hands are guns or something idk

He Can’t Hurt You.

Summary- Reader is starting to hallucinate Lucifer, (basically like Sam) she keeps it a secret but her brothers find out.

Warnings- Swearing(I think idk).

A/N- It’s just something I thought of when I was watching reruns of SPN, I’m honestly really chuffed with it:)

Slowly opening your eyes you tensed up, somebody was in your room, you slowly reached your hand under your pillow and grasped the gun you had lying under it.

“I know you’re awake, Y/N” the voice spoke, “and a gun? Really? You think a gun would work on little old me? How adorable” he mocked. Rolling your eyes, you sat up and faced him with furrowed eyebrows, “who are you?” You asked quietly, he looked at you with fake hurt as he placed his hand over his heart, “you mean, Sammy hasn’t told you about me? I’m hurt” he spoke, then his eyes turned red causing you to shuffle back slightly.

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Things That Nobody Pointed Out in ‘Fun Dead’

Normally I don’t make posts like this but this was on my mind the entire time I was rewatching Fun Dead

In each frame transitions when Edd is making remarks on ASDFLand, the portraits in the background seem to change, referencing the artstyles that Edd went through when he started Eddsworld, and notice the broken picture frame?

Another cool thing is in this scene where them bois are looking at the ASDF Map:

I won’t elaborate cause it speaks for itself

And not to mention that Toms 2nd player gun was green, and it wasn’t lying on the floor? This probably doesn’t mean anything, but y'all know where I’m getting at

Also another fun thing:

The slight color difference in Tom and Edd’s hands in this frame, idk, it was just something I noticed lol

silverstarlight-deactivated2017  asked:

Thank you! If I get a high mark in this then I don't have to worry about the exams too much. I actually did filmed an action scene but I cut it out in the editing process (it's just involves Wendy pushing the drug dealer to the floor lol) And the gun wasn't real btw it was fake 😂

PUSH THAT DRUG DEALER??? OMG I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO SEE THAT~ hand to hand combat is way cooler than guns yo ; u ; go Wendy go. And oh thank goodness.

One time I got shot in the face with a pressure gun thingy and it super hurt. I literally asked for it though. I was in my friend’s security car that was parked behind Wal-Mart at like… 2am or something ahahha. I wanted to feel what it was like so I asked my friend to shoot me in the face. Idk why the face!?!?!? AND HE DID. I was shook ahah. Wal-Mart stories are wild ♡

I’m having trouble putting this into words but I just REALLY like the way Yusaku forced Hanoi to duel him for Ignis by rewriting the Links code.
It was really satisfying, unlike other series’ where the villains would willingly risk losing a duel and chucking their whole plan out the window despite literally having a gun in their other hand. Physical strength over the child protagonists or something.

so like, what if, right, what if hawke has never seen varric in anything like the gun show armour at all. like, it’s not like she’s never seen his arms before, of course she has, but she arrives at skyhold and of course he’s just dicking around the keep in his dwarf about the house gear which she’s seen like a squillion times, but then idk he has to go out for something something the inquisitor said so ANYWAY

and like, he still has bianca ofc, but he’s with a reputable organisation now, and he’s been given proper gear, upgraded, dwarf suitable, varric-specific, so she’s just like expecting chest hair and the works (and it’s not like she isn’t secretly suspicious the chest hair is ACTUALLY FULLY ARMOURED because how no one’s tried to stab him in it, she’s got no idea)

except he comes out and he’s wearing that armour and y'know, he’s been helping out with the inquisition in not just a killing things kind of way so he’s built a bit more muscularly than she’s used to 

so hawke is completely struck dumb, scared to open her mouth because she’d just drool everywhere and okay, she’s always been into him but never mentioned it because reasons and stuff and then there’s that whole mysterious bianca “i’m already taken” thing, y'know, it’s not like he ever made himself seem remotely available after all??

except now she just wants to touch him, feel his muscles flex, his shoulders, maker’s breath, his damn shoulders, wants him to pick her up and fuck her against the wall and–

of course varric is varric so he notices she’s gone weirdly silent when usually he has to bribe her to shut up and it worries him because it’s out of character for her, and so he’s like “hawke, are you okay? is there something you want to tell me?”

and it’s on the tip of her tongue to blurt it out, how much she fucking wants him except she says “no,” and “it’s okay,” and “maybe i’m just tired” and he smiles and pats her hand and says something about her long trip to skyhold and to go and rest and he’ll see her when he gets back, okay?

