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Her Favorite Genius

This is my fic for @passionate-hedgehog‘s exchange!  I got @stunudo to write for!

She only had a couple preferences: that it takes place within the first eleven seasons and that it has JJ, Garcia, and Spencer in it.

Coming up with an idea for this was easier than I expected.  This is inspired by the end of season 8 episode 5, where JJ announces Henry is going trick-or-treating as his favorite profiler, Spencer.  In this fic, Spencer and Y/N’s daughter decides to go as her favorite tech genius!

Hope you like this darling, I really enjoyed writing it!  Sorry, it’s a little short, I’ve hit a stump and really needed something to get me out of it.  This helped, but I hope it’s good nonetheless!

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“No trick-or-treating for you this year?” Rossi asked Morgan as they made their way through the bullpen.

The chiseled man chuckled and shook his head.  “Tempting but I think not.”

“How about dinner?  I’ll buy,” Rossi offered, smirking at his coworker.

“I’ll take a free meal any day.”

“What about Jenn, Y/N?  She still not going to trick-or-treat?” Rossi asked Y/N.  She was stacking file folders on her desk, trying to organize quickly so she could get out of there.

“Funny you mention that,” she replied with a smirk.  “She’s changed her mind.”

“Everyone,” Spencer said from the doorway.  “As you all know, little Jenn said she didn’t want to go trick-or-treating this year because she was a bit nervous about it.”

“Takes after her father,” Penelope said with a smirk.  “What changed her mind?”

“Well,” Y/N said, “I told her that if she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t have to, but that meant she wouldn’t get to show everyone what she dressed up as.”

“You blackmailed a toddler?” Derek asked amused.

“She wanted so badly to dress up as her hero and favorite genius that she decided to come here and around the rest of the Bureau to get her candy.”

“She’s dressing up as Spencer?” Penelope gushed, placing a hand over her heart.

“Nope,” Y/N said with a grin.

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A Peter Parker x Reader Fluffy Drabble

Your mind wandered as each cloud passed overhead. With each different possibility, you escaped into a new reality. A fish? You were a mermaid under the sea. The head of a dragon? You were a knight sent on an important mission for your Kind and Queen. Captain America’s shield? You were a member of the Avengers. You hated reality.


You sat up and your heart began to race. Your eyes met a pair of curious brown ones. Their accompanying smile sent a grin to your lips and you felt a blush creep up onto your cheeks. It was Peter. With a skateboard in hand, he stood above you and chuckled softly.

“I knew it was you. Ned didn’t believe it, said he’d never seen you in a dress before.” 

“Hey.” You bit your lip and glanced down at your dress. “Yeah, I was actually supposed to meet a guy here for a date b-”

“Oh, a-am I interrupting?” His words came out quickly as he searched his surroundings. “Is he coming now? I c-can go.”

But,” You leaned towards him, accentuating the word with a hand motion. “He had to take a raincheck. My assumption is he realized how much of a nerd I am and ditched me for someone cooler.”

“Being a nerd is cool.” Peter’s charming smile returned. “At least, I think it is.”

“It may also be that cloud gazing isn’t that interesting of a date.” You dropped onto your back and stared up at the sky. “I just thought it’d be fun to get lost in the clouds and talk to each other, get to know the more personal things.”

“If he’s not coming,” Peter’s body shifted nervously. “May I join you?”

Your heart skipped a beat. You held your breath, he had to have been kidding. You waited for him to take back his words, to run back to Ned and do whatever the two of them were doing. You turned your gaze to him. 

“If you want.” You instinctively wiped your hands on the base of your dress. “I won’t force you to hang out with me, especially if you’re here with Ned.”

“You’re not forcing me, I like hanging out with you.” He dropped his skateboard to the ground and settled himself onto your plaid blanket. “Besides, Ned’s off doing homework, or something.”

You didn’t respond verbally, you merely nodded your head and returned your attention to the clouds, or at least you tried to. Seconds felt like hours as you listened to his breathing, the little noises he’d make when he saw a cloud he liked, the faint movements of his hands; they’d rest behind his head, on his stomach, chest, above his head, on the ground, on top of your hand.

“Oh, s-sorry.” He pulled his hand away quickly. “I didn’t- I didn’t mean to do, well, that. I’m-”

“It’s okay, Peter.” You licked your lips before looking over at him. He was already looking in your direction. “What?”

“Nothing.” His voice had dropped to a whisper. “It’s nothing.”

You couldn’t get yourself to pull away. You were lost in his eyes as the clouds moved by above. Your hand inched towards his again and you locked fingers. His eyes jerked down before back to yours, his cheeks growing crimson when he realized you had done it on purpose. 

“You look angelic in this light.” His voice remained soft. “I-I mean, you always look beautiful, I just meant that-”

You laughed wholeheartedly and rolled onto your side, removing your hand from his. You loved how quirky Peter was, how awkward. It reminded you that not everyone was a smooth-talking bad boy like in the popular tv shows. He was the most adorable person you’d ever laid eyes on. 

“Thank you.” You brought your free hand up and brushed a strand of his hair from his face. “You’re pretty angelic yourself, Parker.”

Peter’s eyes dropped to your lips and butterflies fought in your stomach. You watched as he contemplated moving onto his side, but he remained on his back. You watched him brush his fingertips over his lips and tighten his hands into fists. You watched as he opened his mouth to speak, but your attention was pulled towards an approaching Ned.

“Yo, Peter, you ready? Hey, (Y/N), I like the dress.” Ned waved and held a laptop underneath his arm.

“Oh, uh, yeah.” Peter cleared his throat and pushed himself up to his feet, grabbing his skateboard and moving away languidly next to Ned.

Your heart dropped. You had wanted him to make a move, any move. Even if it had been scooting closer or taking your hand again once you switched positions. You chastised yourself for not making a move yourself, more than just holding his hand once. You’d lost your once in a lifetime opportunity. 

You returned to laying on your back and closed your eyes, allowing yourself to imagine what kissing Peter would be like. Soft and gentle? Rough and passionate? A mixture of both? You longed to know. 

The soft patter of feet and the sound of something falling to the ground surrounded you. You didn’t open your eyes, it didn’t sound close enough to hurt you. You were too concerned with fantasizing about kissing a boy you’d never get to.

“I couldn’t leave without doing this.”

