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Stormy Nights (Bucky Barnes x Reader One-Shot)

A/N: I’ve been posting too much today, but i’m in such a writing mood, I can’t stop!!! This was requested, and it’s my first smut writing, so please keep that in mind!! Enjoy :)

Word Count: 1,302

WARNINGS: NSFW, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy, kiddos!), oral (female receiving), 18+ ONLY

Anonymous asked: smutttty, maybe theres a storm and they end up having to stay in and then one thing leads to the other

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Olicity Fic Rec (Part 1)

Hey everybody! I have been wanting to do a fic rec for a while, but I haven’t been able to find the time to do it. Luckily now that school and finals are over, I finally can! I kinda tried to organize this fic rec by categories and stuff and I got really carried away lol, but I hope you enjoy!

SOME OF MY FAVORITE FICS (Not necessarily recent fics, just fics I LOVE (not all of my favorites bc we’d be here for days), and for the recent fics that are also my favorites, I put them in the recent section):


Sportsmanlike Conduct by @mogirl97: Overall one of my favorite sports AU’s! It has both fluff and angst, and I literally couldn’t stop reading it! I originally read it when it first came out, and each update made me so happy! Not to mention, hockey is literally my favorite sport (and I may or may not be a Flyers super fan) so this fic was especially fun to read! It all begins in college, when Felicity meets Oliver Queen, a handsome and talented hockey player! They hit it off immediately, and their relationship is so good, but of course, things get in the way! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Such an amazing fic!!

Times Like These by @anthfan: I REREAD THIS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING (i literally just re-read it and finished it before I started making this post)! If you have free time, go read this fic, and if you don’t have free time, drop what you’re doing, make time, and go read this fic! This fic is so good, and all of Oliver and Felicity’s interactions are so well done. I actually only came across this story a few months ago, and I am so mad I didn’t find it sooner, but now that I have read it, I can’t stop reading it over and over! It begins with Felicity’s stalker and cousin, Nate, coming back into her life, and of course, Oliver and Dig doing everything they can to protect her. SO GOOD. SO SO SO SO GOOD. I’m not gonna lie, this fic made me cry, and I rarely ever cry, so that should tell you how AMAZING this fic is!

The Firebird by @supersillyanddorky06: Am I gonna rec every single one of Matty’s fics? Yes. And the Firebird is NO EXCEPTION! This fic was recently finished (ending was super amazing) and if you’re looking for an amazing, riveting fic to read, go READ IT RIGHT NOW! I literally would not put this fic down when I first read it, and everytime I go back and re-read it, I read it from start to finish because its SO GOOD(lol the amount of HW i’ve been able to complete has gone way down since I started reading matty’s fics). This fic is an Al-Sahim story, but has Oliver in Felicity’s house every night, not saying a word, and watching Tv with her, after Felicity finds Oliver about to kill someone one night. Basically, Oliver starts seeking Felicity after that night, and you’ll have to see what happens! Honestly tho, I don’t know how to describe this fic (it’s too amazing to put into words), so just go READ IT!

Forever is Composed of Nows by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated: I’m pretty sure everyone has read this fic, but that’s because it’s only the best thing to ever exist! I read this fic a while ago, but lost it, and when I found it again, not only was it completed, but there was a SEQUEL and I SCREAMED OUT LOUD BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY! Such a good fic, and as a person who doesn’t even like children, I fell in love with Ellie Queen (believe me that is saying a lot, like i hate kids, but this story made me absolutely love Ellie) ! This fic has so much amazing fluff, and good angst, and just a wonderful wonderful plot. I love having the Queen fam in it, and every single chapter is just so good. It begins with Ellie Queen, Oliver and Felicity’s daughter, being brought into the past to escape Zoom, when Felicity and Oliver are not together, and haven’t even accepted their feelings for each other. SO GOOD. Such a great idea for a fic, that was made into a beautiful story, and I love it so much!

With our Backs to the Wall (Darkness will Fall) by @theirhappystory: ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES LIKE I CAN’T EXPLAIN GUYS ITS SO SO GOOD!! I am the biggest sucker for Army AU’s and age differences and this fic touches upon both of those and does it so well. Every single moment in this fic I absolutely love, and I really can’t put into words how good it is. You have to read it. You just have to. It starts with Oliver returning from war, coming back to a home with Felicity, who is looking much different and more mature then when he lost saw her. Oliver struggles with keeping his feelings and thoughts in check, and it is GLORIOUS! GO READ IT! I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO SO MUCH!

