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Dear People Who Smoke

I don’t know if you have considered this but stop smoking in areas where people are forced to wait at. Don’t smoke at crosswalks. Don’t smoke outside doorways. Don’t smoke at bus stops. People with asthma or other breathing conditions or people that idk DON’T WANT TO BREATHE IN YOUR CIGARETTE SMOKE are trying to get to places and need to be able to breathe. Stop smoking in crowded areas. stop smoking in crowded areas. STOP FORCING NONSMOKERS TO SECOND HAND SMOKE. 

Butches and "Fragile masculinity"

As a butch woman I am uncomfortable when people suggest that I should wear characteristically feminine clothes or should have proper feminine interests. I recoil from that shit. I have been uncomfortable with femininity since childhood, and I have been told that I am doing womanhood “wrong” since childhood. Seems like most people nowadays would be quick to attribute my discomfort with femininity to my so-called “fragile masculinity”. I promise you that gnc and butch women aren’t uncomfortable because we have the “fragile” masculinity that men do–we are uncomfortable because being socialized as a woman is inherently traumatizing and compulsory femininity is a huge part of that. This is obviously not every woman’s experience but patriarchy’s violence manifests in different ways for different women and that’s not all that difficult to understand.

So stop insinuating that the experience of a gender non-conforming woman is anything like that of a man! Men have “fragile masculinity” i.e. disgust when femininity is applied to them because they are socialized to fucking hate women. The worst thing a man can be is like a woman because women are dirt to him. On the other hand, I have discomfort and disgust with femininity because girls are forced to be feminine and I’ll never get over the amount of pressure put on me to be feminine and take up less space and just to shut up in my short lifetime. Its awful and its dehumanizing. There is a HUGE difference here. Compulsory femininity is traumatizing, butches aren’t fucking “fragile” like men and when you say this you sound like an idiot or like you’ve never actually interacted with a butch.

the freckle in the corner of dans eye and the one on phils collarbone is actually what keeps the clouds floating but thts just me

BTS Reaction to You Not Liking When They Get Jealous

Incognito; Hi, can you do a bts reaction to gf not liking it if they get possessive of her or jealous without a reason, thanks 💕

Note: De nada love ((: Btw, new oneshot in a bit, so look out for that! (Requests for reactions are open!) *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ There he was, glaring at Yoongi’s hand in disgust as it laid on your shoulder delicately. Nobody noticed the atmosphere change, but you, and when time passed and you noticed his glare wouldn’t budge; your eyebrow twitched. “You don’t have to do that, you know.” Everyone soon trailed their eyes to you, and Seokjin raised his eyebrow in astonishment; knowing he was getting jealous over something so innocent but he just couldn’t help it. He wasn’t dumb enough to question you, and when Yoongi’s hand went to smack Hoseok and off you—his dark mood instantly vanished.

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Suga ➳ “It would be nice if you could step a few feet away from her.” Jimin’s mouth fell open from Yoongi’s sudden straightforwardness, and your eyes widened before you sent Yoongi a growl. He was never one to voice his thoughts out loud, but to say it so rudely and as if you were his property, you became angry; muttering a ‘really?’ to the man as it soon escalated. He didn’t touch you throughout the night, in fact, he ignored you while reading who knows what on his phone. You wanted to say sorry, knowing he was only jealous, and he couldn’t help it; but the man was also very stubborn and even though he didn’t show it, he was also hurt.

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J-Hope ➳ His smile went away, not knowing what to feel when you had asked him if you could tag along with Taehyung to get ice cream. “Sure.” He muttered a bit too forcefully, sending the younger one a scowl before you smacked his shoulder and began to scold him. He only shrugged when you yelled, only staring at Taehyung in annoyance and before you left, he waved towards you with a fake smile. Hoseok knew he was being too much, but he only wanted you to himself; even if you were going to do something so tiny with other guys, he only wished you had invited him to go along.

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RapMonster ➳ You snapped at him when he was being too clingy while you two were out with the guys, telling him to stop caging you in and that you weren’t his pet. What you didn’t expect, was for him to let you go and abruptly walk away in annoyance, giving you what you wanted but in all honesty, you didn’t want it to go that way. You felt cold with out him by your side, and when you stumbled while losing your footing, he quickly looked over his shoulder to make sure you were okay; only to find Hoseok grabbing your arm and helping you walk. Namjoon quickly rushed back, and you gave him a teasing grin. “So now you want me?”