Peter’s voice echoed in your ears before you could open your eyes. His lips were on yours and his hands on your cheeks. Your forearms held you up as he kissed you, an unbelieving awestruck you. It hadn’t lasted more than a few seconds before he pulled away and ran back to Ned. The tingling of his lips on yours remained and you sat watching him leave. 

Once he had left, you packed up your things and ran home, needing to call your friends and explain what had just happened. You were excited to go to school the next day, you’d get to see him, even if he acted like nothing had happened. To whisper to him that he, in fact, had a rather rough and passionate kiss.

You reminded yourself to text Mr. Raincheck and thank him for not showing up.

A/N: Kind of wrote this down on paper and thought I’d put it on Tumblr for fun. Plus, you know, I wanna write more Peter Parker fics because I’m a complete bitch for Tom Holland. Tagging you, @riseofthehufflepuffs, because I know how much you like fluffy Peter Parker. Other tags below the “Keep Reading”

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Ninjago Movie: The Real Reason Garmadon Ran Away

As the crowds of Ninjago stood still with fear, a red-headed woman marched right up to Lord Garmadon and delivered a back-handed slap right across his charred face. “How dare you come back here.” She snarled as she stared up at the much taller man.

Garmadon rubbed his cheek with his upper left hand while holding his lower hands up in defense. “Koko, please-“

“Don’t Koko, please me.” She mocked as she wrinkled her nose. “You abandon me and my son for 16 years and you waltz back into town expecting me to welcome you back?!”

“I wasn’t exactly expecting a welcome, but- wait,” Garmadon narrowed his blood red eyes at his ex-wife. “Abandon?”

Koko crossed her arms. “Yes, abandon.” She spat. “I trusted you, loved you- and after our beautiful son was born you abandoned me. You left me to raise a child alone. I can’t ever forgive you for that.”

Garmadon didn’t seem to listen to her. “You thought I abandoned you?” he bellowed so loudly it shook the street. The citizens on looking the squabble took a few more steps back.

Koko didn’t flinch. She kept her narrowed gaze directly on Garmadon. “I knew you are the villain of the city, but I was hoping you’d be the hero in my life. That’s what I get for falling for a warlord.” Leaving Garmadon speechless, she turned to leave. She was about to wipe some water from her eyes, but the warlord softly grabbed her arm.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, Koko,” he said softly, in the soothing voice that Koko adored 16 years ago. She took a deep breath and turned back to her ex. “Then what did you expect would happen, Garm? That I was okay with you vanishing when I needed you the most?”

He slowly reached down and took her hand. “You were the best thing that had ever happened to me. Well, until Luh-loyd was born. I…never really knew what having a family meant until the moment I saw his little face. I couldn’t have been more proud.”

Koko tried not to show it, but her throat was tightening up and it was getting harder and harder to breathe.

“But the thoughts,” Garmadon continued, his red eyes glaring into hers. “The evil in my blood wouldn’t keep silent, no matter how hard I tried to silence it. I wanted so badly to be the good father I should have been- but there was no stopping evil. Once I saw Luh-loyd’s green eyes, I knew. I knew he was the one in the prophecy. He would become the Master of Green that was destined to defeat the dark lord. My thoughts…they…tempted me, blinded me, of the joy I felt when I was with my son.”

Lloyd halted suddenly as he rushed from around a corner and saw his father standing next to his mother. He motioned to his team, who was following him, and he ducked behind a car to be unseen, but still be able to hear the conversation.

“All I wanted to do was get rid of him,” Garmadon continued. “That’s all my mind wanted to do. I saw my child, my beautiful son, and I wanted him gone.”

Lloyd’s heart turned to ice. His eyes instantly filled with tears and he took off into an alley behind him. His team watched him, but they knew better than to race after him.

Koko stared back at the warlord, her eyes sparking with water. “That’s why you left,” she murmured, now understanding.

Garmadon nodded his head. “I knew- I- I couldn’t…hurt him.” He choked back sobs with each word. “The night I ran away I got closer than ever before. I had- a- katana- gasp- and I was standing -gasp- above-gasp- his crib. He was so peaceful, but my evil mind tried to not let me see that.” Garm clasped his hands tightly around Koko’s. “I got so close, Koko. So close! I stopped myself at the last second, and when I did, I just ran. I could not- gasp-get that close- gasp- to hurting my son- gasp -ever- gasp-again.”

Koko couldn’t talk even if she tried. She knew he had struggled with the cursed evil blood that ran through his veins, but she never imagined it could have been that bad.

Garmadon took a deep breath before continuing. “I don’t know what love is, Koko.” He muttered. “But the day I ran, I thought that I felt like I did.”

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Nurse!Bucky taking care of you when you get your wisdom teeth out. When you're loopy you mumble to him "man your girlfriend must be lucky... I'll fight her to the death for you." He chuckles and shows you his wedding ring. "Is that a tiny onion ring? Oh wait... no." You laugh then gasp dramatically. "Who is she?" "Well doll, take a look at your left hand, I think our rings match pretty well." He smirks and you break down in happy tears realizing you have the most beautiful husband ever.


Spinoff Saturday™ 

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Victuuri 20?

I’m sorry I make every prompt about dogs omg

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear + Victuuri


The first thing that Viktor does when they get home from the Finals is rush upstairs to see Makkachin.

Yuuri wasn’t expecting anything different. In fact, if he wasn’t weighed down by all his luggage he’d also be upstairs saying hello to Makkachin. He’s stopped by his parents and a couple guests who fawn over his medal and congratulate him on bagging a silver and a husband. Yuuri is very proud of himself, for once. Eventually he manages to shake them off and head upstairs, with the promise that he’ll bring Viktor back downstairs and they can have a party to celebrate their engagement.

Yuuri stops in the doorway of their room. Viktor is sitting on the floor near Makkachin, cooing and petting her, babbling excitedly in Russian. He’s so glad that he decided to take Russian for his language elective in college.

“Makka, look!” Viktor holds out his hand to show off his ring. Makkachin sniffs it curiously and then licks Viktor’s knuckles.

“I’m getting married, Makkachin,” Viktor continues excitedly. He coaxes Makkachin into his lap and wraps his arms around him. “Papa’s going to get married! Aren’t you so excited for me?”

Yuuri stifles a chuckle. Apparently, loudly announcing their recent engagement to everyone in the hotel lobby, airport, train station, and Yu-topia wasn’t enough for Viktor. He watches as Viktor runs his hands up and down Makkachin’s sides, carding his fingers through his curly fur gently.

