have valuables man.” Jin spoke. 

“Jin, your pink sweater is not a valuable. Alsoooo I’m too tired to go get it. Can’t we just wait here?” Jimin whined. 

“Here I have a plan,” Yoongi intervened, “You can take my car to get your truck and once you get to wherever the hell you left it, you can leave behind mine. Let me just get my stuff out of it." 

"Okay, sure. Thanks." 

Yoongi left the room to go down to his car. 

"Now you idiots don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone. Hobi, don’t let Namjoon and y/n rip each others heads off. And Namjoon, please for the love of god, just go to sleep. That’s all I’m asking from you. Okay?” Jin sternly asked.

“Okay fine,” he folded his arms and mumbled, “it’s not like I saved Jungkooks phone or anything." 

"Joon you scratched off stickers.” You popped his bubble of him helping. 

“Yeah but I didn’t do it well so some of it was still on there! You know like how there’s stubborn bits left! Yeah I did that on purpose.” He pouted, laying down and rolling over to face the other way. 

“Oh my god. Just two and a half hours please?” He sighed, walking out of the room. 

“Hey guuuuuys~” Hoseok called, pulling out the bag of weed he found, “Who has paper?" 

"I do.” Jungkook answered, passing one to Hoseok. 

“Now we’re just gonna have fuUun!” Hoseok exclaimed. 

“Oooh can I get in on this?” Yoongi asked as he walked in the door. 

You all sat in a circle on the floor in the middle of the two beds passing the joint around until the majority of you got sleepy. Namjoon, you and Hoseok shared one bed while Yoongi let Jungkook and Jimin share the other bed with him. Everyone fell fast asleep, even Hoseok who was curled up next to you. You patted his hair as you looked down at him. You jumped when you got startled by a voice. "Can’t sleep?“ Yoongi asked. 

"Nope, you either?" 

"Nah. The weed was good but I just haven’t dazed." 

"Hmm tell me a story, maybe then I’ll sleep." 

"I don’t know any stories." 

“Tell me about how you got that scar on your eye." 

"Oh. Okay. Uhm well I guess it all started when I was still living with my parents. They would always throw parties so there would be lots of drunks at the house. People I didn’t even know and I’m sure my parents didn’t know them either. I have a sibling, Jiheun. My little sister. Sweet girl. Maybe you’ll meet her one day but for the time being she’s with my grandma who lives across the country. Anyway some man stumbled into Jiheuns room but I didn’t know until I heard screaming, blood curdling screams. I ran as fast as I could to her room and she was hiding under her bed like I taught her to if anything happened. God she was so scared. The man was trying to grab her. Idiot didn’t even realize I was in there until I stomped on his spine. He got up and tried attacking me but all he could do was ram me into the mirror closet. The mirror shattered everywhere. On me, on the man, even on my sisters hand. The guy basically knocked himself out so I grabbed Jiheun and got our asses out of there as quick as possible. My parents didn’t even ask where we were the next day. They didn’t even ask about the closet or the damn man. We ended up sleeping at a friends house. We eventually went back to our house but only to grab our stuff and leave. So yeah… that’s how I got my scar on my eye. By a fucking mirror… you still awake?" 

"Yeah… wow. You’re a hero." 

"Just had to do what I had to do. You should go to sleep now okay?" 

"Okay.” And that’s what you did, knowing that you really were surrounded by good people. 

You woke up feeling someone on you. You knew it wasn’t Hoseok because he was in front you. The only other person it could have been was Namjoon. One of his arms was under your head and the other laid on your waist. You grabbed on to it but he pulled you closer. You could feel him breathing against your neck. Suddenly you felt something rise behind you, his cock. “Joon? Joon. JoooOOooon.” Why is he such a heavy sleeper? You reached back and grabbed onto his nose while also covering his mouth. It seemed to do the trick seeing as he pushed your hands away. 

“What the hell y/n?” He sleepily asked. 

“You’re all up on me. What else was I supposed to do?" 

"Say hey. Ya know, wake me up normally?" 

"Look here you piece of shit, I tried, but your dick is all up on me and you wouldn’t wake up when I called your name!" 

"Who’s dick was all up on you?” Jimin slowly got up, rubbing his and yawning.

“Namjoon.” You answered. 

“She’s lying. I wouldn’t never put my baby near her." 

"Then why is ‘your baby’ up and about?” You laughed, pointing at it. 

“It’s not!” He covered it with his hands and rushed to the bathroom. 

“What’s with all the talking? Jesus.” Jungkook woke up. 

“Joon got a boner for y/n!” Jimin laughed while throwing himself aside. 

“I did not!” Namjoon yelled from the restroom. 

“Damn guys! I could hear you from down the hall.” Jin finally arrived with a tray full of coffee. “Hurry up and take your shit down to the truck. We gotta go.” He started by waking up Hoseok and taking his own bag down. 

“Hey Yoongi?…” you pushed him a little. “Yoongi?” You poked his cheek but he still didn’t wake up. “Man what the heck. YOOOOOOOONGIIIIIII!” You yelled which made him jump of the bed, hitting his head on the wall. “Oooh shit.” You laughed, jumping off the bed, and rubbing his head. “I-I’m sorry Yoongi. I tried waking you up delicately but you wouldn’t budge." 

He looked up at you and froze a bit, "Oh uh it’s okay. I’m fine. Hopefully I don’t get a concussion haha." 

"Okay cool. Okay come on everybody! Up and at em!” You grabbed some clothes to changed into and headed to the bathroom. “Joon hurry up!" 

"Shut uuuuup! My baby needs time and care." 

"Ew.” You looked around the room to find a places to change. Oh whatever. “Hey, no one come into the closet. Imma change.” You went in and changed into some leather pants and one of the long sleeve band shirts you stole. “Alright I’m ready. Anybody need help?" 

"Can you take my stuff down to the truck?” Namjoon asked from in the bathroom. 

“What do I get from it?" 

"I got you head phones." 

"Fine.” You all brought all the stuff down to the truck, except for Namjoon that is, and were ready to go. It was Jin, Jimin, and Yoongi in the front with Jungkook, you, Hoseok in the back. Namjoon being the last person down had to also sit in the back. 

“Okay everybody ready?” Jin asked. 

“Wait! Play this!” You handed him a cd. 

~The world is lazy 

But you and me 

We’re just crazy 

So when I’m with you, I have fun 

Yeah when I’m with you, I have fun~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long ahh but i hope you enjoy okay? okay!