Or Forever Hold Your Peace by @katanabaabe: Such an incredibly angsty and beautiful fic, that you won’t be able to put down! I came across this fic a long time ago, and I am still just as obsessed with it now as I was then. I loved how this story was done, and I loved the way that Oliver and Felicity’s relationship plays out. I LOVE ANGST, and this fic had such well done angst it was impossible to put down. It begins with Oliver comforting Felicity after she is very upset over what happened with her fiancé, Ray Palmer, and things escalate. Such a good fic!

Where There’s Smoak There’s Fire by FelOllie @littlered-sourwolf: THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING FIC! I have re read this story countless times, and I think it gets better each time. I love, love, love, the way Felicity and Oliver’s friendship plays out, with tons of sexual tension and teasing, and the angst (oh my god the angst is so good guys) all just is written together so beautifully you have to go read it! It begins with Oliver and Felicity, five years after the count took her, being the best of friends. I don’t want to spoil too much, but all I can say is READ IT because you will not regret it! Amazing amazing story!


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Light looks up, letting himself meet L’s eyes at last. L looks down at him, eyes wide. Their joined hands lay cradled between their chests. The sounds of all the guests, the music, the merrymaking… they fall quiet and defeated, slaughtered by the harsh pounding of blood racing through two hearts.
The Retail Guardian Angel returns!

Back in December I submitted a story about this kind older lady with a purple sweater and a patchwork bucket purse who randomly appeared on one of my rough days, comforted me, and then dumped ten Werther’s (those yummy caramels that grandmas always have here in the states) in my hands.
I saw her again today! Same sweater, same purse, but I was on register instead of on the floor and the minute she walked up to mine, I recognized her instantly. She had a full cart of stuff but during the whole transaction she kept asking me if I was doing ok and if I had already worked a long day, giggling with me over some of the silly things she bought, and just generally kept being the nicest lady I’ve ever helped. She also bought a purse and I asked her if she was gonna trade out the one that she already had and she said, “Oh no, sweetie, I always carry this purse. This is the only bag I’ll ever carry.”
So she paid in cash, then reached into her purse and dumped a handful of coffee Werthers (my absolute favorites) onto my counter and winked at me, saying “I don’t forget, sweetie. Stay strong, and don’t worry!”
And once she left the store, she just vanished. I have a pocket full of caramels and I’m only mostly sure that she’s human.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! Do you have any make up tips or advice for someone just starting to use it? Things like essentials or tutorials and what to avoid. I'm extremely new to it.

I am also somewhat new to makeup (my mother literally never wore any when I was growing up) so everything that I’m recommending on this post is based off of personal experience. I have extremely oily skin and focus all of my attention and helping keep my skin as clear as possible, so most of my recommendations are for products of that nature.

I highly recommend subscribing to Birchbox to try out new products. You fill out a profile listing your skin and hair types, and let them know what you’re looking to accomplish beauty wise. They send you wonderful samples each month, generally these are large enough for multiple uses. They will occasionally send you bullshit samples (I personally do not care about cheap perfumes) but it’s 90% awesome products. 

Regardless, I hope you find this helpful! And thanks for the love. :)

1. Skin Type. Skin types are generally: oily/acne-prone, dry, sensitive, or a combination. Try to avoid using products that don’t suit your skin type, chain drugstores such as CVS and Rite Aid generally do a good job at stocking a variety of products (and there’s always Amazon). If you don’t know your skin type, start out using products for sensitive skin and see how they work for you.

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2. Lotion. There are all sorts of different types of moisturizing lotions for every different part of your body. Although it may seem tempting, don’t ever use hand & body lotion on your face. You know how the corporations love to make us spend money! I recommend:

  • Jason: I love this facial lotion! It’s for sensitive skin and smells incredible.
  • SheaMoisture: This facial lotion is perfect for oily/combination skin.
  • Bath & Body Works: My absolute favorite hand & body lotion. Smells incredible and makes my skin so smooth.
  • Gold Bond: This is a great unscented body lotion.
  • Coconut Oil 101: For those of you who prefer more natural products.