Makkachin woofs softly and licks Viktor’s cheek. Viktor giggles and boops their noses together. Yuuri thinks that this is the most adorable thing he’s ever seen.

“I agree, he is very handsome!” Viktor says.


“Yes, he’ll be your other dad! Ah, Makka, we’re so blessed. Your future dad is so beautiful and kind and wonderful. Let’s spoil him, yeah? So he knows how much we love him.”

Yuuri blushes.

“I’m so excited to show him around Saint Petersburg! We’ll take him to all your favorite parks and I’ll show him that bridge that we pass when we go on runs. He’ll probably go on runs with us and the three of us can stop and have family breakfast near your favorite cafe.”

Viktor burrows his face in Makkachin’s fur but Yuuri catches a glimpse of his heart-shaped grin and lightly flushed cheeks. He dissolves into cute little squeaks and broken off phrases, too excited to form proper sentences. Makkachin, the best dog in the world, sits and lets Viktor smile and blush and hug him.

“I’m so happy, Makka,” Viktor says. He clutches his dog close to his chest, smiling so widely his cheeks must hurt. “I’m so happy.”

Yuuri clutches at his chest, overcome suddenly with a wave of affection for his fiancé and their dog. His future husband. They’re going to be Mr. and Mr. Katsuki-Nikiforov, who skate competitively and live in Saint Petersburg with their adorable poodle, Makkachin. The thought makes Yuuri feel like his heart might burst.

Yuuri decides not to disturb them. He leaves Viktor and Makkachin to their reunion and goes back downstairs to show off his ring to his family. He’ll come back and cuddle them both later.

After all, they have the rest of their lives together.

Staring (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/n: wow it’s about time I write something. I hope you all enjoy! 😁😁

Have you ever felt like someone was staring at you? Like you could feel someone’s eyes in the back of your head? I turned around in my seat to see Peter Parker, the smartest kid in class was staring at me. When he noticed that I was staring back he put his head down, but before he could hide his face I noticed a blush form on his cheeks. I don’t think he knows it but Peter is so cute. I sound like a little kid when I talk about him but that’s how he makes me feel. The small conversations that we have can make my day, I just wish I could talk to him more without getting nervous, maybe some day.

The sound of the bell going off signified that school is over. I can’t wait to spend a nice long weekend at home in the peace and quiet. A group of my friends were talking in the hall so I decided to join in on the conversation. “ He was totally staring at her.” Gossiping again, not that I care to much but I have to ask. “ Who was staring at who?” You would think that I had four heads with some of the looks I was getting. “ Y/n, Peter was staring at you the entire class. How did you not notice?” A light blush came to my cheeks hearing them say this, I really didn’t think anyone else had noticed. “ Oh my gosh guys she’s blushing! You like him!!” my friend exclaimed pointing at my face. I pushed her hand down in protest but she’s right. “ Stop making such a big deal about it. He sits right behind me in class, he kinda had to look at me.” My nervous laughter just confirmed to them even more that I really like him. “ Yea well he doesn’t have to be looking at you know.” Hearing those words made my head shoot up and look in Peters direction.

He’s staring at me again. He put a small smile on his face and began to walk towards me. Before I could protest all of my friends ran away. I silently cursed them all for leaving me to make a fool of myself. Too late to run now, “ H-hey Peter. What’s up?” Oh my gosh I’m already stuttering. Peter laughed, assuming at my awkwardness. “ Hey Y/n. I was actually wondering if you maybe wanna do something with me tomorrow? You don’t have to but you know we could hang out or something.” He lifted his hand to the back of his neck and a blush rose to his cheeks. Is Peter asking me out right now? This isn’t happening. “ Oh umm yea that would be great. What did you have in mind?” Relief, I think, ran across Peters face as he let out a sigh. Oh my gosh he’s so cute. “ Well we could go out to dinner and just walk around o-or if you wanted we could just stay in and watch movies and stuff. Or if you want we can do both !” Just the thought of staying in and watching movies with Peter all night makes me extremely happy. “Hahaha that sounds like a lot of fun.”

Just as I finished putting on my shoes I heard a knock at the door. I ran to the door before anyone else could answer it. I opened the door to reveal Peter standing with a few sunflowers and the most adorable smile I’ve ever seen. “ H-hey Y/n, you look so wow, beautiful you look beautiful. Oh and I got you these. ” he lifted up his hand to show me flowers, “ I was thinking roses are too overused. I hope you like them. “I love them, thank you Peter.

We began walking down the street but I have no idea where we’re going so I just followed Peter. We walked in silence, but a nice silence. The crowd around us started to get a lot bigger so Peter grabbed my hand to make sure that we stayed together. The second we touched I felt tingles roll up my arm and a shiver ran through my body. I curled my fingers around his and began to walk faster. Peter pulled me into a little corner restaurant, its small and dark but the most adorable restaurant I’ve ever seen. We were greeted by a small man who seemed extremely happy to see us. ” ahhh hello Peter, nice to see you again.“ Peter must come here a lot. The two talked for a minute until Peter and I are lead to a table set up in the corner.

” So you just got up and left?“ Peter asked as he tried to catch his breath. I had just told him the story of the time that I had left class because the teacher said I wasn’t allowed to eat. ” I was hungry! What else was I supposed to do?“ I jokingly defended myself. He let a final sigh and stared at me, fear washed over and I began to wipe my mouth. ” What? Do I have something on my face?“ Peter laughed and shook his head at me, ” No you don’t, you’re just so adorable.“ I couldn’t help the blush that rose to my cheeks so I hid my face in my hands. ” I’m really glad that you came with me tonight. I’ve liked you for so long but I never really had the courage to talk to you. “ I can’t believe that he’s saying all of this to me. Peter has liked me back. This is amazing. ” I like you too Peter but I’ve just been to shy to tell you.“ A look of surprise and pure joy came to Peters’s face. Before I could process anything Peter stood out of his seat and pulled me with him. ” I don’t know what I’m doing but I really want to kiss you right now. “ A giggle escaped my lips at what he had said. I put my hands on the back of his head and whispered as I leaned in, ” I want to kiss you too “

Peters lips are a lot rougher than I thought they would be but they are also soft and sweet. The kiss is slow and passionate, like he has been waiting to do it for so long. My fingers comb through his curly hair and rest on the back of his neck. His one hand rested on my hip while the other was gently laid across my cheek. As the kiss ended Peter still stayed centimeters from my face. I could feel his breath against my lips as he tried to catch his breath. ” I don’t think you know how long I’ve wanted to do that “, he confessed. I couldn’t hide my blush this time so I just nodded my head, ” oh I think I do because I’ve wanted it too. “ A smile grew on his face at my words, a smile that I could stare at forever.

