hands down to this performance its the best

Blessing for gardeners/gardens

This blessing is great for this time of year when it is too cold to start really gardening. Use it to bless the space for your garden and spend time waking up the soil. Connect to the Earth and spend time planning what you will plant in the upcoming season.

Rain water collected during winter season
Dried cilantro
Garden beds to be blessed

This blessing is best performed on the night of a new moon. Begin by sprinkling the cilantro over yourself, accepting its blessing to gardeners. Then call upon the moon’s energy as you sprinkle your rain water around the perimeter of your garden space:
Blessings rain down upon this place,
The nursery to bring up my plants.
Positive energies become the base,
Encourage growth, and hear my chant.

Move to one garden bed - place your hands on the soil with your palms down. Close your eyes and feel the pulse of the Earth. Imagine what you hope to plant here soon and whisper “wake up” to the soil. Do this for each of your garden beds. Finish by saying, “So mote it be” (or “May it be/whatever suits your practice).

FDTD 3x04 Review:

Excuse me while I catch my breath but this episode was not only the best of the season so far but possibly the strongest in the series in terms of the storyline, performances and the action sequences. While last weeks 3x03 was a bit lacking this one however managed to raise the bar skyscraper level. I’m really loving how Dusk is evolving and blending the supernatural mythology within its human elements. The cast keep bringing their “A game” with every episode as the show just gets better and better. But for all intents and purposes 3x04 really belongs to Richie Gecko and Scott Fuller hands down.

 Seth & Richie Gecko: Oh boy the issues between these two just keep piling up as the story unfolds. While they’re together in terms of working to save the world from the forces of evil, emotionally and mentally they’re miles apart and that wedge just keeps growing. The worst part is they’re dealing with the Kate-situation in different aspects from how they’ve both grieved her death to the solution of the demon queen that has possessed her body. Seth seems to be tumbling down into the pits of defeat while Richie refuses to lose hope in saving her; either way this is a person they both really care about and its just torturing them that neither knows how to approach defeating Amaru without ending Kate’s life in the process. Hopefully the brothers will soon find a common ground and rebuild their relationship before it deteriorates.

Since the events of 3x03 Seth has begun shutting himself off from his emotions which normally get the better of him. The wall is going up as he’s becoming colder, darker, and meaner due to how much he is hurting inside not just over Kate but also over Richie and the supernatural world they’re both reluctantly plunged in. Even without his addiction taunting him Seth’s demons are still finding ways to dig their claws into him. He’s literally trying to push away everything human inside himself including his own soul as he feels it has become a weakness in order to do what needs to be done. 

His violent confrontation with Amaru only demonstrates how reckless he is becoming and that despite feeling a need to put down the demon controlling Kate he still cares about her [evident to how he easily let his guard down when Kate cried out to him]. However unlike Richie, Seth’s encounter with Amaru nearly got him killed which begs the question: how will this affect him psychologically and mentally going forward in the season? 

Richie was going through so many emotions during this episode which gave the Dusk audience an even more enlightening insight to where his head at emotionally and mentally. From the opening scene before he feeds on his latest evil-doing victim we know Richie is slipping deeper into a downward spiral. While his desire to save Kate keeps him going the battle with the darker demons within his soul is just beginning. And its gonna be a hell of a battle between good and evil. Though his composed mask and sharp sense of humor haven’t faded, his human side continues to torture him.

Being at odds with his brother [among many other things] while they work together is just another added stress that Richie tries to numb out with substances like his bar. He has so many feelings that he keeps bottling up away from Seth which is weighing down on him. But now with his past coming back to haunt him in the form of Earl McGraw’s [the man he murdered back in the pilot] daughter you know the pain is coming and its gonna be an exciting story of redemption! That final gut-wrenching scene was an excellent jumping point into the deeper stuff ahead for Richie.

I’m loving the development of Richie’s character as we get more pieces of his past. For instance discovering he was a dog lover and finding out that his brother had to kill his dog because it had rabies was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the episode. But DJ and Zane were just excellent in that scene. And while we learned more about his human side in 3x04 we also got more knowledge into his culebra powers. Gaining abilities from whomever he feeds on has to be some of the most creatively written Dusk vampire lore yet. Given the fact that it allowed Zane to finally utilize his real life martial arts expertise. Its also nice to know that both Richie and Scott have taken the “no feeding on civilians” rule seriously allowing them both a more morally path as bloodsuckers.