Len and Mick propose to people with guns. Not a marriage proposal, but a something proposal. A promise.


Imagine pre-canon, Len giving Mick something shiny with flames up the side. “I’d like to call you my partner.”

There’s a twinkle in his eye, and Mick knows he means for more than just their heists. 

“I’d like that.”


Things go smooth until they don’t. There’s a while where they don’t talk. They need a catalyst. They need a change. Something to soothe the ache. After meeting the Flash, Len brings him the heat gun. “So what’d’you say? You in?”

It’s like long-forgotten ground. “Yeah buddy, I’m in.”


Too few months after that (too many months lost in between but he can’t count the years as Kronos, a hazy memory and a set of skills he refuses to explore anymore), Len is snatched from him, and slowly starting to pick up the pieces of himself, Mick eyes this person who tracked him down and dragged him back onto the Waverider and on their mission and he knows. He knows it’s time to try something new.

He hands Ray the cold gun. “I’m looking for a partner.”

Joker x Harley Quinn : Harlequin Part 2

Part 1: (x

Ever since Dr. Harleen had first stepped through that door and met her dangerous patient, she was Alice tumbling into the rabbit hole. She was Belle dancing with the Beast. She was Rapunzel stuck in the castle, calling for her prince to save her. To save her from her boring life, to lead her into a life of fun.

Ever since she met the Joker, Harley was constantly falling.

It had been three weeks.

Three weeks since Mr. J had left her in the Electroshock therapy room in Arkham Asylum, only for her to wake up to the police. She had screamed, screamed, screamed for her prince and then cried as the policeman finally got her into the back of their car. She had sat in interviews for hours. They asked questions, run test after test that she knew all the correct answers to from being a psychiatrist herself. She had passed with flying colors, so with confused looks the policemen let her go.

The first few days, she had tried to go back to work. Work became her research station. She canceled all her appointments with patients and continued to do research on the Joker, when she’d run out of information, which wouldn’t take long, she would end up staring at the note he left her trying to decode some sort of message. See you soon, Harley, the note said. Soon… soon… soon. How quick was soon in Mr. J’s mind? Had he forgotten about her?

She crumbled up the note and threw it into the corner. Slamming her fist on her desk and letting out a scream to match the patients in their cells just down the hall. Eventually, when her tantrum subsided she’d get up, grab the note, and straighten it back out. She’d kiss his handwriting and sit back at her desk, continuing to stare at it. Yelling at him in her mind, why would you leave me?

She made it three days at “work” and the boss had finally come to her and said she needed to go home and ‘rest after the traumatic events’.

That only made things worse, she couldn’t sleep. She would stay up for hours on end, watching the nightly news seeing if the Joker had been spotted anywhere. When she finally did fall asleep, she’d wake to hear a sound outside her window in the middle of night and shoot up on the couch, smiling, only to find the open air. When a fist would bang on her door, she run to it only to find that it was the landlord yelling at her to pay rent. She was a wreck. A drug addict that needed her next hit. She had no cure. There was no rehab for the Joker.

Three weeks after the Joker left her, Harley was walking towards her apartment after sunset. The streetlights lit, the weather nice, the streets of Gotham were alive. A group of girls were talking outside a coffee shop. A few boys were walking down the sidewalk laughing. A man was about to board a nice, black ‘Harley Davidson’ motorbike. She was just about to key into her apartment building when chaos irrupted.