Later that night Peter and I had decided to sit and watch movies at his apartment. Right now we’re in the middle of The Princess Bride, it’s at the part where Westley is fighting Inigo Montoya on his way to save Buttercup. ” You know if Westley would have just told Buttercup that he loves her then none of this would ever happen.“ The soft whispers of Peter sent chills down my spine. I turned my head to face him and put my legs up onto his, ” I know but if he did that then there wouldn’t be a story.” He rested his hands on my leg and gently rubbed his thumbs back and forth on my smooth skin. “ I’m really glad I asked you out today. I was hoping I could ask you something else too.” I looked up at Peter confused, what could his question be? I nodded my head, signaling for him to continue. He moved his hands up to hold mine and stared down at them. “ I was hoping that maybe you would want to be my girlfriend. You don’t have to say yes though! I get it if you don’t.” His face is bright red and he still hasn’t looked up yet. I put my hand under his chin to lift his face up. Our eyes met and my heart melted, he had the cutest puppy dog look on his face. “ Peter I’d love to be your girlfriend.” The second those words left my mouth Peter was jumping on top of me and covering my face in kisses. This is the happiest I could be and I’m so glad that it’s because of him.

Small headcanons about the EAH parents 

Snow White & Ferdinand : The ultimate business parents which make people believe they have quite the loveless marriage. It isn’t true at all in fact. Ferdinand is the affectionate one that would pull Snow into slow dances in the kitchen and always wake her up with small kisses to her face. They both believe in the concept of true love and always have each other’s backs through anything as long as it makes the other person happy. ( They also named Apple, Apple to make all the Apple puns ) 

The Evil Queen & The Good King : They seem cold together in public because The Evil Queen just can’t show affection when other people are around. The Good King always whispers how beautiful she is and they are both very affectionate in private. Gentle kisses and cuddles in bed which The Evil Queen sometimes start because it’s just them there. No one can see how weak she is when it comes to her husband because she really loves him. 

Cinderella & Charming : The most adorable annoying couple ever, they are always holding hands and kisses each other because they are just so happy together. Charming always slide down on the floor when his wife has dropped a shoe and they do a small reenactment of when he found her after the ball. Most people think it’s just an act of perfection they keep up but it’s actually very true love. 

Sleeping Beauty & Her King : When Sleeping Beauty falls asleep the King is always around the catch her and carry her to somewhere she can lay and sleep safely. He is always worried she is going to fall out a window or the stairs and hardly spend time away from his wife. In bed, at nights Sleeping Beauty always snuggle up against his chest and strokes his cheek and thank him for taking care of her and not ever getting annoyed about the curse. They worry for each other more than the other person thinks and just want to make sure their couple is safe and okay. 

Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf : Let’s face it, the couple that still thinks no one knows about them and sneaks around for the thrill. Always secret meetings in the woods like when they were young to have picnics and kiss in the sunset. They also feel so much guilt when it comes to their daughters because of their own secret and they wish that people would be more understanding so their daughter didn’t have to keep the big bad secret that is their parents. 

The Snow King & The Snow Queen : The ultimate cuddle couple, they never stand without each other and always holds each other in some way. Both of them just love the other person so much they want to kiss and hug all the time no matter where they are but the best cuddle place is in front of the fire late at night when everyone has gone to sleep so they can be alone and just be them for a few hours. 

The Queen Of Heart & The King of Hearts : Very affectionate towards each other in private. Every time no one is around they can just breathe out and let go of being king and queen for a few minutes. They are always snuggling in bed in the mornings and don’t spend time with the small kisses, they have passionate kisses and always whispers how “You are the queen of my heart” or “You are the king of mine” and they would never let anything happen to the other person. It has always been them and that is something that continued from their first kiss. 

King Charming & Queen Charming : Both of them sleep with swords under their pillows in case of danger and actually have long talks about how Queen Charming wishes Darling could have the same hero training as their sons. They both try to understand the others point of views and always keep up the royal couple apperence in public. At home, they can relax and just enjoy watching over their children. The king is very fond of holding his queen’s hands because of the calluses, it’s a constant reminder of the tuff girl he fell in love with and that she could kick his ass if he ever did anything wrong. 

Beauty & Beast : Active helper of animals and creatures and isn’t the people to judge someone for their stories or appearance. They are always pulling each other into slow dances and just loves to take small walks through the woods together and talk through the latest book they finished. They both are still so completely in love with the other person and feel so incredibly lucky that they lived through their story together.  

Hidden Kitten

*Gif creds to whoever made it as I just searched on google! 

a/n: i’m rusty on writing and very sensitive. enjoy :))

You were sitting at the back of Finstock’s class with your backpack sitting atop your desk. Both of your hands were shoved inside to let your fingers run smoothly over soft fur. You kept your eyes focused on Coach, who was pacing at the front and ranting about something one of the older students had done, to keep him from getting suspicious. About halfway through class, your pack starting meowing. A few pairs of eyes glanced over at you curiously. You gave them an awkward smile and pulled a hand out to wave them off. You ducked down to look inside your pack to catch a tiny ball of fur wiggling around, trying to slip its head out of your bag.

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EXO’s reaction to you being pregnant

BAEKHYUN - Excited Baekhyun would just look at your belly and talk to it with a very enthusiastic tone of voice. He’d have a full on conversation with your belly and you’re just standing there waiting for him to finish. Baekhyun would already talk about the Universities your child will go to and it’s not even 10 minutes in to his one sided conversation.

CHANYEOL - Chanyeol would be so surprised, he’d bring his hands up to cover his mouth. He’d be very giggly and happy. He’d look at you so lovingly before hugging you as much as he can. Chanyeol would have to make you repeat the exact words you told him about your pregnancy because he’s just so happy about it.

CHEN - Jongdae would be completely lost for words when you tell him your pregnant. He’d slowly form the brightest smile you ever did see. He would just put on that smile for a few minutes before releasing a hearty chuckle. He’d hug you and thank you multiple times. Jongdae would even tear up a bit because he’s just so happy.

