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a hard-won lesson: a married bawson smut fic

As promised, my dear Jennifer @magicinhermadness​ , who is my face and also just the best ever. They are married in the fic but Mike still calls her Baker, I think of them as like the baseball Jim and Pam.

Basically: Ginny is a little shit, does something on purpose to rile Mike up and he tries to teach her a lesson. 

(There is some spanking and a little bit of dirty talk, just as a warning – and this gif is purely for the hand porn…and the neck porn…and the arm porn…and beard porn…and…)

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Mike walks into his house and immediately understands why people are sometimes driven to commit murder.

He takes three deep breaths, rolls his neck, and calmly closes every cupboard that Ginny has left open. Mike cannot count the times he’s chided her, made fun of her, outright begged her to stop leaving the fucking cupboards open. 

It’s one of his pet peeves, just one of those things that makes him want to scream into a pillow with rage.

Ginny knows this, has seen him rant to her while she stands to the side, barely trying to hold back her amused smile at the obvious torment she’s causing him.

He doesn’t know if she’s doing it on purpose, but it feels a little cruel. If she knows it makes his blood boil, why in the world would she continue to do it? She’s not that inconsiderate or unaware of herself. 

So, why is his wife doing this to him?


"Up here, old man!”

Her voice carries down from the bedroom and he debates asking her to come downstairs but decides to go to her. He’s always loved seeing her in their bed, she loses tension, spreads out, is at her most vulnerable. 


She’s laying on her stomach, reading a book on top of the covers. She’s wearing a pair of Padres boy shorts, a personal favourite of his, and a dark tank top. Her hips bounce a little on the bed and she stretches, lifting her ass into the air.

His hands itch with a need to touch her.

Once again, she has to know what she’s doing.

She must.

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barelytherenotallhere  asked:

Prompt: chuck clayton vowed to get Betty back for what she did to him, so he decided to humiliate her by doing something to her cheer uniform in the middle of a big crowd, juggie helped her cover up by giving her his flannel shirt...

(This is rather angsty, I’m sorry!! Hope you like it, dear!!! Thank you for requesting! <3)

With hands hidden inside the pockets of his jeans and headphones adorning his neck as usual, Jughead made lazily his way to the central park of their small town, already detecting the hordes of people that filled the historic site from a corner away. Today was a big day for Riverdale.

Today marked the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Riverdale’s very famous and very beloved varsity team, their River Bulldogs, and the town had worn its best to celebrate its athletic stars. Like any other year at this date, every street and every shop were decorated with flags and posters and banners and shiny confetti, all in the colors of blue and gold. Bakers were selling lemon cupcakes with yellow frosting and blue sprinkles, Sheriff Keller was patrolling with only the blue lights flickering on top of his police car, even Pop’s had a special menu for the day, consisting of hotdogs and fries served in blue and yellow wrappers along with a blue raspberry milkshake. The peak of all these festivities was a huge gather around at Riverdale’s Central Park where music, food and dance lasted till the small hours. Yeah, their town was crazy just like that.  

Jughead could always remember himself slouching in a booth as Pop’s at such date, gloomy and grumpy at how ridiculous and pointless such fiestas were in his opinion. However, this year he could feel a tad of excitement run to his system, just like any other high schooler or resident of this town. It wasn’t because the event was a tad bigger this year – sixty years for some reason were a big deal – nor because Chuck Clayton and his gooneys’ squad wouldn’t be the guests of honor, bragging and sporting cocky grins like always – even though that was indeed very satisfying. It was because a certain blonde haired, blue eyed someone could barely hold back her own radiating thrill and wide smile this whole passed week.

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Need You- Cassian Andor

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Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Rating: A little bit of violence, not too much. Our OC gets into a scuffle but comes out of it alright.

A/N: More Cassian. Enjoy! Will post a list of what’s coming up soon (Percival Graves, Jim Kirk, etc)


I slipped quietly through the streets, keeping my head down and shoulder close to the wall. The crowd jostled around me, nobody paying much attention to anyone else. There was only one thought on my mind: getting back to the ship. Dinah’s sharp words echoed in my ears, her grip tight on my bicep as she pushed me in the opposite direction.

Split up. Better one of us runs into trouble than two.

