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Hi! Here is my submission for Ace Valentines Day. Below is my ace love story and a message for any aces out there who need some love.

My name is Nina, I am asexual, and I have been in a committed relationship with an allosexual person for 6 wonderful years.

I’ve always known there was something different about my relationship with sex, but for most of my life, I had no idea what that difference was. I just kind of assumed I was weird and nerdy. About 2 years into my current relationship, I discovered asexuality. I now consider this time a revolution, and awakening of my true self, but at the time, it was devastating. It wasn’t easy to come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t give my partner what they wanted, and for a long time, I felt ashamed of myself for not being like everyone else. I couldn’t even say the word asexual without crying with shame, because I just couldn’t come to terms with who I was. It took time for me to accept myself as ace, and to discover just what that meant for me, but with the help of an incredible friend, my partner, and my own damn strength, I got there. Now, I am proud of what I am. I understand that I AM weird and nerdy, but I’m also awesome, and my orientation is a special part of me.

My partner was a HUGE support to me while I was coming to terms with who I am. When I first told him I thought I was ace, I was terrified that he would leave me. I remember sobbing in the car with him…I loved him so much and I hated myself for not wanting sex like he did, like EVERYONE did. I was so scared that my lack of sex-drive meant that somehow, I didn’t love him, even though I thought that I really did. But you know what happened? I told him everything, all my questions and fears. And he listened. He heard me. And time and time again during the ups and downs of that process he was there when I needed to talk out how I was feeling, he validated by existence when I felt erased by the media, by my friends, by everything around me. We communicated about what we both needed, and about how we both felt about each other.

It wasn’t always simple, and sometimes, he accidentally said the wrong thing. Sometimes, when he asked for sex it would send me spiraling into self-loathing, because I just didn’t understand why I didn’t want what he wanted. But every time I said no, he always respected my boundaries and that was key. We talked and talked and struggled through the uncharted waters of our new situation, and eventually, we became comfortable with our new relationship. Now, there is an unspoken rule between us that any sexual contact will ALWAYS be initiated by me. If he asks and I say “no”, that is the end of it. And we are still intimate! Remember, there are a MILLION ways to be intimate with someone you love that DON’T INVOLVE SEX! We kiss each other all over, we hug, hold hands, cuddle and talk for hours, we touch each other’s bodies with loving hands, and tell each other that we are beautiful. We share blankets, play-wrestle, give massages and take baths together. We find our own ways to be close. I can honestly say I have the most intimate relationship with my partner that I’ve ever had with anyone…and we haven’t had sex in months (literally can’t remember the last time lol). 

The fact of the matter is this: sex is definitely important to a lot of allosexual people, and that’s okay, BUT if someone really loves you, sex will always come second to making sure you feel safe and comfortable. If someone cannot give you that respect, love, and understanding, my friend, keep walking. You deserve so much better, and you never EVER have to play second fiddle to someone’s sex-drive. 

To each and every one of you who doubts themselves, hates themselves, and thinks they will never find love, fight that fear, fight that loathing. You are not broken. You are so worthy! Worthy of love, of respect, of self-confidence. You are not a dork, you are so cool! You are not a prude, you are just not sexual. Being a virgin does not make you less than anyone else, and being an ace who has (or has had) sex does not make you any less ace! If you don’t like to kiss, then you don’t have to kiss anyone. If you don’t feel comfortable with physical contact, then you don’t have to have that! You do NOT have to put your needs second to please your partner. You do NOT deserve to be treated poorly because you are different than them. Don’t listen to the media, to your friends, to your parents or ANYONE who tells you otherwise. Hold you head high, even if you don’t feel strong yet, because you ARE strong, and you WILL feel strong one day. I promise you. 

If you want romantic love in your life, do not let yourself believe that you will never find it. There are so many amazing people out there of all orientations who can and will love you. YOU DESERVE LOVE, YOU DESERVE RESPECT, YOU KICK ASS. 

I love you all, Nina

Maybe (13 Reasons Why Zach Imagine)

Description: After your boyfriend, Jeff, dies in the car accident. Zach and you start to hang out.