D.O - You would immediately see Kyungsoo’s smile. He’d ask you again and again, “Really?” or “Are you serious?” with a grin on his face, because he needed you to make sure it was all real and not a dream for him. Kyungsoo would lovingly hold you in his arms out of happiness.

KAI - Sweet Jongin would be so happy he could just shout. Which he eventually did, because he’s just so excited and elated. Jongin would just be up on his feet, walking around you and he would be so jumpy. He’d immediately call his family to share the good news.

LAY - Yixing would be so shocked. He’d have to drag his hands up and down his face before showing his gleeful reaction. He’d look at you so dearly, before actually crying. You have to help him up because Yixing would be so happy to the point of crying on the floor.

SEHUN - “So I have to compete for your affection now?” or “But you’ll still love me right?” Sehun would joke, but in all honesty, he’d be so proud and excited for the both of you.He would stare at your belly and show a thumbs up. Sehun would give you a quick kiss on the lips before he calls the other members and boast about you carrying his child.

SUHO - Junmyeon being Junmyeon, his initial reaction would tear up out of sheer happiness. He’d be so caught up in crying, that he’d forget to show how happy he was. He’d look pretty funny trying to calm himself when he’s about to hug you. He’d hold you for a long time before he starts sobbing a bit again.

XIUMIN - Minseok’s reaction would be the most adorable thing you’d ever see. He’d jump for joy and act like an excited kid. He’d hold your hand with a warm gaze in his eyes once he calms down. He would put your arms around his waist for you to hug him, he’d have a cute smile on his face.He’d crouch down and say hi to your belly.


This is so lovely. Stephen sits down with his fourth grade teacher (and the last one he apparently academically tried for), and she had saved a cassette from 1974 of a test she gave him. The cute little animation for the audio of the tape was a sweet touch.

Made me tear up a bit… I have a couple of teachers that left a significant lasting impression on me and had a hand in shaping who I am today, and to show them how far you’ve come since they taught you is something I want to experience.

LOFT 89 Experience

Carly Harris and Erin Mathias

Loft 89 Story

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Cleveland June 3, 2015

Since November we have been planning our costume for the 1989 world tour. We both play college basketball so we wanted it to relate to that and Taylor Swift. So, we went along with our tumblr name, ballinforswift, and designed New York Knicks jerseys customized to Taylor Swift and put lights every where.

So June finally came and we finished our costumes the day before the concert (June 2). That night we posted a picture of our costumes to tumblr hoping to get some reblogs to get it our there. The day came and we drove to Cleveland from Pittsburgh, got there, got ready in our car lol and walked around the arena. When we go in we went right to the Taylor Nation booth to get pictures and meet anyone we could.  

After that we found our seats, which were on the floor about halfway in between the b stage and main stage. So we watched Vance and then TAYLOR CAME ON OMG AMAZING HUMAN BEING. About halfway through the show, during I Know Places, Erin tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and there she was, the woman who runs Loft 89…. Standing in front of us. We freaked out. She asked if we had ever met Taylor, we hadn’t. Then she asked if we want to meet her. All chill was lost….

She gave us the wristbands and Loft 89 pass with the section number on it. After the show we found the section and went there to wait. After Taylor Nation got everyone’s information they told us what was about to happened and the rules of Loft 89. Each group gets one picture and each person gets one autograph. No video recordings. Until Taylor enters Loft 89, you can take as many pictures as you want.

 While we were waiting in Loft 89 Mrs. Swift and Austin came in! We said hi to Mrs. Swift. She is the sweetest person ever. She said to us “I saw you guys! I love your costumes! I wanted to come over to you myself to give you the passes, but I couldn’t get over there! So happy you’re here!” My gosh we love her! After that we waited for Taylor to get to us.

 Then, the moment came.. “HI GUYS!” She came over and gave us both hugs. She asked if people here in Cleveland gave us a hard time because of our Knicks jerseys. We said once we told them it was all for you.. it was cool. After that Erin was like “you’re so tall and beautiful” and Taylor responded, “No you’re so tall and beautiful! I’m wearing these big heels, but you’re like my friend Karlie! She’s 6’2” flat footed!” So then I go, “hi I’m Carly Harris” and stick out my hand for a hand shake. (Honestly didn’t know how to process words at the time) So she smiles and goes “hi I’m Taylor”. Then Erin introduced herself!

 We gave her a few compliments because how do you not. Then I brought up basketball and said “we really want to thank you for something. We both play college basketball and obviously your album came out in October, which is when our preseason started and you literally got us through it. I would be at practice running sprints singing ‘nice to meet you where you been’ and put a little running motion into it. Taylor was like “YES” and gave me a double high five. Then Erin told her that Bad Blood is the best workout song and Taylor was like “Oh my gosh yes it’s great for running.” She said she always runs on the beach, but has to do it at 6 am so she doesn’t get attacked and Erin asked if her security runs with her and she said yes, but they enjoy it. Then I told her I thought the picture of her walking backwards while hiking was so funny and she started talking about how crazy paparazzi are and she said they were like animal hunters and she’s the cheetah. And she said they day it was so crazy, they were everywhere and she just felt like walking backwards.

 And then Taylor goes, “but you guys are the real athletes.” We started talking about her working out. She said her preseason is when she does promo. She said she loves abs and Erin was like your abs are on point. She was like “oh my gosh thank you!” with her own creative hand motions. After that she asked what we wanted signed and she signed both of our jerseys.

 She then was like “Are you guys best friends?” I said, “Yes, basketball brought us together, but Taylor Swift keeps us together.” We got a big smile after that one. So, then we were just talking and she was like ok do you guys want to take a picture? We told her “yes we kind of have a crazy request” and she was like “I figured you guys would.” So then we go, “we want to hit the whip with you.” She was like ok I’ve kind of heard of that, but don’t really know what it is, is it like a Cleveland thing?

 We were like no, it’s like everywhere…. And proceeded to teach Taylor Swift how to whip. We showed her the whip and nae nae and she tried to do the nae nae and just did this weird and adorable motion with her hand. So she got the whip down and we took the most amazing picture we could ever take with Taylor Swift.

 After that we told her our tumblr name, ballinforswift and she was like oh my gosh I’m going to follow you literally in like ten minutes (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) She gave us big hugs and we thanked her for everything and told her we loved her. Most amazing human being in the world. What was really cool to us was that she didn’t write our tumblr name down, but after meeting two other groups after us she got out a pen and was like “ballinforswift” and wrote our blog on her hand. It was so amazing.