Zane Holtz continues to be a powerhouse in this series. My mind was blown! He just killed it in this episode. He stole all his scenes and was finally given material that not only allowed him to stretch out his comedic but also dramatic chops. However Zane is not only brilliant at the raw emotion and humor he was exciting to watch in the action sequences! He’s literally a triple threat in acting, stunt work and comedy which isn’t an easy feat to pull off yet he does it so well. The layers he’s given this character is nothing short of remarkable. Zane is the heart and soul of Richie Gecko, no one has humanized their Dusk character more than he has over the course of 3 seasons. It’ll be interesting so see what’s in store for Richie after that hell of a twist at the end. HOLY SHIT!

Kichie: what can I say about them either than the fact that their beautiful yet tragic story continues to build as the episodes go on. Its an angsty painful storyline as I predicted but its proving to be one of the most exciting arcs on Dusk next to the Gecko brothers. While they didn’t have any scenes this week or last week the writers keep their spirit alive through Richie Gecko. It’s becoming more and more obvious how much in love Richie is with Kate which is demonstrated in his actions and determination to save her. He literally can’t stop thinking about her or saying her name and every time he does the look in his eyes screams cuts like a knife.

Zane brings out so much inner turmoil through Richie when it comes to Kate. He doesn’t even have to say a word to get across how much his character is suffering inside. Its desperate and yearning. Even with all the shit that is going on with his brother and his life in general, the only person Richie is thinking about in all this is Kate. No matter how much he’s hurting or how much he thinks she despises him, Richie is reluctant to turn his back on her even if it means creating more friction between him and Seth. His affection for Kate has also made him Scott’s unofficial culebra big brother figure/protector even if they don’t get along currently lol. 

The one major thing the fdtd writers have been persistent in Kichie’s relationship is their connection especially their hands. We didn’t get a fourth iconic intertwined-hands scene but based on Richie’s idea of another blood bond alludes to the possibility of not only an upcoming intimate Kichie hand scene but also that their bond may play a vital role in saving Kate as much as her love for Scott will. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow stronger going forward its going to be painful and emotional but also EPIC. 

Kate & Scott Fuller: first Scott’s introduction into this season was amazing and so worth the delay. The writers have redeemed my affection for him after the shit that went down last season. I loved his character in this episode and like Zane, Brandon Soo Hoo just powered through it like a pro. I loved his scenes with Richie [both Geckos] they were hilarious but also angsty. The moment Scott lashes out the pain Richie and his brother caused him and his family completely shattered me after the guilt-ridden look on Richie’s face! Scott is developing beautifully with his new lease on life despite the pain of losing his sister and humanity in the process. Madison and Brandon have such mesmerizing chemistry together that at times you really feel they’re giving the show’s co-leads a run for their money. 

Oh man was the sibling angst in this episode painful right from the bittersweet but short reunion between the Fullers to their final showdown with Amaru in control of Kate’s body. The action sequences between these two was both heartbreaking and breathtaking as they were exciting. The Fuller siblings literally stole my heart, put it in a blender and hit the switch. I was ruined over them after this. IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE THE REAL KATE PEEKING THROUGH I’VE MISSED HER SO MUCH! Madison’s acting is just phenomenal. I can’t express enough amazement over how she effortlessly switches from Kate to Amaru in the blink of an eye but you can easily differentiate between the two characters. 

I don’t know what dark cloud lies ahead for the Fuller siblings but its going to be torture. However it couldn’t be made more clear how much these two love each other and will always find a way back to one another no matter what. Kate already saved Scott in more ways than one and now its Scott’s turn to save his sister. He won’t give up on her now that he knows she’s trapped within Amaru’s control. But what lengths will he go to save her?

Other highlights in this episode include the Geckos unusual budding friendship/alliance with Freddie Gonzalez! You’d think after what happened back in the Dusk pilot and 1x07 that these 3 would hate each other till the end of time [especially Richie and Freddie]. However this dynamic is shaping up to be one of the best things on Dusk this year. I just can’t get over how well they are working together even if there is some unresolved tension between them. Aside from Freddie being fed up with Seth’s bossiness the Geckos and the Peacekeeper make one hell of a team! I hope to see them continue that friendship throughout the rest of this season and seasons to come. 

WE FINALLY GOT SCOTT’S SPECIAL CULEBRA POWER! And would you believe it that like Richie it was triggered by Kate [Amaru]?? That’s a direct parallel right there. 

While the monsters this week were left something to be desired they were interesting none the less and didn’t take away from how incredibly put together this episode was! I can’t express enough how much I am loving this show, these characters, dynamics, the supernatural mythology, the action and the drama. This season is definitely shaping up to be the best so far as I’m on the edge of my seat dying to know what comes next!