Tires screeched. Guns shots rang out. People screamed. Harley was ducking before she knew it, crime was common in Gotham, people knew what to do. She looked around seeing people on the streets hiding behind trashcans, benches, stop signs anything that would give them some kind of cover.

A fancy purple car sped down the road with a familiar creepy laugh being thrown out the window. Harley’s heart stopped and then it started beating twice as fast. Finally! He’s coming back for me! Her smile was huge as she stood up and waved at the car. Here, I’m right here! The green haired man with chalk white skin driving didn’t even look at her as the car zoomed past them, past her.

Harley’s face fell.

Then it shook with anger.

No. No! NO!

Before she could think, she stomped toward the motorbike she had seen earlier. Right up to the man (who had been hiding behind it in light of the gunshots) and demanded for the keys. The man was so shaken by the Joker and now by this robbery, that one punch to the groin by Harley had him holding out the key to his Harley.

Harley swung a leg over the bike and started it up, feeling the powerful purr of the bike under her legs. She took off after the Joker’s car, following him onto the highway.

It took only a few minutes for her to catch up to him, she rode up until she was right behind his car and started to wave obnoxiously. When that didn’t work, she proceeded to rev the bike faster to ride next to his window, looking into the expensive car. The beautiful damaged man finally seemed to notice her, he glanced at her, then glanced again but didn’t slow his car down as she yelled at him.

Harley’s tolerance wore out, she was not giving up this chance. Not after the three long weeks he made her wait. She revved the motorbike even faster, zooming up in front of his car and driving a nice distance away before she threw down the bike and stood on the highway. Taking a few steps towards the bright purple car, and stopping in front of it. Squaring her shoulders as she glared at the Joker. Anger seething into her veins.

The Joker’s car sped towards her but then he realized what she was doing and he slammed on his breaks to stop from plowing her over.

Harley smiled, knowing she finally had him. Finally.

“Get out!” She yelled, staring at him threw the windshield, “Get outta the car!” He raised his hands in a ‘shoo’ motion, telling her to get out of the way. She had enough, her patience had run out, for three weeks he had left her with no communication, no way of knowing if he was even alive. She slammed her hands down on the hood of his car. “Get out! NOW!” He revved the engine in warning and she shook her head, smiling at him, I’m not leaving unless I’m leaving with you.

He seemed to realize her stubbornness as with a annoyed sigh he opened the door and stepped out.  

You left me! You left me alone for the cops!” Harley screamed at him as soon as he exited the car, slamming the door behind him.

“Harley,” Mr. J walked toward her, purring, “It’s so great to see you again.”

“I thought we had something!” She yelled at him hurt, so hurt, that he left her with nothing but a note.

“My Harley,” His voice purred, hands moving up until they were beside his face, “Don’t be upset. I was going to come get you when I saw fit. But look! Here you are! You found me!”

“Three weeks!” She screamed, trying her best to stay angry but it was so great to see his smiling face again, “Three weeks with nothing!”

“Oh, Harley.” The Joker bent down until he was at eye level with her, “I couldn’t get you and myself out. Didn’t you want me safe, Harl?”

“I thought you wanted us together.” The anger in her voice stayed true.

“I do. I knew the minute you gave me that machine gun,” He clapped his hands in front of their faces, “that was it. I knew you were the one who I wanted next to me. Next to me,” His soft, commanding voice making her hold onto every word. “Next to me as we burned the world to the ground,” He walked around the back of her and Harley couldn’t keep her eyes off him, “next to me as we laugh and laugh and laugh until the last person kisses my feet.”

“Then why did you leave me?” Her voice dropped into a pained whisper as he stopped in front of her again.

“Because you aren’t ready yet, Harleen.” He said her old name like an insult. Mr. J moved his face closer to hers, “You aren’t ready to be mine. You haven’t proven yourself yet.”

Harley was finding it difficult to talk as his face kept getting closer and his voice kept purring seductively. Bravely, she placed her hands gently on either side of his face, leant forward, and kissed him. His lips burned hers in a familiar passion and all she wanted was more, more, more. Her mouth opened, desperate to keep him there in that wonderful moment. How could he not feel this fire between them?