You felt terrible. Maybe he would have wanted you to move on, maybe he wouldn’t have. You would never know, so you really didn’t feel that you could make a decision. You knew you would always be in love with Jeff. He was your first love, and you wanted him to be your last, but the past few weeks you had been hanging out Zach Dempsey. You didn’t know if you would call them dates, but you were starting to like him a lot, but you felt terrible because you felt like you were letting Jeff down. You knew that he and Zach weren’t really all that close, so you didn’t really feel like you could talk to Zach about how you were feeling without somehow hurting him. You were walking to your first class of the day when you saw him standing by the door to the class.
“Can we talk?” he asked while reaching for your hand.
“Sure,” you said giving him your hand without hesitation. Sure your parents would be pissed, but you hated math, and you really did want to talk to Zach.
“If I say something wrong, tell me right away, and I’ll stop, okay?” he said as you two sat down at a table outside the building. You nodded. “I know that what you and Jeff had was really special, anyone could see that. It must really hurt you, and…and I just want to help you in any way I can. Whatever this is between us…it’s really important to me, and I would love to take you on proper dates and do all the mushy stuff, but if you can’t do that because of him, then I totally get it.” You nodded again, completely invested in what he was saying to you.
Could he really be that patient with you? Could he really care about you that much that he was willing to wait until you were okay with everything? You had no idea what to say.
“I know this might be a lot to take in, so you really don’t have to answer me right away, but do you want to go on a proper date with me? Like a real one?”
Could you do this? Was this what Jeff would have wanted? How could you ever know? Maybe it was okay. “Zach,” you finally said. “You are a really great guy, and when I lost Jeff I was heartbroken. I still am, but I also think connecting with other people is really important.”
“Is that a yes?”
“Yes…it’s a yes.”

anonymous asked:

I have been following you for a while and whenever you post art, I get jealous of how you do art! AS I'm asking here, how do you draw hands? I would love to know! :D

I’m very bad at telling in English how to draw hands in my way (SORRY) but I hope you can understand what I’m trying to tell you </3 

But in the end, use references! Look at the anatomy books and train with them. It helps a lot as a student with no money to go to art courses (I really do feel). When you get to the point of drawing hands, train all day long. Same with heads and feet, as the anatomy is important. 

EXO Reaction: When You two tell the other members you are dating

redhykins said:Hi there! :3 I really love your blog!! :) So, how would Exo tell the other members that you two started dating? (They’ve all known the girl for a long time) Haha, hopefully that makes sense 

(It does and I am sorry i took so long)



You- Xiumin but what if they are upset at us. You are not suppose to-

Xiumin-”Honey , they will be okay i promise”

Chanyeol-”What are you babbling about?” 

Xiumin grabs your hand and kisses your hand. 

Xiumin-”This is my baby, arn’t you?”

You-”Yes Xiumin , I am yours”

Chanyeol-”Well congrauts you two , we are so happy for you two”


Xiumin-”No don’t say anything”.


Sleeping next to luhan was the best but it was also hard to wake up before the boys to sneak out. Looking at the clock , I sighed and rubbed my eyes. Luhan was sound asleep next to me cutely . Kissing his cheek , I started to get ready until I saw his hand grab mine .

Luhan-”No stay , We will tell them”.

You-”Are you serious?”

Luhan-”Yes Y/N . I love you”.

You two walk out hand and hand and see the Exo Members look confused. Luhan kisses your cheek and clears his throat. 

Luhan-”We are a couple”.

Tao-”Oh I thought she liked Chen because she was always around him”.

Chen-”Tao Shut Up”

Tao-”No I am so happy for you two but I just-”

Luhan- “Tao just don’t”


You and Kris walk in together with a box of cookies and coffee. Kris grabs your hand and holds you close. You squirm out but he keeps holding onto you.

You-”Kris they are going to see us”.

Kris smiles and looks at the two exo members playing on the couch.

Kris-”Hey guys this is my girlfriend Y/N! I love her.”

Baekhyun-”Are you serious ?”