My blaster felt heavy against my hip, hidden underneath my long, weather worn jacket. Maybe if we had been leaving with something useful, there would have been a little bit of lightness in my step. Instead, I couldn’t help but feel as we’d just been wasting our time. Another dead end and another step back from discovering what the Empire was up to.


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Pirate Love (1)

Request:  hook imagine where you met him the first time when he was in Neverland and when he comes back with Emma and the others to rescue Henry that you two meet again and he remembers you. 
Paring:  Hook x Reader
Note: I actually used some Assassins Creed inspiration for this, I also have Harley Quinn feels so I Couldn’t help the detail about the clothes. This is going to have 3 chapters!

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Stealthily, your hand reached for the pocket of a traveler. You guessed to be royalty because of his attire. You looked quite wealthy, so it was easy to blend in and walk next to people without looking out of place. You were wearing flat black boots with tight trousers, they were easy to run in and jump in making it so much easier to get away encase you got caught. You also had a black loose corset on and black overcoat with red linen. Finished with a beautiful plain black hat with floral red flowers on the side. 

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||Ponyboy Imagine||

Requested! ~ “Can I get a Ponyboy imagine where they get into a fight about a Soc flirting and they have a harsh breakup? Maybe a week later, Soda and Darry beg her to take him back because he’s a mess? If you can, thanks!”

As our hands tangle with each other, we walked down the street passing the drive through. My head lifted as I stared at the specks of white covering the dark night sky. “Ya know y/n… I love you…” Ponyboy stuttered as his grey eyes stared softly into mine. I smile as I continued to look up. My heart seems to break out of my chest, cars drove past us as we sat down in the lot with are fingers tangled together. People’s whispered echoed into my ears as Ponyboy got up, offering his hand as I pulled him down. Laughs filled the air as we both started to walk home. As the silence consumed us, a large rawr came up behind us. “ hey baby, what are you doing with a guy like that aye?” He said while smirking, my hands were shaking and Ponyboy knew this as he darted his eyes to the socs real quick. “Hey back off!” He boomed but got rejected instantly. “Shut up kid!” , I smiled innocently, hoping to win their affection then drop it on their asses. “Geeh i don’t know?” I said flirty as they all eyes darted to me, most in surprise. Ponyboy started to question what was i doin as I continued. “So where you goin?” They questioned , I looked up, while Myles scrambled for an answer. “ just goin home, you know?” I said as i curled my hair with one finger just like in the movies. Ponyboy was clueless. The more we talked the more his blood boiled. He clenched his hand onto mine and started running, dragging me along, the cold breeze hit my face, before we knew it we were at his house. His head spun towards me as he started yelling. “What the hell was that!” I started to stare at my feet, hoping he would understand. “Well I was hoping If i distrac-” I was cut off “No! What happens if you got hurt! It feels like you would’ve chose them over me!” I don’t understand my own emotions, my blood boiled even tho I wasn’t mad. “ well maybe I should’ve! This avoid all this yelling and you not trusting me!” I help my breath… hoping this all was a nightmare, just dreaming. “Fine go! We’re done!” He boomed as he ran back into his house. I didn’t understand… I never cry… I don’t understand these tears, I don’t understand. I put my hands in my pockets and left to home.

  • 3 days later… just cause it’s 3 in the morning-

I put my apron on, heading to the cafe I worked in, the streets were full of laughter and lil chats. My eyes felt heavy, and my body felt sluggish as I walked in the door. “Hey y/n? You don’t look so well? You wanna day off or somethin?” The manager yelled across the room, I rejected kindly as I started to serve customers, many old and wise and many young and innocent. “Thank you sir, hoped you enjoyed the meal!” I said politely as a kind reply was recieved. The bell ran at the door signaling another customer, I looked up to see Darry and Sodapop. “Y/n? Hey sir can I talk to y/n for a second?” He shook his head as he took over serving for a little while. Their expressions seemed tense, as Darry began to speak, in a soft but troubled tone of voice. “Y/n, we need you to go back with Pone… I know what happened between you two, but he’s a real mess, he hasn’t eaten to 2 days and hasn’t slept in 48 hours.at this rate he might get seriously sick, or worse…” My eyes widened. ’ why is he doing this to himself? Does he want to die and then let me suffer?’ My minds thoughts kept swirling around making me feel dizzy on my feet. “Y/n, I know it’s hard for you but please come back to him?” Sodas voice sounded sweet, and calm , even tho his body screamed for help. I sighed as i took of my apron. “ hey sir! I need to go home for a bit! I feel quite sick.” He looked at me for a second and sighed, as he nodded slowly. I thanked him as I left. I entered their house, food was cooked not to long ago because the smell still lingered around the house, i tip toed to his room, as I knocked on the door. I opened the door slowly to find Ponyboy laying in bed, sleeping…. “Hey Darry… he’s sleeping.” I whispered as I entered. Darry peaked in the room, amazed at what he saw. “ don’t wake him up… he needs this.” Soda semi whispered. My feet planted softly on the ground as I got into his bed slowly, wrapping my arms around him. Darry and soda seemed to leave. My eyes started to feel heavy as I fell asleep.