He let her kiss him for a moment, she even felt him bring his hands up to her waist but then he turned out of her arms and broke the kiss.

“Why not?” She yelled in frustration. “Why can’t we?”

“I just told you,” He said, turning back towards her, “You have to prove your loyalty to me.”

Behind Joker’s head, she saw a tall, muscular man exit his huge sixteen wheel truck.

“Hey! This guy bothering you?” The man in plaid asked, a crowbar in his hand, “Man let her go-“

“Am I bothering her?” The Joker turned his head to him, “She stopped in front of my car and started to yell at-“

As they were both distracted, Harley reached forward to the two guns the Joker had in his holsters and grabbed one. She pointed it at the man with the crowbar, he dropped the weapon and rose both his hands above his head.

“You should’ve never left your truck!” Harley yelled and shot him.

“Ah, there she is,” The Joker smiled wide.

She moved the gun quickly, until it was at the Joker’s forehead.

“How do I prove myself to you?” Harley tried to keep her voice intimidating.

He smiled wide.

“Watch out, I’m over here.” The Joker was beaming as he moved his body to the right, she followed him with the gun, “No, no, no. I’m actually over here!” He moved to the left slowly, toying with her. Hold on a minute, let me play with you. His eyes seemed to say. “Wait! I’m not ready yet.” His eyes closed for a moment, before they opened and his hands moved in a ‘come on’ motion, “Alright, do it! I’m ready now!”

“How do I prove myself to you?” She demanded louder, “Tell me or I’ll do it! I’ll shoot!”

“Will you?” His hips moved from side to side, his hands moved rhythmically around his face, his smile was so bright. Harley tried to keep the gun directly to his forehead as he moved around. They were dancing.

In the blink of an eye he had snatched the gun from her hand, and rose it to his own forehead.

“Harley, Harley, Harley,” He swung his hips back and forth in time with her name, “You couldn’t kill me even if you tried. You crave me.

He was absolutely right, she couldn’t. The Joker placed his gun back into his holster. Then his back hand flew up, rings connecting with her face, and she was on the ground. Her cheek stinging.

The Joker fixed his hair and stepped closer to her, growling, “Don’t ever raise a gun to me again.” He walked back toward his car, walking around the passenger side and opening that door before walking behind the car and opening up the drivers side door. An invitation.

“Wait!” Harley she sat up, the pain in her cheek not equating to the pain of seeing him walk away again, “I’ll go! I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever you need me to do. Please!”

The Joker motioned to the open passenger door.

She stood up and walked to the passenger side of the car, but before she stepped in she turned to the Joker, who was still standing outside of the drivers door.

“I want you to take me to your birthplace.”

Thanks for reading! Thanks for so much support on part 1! 

ramblingredrose  asked:

Carolina and Wash debate the merits of space weaponry. (Bonus points for the gun that bounces? XD)

Idk if you meant all space weaponry or just the alien weaponry but that’s what I ended up writing about. And of course the bouncing gun, cause Wash totally never got over that.

“I’m just saying,” Wash said, running a hand through his hair. “Space weapons have caused like half our problems.” Him and Carolina were sitting outside the communications tower, relaxing for the first time in a long time. And somehow had gotten onto the topic of alien weaponry.

“They also just saved our asses,” Carolina pointed out. “We would never have taken the comm tower if not for those weapons.

Wash nodded thoughtfully. “True. But what about those stupid swords? They are literally the root of all our problems.”

Carolina raised an eyebrow, smiling. “Wash, are you just upset you don’t have a sword?”

“I’m just pointing out,” Wash said, waving a hand in her direction. “That we wouldn’t be having these problems if those swords didn’t like, control the galaxy or whatever they do.”

“That part might be true,” Carolina agreed. “But some of them are helpful. Like those lasers.”

“And then there was that gun,” Wash said, on a roll now. “You know the one, from the heist.”

Carolina sighed. This again. She was never going to hear the end of it. “The one that bounced?”