 After Taylor left we got a picture with Mama Swift and told her we would be in Pittsburgh and she got so excited. We cannot thank Taylor; her family, and Taylor Nation for giving us this opportunity and making our ten year dream come true. We hit the whip with Taylor Swift…

We love you forever. taylorswift

Fluff ft. Fetus Dan

(A/N - Thank you for requesting as well as for the compliment! Thinking about young dan made me feel kinda nostalgic but also really warm and fuzzy so I enjoyed this request quite a bit. I hope you like it!) 

Laying here in Dan’s arms, you felt more at peace than you had in a long time, but you also felt apprehension. Dan’s mother loved you to death and beamed at the sight of you and Dan together, but you weren’t so sure that she’d beam at the sight of you together like you were now. She’s due home any minute now, and here you are, naked and jaded and tucked into Dan’s side. You had tried to slip away almost as soon as the act was over to try to make the act itself a little less conspicuous, but Dan being Dan, he refused to get up and get dressed, claiming that he was just too tired. Well, if he wasn’t going to move, you weren’t going to move, either. 

So here you are. Dan’s on his back staring blankly up at the ceiling while you’re draped across his chest. He absentmindedly traces the dip in your back, occasionally stopping to draw a little undistinguished shape. You move with the slow, steady rhythm of his chest, following every breath. Suddenly, his chin is tilted down, and his eyes are directed at you. You find yourself helplessly losing yourself in his boyish charm. His eyes are the warmest, sweetest shade of chocolaty brown you’ve ever glimpsed. He smiles when he catches you staring, and his honey skin glows with a new blush.

 You hope he never stops doing that. When you compliment him or show him a little extra affection, his cheeks turn to the most adorable shade of embarrassed. You could write a book about his smile. It’s contagious, and you don’t think you’ll ever get enough of it. When he puts his hand behind your head to guide you to his mouth, you’re ashamed at how excited you get at the mere thought of skin to skin contact with Dan, and in your attempt to get to his mouth quicker, you foolishly bump his forehead with your own. You both let out quiet, breathy giggles at your antics, and he goes on to pepper your whole face with lazy kisses. 

As his kisses start to travel to more scandalous places, the sound of a key being turned fills your ears.

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millamuse requested Sousuke hearing Haru’s laugh for the first time.  Happy first day of the semester to me.

Sousuke sat awkwardly across from Tachibana, fidgeting as the brunet grinned from ear-to-ear.  

“It’s so great to see you, Yamazaki-kun!” Makoto beamed, leaning closer while Sousuke tried his best not to shrink away from the other’s friendliness.

What were the chances of running into an old high school acquaintance on the subway in Tokyo of all places?  Not great, to say the least.  He’d barely remembered the guy’s name, but Tachibana had hardly wasted a second before inviting him over for dinner.  And Sousuke couldn’t bring himself to say no to the man’s smiling face.

It wasn’t like he had anything that much better to do anyway.  

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Good Advice Goes a Long Way

Mature audiences only - 18+
Reader gender: Female
Based off original imagine: Imagine overhearing Cas ask Sam how to take you on a nice date, then Dean telling him how to put the moves on you, explicitly
Warnings: None

Castiel had been acting kinda strange around you recently. Several times you’d caught him staring at you, and he stuttered over words when he spoke to you now. Every time this happened, you couldn’t help but grin slightly, which often caused Cas to blush intensely and disappear or quickly seek shelter in another room. You found it adorable that he’d developed a crush on you and you wondered if the angel would make a move. Did he even know how?

As it turned out, apparently not. You were just heading out of your room one morning when you heard voices downstairs. Specifically, Sam and Castiel’s voices. You paused, unsure whether this was a conversation you were supposed to be entering.

“Cas, you keep asking me for help, but I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you need help with,” said Sam somewhat frustratedly.

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Preference #71: Wedding Dress Shopping (Requested)...

(This is for the anon who requested “going shopping for the wedding dress.” Sorry for the wait. XX)


“I’m done for the day,” you sighed. “Come on (y/n) your wedding is in a week you have to pick one today so it can be fitted,” your friend begged. “I’ll wear sweats if I have to,” you stormed out to the car. The rest of the group followed and dropped you off realizing that you didn’t want to be pushed any further. “How did it go today,” Louis asked when you walked in. “Its official I’m walking down the aisle naked,” you smiled let down as you set down your purse. “As fun as that sounds I took the liberty of having a gown designed for you. You don’t have to wear it or anything I just figured I know what you normally like to wear so, why not give it a shot.” He looked nervous and you appreciated his concern, “I’m up for anything at this point,” you revealed. “Good it’s upstairs,” he got excited and ran to go get it for you. It had less fabric than you were used to and when you slipped it on you realized why. It was a short gown. It fit like a glove which was perfect for the rush you were in. The bodice was covered in flowers, “this is different,” you observed. “Yes it is,” he agreed. “How did I not know I wanted a short dress? How did I not know I wanted this dress,” you turned around shocked. “You like to have fun and the high-low is much more playful than the classic dresses, but still really classy. It just reminds me of you and you can have fun in it. Plus you look really pretty in it.” “Thanks Lou, I’ve got to call the girls,” you hugged him really tight then went to ring your pals.


“I said you could drive us, but you are not allowed in. You’re going to have to sit out here.” You pointed to the sitting room couches. “Come on we don’t need luck we’re perfect for each other, I just want to see the dresses.” Harry was really nosey and wanted to be a part of the entire wedding planning for some reason. “He is not allowed in,” you instructed the security guy. “We have pulled some dresses from the rack based off of your suggestions,” the consultant gestured to a wall full of dresses. One really caught your eye. It was a short sleeve swoop neck, there was a subtly to it, but the line of gems on the neck gave it the perfect interest. “This one,” you breathed out touching it. The consultant seemed to prefer that one as well. Once you had it on you couldn’t wait to show your group. “(Y/n) it’s beautiful,” your maid of honor clapped. “It’s the one,” you blurted out hastily. “You don’t want to try on a few more to be sure,” your friend questioned. “No I can feel it, plus it has pockets,” you exclaimed putting your hands in them and spinning. Once they saw how excited you were it started to rub off on them and they started squealing and crying with excitement. “I just want to get a quick peek,” you heard Harry yelling. “Sir I must ask you to please take a seat,” the security guy was grunting slightly probably wrestling him away from the door. “I better get out of this then,” you smiled nervously at the confused face of the consultant staring at the door. “Harry this is not one of your security guys you can’t do this, calm down.” Your best friend went out to scold.


