hands down the best part

I love how matt was running about that building with jess’ scarf wrapped around his head jumping over obstacles and running past the staff and up the stairs looking suspicious af and meanwhile jessica just took the goddamn elevator like a normal person would

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The Winter Soldier never had anything sweet. He wasn't allowed to. So yes - Tony finds that putting a lollipop in Winters mouth makes him go from angry-angsty mess to grinning-happy-place fluffball in under 10 seconds. There is a lollipop-protocol now and Tony loves to see the officials cringe about it. Also: Natasha is an evil Nimm2-Lolli carrying enabler.

Now this is a nice ask to come back to on a Tuesday morning!

It probably starts as an accident. Something happens–something small, a wrong word, a too-loud noise–and Bucky’s features just–go slack, in that creepily empty way, and Tony panics. He’s alone in the kitchen. The suit, the rest of the team, none of them will be fast enough if Bucky goes into kill mode.

So. He just–grabs the closest thing within reach. Which happens to be a lollipop. And pushes it into the Soldier-Bucky’s mouth. Because genius and panic and lack of better ideas make it sound like a sensible option.

To everybody’s surprise it works.

Soldier-Bucky goes very, very still, and for a moment Tony is convinced he’s done for. Then Soldier-Bucky reaches up–with his metal hand–and very carefully grabs the lollipop and just–sucks on it a little. Curiously. Like he’s not quite sure what to do with it.

Tony blinks at the unexpected sight, ignores the loud footsteps of the others in the hallway, probably having been alarmed by FRIDAY.

“It’s a lollipop,” he explains, because these are apparently the kind of conversations he has these days. Soldier-Bucky’s eyes flicker to him, but he shows no outward reaction to the words. 

“You’re supposed to lick it,” Tony clarifies. Very slowly reaches for another lollipop to demonstrate.

He will forever cherish the disbelieving faces of his team mates when they walk in on Tony teaching the Winter Soldier how to properly–and not so properly–enjoy a lollipop.

And well, after that Tony makes sure to always have an emergency stash of lollipops at hand. (Read: He always had one, but now he’s got a damn good excuse for it too.)

It’s worth seeing Fury choke on his coffee–though the bastard will deny it until he’s blue in the face–the first time he stumbles over the Lollipop Protocol™. It’s worth seeing Natasha having way too much fun hiding lollipops in the most unexpected places.

The hands down best part though is when they’re at a gala, and one of the guests refuses to take a hint until Bucky’s face goes very blank and he very slowly reaches into his pocket, pulls out a lollipop and starts licking it Aggressively™, all the while glaring holes into the man until the guy flees for his life.

Tony is impressed. Even more so when Soldier-Bucky catches him stare, winks and does something truly obscene with his tongue that makes Steve drop his drink and Clint whistle and yeah. Tony is definitely impressed. 

“What’s that?” he asks.
“My cell. You can call me, too. Whenever you want.”

fanart of the wonderful fanfiction “The Sense Of Me” by @anders-holmslice :)

Jasper Storyboard Comparisons and Rankings

A comparison of Jasper storyboards inspired by evieisyourqueen/critically-bitter. Save two exceptions I chose boarders that provided a lot of Jasper content, at the very least a full scene’s worth. Katie and Lamar I didn’t include as they drew Amethyst disguised as Jasper. I didn’t know how heavily that influenced their drawings of Amethyst/Jasper in the episode so I didn’t include either of them. If they do board more for her or post more art of her I’ll probably update this list with them. Hillary wasn’t included as she hasn’t boarded Jasper at all, and unless I missed it or didn’t pay attention didn’t see enough art from her with Jasper to get a solid grasp on how she’d draw her.

All that said, let’s get this analysis started!

Colin Howard

I really like Colin’s Jasper! It’s fairly consistent and looks very nice. The arms are well defined and her jaw and neck look thick and powerful without seeming awkward. Said jaw is rounded but without looking too soft either. Her expressions are some of her best here, especially those smiles she gives. My favorite aspect is probably the hair though. It’s huge and fluffy, something about how Colin draws it gives it presence and feeling. All around a great Jasper.


Fun Fact- Colin also drew some of the early sketches for Jasper before her design was finalized!

