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Warm up of casual touches and exciting new relationships.

@dogblr: it’s really cold

And suddenly Asher is not down with the snow for the first time - particularly with his paws. The rest of him seems fine, but he’ll start walking funny to try to avoid making more contact with his paws.

For reference, it’s been around 7F/-13C.

When it was more around 15F, he still laid down in the snow, let me toss snow on him and didn’t shake off, didn’t really care about the cold, etc. Now that it’s even colder, he’s doing the paw thing. This morning he seemed bothered even after only running out to do his business real quick.

(What I find weird is that Gunner, while bodily cold, doesn’t seem bothered when it comes to his feet.)

Would Musher’s Secret beforehand help? His fur isn’t all that long in his feet, but could that be part of it?

Would boots be worth it or should we just submit to staying inside more when it gets this cold? I know a lot of dogs really don’t like boots so Firework is hesitant to go that route. I’d want to start with something cheap but worthwhile before dropping $100 on really nice ones from Ruffwear, you know.

Not sure who to tag besides @books-and-barns because everybody else either has much fluffier floofs or Gunner-length fur dogs.

i feel like

There are few words that can adequately articulate the overwhelming dismay we already feel when faced with the reality that our country voted a con man to be president. A con man that we had blatant evidence of him being a:

- Racist

- Liar

- Tax Evader

- Sexual violator

- Rapist

As a nation we are coming together and are forced to deal with the disheartening reality that our country is so broken that such a man can be elected president. And on top of such an already dark reality, we now need to process each new measure, action and law that goes through at the hands of this administration geared towards further disenfranchising the marginalized.

I’m glad it’s Friday because I’m going to be fresh out of fucks for a few days/weeks while I swallow all of this

Things I really really need to see from Berena

-Driving in together

-Stealing kisses before they walk into the hospital

-Holding hands as they walk into/from work

-Catching each others eyes from across the ward

-Smiling at each other from across the ward


-Intimate stares in their office

-Bernie sat on Serena’s desk playing with each other’s hands

-Serena taking advantage of Bernie being on her desk and standing up to kiss her

-Fixing each other’s hair after surgery

-Rushing into the office because they can’t wait to kiss each other after a difficult day

-Cuddles in the office

-Holding hands over the gear stick when they drive in together

-More massages

-Standing next to each other at the nurses station with arms/shoulders touching

-More reassuring shoulder rubs

-One talking about the other (sweetness of course, like how much they love them or how annoying they are at home) to colleagues when they’re not on the same shift

-Waking up together in the morning

-Sleepy kisses and touches and smiles

-More sarcasm and flirting with knowing and cute smiles

-Not being able to stop staring at each other when they’re not looking and being caught by colleagues

-General cuteness