“Shut up.”

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Jimin ➳ Whenever you spoke to a guy, especially Jungkook, the boy was quick to come by your side while pulling you possessively to his chest. At first, you found this cute until you figured out Jimin’s true intentions as he glared towards the younger man; inwardly telling him to walk away or he would regret ever speaking to you. You were speechless, and when you threw his arm off you to yell at him that you weren’t his toy and are in fact, a human being, he instantly felt guilty. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, biting his lip out of anxiousness as he grabbed your hand, “you’re just..too beautiful and I’m scared they’ll take you away from me.”

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V ➳ He was always clingy with you, showing his love for you whether you were lounging inside your home or in public, but when he was jealous; it was another story. He was becoming annoyed with how friendly you and Namjoon were being, and when one day he had roughly yanked you to his side and away from the older man while going towards the car, you screamed at him telling the man that you weren’t his possession; which angered him even more because you did belong to him, in a relationship sense. He didn’t ignore you, but he masked all his emotions from you for the next day, not being as clingy as he tried to give you your space even though it hurt him.

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Jungkook ➳ He tried to hold his jealousy in, to push it aside and he did a very good job at it, that was, until you two were alone. You irritated him when he saw you texting Seokjin, knowing it wasn’t anything serious to get mad over and when you asked him to carry you to the bed playfully, he muttered, “Why don’t you ask Jin instead?” Your face was blank, blinking at the man and trying to register what he had said into your brain until you burst into a fit of giggles at his ‘joke’.

“I will, then.” You were teasing him, and he only let out a sigh; wondering how you knew which buttons to push at the wrong times.

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List of LGBT Fantasy and Scifi Books without Rape or Dubious Consent

So, I finally made the goodreads list I’ve been talking about for months

When looking for similar lists a few months ago, there were a few books that were pretty high on those lists. I didn’t look at any spoilers beforehand, just ordered them and settled in for a few hours of reading. I was disgusted. Those pretty high rated books contained heavy amounts of rape, dubious consent situations (slavery) and general sexual violence. And still they were so high up on those lists.

I figured it was a one off, wrote the series off and got another book. That one was also pretty gross, featuring not only rape but also heavy amounts of homophobia.

So after this I decided to create this list. I’m reading a lot of genre fiction with lgbt protagonists at the moment so I can expand this list, but if you have read books that fit the criteria please feel free to add them.

Also I would really appreciate signal boost reblogs

Sticky fingers.

About 8 years back, when I was only 16 or so and working at McDonald’s for my first job, I had an irate customer come storming through the door.

They screamed at me about part of their order being messed up and it being cold after they’d driven 10 minutes to get home. After verbally degrading me and treating me like less than human, they demanded I replace the order (fine) and give them a free soft serve in a cone for all their trouble (not fine).

I do as he says, but I’m totally pissed about a 30 odd year old man enjoying a power trip over someone half their age when I hadn’t been the one who messed up their order and his food wouldn’t have been cold if he’d eaten it right away like you’re supposed to.

So I replace his food and grab his ice-cream. But when I turn my back to fill up the cone, I crush it ever so slightly so that the bottom part of the cone loses almost all its structural integrity, but it holds its shape. I also choose not to include any napkins in his bag.

I handed him his food and ice-cream and watched as he turned away. He wasn’t even out the door before I heard the cone smush fully in his hand and his noise of disgust as he quickly tries to stop the leaking ice-cream getting all over him. But it gets everywhere. As he left, I saw him toss his ice-cream in the bin and shake off the excess ice-cream. Since he thought it was his own fault, he couldn’t come back in and whinge at me.

Hope you enjoyed your sticky fingers, arse wipe. I certainly did.

mine || theo raeken

description: in which you ask him to take his frustrations out on you

requested by: anonymous

warnings: bdsm, daddy kink, dom!theo, swearing, orgasm denial, begging

Theo was, by nature, very protective over the things that belonged to him. You were no exception, either. You’d surely pity any fool that so much as lifted a finger against you, because you knew for certain that Theo would go after them.