Jeff Liu

While occasionally inconsistent looking, Jeff’s Jasper is still quite good. She reminds me of a Tiger a lot in this episode, fierce and intimidating. The hair seems to have less volume on the whole, but spikes up when she’s especially angry. The chin is either rounded or angular with her body a touch on the leaner side of Jaspers at times. I’m not always a fan of how he draws her mouth, but it’s a smaller complaint compared to other stuff we’ll be getting into… Another good one all said and done, if a touch inconsistent at times.


Joe Johnston

Another great Jasper! Her expressions are probably at their sharpest and most frightening here, just look at that grin! Her hair is really big here, though not in the same way as Colin’s. It really adds to her already massive size, which is always a plus. Her body type also seems to be just right here, not too small but not too thick either. The jaw looks more rectangular here compared to Colin’s rounder one. While it’s not my favorite, it’s certainly up there. 


Fun Fact- Jeff and Joe have also boarded Malachite the most so far!

Lauren Zuke

Here’s where it starts to fall flat a bit. The brief parts where Jasper is boarded by Lauren are… not great looking, to say the least. Looking at their sketches is a better indication of how their Jasper could look, but I’m still not a fan. Something about the torso feels off and the fact this is a leaner looking Jasper isn’t helping. The hair isn’t as big but certainly fluffy looking, The face has it worst here though, with the over all shape and the too big eyes making it look rather off compared to other Jaspers. At the very least it’s consistent, but it’s not helping much.


Paul Villeco

Surprise! Zuke’s Jasper isn’t my least favorite! That honor goes to the inconsistent and quite off model boarding of Paul Villeco, and my god does it show. All these are from different episodes and dear lord it’s bad. From the odd jaws and ridiculous proportions of The Return to the long neck and odd body shapes in Crack the Whip, it’s hardly ever looks good and looks ridiculous at worst. He has improved though and by Earthlings his Jasper manages to get some consistency, but it’s still a touch too lean and even the consistency falls apart once the corruption scene happens (though he also didn’t board that part entirely). It gains some points for saving itself at the end, but outside of that it’s my worst by far.


Fun Fact- Despite being my least favorite Paul Villeco actually boarded Jasper the most. Huzzah.

Raven Molisee

Now here’s a return to form! While some minor inconsistencies with the hands, hair, and teeth abound, this is still a great Jasper. A well proportioned and thick body, a strong jaw somewhere between Colin’s and Joe’s, nice looking hair on the whole and wonderful expressions, Raven’s Jasper makes me wish she drew her more on the episodes she had with her rather then Paul. All over a good Jasper, if lacking some sharpness on the whole.


Rebecca Sugar

Without a doubt my favorite Jasper. The hair looks wonderful, the right mix of volume and fluffiness. The body type is excellent, looking strong and well muscled but not leaning too far on the thick or lean side. The best part hands down has to be the expressions. While the eyes aren’t as sharp as I would prefer them Rebbeca never makes them feel too big and the range of emotions she gets on Jasper is amazing. Definitely the first person I draw from when I want to draw Jasper.


Fun Fact- In addition to never drawing Jasper with her helmet Rebecca also drew additional boards for Jasper in Chille Tid and Earthlings!


Amber Cragg

Amber hasn’t had a chance to board for Jasper much yet but I hope and pray she does soon. While some of the proportions look off and the hair not super consistent, Amber’s expressions are amazing on Jasper, in particular the detail on the teeth. More of Jasper’s huge canines in the art please. Now that she’s been upgraded to a storyboard artist maybe we’ll see some of her Jasper soon! Maybe? Please…?


dad!yoongi + when you get your feelings hurt

“Baby, will you please come out of there?” Yoongi, sighed, pressing his forehead against the wooden door in exasperation.

“No!” You said on a choked sob, searching around for another roll of tissue considering you had gone through about two since you had clambered into the bathroom to cry.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean it, ____.” Yoongi said calmly.

“Well, then why did she say it if she didn’t mean it?” You sniffled before turning to right the row of toothbrushes, your hand hesitating on the one that had pictures of frozen going up the base, you set it back down before you considered dunking it in the toilet.

“Because she’s six and six year olds are generally assholes, especially the ones that hail from your loins.” Yoongi pointed out mildly. “Look I already took away her iPad and told her she can’t go to that birthday party for that weird looking kid in her class who’s parents always invite us over to their swinger parties.”

You paused in your crying long enough to frown, “… but she was really looking forward to that.”

