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If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

A False Sense of Security
  • Sherlock: *strolls into the lab; yawning* Morning... *kisses Molly's cheek*
  • Molly: *blushing* Wow... a 'morning' and a cheek kiss.
  • Sherlock: *yawns again* It's been a long night. Mrs. Johnson's results in?
  • Molly: Yeah, hang on *moving to her desk* So, who died?
  • Sherlock: *rubbing his neck* Six students were found brutally murdered in a house on the outskirts of their University campus.
  • Molly: *sifting through papers; intrigued* Hmmm...so what happened?
  • Sherlock: *rolling his shoulders* Upon further investigation, we found instructions informing them the door would be locked behind them and their mission was to find the key. They were pitted against each other, mental trickery and cunning wordplay. One of the professors owns the house. A social experiment gone wrong. He tried to pass it off as a student party horror show *shaking his head* Tedious.
  • Molly: *flipping through the file; smiling* Well, Mrs. Johnson is no horror movie massacre.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Good.
  • Molly: *reading*
  • Sherlock: Well?
  • Molly: *shakes her head* You were right. Asphyxiation caused by tetrodotoxin. Japanese fugu, wasn't it?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Exactly. Thank you, Molly. Now I have a husband to arrest *leaving the lab*
  • Molly: *beaming* Anytime.
  • Sherlock: *stops at the door* Oh by the way, I'm in love with you *smiles; leaves*
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *drops the file*

i started thinking about vixx au’s most of them are hotmess and involve drinking ken’s has mentions of blood/fights and hyuk’s is like mild nsfw idk just take them off my hands u guys  