Of course, he had become a little more tame in the time that you’d been together, but that was because you were the only one that knew how to anchor him and keep him in control. However, there were still times when Theo went a little overboard when it came to protecting you.

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What I Can’t Give You

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Bucky x reader where Bucky notices that she gets upset whenever anyone mentions babies when she used to love the topic before and he finds out that she was recently diagnosed with infertility? If it’s too complicated or you don’t feel comfortable writing it, I understand! Thank you either way! ❤ - @blazeshira

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1492

Warnings: Talk of infertility, brief mention of sexual activity, it’s angsty and fluffy? 

A/N: Hello! I know this isn’t exactly the exact same as the request, but it was what I was able to create, so I hope it’s alright!! xo

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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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thoughts the signs have

aries: these flowers,,, are so pretty,,, i wonder,,, what would happen,,, if i,,, crushed them

taurus: this person seems nice maybe i should ignore them for a good two days before talking again

gemini: mm cats, im cold, what if im dying omg, mm cats

cancer: i cant believe they ate my fruit snacks without asking, they’re dead to me

leo: why arent people looking at me, maybe i should talk louder, maybe its my clothes no theyre cute hmm

virgo: theres so much dust everywhere omg ew did he just sneeze in his hand this is disgusting i wanna go home

libra: do i want tea or lemonade hmm no maybe i want chocolate milk instead

scorpio: i know they’re lying to me i just gotta catch them in the act while pretending i have no idea

sagittarius: this button says i probably shouldn’t touch it….. i’ll touch it anyway

capricorn: i really wish people liked me more… nvm thats gay

aquarius: if water is wet then what is air

pisces: aw puppies, i hope they have a good home and that their cute faces eat so many good treats


Since I accidentally started this whole “Anti with glasses” thing, I decided I would write a little something about it. Also, this is based off of something @markired sent me and I guess there’s some Danti implied in here? Take it as you will, whether that’s platonic or romantic. 

Also, it’s past 2am here. I tried and I’m an amateur writer.

Anyway, Enjoy! x

Anti needs glasses.

Just like Jack, he needs a pair to see things in the distance. However, his eyesight is worse. That being said, he needs a pair that is stronger than the ones Jack already has and needs to get himself his own pair. He doesn’t like it – oh, he hates having to wear glasses, but contacts drive him up the damn walls so they are out of the question. He thinks they make him look nerdy and less intimidating.

No one except Anti knows that he needs them. He acts like he can see the world crystal clear when in reality, he can hardly see the street signs. It isn’t exactly a good thing when it comes to executing kills because his precision is off and he often misses his shots. This in turn frustrates Dark because he hired the guy to do the dirty work and he’s missing the target – what the fuck?

After nearly losing a seventh victim that month, Dark finally approaches Anti about it.

“Anti, the execution of your kills hasn’t been… extraordinary lately. Is there a reason for that?”

“No,” Anti grumbles, crossing his arms along his chest, “n’ quit questionin’ my killing methods. You won’t even do the kills yerself so don’t be complainin’.”

Anti proceeds to plop himself down on their couch, flipping himself so he’s upside down. His feet hang off the top and his head is hanging off the seat, watching his hair fall back and dangle in the open. It’s evident that he doesn’t want to talk about the subject any further.

But since when does Dark ever really care about Anti’s childish denial?

A deep hum vibrates through Dark’s chest as he scrutinises the green-haired male, completely disregarding his attempt at an insult. Anti, who’s fully aware he’s being watched, lifts his head to lock eyes with Dark. He squints them dangerously.

“The fuck are ye lookin’ at?” he spits out.

“You need glasses, don’t you?” Dark suddenly says, straightening his posture and canting his head to the side, “that’s why you’re having trouble executing kills properly and squinting at everything. You can’t see properly.”

“I can see fine!” Anti barks, pushing himself back up onto the couch and propping himself up with his elbows. His slightly sharper teeth become more evident as he scowls at Dark.

“Oh, is that so? In that case, I suppose you won’t have any trouble telling me what that sign across the street says?” Dark lifts a brow as he points out the window at a little yellow sign with bold black letters on it.