3. Exfoliate. Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week! This promotes healthy skin cell growth and makes your skin feel incredible. I recommend:

4. Concealers/foundation! Ideally you’re looking for something that doesn’t doesn’t feel “heavy” or “sticky” on your face. If you’re uncomfortable using brushes, you can use clean, dry hands to gently pat concealer into place.

5. Eye Makeup. I was going to write a bit about applying eye makeup, but this is a pretty in-depth guide that covers the basics based on eye shape. Also: what color eyeshadow you should be wearing. I recommend:

  • Maybelline: These can get $$ but last literally forever.

6. Lipstick. Lipstick is unfortunately not something I can advise you on, because I do not wear it. I do, however, wear tinted chapstick which I absolutely love. Fortunately lipstick is covered in several of the guides I linked to down below.

7. Facial Wipes. These are a great way to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, etc from your face. I recommend:

  • Garnier: For oily skin.
  • Burt’s Bees: For dry/sensitive skin.
  • SheaMoisture: Just because I would jump off a cliff if SheaMoisture told me it was good for my skin.

8. Nail Polish. If you can afford it, get your nails professionally done for $25 every two weeks (gel polishes last the longest). Most nail polish brands that you can purchase online or in a store for relatively inexpensive will last you a week tops. This is unfortunate, but the price we pay for our beauty. Here are some inexpensive brands that I enjoy:

  • Sally Hansen: I wear this brand in black every single day of my life and LOVE it. This is the longest lasting nail polish brand I have found thus far.
  • Wet N’ Wild: These are super inexpensive and relatively easy to find. Also- that name tho.
  • Essie: If you can afford it, turn to Essie for long lasting polish! This is the nail polish I will buy when I have the money to afford it.

9. Face Mask. I am OBSESSED with face masks. Literally. I just love the way they feel and how they make my skin super smooth and soft. I do two a week, which is not recommended for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin or dry skin, one a week should be plenty. I recommend:

  • Peel Off: This is a less extreme (and much less expensive) version of the blackhead mask you see heavily advertised on social media. It does make your skin feel incredible, but it doesn’t really help whiteheads or plain old acne the way mud masks do.
  • I use this mud mask every week. I bought it last August and still have about half a jar left. So incredible, so beneficial (for my skin at least), and does visibly reduce acne.
  • If you live near a CVS stop by. They actually make decent masks that are super inexpensive. The one problem I find with these masks is that they aren’t very thick. I like thick.
    DIY Banana Face Mask

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@howtogrowthefuckup’s Tips

Ok hands down healthbyholly is my absolutely favorite blog on tumblr

Idk what’s better… “eating meat is equivalent to rape” or “having a nut allergy is not an excuse to not be vegan” or “children do not deserve special laws protecting them”


My photographer asked me what mood I wanted to go for with these shots of my Aion cosplay. My answer: make me look hot…. but like… also intimidating. I want to be intimidatingly hot. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I think we pretty much nailed that here. These are my absolute favorite shots of this costume, hands down.

Aion Hyperion Assassin (leather armor) by yours truly.

Photos by @peterroigphotography


ColdFlash AU: Evil!Barry

The Flash has disappeared. And in his absence Central City was ripe for the taking; thugs and villains of all kinds started creating mayhem and wreaking havoc, but no one has been more frightening to the people of Central than the mysterious speedster in black. No one knows who he is or where he came from. No one knows what he wants. 

With The Flash gone, Len is afraid for his sister’s life. He demands they go back to his city, and for once, Rip doesn’t argue with him. They both know without anyone to protect Central there might be no city for Savage to conquer in the future.

Len’s feet barely touch the city’s ground for twenty seconds before he is suddenly whisked away from his friends in the blink of an eye, he doesn’t even manage to reach out for his gun before his hands get cuffed to a pole. A shadowed figure stands before him, and Len knows it’s the man they came for. Unarmed in a secluded place with no back-up, Len knows he’s screwed, but he schools his expression into its familiar cold demeanour, “Who are you?” he shouts, “What do you want?”