Kris-”Of course , We have been dating for a year”.

Baekhyun-”Sucks to be you Sehun”.


Baekhyun- “Because he likes her”.

Kris-”Damn it  my son


You-”Suho are you sure y? Do you really want to do this “.

Suho-”They need to know about this sooner or later”. 

You-”Alright who are telling first”.

Suho-”First on the list is DO”

You-”You have a list”.

Suho-”You love me”

You-”Yes I do”

You and Suho were walking to DO dorm , holding hand. Knocking at DO dorm , he opens it sleepy.

DO-”It is 10 am , what do you need”.

Suho-”We just wanted to let you know that we are dating”.

DO smiles at you and hugs you and grabs Suho collar.




Holding onto yixing waist , You kiss his cheek. Today you both were going to tell the group .Since you are not allowed to date in public, You both thought it was better to just tell yout group.

Lay- “I love you so much “

You-”I can’t believe you are going to tell your group”.

Lay- “ Me either , But I love you so much”.

You-”I love you so much Yixing”.

Walking into the dorm , You see Suho drinking coffee. Holding hands you two walk up to suho and lay coughs.

Suho-”Yixing, I didn’t know you two liked eachother”.

You-”We have been dating for 4 months”.

Suho-”Oh i am so happy for you two”.

You-”Thank you so much”.

Suho-”I really thought you liked  DO”

Lay-” I think she loves me”


Baekhyun- “ I am going to walk in first and introduce us “.

You-”They are already know me though”.

Baekhyun- “ But I want it to be a surprise”.

You-”Okay fine baby, do your thing”.

Baekhyun smiles and kisses you , walking inside the dorm , leaving you outside. All the boys are eating when Baekhyun screams super loud .

Baekhyun-” I AM DATING Y/N , SHE IS MINE!”.

You slowly walk inside as you see Baekhyun dancing around .

You-”I am sorry he yelled.”

Baekhyun-”Don’t be embarrassed over love”.

You-”Once again I am sorry”

Sehun-”Why are you dating him”.

Baekhyun- “ She lo-loves me , right honey”


You and chen walk into the dance studio. Chen grabs your hand and winks at you.

Chen-”Can I have everyone attention!”


Chen-” I am in love with Y/N . we have been dating for a while now.”

You smile and kiss his cheek , holding onto his hand , He kisses you back.

Chen-”Wish us luck”.

Kris-”No we will wish her luck , You are the worst to deal with”.



Chanyeol and you have been dating for one year and he was ready to tell the most important person…Kai.

You- “Do you think Kai will really care?”

Chanyeol-”We will tell the other the members later but Kai is most important”. 

You just smile and kiss his hand. He holds onto your waist as you two walk together into the dorm. 

You-” I love you “.

Chanyeol-”I love you”

You both walk inside and see Kai playing with his dogs.

Chanyeol-” Kai me and Y/N are dating!”

Kai smiles and hugs you. You smile and hug him back.

Chanyeol-”Um okay I thought it was for me but”

Kai-”Why would i hug you. She needs the hug since she is dating you”

Chanyeol-”Woah Kai-”


You were jumping up and down as DO walked into the dorm. Today was the day you two were going to tell the group about you two dating. Smiling you both held eachother as we walked into the boys room. 

DO-”guys this is Y/N , it is my girlfriend”.

Yixing and Kai Chanyeol get up to hug you as Baekhyun smiles at DO.

DO-”Baekhyun watch your mouth. I know you are going to say something stupid”.

You-”DO calm down”

Baekhyun-”DO IS -”



You and Kai were standing outside the dancing room , holding onto his hand. You look at his cute face and he smiles.

You-”You are so cute honey”.

Kai-”You are so cute “.

You-”We don’t have to tell them if you do not want too”

Kai-”No of course , I love you “

You and Kai walk in and see chanyeol ,chen , sehun and lay  on the floor, eating . Kai rolls his eyes but smiles at you.

Kai-”We are dating “.