“Well she should’ve thought of that before she commented on your parenting skills but also you have delusions of grandeur if you think I’m sending my six year old into that sex house.”

“Just because they’re swingers doesn’t mean they hold weekly orgy’s in their living room, Yoongi-ah.” You wiped at your running mascara a fresh wave of tears coming on at the mention of your daughters earlier comments, “Y-Yoongi what if I am a bad mom?”

Yoongi sighed when he heard your wails pierce through the door once more and he knew you were sitting in the tub, your knees tucked to your chest with those stupid bunny slippers on because that was your go to crying position. And he wouldn’t lie, he had made you cry his fair share of times in your marriage so he was familiar with it at this point. That didn’t mean he didn’t hate witnessing it.

“I’m tired of talking through a door, will you please come out?” He drawled, making idle circles with his fingers against the wall.

“S-she was j-just so mean!” You hiccuped hysterically, “They all inherited your personality!”

“Yes,” Yoongi sighed, frustration edging his words, “I’m sure our daughter inherited her love for Celine Dion’s entire discography from me.”

Yoongi dug in his pocket for a coin as you continued to sob, a sligh ‘ah-hah!’ leaving his lips when he came out victorious. He pressed the side of the penny against the screw in the knob before turning, satisfied with the click that followed when the door popped open.

You glared at him even as he took a seat next to you in the bathtub, his long legs hanging over the side. He scrunched his face at your tear streaked cheeks and puffy eyes before interlacing his fingers with yours.

“For the record,” he said quietly, “you’re a kick ass mom.”

“I’m not.” You sniffled quietly, “I’m always late picking them up from school and I burn breakfast so we’re late getting to school because you always have to stop to get them McDonald’s and I’m not good at fitting in with the other moms at that stupid fucking booster club and that bitch Pam always gives me judgey looks for wearing jeans from Forever21—like realistically speaking the most expensive thing I own is from Nordstrom rack and I don’t know how those uppity bitches can afford all those clothes and cars when the tuition at that stupid fucking school is through the goddamn roof. And I always say fuck in front of the kids by accident and you call them assholes and I… I suck, parenting is hard and I suck.”

Yoongi squeezes your hand reassuringly.

“Wow, you do kind of suc—ow! I’m kidding!” He cries out when you dig your nails into the hand he has interlaced with yours, “You’re a kick ass mom, ____. Yes, you fuck up sometimes but I don’t think I’m winning any goddamn parenting awards either, any chance of that was loss when I tripped that fat kid at chuck e. cheese. I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself,” he murmurs quietly before pressing a kiss to your hand.

“I wish you saw yourself how I saw you—the person who’s up at 4am for each kids birthday to set up a ninja obstacle course or whatever the fuck bullshit you saw online. Or the woman who makes going to the goddamn grocery story an event, or the one who spontaneously decides that we need a family trip to Disneyland. You make all that shit happen and I love you for it and the kids love you for it.”

You were crying again but for different reason and you swiped at stray tears before biting down on your trembling lip, “You really mean that?”

“Of fucking course I mean that. I’m the last person that would blow smoke up your ass and you know it.” Yoong muttered, letting you curl into him, back pressed against the cold linoleum of the tub, “But what I don’t get is you know she didn’t mean it – she was spouting off at the mouth like kids do when they don’t get their way. She was pissed because you wouldn’t let her wear a goddamn tutu to school tomorrow. Why are you so bothered by this?”

“It’s probably just the hormones.” You grumbled, pressing your face further into his neck.

“Ah,” Yoongi murmured in understanding, “that time of the month?”

“No,” you sighed, “I’m two weeks pregnant.”

Yoongi chuckled before pressing a kiss to your temple and you pulled back with a frown.

“I’m serious.”

Yoongi was quiet for a long moment as he scanned your face for any hints of a fib, but your tell-tale signs weren’t there—no bitten back smile or scrunched expression hinting that anything you were saying was untrue.

“Don’t fuck with me, ____.”

“I’m not!” You glared, “I missed my period this month and—”

“We’re having another baby?” Yoongi asked quietly.

And it never really got old, in the three pregnancies you shared together, hands down telling Yoongi was always the best part—second best part, aside from you know the actual child part. The first time had been the scariest but instead of his usual general gruffness and annoyance it was quickly replaced by a softened expression and an innocence you couldn’t replicate but it was always the same wonder that danced in his eyes when he would press a hand to your stomach hesitantly as though he couldn’t believe it.

