hands and feet

Headcanon that Shiro has ice cold hands and feet and Keith is a walking furnace so everytime Shiro’s feeling his hands really cold, he shoves them between Keith’s thighs waking the other up with a startled yelp.

Keith flushes, grumbles a little and elbows Shiro lightly in the gut then stays put because what will he not do for his dork boyfriend?

Keith makes a lot of sacrifices he thinks, he deserves a place in heaven. So does Shiro for that matter. They both do.


Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~! ;)


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe



(゚∀゚)☞ Some people got upset because i don’t let them to trace my art, so there it is, i have something for them (and some short tutorials too). Still, i’m don’t like reposts, make sure to ask me if you want to repost it. Anyways, if you use it and want to show me your art, feel free to.

flower bois.png

This post contains the intention of pointing out basic physical traits according to ascendant/rising sign.  Planets conjunct the ascendant can modify the overall physical body feature and appearance.

With Aries rising with physical body becomes ruled by planet Mars.  Distinctive facial feature are often present that really stand.  The face itself can be of a triangular shape; often long and thick while possessing high cheek bones.  The forehead is often of a broad stature with hair that is rough or wiry.  The hair line, especially in men, is prone to a receding nature at the temple and prone to early hair loss.  

Prominent eye brows are usually present, sometimes being bushy.  The neck line is often thick and muscular; especially if it’s worked on. Often the face, temple or forehead region have scars or marks on them that are distinguishable.

The physical body itself often contains a strong up rite bone structure to support a muscular and athletic body tone.  Despite a more muscular build the body height can be a bit shorter towards average in most cases.  The skin can be golden or have a bronze type tint to it.  The walking is confident with an upright posture about it.  There is much purpose in the steps often ripe with determination.  A healthy looking complexion is a strong way to sum up the overall physical physique.

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