Sehun-”Woah , That was quick”

Kai-”Well we love each other so”

Sehun-”I can’t believe she chose you over J-”

Kai-”Don’t say his name if you like your precious hair”.


You put on your lipstick and look at your boyfriend. You both were getting ready to go out . Tao has finally convinced his manager to let us date but still in secret.

You-”I love you Tao”

Tao-”I love you too”

Grabbing his hand ,you both walked to the lobby to see Xiumin.Tao squeezes your hand and smiles at you

Xiumin waves at you and looks at Tao confused.

Xiumin-”You two are a couple? Why Y/N”

You giggle and he laughs , causing Tao to be all pouty,

Tao-”Xiumin , why are like that”

Xiumin-”Because I am the oldest and she is cute”.



You-”Sehun , why are why are we telling them today?”

Sehun-”Because tomorrow I want to spend all day with you”.

You-”Aww Sehun , That was so sweet”

Sehun-”I am going to get laid right”

You- “ yes”

Grabbing both of his hands, I hugged him as we ran inside the dorm. Luhan and Chen are eating ramen , when Sehun pulls you toward them.

Sehun-”Guys we are dating”.

Chen-”Yes we already know. We heard you two the other day”.

You-”Heard us what? Sehun?”

Sehun-” You two are going to get me in trouble”.



Before I begin I just wanted to mention that Jared Padalecki is the most incredible person I have ever met. And if you feel the need to argue against that, read this and see if it doesn’t change your mind.

That being said,

Waiting in line for Jared’s autograph was extremely nerve wracking, specifically because I had no clue what I was going to say to him.

I fell in love with Sam Winchester the moment I watched the pilot about three years ago. I am a Sam girl, always have been, and always will be. So, naturally, once I became more involved with the show I began watching interviews, panels, behind the scenes footage, etc. The more I fell in love with the actors, the more I fell in love with the characters, and vice versa. Truthfully, I’m not quite sure why I became so attached to Sam. I do know that the more I watch and rewatch the show, the more I notice Sam’s character flaws and developments, and the more I realize how similar we can be in the way that we tend to hide inside ourselves and make sure everyone else is okay before we take a look at ourselves. This has gotten me into trouble more than it has helped.

With Jared, I don’t know exactly when he became an inspiration for me. It kind of progressed the more I got to know about him. But reading others’ accounts on meeting him, and hearing other cast members talk about his sincerity and passion for what he does made me want to strive to be that kind of person.

These past couple of months haven’t been easy for me. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that some days I find it hard to be happy. A while back I was feeling artsy and decided to make an edit with a Jared quote on it, for no reason other than he’s my favorite actor plus the fact that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix (yay!), so I started watching it again. I found a shorter quote so it could fit on a picture for my screensaver on my phone. About a month later, everything got really bad. It got to the point where I was feeling incredibly guilty for something I know I shouldn’t have felt guilty about. It ended up with me bawling my eyes out in public (although there weren’t that many people around). So, when someone eventually did walk by, I pretended to be on my phone to avoid an awkward situation (yes, we all do it). I had so many thoughts going through my mind; all of them scared me. However, when I pretended to look at my phone, I turned it on and saw the quote. And it just kind of brought me back to reality.

Of course, I don’t tell Jared all of this. First, we were pressed on time because the line was long and, second, I was barely able to tell him what I ended up telling him in the end because I was going to cry.

What really happens is this:

I walk up to the table and gave a shy “hi”. Jared says hello back, smiles, and then proceeds to sign the picture. I was extremely nervous, but by this point I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I started off saying “you probably get stuff like this a lot…” Which got his attention, but as soon as I said “but I’ve been going through some hard times and it’s been really difficult…” His expression changed instantly. It wasn’t sympathy. It was him being fully interested in what I had to say. It was compassion. I continued, “and I just wanted you to know that I have a quote from you on my phone and it really helps me when things get really hard and I just wanted to thank you.” Not losing eye contact, he grabs my hand, squeezes it, and asks, “What did I say?” I think for a moment because my mind had suddenly gone completely blank, and tell him the quote, ending with thanking him again. Still not leaving my gaze or letting go of my hand, he starts telling me that I just need to keep going. “Every situation will get better, as long as you keep pushing through. Things can get really tough. But the important part is that you can keep going from it. You are a lovely, beautiful girl with so much life left to live. I know it’s hard right now, but it will get better.” By this point all I can do is nod my head and try not to cry. I utter out a “thank you so much” and go to grab the picture to leave, when he squeezes my hand so that I look back at him. He looks at me and says, “Keep your head up.” To which I reply, “Thank you, I will.” And walk away.