“The one that bounced! Who designs a gun that bounces?!” Wash cried indignantly, flailing his arms around.

“Technically it was the ammo that bounced,” Carolina reminded him, pushing his hand down so he didn’t whack her in the face. Wash seemed to get the message, leaving the hand closest to her resting on the ground, the other still waving around.

“Whatever, still a dumb idea,” Wash grumbled.

“You’re never going to get over this gun, are you?”

“It bounced! That’s not even practical! That’s like something Caboose would design.”

Carolina rolled her eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

“That gun was ridiculous.”

Food For Thought : The GazettE World Tour 2016

As the gazette have finally gotten over their fear of the united states and have announced their 2016 world tour I’ve started to notice a lot of…. “thirsty” fan girls and boys suddenly popping up. Now i’m not against any dick hunters out there, in fact i condone it. Like go out there and get it in, live life. 

Anywayyyyyyys, here’s the deal

1. Don’t be that guy

u all know those insane fans, like the ones who stalk members back to hotel rooms, the ones who put like pube hair and teeth into food and give it to them… don’t do that…. please…. It’s creepy, it scares them, it scares me, and if u are going to go ahead and do that anyway its gonna end up here and i’m going to yell at you, other girls will want your head. it’s not good for any of us. 

2. The Gaze boys aren’t just a dick attached to a sack of meat

They haven’t even gone on tour yet and Ruki has already complained about the foreign fans, i’m sorry the gazette isn’t going to your country, it’s not their fault, don’t yell at them. Like not to be a fucko or anything but there is a lot of people flying to different cities/counties just to see them. If you are whining that “wah they didn’t come to my city” go do something about it. ( I understand the young fans who gotta ask their parents and were turned down, and people who just don’t have the funds) *Also to the people who are going, don’t fuck it up for everyone else,  l’m sure everyone wants another world tour in the future

3.  If u busted , accept it

 Probably a solid 50-70 % of gals out there are wanting a little extra at the end of the show, u got a lot of competition out there my friend. If someone gets it before u, or they turn you down… whatever the case is, there is nothing to sob about. Maybe you aren’t his type? Maybe he’s scared of foreign girls? Maybe the old man is just tired? 

4. Concert etiquette for the modern fan

If any of u guys have been to lives or even those anime con concerts u probably know what i’m talking about. And if you don’t you are probably the issue, I know this is the first time a lot of hard core fans are going to see their boys in the flesh for the first time, you are all probably giddy with excitement. But have some chill. Don’t push threw the crowd to get to front row, you didn’t wait in line for that spot, have some respect. Know personal space, idk if the gazette does furi or whatever??? but if they do don’t be throwing your hands into others faces. Don’t bite/ hit/ kick/ fight people over guitar picks and water bottles. 

 I hope everyone going has a golly ol’ time seeing their 40 something emo boys. 


in heathens when tyler says:
“just because we check the guns at the door doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades”
I originally thought it must have some connection to guns with hands. and I think I have an idea on that. I think he’s saying that even if you take away everything that someone could use to kill themselves doesn’t mean their thoughts are no longer self destructive. you can take away the weapons but the thoughts are still there. it relates to guns for hands because it’s that idea that it can be a part of you… like something thats yours that’s can’t be simply taken away. but not in a good way.

He wasn’t sure why it fascinated him so much, seeing Steve’s fingers as they worked over the components of the gun. Maybe it was because he could still see the echo of his little Stevie inside the massive body he’d always deserved. Those thick, powerful fingers still had the thin ones inside them somewhere, the ones Bucky remembered holding pencils and forks and slips of paper.

But these fingers, they could grip into things like claws and rip people apart. Steve could win all the fights that would have killed him so many years ago. All that power, but he was still so gentle. The fights he got into now were to protect people, to save them. It wasn’t about proving anything anymore, for which Bucky was eternally grateful.

Maybe it was the gentleness in Steve’s movements here, the way he cradled every piece as he put the gun back together.