Anti looks over his shoulder at the sign and almost visibly pales. There’s no way he can read that. It’s just far enough for the letters to be too blurry to read. They just look like a black cloud on a yellow sign.

“I don’t need to prove myself to an old man,” Anti sneers, huffing and sliding off the couch. Before Dark can bring up the subject again, the green-haired male storms off into another room somewhere in the house, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Idiot,” Dark sighs, deciding to let the topic go for the time being.

A week passes by after that and yet another nearly failed kill. Dark didn’t get frustrated this time because he now knows the source of the problem, he just has to find out how to fix it. Even though he finds it absolutely ridiculous to have to chase after Anti for being a big baby who’s in complete denial, if it will help his case then he is more than willing.

That, and teasing Anti is just so much fun.

“Is it because you don’t like glasses? There are certainly contacts out there that you could use,” Dark suddenly inquires over dinner one night.

Anti freezes in his movements and peers up at his friend, a look of annoyance on his face. He grits his teeth and gives Dark the silent treatment.

“Even so, anything is better than being partially blind, don’t you think?” the other continues, slowly enjoying his meal as though his friend’s annoyance was nothing but a speck of dust on his shoulder for him to brush off.

There’s a moment of silence between the two. The only sound in the entire room is that of their utensils against their plates. Anti stops eating for a minute and simply sits there, picking at the meat in front of him.

“Don’t be stupid, Dark, I can’t wear glasses. I’m not a nerd,” Anti scoffs, eyes stuck to his plate, “n’ fuck contacts, those little shits are annoying as all fuck.”

Dark doesn’t say anything after that but instead just lifts his eyes to look at the man sitting across from him at the table. He almost wants to laugh at Anti’s comment but refrains from doing so. His mind is at work throughout the rest of the meal.

After that night, Dark eventually goes through the torturous process of discovering Anti’s prescription. It takes almost a full week before he gets the results but when he does, he feels more victorious than he has in quite some time.

And he decides to get Anti some glasses.

Dark is seated in his favorite chair one evening, relaxing while enjoying a good book. However, he’s having trouble concentrating on the letters in front of him. A disheartened sigh escapes his lips at the realisation that he won’t be able to continue.

Suddenly, a familiar voice makes its way through the once silent hallway.

DARK, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE!?” Anti hollers from his bedroom. Dark can’t help the smug grin that spreads across his lips.

“They’re glasses, Anti. Try them on,” Dark urges, his tone calm compared to the other.

There’s a series of quick footsteps that grow louder as Anti approaches. Dark turns his head towards the open doorway to see Anti storming in, eyes practically glowing with annoyance.

I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU THAT I DIDN’T WANT ‘EM. I LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN’ NERD, DARK!” He yells, the pair of black glasses in his hand. His other is balled into a fist, practically drawing blood from how tightly it’s closed. “DON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME!?

In a fit of childish annoyance, Anti lifts his hand with the glasses held tightly between his fingers. In the split second it takes for Dark to realise what’s about to happen, Anti’s hand comes toward the ground in full force.

Dark has never moved so fast in his life. It’s as though he’s a shadow, glitching from his spot in the chair to Anti’s side. Dark’s large hand grips Anti’s wrist tightly, preventing him from throwing the glasses onto the ground and breaking them. His nearly black eyes seem to flash red for a moment.

YoU wiLL nOt breAK tHeSE, unDersTOoD?”

Dark’s voice is deep, harsh and slicing. Like the biting cold of winter, it nips at Anti’s childish conscience and fills him with fear. His hot breath tickles Anti’s ear and he shivers, eyes widening in realisation at what he was about to do and how pissed Dark is now. The hold on Anti’s wrist is bone crushing and the green-haired male grits his teeth.

Dark slowly releases Anti’s wrist and brings his hand back to his side. After taking in a slow breath, he looks Anti in the eyes with an expressionless face.

“Now, try them on,” he tries again, his voice much softer than before.

Anti is still hesitant and it shows. He glances down at the glasses in his hand with an expression of disgust. Dark rolls his eyes – he’s losing his patience.

“Anti, wearing glasses does not make you a nerd,” Dark says deeply, reaching over to a small table next to his chair. On it sits a pair of glasses which Anti has surprisingly never seen before. Dark slides them onto his face and pushes them up his nose gracefully with his finger. “See?”