  • au where you meet high fashion designer hakyeon at a celebration party for his debut collection because you’re one of the bartenders on duty at the club he and his friends chose. you think he’s absolutely stunning so when he orders a drink from you you accidentally end up over-pouring the cup and making an embarrassment out of yourself. his friends laugh but hakyeon just watches you and once you give him the drink you run to the other end of the bar to save face. for some reason everytime you look up you catch hakyeon from across the room illuminated by the clubs neon lights staring at you over his drink. you think he’s just probably making fun of you because of your clumsiness but like as his friends get more intoxicated and like passout in the back or wander off with girls hakyeon comes up to the bar again and asks you if you’ve ever modeled before. you sorta get nervous because wow he’s gorgeous but also you don’t know why he’s asking you that so you timidly shake your head and he slips you a card with his name on it and you’re like wait - you’re a designer??? and he’s like when i see someone beautiful im inspired and he just sorta lets his fingers linger on your wrist and he leans over the bars counter to like fix a strand of your hair before telling you to call him and he disappears into the crowd and you’re like,,,,holy frick
  • au where ken gets into a nasty fight on the streets with some drunken asshole and he’s getting his ass kicked and you’re just like walking down the street with the ice-cream you bought from the 24/7 gas station and then you see this dude like getting pummeled and you’re like i should not get involved but then u have like a conscience and so you start running towards the two fighting dudes and you scream like there’s a fire and the one beating the other one up makes a run for it or something like work with me here and you like squat down next to ken whose all bruised and bloody and he’s like “f-fire??” and you’re like “i lied, can you feel your face bro???” and he starts LAUGHINg like getting your ass kicked in the middle of the night is the funniest thing ever and you like shrug off your hoodie and let him use it to stop the blessing from his nose and he’s like “yo thanks so much” and you’re like “its chill why were you fighting that guy??” and ken just shrugs like “he said that my hair was ugly so i had to argue because like look at my hair it’s gr8″ and u touch it like yeah its soft and ken’s like im gonna get off the floor now and when he gets up ur like frick he’s tall and ok wow cute???? even with u know blood all over his face lmfao this is how u 2 meet 
  • au where leo and you work at some boring business firm but the ceo decides everyone is going to dinner and then karaoke and u and leo are like shit we wanted to go home early but ofc u have to go so like u two sit next to each other at the table at dinner and the boss is getting drunk and then before you know it everyones ordering rounds and you’re getting dizzy and leo is undoing his tie and then once u all stumble into the little karaoke place someone looked up on their phone you notice how small the room is and there’s like 20 people in this room and you have nowhere to sit and then like out OF NOwhERE leo just pulls you into his lap and ur like !!!!!! and he’s like drunk his head falls into the crook of your neck and he’s like “its loud let me stay here you’re warm” and ur like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is drunk leo cuddly leo and u find out that yes. YES he is. bonus: the ceo sees you two and makes fun of u for being a couple the next day at work and leo gets super red in the face
  • au where you’re an extra for one of hongbin’s drama filmings and when the filming ends everyone goes out because the director is paying for chicken and like u can have chicken without beer and hongbin has ONE beer but his tolerance level is as shallow as a puddles so at the end hongbin who is tired and tipsy accidentally mistakes you for his manager because ur wearing the same jacket and he’s like “can u take me home” and you’re like “your manager is over there” but he refuses to believe you and he’s just like insisting ur his manager and he steps close and is just like its cold,,,,take me to the car,,,, and he has hazy eyes and he looks up at you like “u got a lot prettier ,,,,,,,  u know that?” and ur like oh my god im not ur manager but also hongbin just called you pretty and he’s like suddenly trying to like put his arms around you for a hug because he’s cold and whiny and ur like ok i will hug u buT I am NOT UR manaGER 
  • au where ravi is a tattoo designer and you come in tipsy with your friend giggling and your friend is like “they want a heart on their hip” and ravi is looking at you like “are you sure, you look like you’ve drank a bit” and you’re like “i AM  sober” (you’re not) and you slam down cash on the counter like “one heart tattoo” and your friend is like cheering you on and ravi is like this is a bad idea so he like carefully takes your hand and leads you to the back where he does the tattoos but while you sit in the chair he’s just like “listen, a tattoo is a lifelong thing. you don’t wanna wake up regretting it” and you’re like looking at him with a smile like “i won’t! especially if it’s a tattoo done by someone cute like you” and ravi just,,,,his heart skips a beat but he’s also sweating because he should probably talk you out of this but tbh he shows you the needle and you’re like WAIT no ….. nvm and he’s like ok thank god but ur also like can i sleep in this chair it’s comfy and i feel all tired and he’s like “i don’t think-” but ur dozing off and one) u look cute all sleepy ur mouth a little open and two) ravi is too soft to wake u up so he goes out and tells ur friend u fell asleep and he’s like ??? should i carry them out if u call a taxi and the friends like good idea and u know he comes back and sorta shyly like hoists you up into his arms and ok wow ur so pretty close up but he’s like can’t think about that as he walks out with u and tbh this friend in this au is me and im taking a photo secretly of him holding u like that so when u sober up i can be like u should go back to see this cute tattoo artist look yall look so cute im a little shit what can i say
  • au where hyuk thinks playing strip poker is the best idea he’s ever had and tbh you refuse until after hyuk and u like open up a bottle of wine and from then on in you’re all for it and at first it’s funny because his shirt comes off, you take off your socks, he takes off his rings and then u like shrug off ur sweater but like the more u play the less clothes there is and hyuk is honestly competitive but at this point screw the game he just throws his cards over his shoulder knock over the bottle with the wine and like tackles u to the carpet and is like “u look hot this was the best idea ever” and ur like ok u look hot too let’s do this lmfao
Shawn Mendes - Sneaking around


I was standing by the stage watching Shawn doing the sound-check, his guitar in his hands, looking like the hottest guy I had ever seen. It’s only been a few weeks since we started dating, but I already felt like we had been together for years. We were kind of an instant match, we both felt it when we first met. Although, we hadn’t told anyone yet, we wanted to keep it to ourselves, so people were still thinking that we were just friends.

Shawn sang the last song and putting the guitar down he walked off the stage.

“Hey, you hungry? We can grab something before the concert if you want to,” he smiled at me as we walked back towards his dressing room.

“Nah, I’m good,” I shook my head. To be honest, I just wanted to be alone with him. We agreed on keeping it a secret, but I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I mean, a guy with a body and face like he had, he needed to be touched and kissed all the time.

I guess Shawn was feeling the same way, because as soon as the door closed behind us and we were by ourselves he grabbed me by the waist, pinned me against the door and attacked my lips. I moaned into his mouth feeling satisfied more than ever to feel his touch on my body.

“I love this skirt on you,” he murmured kissing down on my neck as his hands travelled up under my skirt that I bought especially for that day. I knew he would love it.

“Glad to hear,” I whispered exhaling. Suddenly, he picked me up and carried me to the table putting me down to it and he stood between my legs. I crossed my ankles behind his back as he continued to kiss me passionately.