“You’re good with guns,” he whispered.

Steve frowned up at him, fingers still gently rubbing and cradling. “We talked about this, Buck, you’re not a weapon.”

Bucky swallowed, eyes falling down to the point where their skin connected. It was different on this arm, the movements and the touch. This was human, he felt…

He closed his eyes and sighed, a memory of that small man he loved so dearly flashing along his eyelids. Steve slid his hand up and up, something that should’ve cocked the gun, but Bucky knew how to keep the safety on now. There was no mission, just his friend. 

Steve was only half-right. He was still a weapon, he was just ready to be aimed by someone else now.

Soulmates AU || Open for all

Ever since setting her foot into the enemy’s base Natasha felt something was wrong. It wasn’t antyhng serious at first but then with every step closer to the center of the building where the most important people were gathered - it grew stronger, a pull of some sort, telling her to come loser.

The woman brushed it off as yet another soldier ran her way, dodging his attack easily before shooting twice, getting rid of the unnecessary witnesses. With one last soldier being taken care of, she made her way into the main part of the base, two guns at ready as she barged into the room.

Everything went in slow motion from there as she took care of the not important guards and moved onto the big fishes. Raising both hands she pointed one gun at the doctor while the other gun was raised to face the most important man. The weapon she was supposed to eliminate.

Only she couldn’t.

That’s when she realised something. The clock timer on her wrist hitting ’00:00:00' as her eyes landed on her sworn enemy and she cursed under her breath, knowing what it meant. The hand holding the gun shook slightly, and she had to grip it tighter as to not let go of it as the realisation hit her

He was her soulmate.



Sheldon’s progress is soooo slow and I love how the writers has stayed true to his EVOLUTION (because evolution is much slower than growth LOL) throughout the years.

Amy though… like what the hell happens over the summer (btwn seasons)? Shamy were like Eva and Wall-E when they first met. Two robots in love and then all of the sudden Amy became the Bicentennial Man Don’t get me wrong, I love the SHAMY. Diggin’ the SHAMY. I’m just really curious hahahaha what happened? Was it Penny’s influence? Was it Sheldon? 

I find Amy’s character really interesting.

  • We know that she was a loner all her life, she never had friends, she was picked on. Her cousin stood her up for prom.
  • Amy is curious about women and social norms between lady friends, probably because she had no friends growing up.
  • That also leads her to act like a child and act out childhood fantasies with the girls now (i.e. Twister, Disneyland)
  • She has a woman crush on Penny. Penny is her exact opposite and probably the girl she wanted to be when she was younger.
  • I think she wants a physical relationship, because that’s normal. It's biological. It’s social. She’s pushing for it but I think when it gets down to it, the hand holding and kissing etc. She’s a bit nervous, she’s scared. It’s the first time she’s going through all of this.
  • She never had anyone who really understood her but she now has a boyfriend who does. He matches her intellect. He’s a bit childish like she is and he’s a little broken and she’s a little broken. 
  • Also IDK I wish they (the writers) show her as a more confident lady like how Sheldon will say something that isn’t the social norm but will stick to his guns. Amy will say something and she’ll be like “Come on, who’s with me?” *zing*
  • Amy changes Sheldon, she is the catalyst for his growth. Made the tin man have a heart without changing the essence of his character.
  • BUT SHELDON has saved Amy too because of Sheldon, she has friends. She’s feels accepted. She has someone who cares for her. Friends! Friends that will care for her. That’s an incredible feeling! She belongs. 

Ok I’m going off into a tangent here but… yeah I’m going to stop. I don’t know how to conclude myself.


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What was the first lyric that really stuck out to you when you first heard their music? (if there was one) Cause personally for me all of the lyrics were so honest special but I heard this one lyric and I just froze and knew that these guys were different.

idk it was a weird experience, ive always had a different relationship with their music, a push and pull sorta thing idk

I guess always knew they were different. because the first song I heard was Guns for Hands and when i head “I know what you think in the morning when the sun shines on the ground and shows what you have done, it shows where your mind has gone” i immediately knew. they were different and they said exactly what i needed to hear and idk it felt like something clicking into place

you Q, i A

He moves on.