“Is it too over the top,” you questioned turning around to see the back and lifting the skirt. “No sweetie, you’re marrying Zayn Malik. You have to stand out, besides you’re going to look stunning in the pictures next to him. The press is going to eat it up,” your friend tried to put your insecurities to rest. You started hyperventilating slightly, “I can’t do this.” You ran into the dressing room. “Darling are you alright,” your friend stood outside the curtain. “I called Zayn,” she offered handing the phone under. “Zayn,” you hesitantly answered. “Hey babe what’s up?” “My dress is kind of gold and silver so I was nervous, but then my friends reminded me how big of a deal this is and how big you are and how many people are going to be judging me and now I can’t breathe.” You didn’t think of how much pressure a celebrity wedding was. “(Y/n) none of that matters, what matters is that we are starting our life together. This day is no big deal when you consider how many days and milestones we still have to come. And all of them are going to be together, but if you’re really nervous about it we can just elope because I don’t care about the wedding I care about the days after.” His words never failed to put you to rest, “I love you and I want to share the day with family and friends,” you decided. “Sounds perfect, I love you,” you could hear the smile through the phone. “Love you,” you smiled hanging up and going to tell everyone it was the dress.


“What’s wrong,” Liam asked when you got off the phone. “My wedding party can’t help me dress shop today. Their flight was delayed,” you explained. He gave you a sympathetic look, “Are you still going?” You shrugged disappointed, “It would be pretty hard to decide on my own. I better just cancel,” you started typing numbers into the phone. He took it before you could finish, “Don’t cancel. I’ll go,” he offered excited. “You can’t go. It’s bad luck for you to see me in my dress before the wedding.” He got up to grab his keys. “I don’t believe a little superstition could ever keep us apart. Do you,” he asked like he was offended. “No,” you responded confidently. You got there and he waited in the viewing area while you tried on dresses with the bridal consultant. You came out in a poofy dress that made you look like an abominable snowman bride. “What do you think,” you asked excited. He tried to hold back his disgust, and could only utter, “Mmm.” You acted like you were about to cry, “But I really like this one.” He looked scared and quickly sprung up. “No, no baby I love it. That’s my I love it face. See,” he gave an awkward looking mix of disgusted and happy. “Totally kidding,” you put him out of his misery and he waved a finger scolding you with his eyes, which made you both laugh. “Now try on some real ones,” he yelled as you went back to the room. The next one was surprisingly the most beautiful thing you’d probably ever worn. You were nervous as you went out to show Liam. He was looking away, so you had to get his attention. He looked back, “Shit,” he breathed out approvingly as he moved closer. “I like it. I like it a lot,” he smiled grabbing your hands before resting his forehead against yours.


Niall came downstairs and sat down next to you at the dinning room table. “I love you,” he smiled adorably. “What’d you do now Niall,” you asked not buying his little game. “Promise not to hurt me,” he question with an innocent face. “Whatever, I’m not going to hurt you. I promise,” you complied. “First, bad news is I broke the dryer,” he explained pausing for a reaction. You squinted confused throwing your hands up. “Even worse news you might say. I wrecked your wedding dress.” Your jaw dropped. “I just burned that sucker to shreds trying to fix it because I might have accidentally spilt some beer on it. I’m so sorry don’t be mad,” he grabbed your hand. You pressed your teeth together squeezing him really hard trying to let your anger out. “Babe, you’re hurting me,” he tried to break away falling to the ground. You breathed out releasing him as you stood up. You started pacing and crying. “It’s ruined. The wedding is ruined,” you panicked because it took you forever to find the perfect dress and now it was gone. “Don’t worry, you can get a new one,” he hugged you to make you stop. “But I want that one,” you whined. He found a way to force you into the car and you pouted all the way to the store you hadn’t been to yet. You browsed around and started crying again frustrated that all of the dresses looked like the ones you hated before. “What about this one,” Niall caught your attention. Even though you hadn’t tried it on yet it looked a lot like your last one, but it also had everything you had wanted but compromised because you knew perfect didn’t exist. You nodded taking it speechlessly to the dressing room. You tried it on and cried happy tears, “It’s perfect,” you yelled to Niall, “Thanks you so much for fucking up.”

let’s be positive; 11x20

I’m literally crying. No, really. I’ve got tears in my eyes and every time I think about the ending I want to cry some more, because besides The Man Who Would Be King, that was my favorite episode of all time. Hands down. Robbie, you are by far the most talented writer I’ve ever seen on a TV show and I adore your work. 

