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heeeeeeey i dont wanna bother u so u dont need to answer if you're not in the mood, but if so- could you please recommend me some comic books? everything u love, whether its the batfam or other superheroes- i need more comic books to read and your hcs are so funny and good and aaaaaa (also dont "go easy" on me, tell about e v e r y single comic book ud like to recommend, im all ears)!!! just tell me which characters it focuses pls, so i can pick up more easily. thank you ♥♥♥♥

Ooh, my friend, I could rant for days about my favorite comics!

Red Robin: Hands down my favorite comic series of all time. It’s about Tim Drake and his search for Bruce after he “died”, but Tim is the only one who knows he’s alive while all his friends and family write him off as insane. It’s really really good and features Tim just being an amazing hero and taking on the Council or Spiders and even Ra’s Al Ghul himself in an epic showdown. I recommend this series with every fiber of my being.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: This one is about Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire as their own team of outlaws who fight crime in their own cool way and are just awesome in general. I love it because of the great friendship the trio has, and it really shows Jason bonding with his friends which is good, and it’s just really great in general.

Red Hood and Arsenal: Kind of a continuation of RHATO, but it’s just Jason and Roy, who start a business where people hire them to take down bad guys for them. It’s really funny, has Joker’s Daughter in it, and shows so many great moments of Jaybird and Roy bonding. 

Young Justice (based off the tv show): If you watch the Young Justice animated series then I highly recommend this. It has a bunch of great storylines that happened between episodes, and it’s honestly just so cool to read.

Young Justice: This is the original Young Justice comic series, and it’s super good. It has Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, Secret, and other young heroes forming their own team and fighting crime while getting into funny hijinks together. And it’s super funny and adorable, like in one storyline they spent a few issues playing baseball with aliens in space, I kid you not.

Teen Titans Go: These comics are based off the original Teen Titans show, and they’re pretty much just funny stories about the team if you want to make you laugh. It does have its serious moments, and I liked having some more Teen Titans after its cancellation.

Grayson: At one point Dick Grayson got his identity as Nightwing blown and had to take his death, so while he was legally dead he went undercover as a Spyral agent. It’s really good, and Dick was so cool and funny as a secret agent. (Also at some point he carried a baby across the desert and saved its life and I cried, and at another part he spent like five pages singing a song about himself as a spy and it’s still one of my favorite comic moments to this day)

Teen Titans volumes 4-5: I’m only like halfway through this one, but already I love it and highly recommend it. It has cool heroes like Red Robin, Kid Flash, Solstice, Bunker, Wonder Girl, and others. The perfect balance of humor and drama, plus the artwork is incredible. (Wonder Girl’s outfit is so sparkly 😍) 

Li'l Gotham: This is the ultimate Batfamily comic. It’s pretty much a fluffy Batfamily fanfiction and it’s just adorable in general.  

Robin: This series features Tim during his time as Robin, and I can honestly tell you it’s amazing. As you know I’m a Tim Drake fanatic, and this series is exactly what you need if you’re a Tim fan. It includes his early days as Robin, all the struggles he goes through with both his hero and civilian identities, super great storylines, and the cute time and Steph dated, which was adorable. Highly recommend. 

Batman and Robin: There are two volumes for this one. The first is Dick and Damian during their stint as Batman and Robin, and it was really nice to see them grow as brothers and partners. The second one is after Bruce came back and he and Damian started working together. It also contains the aftermath of Damian’s death and how Bruce practically went crazy with grief and tried every conceivable method to bring him back, which he did. Just lots and lots of Damian Wayne.  

Super Sons: This series just started days ago, and already I love it. It’s about Damian Wayne and Jon Kent as two teeny crimefighting friends. Totally adorable, and especially good because it just started so it’s easy to get into.   

I’m pretty sure there are a couple more but I just can’t remember right now, so yeah, try some of these out and if you do tell me what you think! Happy reading! <33

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I know Golden Hour is "unfinished", but I honestly kind of liked that. Especially towards the end, there was something about the simple blue not-color scheme that made it feel more pure. Either way, that's hands-down my favorite chapter in the comic.

Veronica: Golden Hour is so great and I wanna give it justice!! I really love the unfinished look of the later pages, it’s in a BCI style I enjoy, but I think the chapter deserves to be completed and look consistent ;_; Maybe it was okay with the flashback, but I still wanna finish it properly!