Not because he wants to, but because what else is there to do but move on? and maybe it’s not the same, maybe life is all muted greys and purples and blues, and maybe he wishes that he could feel the sun on his cheeks, because perhaps it’s warm, but he can’t, and maybe it’s not living, but Eggsy’s breathing and alive and he can feel his heart beating beneath his warm cotton shirts, and maybe it’s not really living, maybe not, but he’s breathing. he watches Daisy grow until she’s full of energy that he can’t keep up with, and he watches as his mum smiles again, and he is filled with warmth. no, it’s not living, but that’s okay.

until one day he wakes up, a hand looped around his waist, and maybe it’s not harry’s, not like he’s dreamed a thousand times before, but it’s something and it’s someone. Eggsy’s not in love, but the bloke understands, and if everything’s a little brighter, maybe it’s not perfect, but he’s here.

He almost forgets that Harry isn’t.

and then he’s not breathing again, because he can’t, and his hands are shaking, and it’s Harry at the end of his gun, muzzle wavering, and Eggsy can’t breathe and suddenly, the world explodes into color again.

gallifreyanxromana  asked:

“Get in the car or I’ll shoot.” (idk how this si going to work, but she wanted to do the thing. maybe one of his enemies could be kidnapping her or something???)

//I can deal with that, whatever you wanna do :D// James had a hand pulling his gun out instantaneously, clicking off the safety as he pulled it upwards, eyes on the other gun.

anonymous asked:

do u feel like michonne could have done something other than kill ron? like idk, tackle him or smack the gun out of his hands?

Could she have?  Yes, I think she could have but in that moment I think she was operating on pure instinct.  She had just witnessed two people from her group get attacked and eaten by walkers.  They were surrounded by hundreds of walkers and Ron was going to attract more by shooting a gun.  Ron had just lost the two people who meant the most to him in this world.  And in front of Ron were the two people who meant the most in this world to Michonne.

It was less of a thought and more of an extension of her limb.  That is essentially what her katana is.  When it is on her back it becomes apart of her.  She has killed other humans before when they’ve threatened her life or become dangerous enough to endanger her own life.  The thing that was different about this was that Ron was a child who was devastated by the loss of his family.  It wasn’t that Michonne relished what she did or took joy in it.  She did what had to be done to protect her family.  If Carl hadn’t been shot it is very likely that we would have seen the horror on her face from what she had just done.

I don’t blame Michonne.  Just like I don’t blame Ron.  I know a lot of people hate him and he was a bit annoying but we all saw it coming.  I wrote a meta on him a while back so I won’t get into that now.

Michonne is a great character because she is so multi-dimensional.  She is smart and calculating.  She feels pain and happiness and knows what it is to love and lose and what it is be able to love again.  It was an easy decision for her to make in that moment.  She has already lost a child and she blamed herself for so long.  She will do anything to protect Carl and Judith.  That doesn’t mean she won’t feel guilt later on for killing Ron but right now the safety of Carl is going to overshadow that.  

Michonne didn’t plan out his death or do it out of cruelty she simply reacted.  Her katana in her hands has never let her down and she used the one tool she had that she knew would work.  I wasn’t expecting it and I honestly don’t think she was either.  She protected her family the best way she saw how in that moment.

I love this ask because it is not a simple decision to make it is hard, but you see how Michonne reacts under pressure.  She doesn’t crack or falter she just does.  In a way she is like a stream or river that keeps going and keeps moving.  Despite being so scared that Carl was shot she stayed focused.  She alone provides the protection for the three of them to make it to the infirmary.  She then has to go back out to try and help Rick to protect him.  The only thing she stops to do is give Carl a kiss, to let him know she wants to be there for him but that she has to help save Rick’s life.  To say she is an incredible woman is understatement.  She has already lost so much.  She can’t stand to lose more.