  • When the theory popped up that Chuck was God, I fully supported it. After Swan Song, there really was no denying it in my mind, at least. The character of Chuck had a different tone, which suggested what we learned in today’s episode: God was playing as Chuck on Earth this entire time, turned off the amulet so he couldn’t be found, watched the Winchesters save the world firsthand, and let humanity run it’s course. 
    • What’s interesting about this is that the theory of a “hands off” God is very popular in religious circles (and as a Christian, I know this firsthand from going to Bible school for basically my entire life). Essentially, there are people who believe that God is there, but he is letting humanity run it’s course on its own and is no longer intervening. I don’t agree with that in real life, I feel like the Lord is involved in ways we cannot even imagine, but on the show, it works wonderfully. “Chuck” was witnessing the world firsthand by partaking in his creation: learning guitar, dating (men AND women, thank you, Robbie), living everything firsthand. He runs a blog about cats, he watches humanity, he is living as one of us, unknown. He doesn’t answer prayers, he only helps when convenient, and is letting free will reign. He is a God who is letting things run it’s course, and now that Amara is going to destroy what he formed, he doesn’t care. From what we’ve viewed over the entirety of the show, I’m very glad this approach to God is the interpretation they went with, because it is just very clever. 
  • I never thought I’d say that I like Metatron, but in this episode, I adored him. Part of that was from Curtis’s acting, which was the best I’ve ever seen out of him. I enjoyed the version of Metatron who dropped the douche act and presented his pain and disappointment to God when given the chance. He wasn’t afraid, but he was angry. He admits to being  a loser god, one who didn’t do anything and only cried out for attention from his father. And yet, he got none. God ignored him, as per usual. Of course, Metatron is pissed about this fact. I loved the pure anger I got from him, the unapologetic, ruthless review of God’s work, once he got past trying to please him by lying. I loved that in a way, he is the one who convinces God to rescue humanity from Amara, the angel who thought humans were just pawns in his game as an angel, now appreciates humanity as a human man. It reminded me a lot of Gabriel’s speech to Lucifer in his last episode, actually. I loved it. Ugh. A C T I N G. 
  • Note: all of the acting in this episode was phenomenal, but the episode goes to Rob and Curtis for rocking those Chuck/Metatron scenes. I was frightened of Chuck a bunch of times this episode, while also laughing at the comedic lines. Our cast is way too talented, guys. 
  • Random thought, but ironing Sam’s shirt with beer was AMAZING. The timing on that was perfectly done by Jared and Jensen, as per usual. It was gold. 
  • Chuck taking Metatron to that landscape to ‘enjoy it one last time’ really put into perspective that he really is going to let Amara take down everything, and that is when Metatron first realizes that yeah, he’s gotta intervene. Perfectly written, and that landscape can’t be beat in beauty. 
  • THE LITTLE JOKES ABOUT THE OLD EPISODES. Like ‘That’s was my editor’s face when I turned in Bugs’ or ‘Supernatural. Revolution. You’re not great with the titles.’ BLESS YOU, ROBBIE.
  • Metatron talking about God being a coward TOOK BALLS. I never thought I’d be cheering on Metatron, but I was today. 
  • And Chuck’s reaction about being all powerful was ugh, amazing.
  • Back to the brothers, I loved that we got a glimpse of Sam holding a baby because TALK ABOUT ADORABLE. Dean was also great with duct taping the walls and windows with that ‘blue steel’ face he had on. Jensen, really now? Too good. 
  • It’s not unusual by any means, but I loved that Dean wasn’t going to leave Sam in the fog, even if he couldn’t be affected by it. (Not thrilled about trying to take in the fog to go down with Sam again, but it’s SPN; codependency is expected at this point imo.)
  • No, literally, I was crying real tears when that happened and they found Chuck at the end. Beautiful. 

Guys, everything about the episode is what I would’ve hoped for. Robbie, thank you for making me cry AGAIN. Beautiful. 

Next week, we’re going right into the action with Lucifer being held by Amara, Amara and Dean talking again, and Chuck back for good (?). Also this is the episode where Dean cries, right? It’s gonna be amazing! 

anonymous asked:

hi okay so I worked one of the shows on the BN tour and he's just as much of a smol bean as you would think he's so quiet and polite and sweet and right before he went on stage he literally salsa danced alone in a corner it was the most precious thing I have ever witnessed bless his little heart because it is hands down one of the best best shows ive ever worked and I've worked some wild ass shows so yeah

thanks for sharing that’s so adorable what a cutie

THE -not so- CALM

There are so many things to say about the episode. So many details that gives all the characters and relationships extra layers. For starters it was such a great episode overall. A great first episode that shows us what kind of a season is ahead of us. And boy, it’s gonna be epic.

Oliver’s struggle with his identity this year is gonna be one hell of a ride for him and for all of us as well. He was a killer and a vigilante, people called him The Hood. He is a hero now and they’re calling him The Arrow. Without Oliver Queen there is no Arrow. Oliver will eventually realize this. When he embraces both his identities he will become The Green Arrow.

I’m sure everyone will analyze every single Olicity scene in more depth than i can ever do so i’ll just list my fav things about the episode.

Oliver and Felicity acting like a married couple

I know we have been saying this forever but in this episode they went beyond their selves. They were so comfortable and in sync with each other it’s ridicilous. My fav is the scene where Felicity puts her hands on his face. Like it’s a daily thing they do.

Oliver asking Felicity out

Most adorable thing ever happened on this show. It was so refreshing and such a nice change to watch Oliver being all nervous around Felicity.

The Date

You can write a book about the date scene alone so to keep it short i’m gonna type down my all time favorite Oliver speech:

The entire time that I was gone, I could never… completely trust someone. And when that goes on long, you stop… seeing people for people. You see…threats. Or targets. And when I decided to come home, I… I just didn’t know how to turn that part of me off.
Then I walked into your office. You were the first person that I could see as a… a person. There was just something about you.

Oh, yeah, I was chewing on a pen.

It was red.

I mean…. his walls are gone now. He’s not only pouring his heart out but his soul as well. Felicity is the one thing that makes him find his way back to humanity. His only light in the darkness. And he says he was wrong when he told her he couldn’t be with someone he could really care about. He looks so vulnerable and it’s so beautiful bcoz we know this man. We know what he’s capable of. We know how scary he could be when dealing with his enemies. We know how perfectly he could hide his emotions when he wants to. We know that sometimes it feels like he’s made of iron. And yet the same man is now at his most vulnerable and it’s real. It’s relatable. It’s beautiful. And the way Felicity listens to every word he speaks. The way her face lights up when he says the pen was red. The way she smiles when he says he was wrong to think he couldn’t be with her… GUUUUHHH.

They are so in love with each other it’s a whole new level of ridicilousness.

Oliver and Diggle scenes

These 2 rocked every scene they were together. IMO Diggle’s quotes were crucial in this episode. Telling Oliver he loves Felicity, telling everyone makes their own choices and deal with the consequenses. But the most heartbreaking one was when Diggle told Oliver that he was right. You can tell from the look on Oliver’s face that he’d give anything to be wrong. He’d do anything to have the life Diggle and Lyla had. The way he was looking at Felicity, like he was looking at a distant dream slipping through his fingers…. killed me!

And the KISS

Well done CW and Arrow for spoiling a fake scene and making us spend a month trying to figure out what’s gonna happen. Yes the kiss happened in the hospital but it wasn’t the happy kiss we’ve been spoiled for. Guess they filmed the happy kiss, just to trick us. Well played.

The kiss was amazing. I always knew their first kiss wouldn’t be a happy one. So it was exactly what i wanted.

The fact that Oliver stopped Felicity’s words with a kiss, the way they couldn’t pull away from each other for a few seconds and stayed as their lips still touching, the way Oliver opened his eyes first and stared at Felicity while her eyes was still close, the way Felicity didn’t open her eyes right away as if she wanted to feel the intimacy just a little bit longer. And then the way Felicity pulls back… Angry and hurt. Oliver standing there with his empty hands trying to hold onto the memory.

So heartbreaking… full of passion… full of emotion. Full of love and angst.

P.S: I didn’t even plan to write such a long post. And i haven’t even wrote down everything i wanted to say but for the sake of not killing my followers i stop now.