Anti blinks wordlessly at Dark. His eyes are wide and are scanning Dark’s face over and over again. He’s never seen this before and Dark isn’t able to tell whether this reaction is good or bad.

“Now you really look like an old man, Dark,” Anti giggles, the sound echoing around him and layering over itself.

Dark’s brows rise and his jaw sets. “Anti, you prick, I’m going to-”

“But you’re okay-lookin’ for an old man, I guess,” he then shrugs, a smug smirk on his face.

Dark’s anger and the compliment swirl inside of him and he shuts his mouth, muttering some profanities under his breath. He looks away for nothing but a second and when his eyes return to meet Anti’s, he’s met with a sight he never thought he would see.

Anti is wearing his glasses.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, kiddo,” he says, the corner of his lips twitching up into a smile.

Anti shrugs off the compliment and quickly takes the glasses off, grimacing.

“Yeah, whatever,” he mumbles as he walks off to his room. 

Dark, now feeling satisfied, sits back down into his chair and resumes his reading – he can see the words much better now.

Both Dark and Anti begin to wear their glasses more often now, even when they don’t necessarily need them.

You Lost Me

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 647

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“Taehyung, let’s end this relationship.”

Feeling how Taehyung’s body stiffened at your words, you backed away from his hug he gave you the minute he stepped into your house. “W-What?! W-Why?!”

Shrugging slightly, you answered. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Beautiful, you know that I love you, you can tell me anythin-”

Laughing sarcastically, you asked? “So, how is she?”

You watched how Taehyung’s head shot up at the mention of his secret girlfriend, his eyes wide open and confusion plastered all over his pale face. “H-How do you k-know?”

Another laugh escaped your mouth. Was he really that stupid?

“Do you really think I’m that stupid? Do you really think I didn’t notice your late night calls? Or the way you sneak out at night whenever you think I’m asleep? Are you really that dumb, Taehyung?”

Taehyung didn’t know if he winced at your words or at mention of his full name coming out of your mouth. You never called him Taehyung unless you were really angry or upset.

“Y/N, look-”

You held your hand up, making him stop immediately. “I don’t want to hear anything. Just pack your stuff and get out of my house. And make sure to never show your face to me ever again.”

Your words felt like a stab to Taehyung’s heart, making him reach out for your hands immediately. “Y/N, please-”

Before he had the chance to wrap his hands around yours, you backed away from him and hissed. “Don’t you dare touch me. I don’t want to feel your dirty hands on my body.”

The disgusted look you gave Taehyung made him freeze on his spot, your once sweet and loving look whenever you saw him now long gone.

“Go to her, Taehyung. You’re just a waste of my time.”

Taehyung’s breath hitched at your choice of words. He looked at your emotionless face, trying to find an emotion that showed that you were hurt or broken because of him. Instead, his eyes were locked with your hollow ones, making him realize that he was the reason for the hollowness.

Averting his eyes, he only managed to mumble. “I’m really sorry, Y/N-ah..”

“I bet you are, Cheater.”

“Y/N, please don’t say such a thing like that. I promise I won’t see her ever again, just pleas-”

“Did you ever love me, Taehyung?”

“What?! Of course I did, Y/N! How can you ask such a thing like tha-”

Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you interrupted him again. “What if I had done it?”

When Taehyung realized what you were trying to say, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his hands forming into fists immediately. “Y/N, stop.”

“No, I’m just curious. What if I had done it with one of my best friends? Maybe Jungkook? Or Jimin?”

Breathing deeply again, Taehyung tried to control his anger and hissed. “Y/N, stop talking.”

“What if one of them touched my body like you touched your best friend’s, Taehyung?”

The minute Taehyung imagined that scene in his head, his whole body started shaking with anger. Lunging forward, he slammed you against the wall and started kissing you harshly. “Nobody is allowed to touch you like I do! Do you understand that, Y/N?!”

When he realized that you weren’t returning his kiss, he leaned his forehead against yours and whispered. “You’re mine. Only mine. I don’t want to lose you, please, Y/N..”

You, on the other hand, placed your hand on his shoulder and neared your lips to his ears before you whispered.

“I’m sorry to break it to you, but you already lost me, Taehyung..”