The most impactful part about the whole conversation wasn’t the fact that it was Jared (well, maybe a tiny bit), or the fact that I had been looking up to him for a while. It was the fact that there I was, a total stranger to him, and he gave me his full attention as if what I had to say was the most important thing in the entire world. He doesn’t know me, and yet he was able to tell me exactly what I needed to hear in the most genuine and understanding way possible. And the most amazing thing is that Jared is that way with everyone. I’ve read a number of stories from fans who have met Jared and he had given them the amount of attention he knew they needed, whether he knew them or not. I see why he is so incredible at portraying Sam with that same kindness, generosity, and compassion - it is because he has it in himself.

“Every point in your life, even when it’s tough, is something to cherish and be happy about.” -Jared Padalecki

One Direction Prefrerence 8: Asking You to Move In

8 Moving in Together (Requested)


You were having a sleepover at Harry’s house. You were cradled in his arms as you watched a movie. He fiddled with the end strands of your hair as he delicately wrapped them around his finger before letting them come loose. Your head was leaned against his shoulder as a large blanket engulfed the two of you.

You sighed before snuggling in closer to him, “I love our sleepovers”

He nodded slightly before pulling away from you.

“No don’t leave”, you moaned reaching out for his hand missing his surrounding warmth

He gave you a lopsided grin, “One second I got a surprise for you”

“Well come back quick”, you told him giving him a large frown that only cursed him to chuckle 5

Only couple seconds later he ran back in to the living room, “close your eyes”, he giggled to himself

You rolled your eyes before shutting them only getting a small glance at his overly excited face

You could feel Harry take your hands and drop something in it

“Guess what it is?’ he laughed you could almost imagine his smile

Your fingers touched the cold metal your ran your fingers over the ridged edges, “it’s a key, babe” you told him opening your eyes giving him a smile

“Yeah but what kind of key is it?’ he said giving you a goofy grin 

“Um I duuno a house key?” you said a strange look across your face

“But whose house key”, he laughed practically bunching up and down on his bed
You shrugged before he sputtered it out, “its my house key silly, I want you to move in with me”, he laughed, “If that’s okay with you, because I like it when you’re here”

“Yes”, you laughed, “Ill move in with you”, you giggled as he threw his arms around you giving you a kiss as your heart fluttered


You were currently hanging around Louis house as you helped him with some spring-cleaning. He was a very messy person and tended to leave things around in till everything just piled up in till it became disgustingly dirty. He could hire a cleaning service because by then his home living room was too far gone for anyone to want to touch it. So this Saturday Louis had called you practically begging you to help him out because his mom was visiting and he could not live with her and the girls to see how messy his home got.

Not bothering to change your lazy day outfit you came to his house in an over sized tee shirt and sweats not realizing how messy it was. You walked through the door only to want to step out his house was covered with dirty clothes, food crumbs littered the floor, and that was just the entrance.
“Oh my god”, you whispered entering the living room

“Its kind of messy”, he said giving you a sheepish grin

“Lou how did you?” you said still shocked

He chuckled before going on about how he had this party and never actually cleaned up after that so the mess had just started to build up

“We have allot of work to do, C’mon Mister lets get cleaning”, you said beginning to pick up one of his dirty shirts

The whole day was spent doing dishes, gathering up all of Lou’s clothing, and just picking things off the floor

By the end of the day you were exhausted, “ I really hope that never gets like that again”, you yawned

“Well if you moved in with me than id be a lot more tidy”, he grinned your eyes shooting open

