hands down; this is the most adorable show ever


This is so lovely. Stephen sits down with his fourth grade teacher (and the last one he apparently academically tried for), and she had saved a cassette from 1974 of a test she gave him. The cute little animation for the audio of the tape was a sweet touch.

Made me tear up a bit… I have a couple of teachers that left a significant lasting impression on me and had a hand in shaping who I am today, and to show them how far you’ve come since they taught you is something I want to experience.

let’s be positive; 11x20

I’m literally crying. No, really. I’ve got tears in my eyes and every time I think about the ending I want to cry some more, because besides The Man Who Would Be King, that was my favorite episode of all time. Hands down. Robbie, you are by far the most talented writer I’ve ever seen on a TV show and I adore your work. 

  • When the theory popped up that Chuck was God, I fully supported it. After Swan Song, there really was no denying it in my mind, at least. The character of Chuck had a different tone, which suggested what we learned in today’s episode: God was playing as Chuck on Earth this entire time, turned off the amulet so he couldn’t be found, watched the Winchesters save the world firsthand, and let humanity run it’s course. 
    • What’s interesting about this is that the theory of a “hands off” God is very popular in religious circles (and as a Christian, I know this firsthand from going to Bible school for basically my entire life). Essentially, there are people who believe that God is there, but he is letting humanity run it’s course on its own and is no longer intervening. I don’t agree with that in real life, I feel like the Lord is involved in ways we cannot even imagine, but on the show, it works wonderfully. “Chuck” was witnessing the world firsthand by partaking in his creation: learning guitar, dating (men AND women, thank you, Robbie), living everything firsthand. He runs a blog about cats, he watches humanity, he is living as one of us, unknown. He doesn’t answer prayers, he only helps when convenient, and is letting free will reign. He is a God who is letting things run it’s course, and now that Amara is going to destroy what he formed, he doesn’t care. From what we’ve viewed over the entirety of the show, I’m very glad this approach to God is the interpretation they went with, because it is just very clever. 
  • I never thought I’d say that I like Metatron, but in this episode, I adored him. Part of that was from Curtis’s acting, which was the best I’ve ever seen out of him. I enjoyed the version of Metatron who dropped the douche act and presented his pain and disappointment to God when given the chance. He wasn’t afraid, but he was angry. He admits to being  a loser god, one who didn’t do anything and only cried out for attention from his father. And yet, he got none. God ignored him, as per usual. Of course, Metatron is pissed about this fact. I loved the pure anger I got from him, the unapologetic, ruthless review of God’s work, once he got past trying to please him by lying. I loved that in a way, he is the one who convinces God to rescue humanity from Amara, the angel who thought humans were just pawns in his game as an angel, now appreciates humanity as a human man. It reminded me a lot of Gabriel’s speech to Lucifer in his last episode, actually. I loved it. Ugh. A C T I N G. 
  • Note: all of the acting in this episode was phenomenal, but the episode goes to Rob and Curtis for rocking those Chuck/Metatron scenes. I was frightened of Chuck a bunch of times this episode, while also laughing at the comedic lines. Our cast is way too talented, guys. 
  • Random thought, but ironing Sam’s shirt with beer was AMAZING. The timing on that was perfectly done by Jared and Jensen, as per usual. It was gold. 
  • Chuck taking Metatron to that landscape to ‘enjoy it one last time’ really put into perspective that he really is going to let Amara take down everything, and that is when Metatron first realizes that yeah, he’s gotta intervene. Perfectly written, and that landscape can’t be beat in beauty. 
  • THE LITTLE JOKES ABOUT THE OLD EPISODES. Like ‘That’s was my editor’s face when I turned in Bugs’ or ‘Supernatural. Revolution. You’re not great with the titles.’ BLESS YOU, ROBBIE.
  • Metatron talking about God being a coward TOOK BALLS. I never thought I’d be cheering on Metatron, but I was today. 
  • And Chuck’s reaction about being all powerful was ugh, amazing.
  • Back to the brothers, I loved that we got a glimpse of Sam holding a baby because TALK ABOUT ADORABLE. Dean was also great with duct taping the walls and windows with that ‘blue steel’ face he had on. Jensen, really now? Too good. 
  • It’s not unusual by any means, but I loved that Dean wasn’t going to leave Sam in the fog, even if he couldn’t be affected by it. (Not thrilled about trying to take in the fog to go down with Sam again, but it’s SPN; codependency is expected at this point imo.)
  • No, literally, I was crying real tears when that happened and they found Chuck at the end. Beautiful. 

Guys, everything about the episode is what I would’ve hoped for. Robbie, thank you for making me cry AGAIN. Beautiful. 

Next week, we’re going right into the action with Lucifer being held by Amara, Amara and Dean talking again, and Chuck back for good (?). Also this is the episode where Dean cries, right? It’s gonna be amazing!