You nodded your head with a grin that was returned to you to tenfold and Yoongi was scared to move, scared to speak, scared that he would wake up one day and all of this would just be a dream that he hadn’t managed to scoop you up all those years ago a time when even while he was hesitant, scared by the overwhelming emotion you evoked in him he was still drawn to you like a drug. He was scared that the three little brats tucked into bed upstairs would have all been his imagination running wild, his own secret little heaven carved into the crevices of his heart.

“Are you excited?” You whisper, taking his hand and pressing it against tummy.

Excited was an understatement. He was goddamn breathless.

“Are you ready to do this again?” He hummed, his fingers dancing hearts into the new love of his life, hoping whoever they were, they felt it.

“As long as you’re by my side, I can do anything Min Yoongi.” You sigh quietly, letting him press his lips to yours in a slow dance of tongues, his hands coming up to cup your face lovingly.

“So kid number four, huh?” Yoongi drawls. “Pretty soon we’ll have our own basketball team.”

“Don’t get any ideas,” you scoff before running a hand over your stomach idly, “let’s work on getting this one out first, yeah?”

“Sure.” He murmured. “Maybe we’ll have another set of twins and we won’t have to try again—not that I’m opposed to.”

“Yoongi.” You glare.

“It’s just a suggestion.” He shrugs guiltily before helping you to your feet. “C'mon, lets get you to bed.”

“It’s only 9:30.” You frown.

“You have to start taking your rest seriously, you know how fatigued you were last time.” He scolded and you narrowed your eyes at him, even as he led you into your bedroom.

“We’re not starting this yet Yoongi. I only just found out. Save the overprotective shit for the second trimester, yeah?” You scoffed.

“Not on your life.” He shrugs impishly before tucking you into bed and kissing the wrinkle from your brow, “I love you. Thank you.”

“Hey, it was a team effort, buddy.” You grin even as he rolls his eyes at you. “I love you too Min Yoongi.”

Playing Games

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You and Seth have been playing this game for months now with neither of you truly admitting your feelings for one another. Though, now that you’ve been called up to the main roster from NXT, some things are going to have to change.

A/N: I have no idea if Seth Rollins is actually allergic to peaches or not, but like if he was, that would honestly be torture because I fricken love peaches and he’d really be missing out on the best fruit ever. 


“Brought you, your favorite, regular Peach Beach with vitamin blend and whey protein enhancers”. 

“Ugh, Lopez, you are far too good to me”. 

“Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything”. 

Gladly, you reach for the smoothie cup placed on the table in front of you and stick the straw between your lips. Seth Rollins - who was always the people pleaser - stands across the table with his arms crossed over his chest, patiently waiting for that sigh of content that always comes from your mouth after gulping down the first sip of your favorite drink. Soon enough, the cold liquid slides down your throat and you move the straw from your mouth, throwing your head back, and letting out a long, satisfying groan. 

God, I can’t believe you’re allergic to peaches, you are seriously missing out on the best fruit”. 

“Eh, I’m more of a pineapple guy myself really.”, Seth shrugs with a growing smirk to match his teasing behavior. 

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The guys making out with their girlfriends when someone interrupts them? C.F. love ur blog*.*


Raph (aka the KING of making out, fight me on this): 
omg he would be so freakin pissed off, I think he’d be pretty passive aggressive about it too.
(( I need a cold shower ))

It was getting heavy, you were straddling his thigh in those jeans he loves so much that show your ass perfectly. Your kisses just as eager as his - almost frantic. Its been ages since you’ve finally been left alone. Raph groaned into your mouth when he felt you grind down onto his thigh, a broken whimper passing your lips as you repeated the action. Usually, this is where he would whisper the most nasty things in your ear. Making you quiver with all the promises he’ll fulfill, just as he leaned into your ear, you body practically craving his vulgar whispers - 

“C’mon Raph! Its time for training” Leo yelled, walking in on the scene “Oh sorry… but Splinter wants you there in 5“ 

Your actions stopped as soon as Leo made himself known, you whined pathetically and your now,very pissed off boyfriend was glaring at him like he had personally told him he was working with the shredder. His jaw clenched “Tell him I’ll go to the Hashi” With that he stood up from his bed, towering over Leo and slamming his door shut and locking it. Giving you his signature grin that made your body set on fire. 