“You want me to move in with you”, a large smile plastered on you face

“Well duh, you’re my girlfriend and we’ve been dating for forever”, he rolled his eyes

“Oh please, you only want me to do your laundry”, you laughed

“Well yeah but I want you here in general”, he laughed shrugging

“Ill move in with you”, you grinned giving him a kiss on the cheek


Liam was a sweet heart, but sometimes you wondered if he ever wanted to take you guys to the next step. Liam was always kind of slow while dating you, it taken him three months of dating for him to actually make you official and now you were wondering if he’d ever want to live with you. All the other boys lived with their girlfriends, and everyone always asked if you two lived together but atlas no. Liam lived far away from you and it took you hours to come over.

You were now sitting with Liam as he ate lunch telling you about his day and some parts of tour you of course weren’t paying attention to what you were doing and spilled some orange juice all over your t-shirt.
“Well this sucks”, you mumbled looking at your white t-shirt now with an orange stain.

“Its cool I got you”, he smiled leading you upstairs to his room

You looked around as he opened the top drawer, “Sometimes when you come over you forget things so I wash them and put them in my drawer. I always mean to give them back but I forget”, he smiled handing you old forgotten shirt of yours

You quickly changed tops before peering into Liam’s drawer and in there you had jeans, socks, and shirts, even a bra. You smiled at Liam to only see his cheeks go bright red, “Why did you put them in your drawer?’ you asked feeling your own cheeks go bright red as Liam looked down at his feet

“I don’t really know I guess I kind of liked them there, I like when you’re here”

You smiled walking up to Liam, “I like when I’m here too”, you giggled reaching for his hand as he grabbed yours

“I’ve kind of been putting this off but do you want to move in with me? I like you a lot and I really want to wake up next to you and see you more”

You nodded giving Liam a hug, “Ill start packing”


Niall always had a tendency to blurt out things. Like when he first told you he loved you it wasn’t planned at all. The two of you had just been strolling through the park laughing together when suddenly in-between erupts of laughter Niall had spat out an “I love you”  but you without a doubt said it back. That’s how Niall worked he suddenly just burst out his feelings and you loved that.

So here you were in Niall apartment as you played some video game right now you were winning or Niall was letting you win. You didn’t know but suddenly the game was over and so was your fun.

“Oh Niall I have to go”, you sighed looking at the time

“But babe why?” he whined grabbing your hand

“Well if I don’t leave now I wont be ready for my classes tomorrow”, you sighed

“Can’t you stay?”  He pleaded,
“Sorry sweetheart, see you tomorrow maybe”, you shrugged kissing him before getting up

“If you lived with me then you wouldn’t have to leave”, he grumbled before his eyes widened realizing he had just somewhat asked you to move in with him

Your eyes widened as you felt your heart speed up, “I was thinking about this for a while because I love you so much and when you love someone your supposed to be together all the time, Well not all the time I just miss you”, he said his words tumbling out of his mouth

You brought your lips to his, “I love you too and I can’t wait to move in”, you whispered across his lips as he brought his lips to yours once again


Soft moans escape your lips as Zayn kissed you once again his hands roaming your body.

Your lips connected only parting for air, he suddenly pulled away. A frown puckered your lips as you watched him pull away

“Hey Boo, can I ask you something really important?’ he asked

“Yeah Zayn you can tell me anything?” worry flashed across your face as you put your hand on his shoulder

“Well we’ve been together for a long time and I was thinking about how your always here anyway and how I kind of miss when your not here with me so I thought that you should move in with me”, he sputtered out his eyes closed

“Zayn you scared me”, you sighed letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.

“So are you not moving in with me?” he mumbled sad look on his face

“Of coarse I am Zayn you mean the world to me. Why would I not want to move in with you? I’m always here anyway so why not”, you laughed bring your lips back to his

“Now we can do this more often”, he mumbled pulling at the hem of your jeans

A/N: Sorry Zayns is super short but I hope the others are quite alright. And so sorry this request took so long to the anon. Anyway you guys can still request Ill get to it eventually. Love you and THANK YOU