My eyes opened, Ponyboy wasn’t in bed… my mind came together as I got up. I walked out of his room with him talking to Darry. Ponyboy started to walk back into his room so I laid back down and pretended to sleep… he laid down infront of me… “You always were the worst liar.” He said smiling. I opened my eyes in defeat. “ whoopsie..” we both chuckled slightly as he hugged me… “Y/n please don’t leave me… I’m sorry…”

Dear Jayde...

@mrsjugheadjonesthethird Our friendship may have only been for just a little while so far, but you mean so much to me already. I am so lucky to be part of the family, and getting to know you is such a privilege. I would like you to know that I am undoubtedly here for you. I will be a loyal friend like you deserve.

Whenever you’re doubting yourself or feeling down, I came up with a 10-song playlist for you of songs that can possibly improve your mood.

1. Hand In My Pocket - Alanis Morisette

2. Kitchen Sink - Twenty One Pilots

3. Neptune - Sleeping At Last

4. DARE - Gorillaz

5. Inhale and Hold - Vesperteen

6. Feathers So Hollow - Vesperteen

7. That’s Right - Cage The Elephant

8. Borderline - Tove Styrke

9. Number One - Tove Styrke

10. Hug All Ur Friends - Cavetown

I genuinely hope you enjoy this, love. You deserve the world!


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f there’s one piece of kit that can work its way into any EDC, it’d be a Swiss Army Knife. You probably already own one for its handy set of tools in an all-in-one package. With all the different models, sizes, colors, and tool configurations of Swiss Army Knives, they’ve become a popular collectible in the carry community. This year’s limited edition release is equipped to tick all the right boxes as a new crowd favorite: a pocket-friendly 93mm size, durable and slim Alox scales, and best of all, a classic olive drab green color to accent any carry style.

The new olive digs come to one of the most well-rounded models of the Swiss Army Knife in the Pioneer. It’s sized just right for all-around use in the hand and in the pocket at 3.5” long and half an inch thick. The Pioneer offers an excellent tool set for general EDC utility: a large main blade, a reamer/punch for poking, a combination can opener/small screwdriver, and a combination large screwdriver/bottle opener/wire stripper. Lastly, a keyring attachment gives you the option of tossing it on your keys or outfitting it with a paracord lanyard for better retrieval, grip, and emergency utility.

If you find the Pioneer too big for your EDC needs, you can also opt for the smaller Cadet or keychain-sized Classic Swiss Army Knives in the limited edition olive green Alox finishes as part of this year’s release. Check out the Pioneer at the link below.

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rekindling love

bellamy blake x reader

word count: 625

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Lunar Punishment Jinx

To discipline one’s target and make them realize the severity of their actions.


  • representation of target
  • (expendable) headband
  • moon water; water charged in moonlight, phase at practitioner’s discretion
  • (optional) moonstone


Pre-preparation: Either go outside or do this spell in a space with no risk of damaging fragile objects nor the like. If timing is important in your practice, determine which phase of the moon best fits for you to perform this spell.

1. Set up the representation at a distance relative to your workspace requirements and ability to launch objects.

2. Take the other items to the opposite side of your workspace. Soak the headband in the moonwater. If you have moonstone, either put it in your pocket or in your non-dominant hand.

3. Remove the headband with your dominant hand, and position yourself as Usagi is at the stopped point of this video. Aim at the representation of your target, and lob the headband as appropriate at it, saying:

Moon Tiara Stardust!