You know the silent but deadly type? Yea that’d be him, Making them leave the room because he wants to spend time with his lady!! 
((Look at this, look at this rude leader in blue :( 

The slow, passionate kiss that was between you and Leo made everything so much more intense. You were pretty sure Leo could feel your heart beating in your chest, your hand moved to the back of his head and played with his bandanna,pulling him closer so he was now laying on top of you. Your whole body was hot, you became more aware of this as you felt his hand slowly move over your stomach, squeezing your hip - he pulled away for a brief moment to look at you, your lips were swollen, pupils dilated, breath short - how did he get so lucky? You grinned and pulled him back for another kiss, you loved this moments just you him - 

“Sorry to cut this short love birds, but my shows on” Mikey interrupted, Leo glared at him when he entered the room, He placed his face into your neck and inhaled your scent. You bit back a laugh and he incoherently muttered into your neck. 

“We were kind of in the middle of something, Mikey” He looked up and glared at him, they seemed to be having a silent conversation as you laid there trying to get your breaths even. Then he grumbled something, throwing the remote down in a tantrum, the only thing you could make out was “Online…you have a room…” Leo just grinned into your neck, nuzzling you and he kissed there before making his way up to your lips once again. 

“Now, where were we?”

Blushy Flustered big shy baby 

You were both in the lab, to cut it short Donnie wasn’t paying attention to you and you were feeling particularly needy. So, when it was safe and he put everything lethal down - You swiftly moved into his lap, sitting on it giving him an innocent look, the one that drove him absolutely wild. Then next thing you know your straddling him on the chair, slightly reclined as you both kissed, the speed changing every so often. It’d go from eager kisses to slow passionate ones. It caused your whole body to react to it, moaning into the kiss as you pushed yourself into him.

“God, (y/n) - “ he panted, feeling the strain in his lower region just from the make out session. It had been a while since you and him actually did anything, so it didn’t take long to get to that peak of wanting to skip to the best part. His hands roamed down your back and gripped your backside. 

“Fuck, Donnie, I-”

“Donnie Have you found out what that—” Raph paused, grinning at the scene “Oh, sorry.. Am I intruding?” he teased lightly, voice innocent. You flushed red and Donnie awkwardly sat back up, causing you to push up against him further.

“Raph, c-can you give us a minute?” He stuttered, a small pink hue on his cheeks as he tried to gently pull you off of him. However you stayed put, you knew he could’ve put more effort into moving you, but he really didn’t have the heart too. 

“Oh, no. Don’t stop on my account, have fun kids” he grinned, making his way out of the liar 

Come on, ya’ll do we all think mikey would care? He’d just continue

Naturally, it started because he wouldn’t stop beating your butt at a video game. “Stop cheating!” You yelled, half teasingly half seriously.
“Its not my fault you suck at this, angelcakes” 

You jumped him and sat on his lap, at first it was a way to distract him, until both of you dropped the controllers and one thing let to another his hand was under your shirt and your kisses were needy. However, you were both giggling into the kiss, especially when he trailed his hand over that spot on your back that made you shiver and giggle like a little school girl. You tugged on his bandanna to keep his face close to yours, his arms wrapped around your waist. Making out with Mikey was a dream come true, it was playful yet he never failed to make you want more. He laid down on the sofa bringing you with you, he whined slightly as you had to stop your actions to balance yourself, you laughed at him.

“Always so needy” you teased, softly stroking his cheek - you loved his eyes, they were so captivating.

“Because you’re so addicting, angel cakes!” with that he pulled you forward, earning a shocked squeal from you and a laugh, he wasted no time re-connecting your lips, his hands roaming your stomach and back and every so often grazing over your ass. 

“Mikey have you seen my spare tool kit?” Donnie asked him, Mikey ignored him and continued to kiss you, you didn’t even hear him - “Have you seen. my tool kit?” He repeated, eyes rolling to the back of his head as Mikey began kissing you again, grinning into the kiss. “Ugh, nevermind!” He announced, storming out of the room in a temper. 

“You’re mean, ya’know that?” you laughed, he chuckled in response and picked you up bridal style.

“You love me, angelcakes. Now lets go to my room where we can’t be interrupted!”