The silhouette of the man steps closer, the shadow gives way to light, and Len doesn’t believe his eyes- Barry Allen stands before him, looking the same but also different, all clad in black instead of red, no trace of that usual glint in his eyes. Barry blinks and his eyes turn black, deep and hollow and terrifying, making Len feel as if his soul is being devoured, “You know who I am.” Barry drawls, his voice unnaturally off and demonic, sounding like ten people are talking at once. “And what I want is simple, really,” 

The voice sends a tremor up Len’s spine, he visibly shakes and Barry comes closer- no, not Barry, the man in front of him might be many things, but there is no way he is the hero that Len once knew. 

“I want you, Lenny.” a thousand voice says at once.  

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When'd you like junghope? I want images, gif, video clips, thnaks

Hiya~ Do you mean why do I like junghope? Or actually when? If it’s when, then I started liking them about a year ago at the beginning of 2016 when @umsonowwhat‘s Lost and Found came out. I read her work regardless of pairing so I read this and fell in love. She inspired me to write my own junghope fics and then from there I fell down the rabbit role. Since there’s so little content for them I sorta grew an obsession and started making a shit ton of my own content for them (fics, videos, moodboards, text posts, a network, etc.).

If your question is why then actually I have a massive detailed junghope compilation in my drafts about all the specific moments and reasons as to why they’re an amazing ship. That should be coming out shortly but for now I will give you a few of my absolute favorite moments.

Jungkook fucking loves holding Hobi’s hand this is indisputible.

Hobi’s lips were tingling, they both felt that kiss in their souls.

They’re so clingy with each other but Jungkook is actually sweet on Hobi so much like…he may like teasing him but at the end of the day this boy is smitten.

The cuddle is iconic. Hobi wraps an arm around his chest, hikes his leg up around Jungkook’s waist, presses his face into Jungkook’s neck and plays with his hair until they fall asleep. I’m sorry but if that doesn’t scream married then you’re wrong. 

Look out for my bigger post of moments that should be coming out soon if you would like a more detailed and visual explanation :3


So for those who may not have heard me shouting it from every rooftop, I adore Sirena von Boo. She is hands down my absolute favorite character in the whole franchise, and finally getting her doll was like a complete dream come true for me. However, she needed some…TLC when she came out of the box. I wanted to keep her as close to the original as possible (unlike most of my makeovers, which I tend to change every aspect about the doll). More before and after pics under the cut, for those interested!

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Very much interested in anime recs ^^

okay :D some of them may sound like broken records but I very much enjoy all of them so I’ll include them all.

death note: cold classic and hands down my absolute favorite of all time. it’s dark, profound and it doesn’t label good or bad. it certainly is thought-provoking.

durarara: my second favorite. I absolutely love its storytelling! you’ll have to focus on it bc it can get confusing really fast but the story is genius. every character is well written and they have something dark that they hide, it’s amazing.

watamote (full title: Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!): this one has got to be in my top 5. it’s pretty much an anime about social anxiety and watching it really comforted me because the protagonist goes through the same situations that I go through and it made me feel somewhat better about myself. I watched it four times now I believe because it’s so calming to me.

one punch man: definitely deserves the hype. I laughed so much watching it, it’s hilarious and really well written. the characters are top notch.

mob psycho 100: similar to one punch man (obviously) and I enjoyed it just as much. it’s so funny and it has great action.

to be hero: this one deserves so much more hype. I think this must be the funniest out of all of them. it sure is trashy but holy moly it also has some of the saddest scenes ever. it totally blew my mind. plus, it breaks the fourth wall all the time and not to mention that the end left me speechless, I had to watch the last episode twice in a row because it was so epic. you gotta watch this one for sure.

soul eater: it’s so much fun and easy to watch. adorable characters and lovely setting.

ao no exorcist: it’s similar to soul eater with its school setting. I totally fell in love with the characters.

k project: I can’t really classify this one but it’s so pleasing to the eye and the characters really grew on me.

sailor moon: I know this might not be for everybody but it’s an easy to watch and cute series (I’m talking about the original, not the remake). plus, if you look closer, it sure has some nice uplifting messages in it that really cheer me up.