“It would look much better on the floor,” he groaned tugging on it, but this was not the place to do it.

“Someone might walk in, I don’t want to get busted,” I sighed feeling myself getting lost in his mouth. “You don’t want anyone to see me naked other than you, do you?” I teased him knowing this would convince him.

He could be quite jealous, since my relationship status was still the same for everyone, boys liked to hit on me even with Shawn around. He always tried to hold himself back, but I could tell he was deadly mad when someone was flirting with me, and the thought of me being seen naked by anyone else than him was making him go nuts.

“This is only mine,” he growled sliding his hands up and down on my body. I really wished we were somewhere else, I needed every bit of my self-control to not tear his clothes down.

“And this is mine,” I grinned at him grabbing a handful of his ass. He moaned inhaling sharply, I knew he was fighting himself, and the knock on the door helped him contain his desires.

“Shawn?” we heard a voice. He immediately let go of me and jumping off the table I fixed my clothes in case our intruder decided to come inside.

“Yeah?” he called out tugging in his pants. I couldn’t help but giggle how turned on he became just in a couple of minutes.

“We have to check out the lightings again, can you come to the stage?”

“Sure, just a minute!” He turned to me chewing on his bottom lip. “This must be continued. I hope I’ll be able to make it through the concert without a boner. If not, it’s going to be your fault,” he warned me jokingly kissing me one more time.

“Will you punish me if not?” I asked innocently blinking up at him.

“Oh, yes, you can bet on it,” he chuckled patting my butt. “Come on, we don’t want them to suspect anything.”

This wasn’t the first time I saw him perform, in fact, I met him at one of his concerts, but this time it felt different. I watched him singing his heart out on the stage to his screaming fans and I wanted to be a bigger part of his life. I felt like keeping our relationship a secret was holding him back. He had enough on his plate, worrying about our thing was just adding to his stress. I wanted everyone to know that he had someone who was supporting him through everything and was there for him.

After the concert I waited for him to get ready to leave and then on our ride home I was thinking about it more. I decided to talk to him about.

“Shawn?” I asked breaking the silence in the car.

“Yeah?” he smiled at me turning to me. He was holding my hands on his lap slowly stroking my palm with his fingers.

“I was thinking about… us.” I saw the terror in his eyes hearing it, so I quickly came clear. “Not like that! I wasn’t thinking about leaving you or anything.”

“Thank God, you scared me to death,” he sighed in relief. “So then what is it about?”

Taking a deep breath I just said what I had been thinking about.

“I thought that maybe we should go public.” For a moment he didn’t say anything, so I continued. “You have enough to worry about without our secret, I want you to enjoy this relationship, and not care about if anyone sees us. And I’m also getting tired of sneaking around.”

“Great idea,” he cracked a smile nodding. “I was thinking about the same but didn’t want to rush you or anything, but I’m glad you brought it up.” I bit my bottom lip leaning closer to him and kissed his soft lips.

“So does this mean I’m allowed to kiss you in public?” I asked wiggling my eyebrows at him.

“Anytime you want, baby,” he chuckled kissing me once more.


Update: Hey One piece fans anyone interested in some badges~? (and some other things)
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Osomatsu-san sales post

Ah also if you’re wondering how big the yakara can badges in the top pic are here’s a lil size comparison pic with my hand under the cut:

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia meme: [6/7] scenes
The Gang Broke Dee – “Dee, wait, wait. Wait. I made a mistake. All this time, I’ve been searching for the perfect guy to take you off of my hands forever, but I realized something. The perfect guy’s been under my nose the entire time.”


 I love and hate this “Book of Life AU” so much.

Vincent as Manolo, Scott as Joaquin and Paige as Maria. And ofcourse based on “Three Rings AU” cause there is no way in hell im leaving anyone hanging.


mysticbaconslice is to blame


I know the fluff looks super soft and touchable and tempting, but like… don’t.  Don’t touch.  If you have occasion to be in the vicinity of the fluff - unless Dan explicitly invites you to do so for some reason – DON’T TOUCH.

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I know Markimoo has commented on this kinda stuff before and I know Arin has as well, so I think this bears repeating.  Unless someone gives you permission, don’t go touching on people without permission.  That’s harassment and harassment is NOT COOL.  So don’t do it, k?  You wouldn’t want a complete stranger to come up to you and start touching on your bits, so don’t do that to Dan and Arin.  K?  K.