Hi all I’m Miranda! I’m 23 and like my tattoo suggests, I’m from New Mexico. They pay me to do science for a living, which is pretty neat. Oh and Dirk is my absolute favorite character on television, hands down. 

Just adding my ugly mug to all your beautiful faces. <3

So I finished A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas this past weekend aaaand… I like Helion! And I usually don’t draw fanart from books/movies and I haven’t even TRIED drawing Rhysand for real (Which is hands down my absolute favorite character tightly followed by Cassian) and then there is Helion… And I just had to try, because… FUCKING HELION!

Chapter One of Along Came A Spider

A/N: I have no idea what to name this, so if someone has an idea, that’d be lovely

This is the fic: Deadpool & Daughter! OC, where the OC is Wade’s and Vanessa’s daughter and after Vanessa dies, Wade teaches his daughter everything he knows. Then, when she goes to high school she meets Peter Parker, the quiet, shy and dorky opposite of her loud, flamboyant, and sarcastic personality. Fighting off bullies and study sessions lead to a romance, but what happens when the young Wilson is taken in by SHIELD for questioning?

Pulling on my red Converse, I stand and walk to the training room. “Daaaaaad. I’m tiiiiiiired.” I whined while walking over to the rack of weapons and grabbing my katanas. “Awww, poor baby.” he laughed. “Can we just get this over with? I had a long night.” I stated while rolling my eyes. “You’re acting like you had endless missions, we both know you were at Peter’s all night watching movies. It’s kinda funny how neither of you can admit your feelings.” he smirked. “Dad! I do not have a crush on Parker!” I responded quickly while running at him, swinging the practice katana at him. He was too quick and an absolute pro at fighting to be hit. “Damn it.” I poured while rolling to he side to dodge his counter attack.
After an hour, I trudged into the kitchen to find Peter sitting at the table, waiting on me as usual. “So….. someone’s in need of coffee.” he smiled handing me my favorite drink from Starbucks. “You’re the absolute best.” I smile back as I kiss his cheek. His face turns red quickly and I smirk. “Peter. Your face is red.” I chuckle as I poke his cheek to further my point. “Stop it.” he laughs while he playfully smacks my hand away. “Uuuuggggh. You two are annoying.” Dad says coming into the room. “I learned from the best!” I challenge as I stick my tongue out at him. “Uh huh. Go back to flirting.” he smirks as he sways into the next room, leaving me and Peter sitting in the silence he leaves in his wake.
The next day at school, I show up with a large bruise spreading across my leg, making me limp. Stupid ninjas. It’s healing but not quick enough. Peter notices and I know I’ll have to lie to him, I hate that. “What happened to you? Pull something during basketball?” he asks grabbing my arm softly and helping me to my locker. “Yeah, I think the coach hates me.” I chuckle. “Maybe she’s secretly evil.” he jokes and I laugh. “Will you be my hero?” I say dramatically falling into his arms. “Without a doubt, Kate Wilson. I will be your hero.” he smiles charmingly. If only we knew what the other was hiding…

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Your blog? Let's be honest. You like Gray. What people might not get at first is that you like Gray in various ships: Graylu, Gratsu, GrayxLoke etc. BUT you also like Juvia! And you even like Gruvia--you think they're kind of sweet--but you wish they'd been written differently at times. OK. You're a writer. You live in the US. You have fewer than 10k followers (so you claim). You have a cool follower you call little demon. You chat with sassyHowl and TGRhapsode. Have a flower: 🌺

I love Gray and Gray ships: Confirmed.

I like Juvia: How much I love her, you will never know.

Gruvia: Gruvia is a very… iffy ship for me. On the one hand, Juvia is my favorite female character and Gray is my absolute favorite out of all of them. I very much want the two to be happy but they remind me of an unhealthy relationship I once was in, interactions I’ve had with another person and other very uncomfortable situations. There’s many reasons I list this as a notp, I try to respect it but I can’t actually ship this.

I am a writer: We should assume so.

I live in the US: Yes.

I have fewer than 10k followers: Not even a thousand, little demon. I’m still trying to fight back from the p.ornb.ot incident.

Pfft. Okay, the little demon is actually pretty cool and sweet, and yes, I do chat with them as well. 

Thank you for that flower. Have a little Gray.

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