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What Would Dating Paul Lahote Be Like?

Request 3.

  • Being the type of couple that was always competitive over the littlest things.
  • The rest of the pack being thankful for you because you calmed Paul’s temper down a lot since he met you.
  • Never being afraid of him because Paul knows his limits and will never lose it in front of you. If he feels like he is he would run off somewhere so you can’t see him.
  • Non stop cuddles because he is like your personal radiator.
  • Whenever he picks you up on a date in an old beat up truck, both of you blast the music and sing loudly not caring about how bad you sound.
  • Going cliff diving together every time it’s sunny and beautiful outside. You being the most adventures imprint that is always down to do something daring or exciting. 
  • Paul always having his arm around you or holding your hand everywhere you go.
  • The pack being “sick” over how cute you two can be. This result in Paul being embarrassed and starting to blush. So the teasing is non stop from his fellow brothers.
  • Not caring about showing public display of affection with each other.
  • Paul being extremely over protective and just wanting to save you from anything that can possible hurt you.
  • Always causing mischief together because the two of you are known as the the dangerous duo in the pack family.
  • Paul holding you as you feel asleep and watching you lovingly.
  • Whenever you helped Emily cook the two of you would have so much fun gossiping which sometime leads to playfully throwing flour at one another.
  • Worrying about him endlessly when there is a vampire in the area despite him assuring you how awesome his wolf abilities are.
  • You being able to finally find your people with the other pack members and imprints.
Youth // Jung Hoseok


the prompt: could you make a Prince Hoseok fanfic? It’d be nice if it were fluffy (Hobie’s been getting all up in my feels as of late) but I have nothing specific in mind. the au i based this scenario off of: i’m in an arranged marriage but i’m in love with the sibling help

words: 3056

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: hobi is always in my feels ngl. he’s just so happy and handsome and can we talk about the fact that hobi is the definition of husband material? my sister and i talk about that a lot. anyway, enjoy!

- destinee

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What’s Your Fantasy? - Prologue - Smut

Originally posted by obviouslyobrien

Authors: @writing-obrien and @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 1,666
AN: Here it is, y’all. The beginning! This is something we’ve been planning for awhile and we really hope you like it! Let us know what you think!

Also, we did pick a winner for the contest, and all will be revealed in the next part! 

You sighed, stirring your drink with a little plastic straw, watching the ice spin and clink around in the glass. You liked this bar because it was quiet and no one bothered you. You were kind of hoping for some company tonight, though. You were a little nervous, tomorrow was your first day on a new shoot, a movie for a bigger company than the one you’d previously worked for. Working in the industry that you were in was difficult, but you were damn good at what you did, and you knew it.

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“Scars i would live with.”

Daryl wonders why you don’t touch his back when you two make love. 

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 539 words
  • Warning: No smut but some sex words, i think?

(This is my first time writing a story about Daryl. Sorry if you see some grammar mistakes, I’m not so good in english so… But let me know if you like it! Thank you.)

His hand slid over your back, slowly, up and down in a soft movement that made your heart beat again. He always did that after you made love, while you lay on your belly with your arms under the pillow, waiting in silence for both of you to fall asleep. Thanks to the dim light coming through the bedroom you two shared all he could do was feel: the way his fingertips felt over your soft skin, the way he felt your body rise and fall with each breath. He could feel you and that was all he needed… but no that night, no with a doubt that popped in his mind.

“Can I ask ya a question?” He asked, his voice husky and low.

“Sure.” You whispered softly from exhaustion.

He hesitated, but he also wanted to know why you did that, or rather say, why you didn’t.

To make love was passionate, slow and intense when it had to be, or it could be hard, sweaty but equally intense. The feeling inside you made you want to tight your legs around him, or spread them open so he could pushed himself in deeper. He could feel you coming and how you held the sheets, how your hands were tightening around his shoulders under his arms. You could touch him everywhere, but no his back. You didn’t touch his back at all.

He wanted to know why.

“Why don’t ya… touch my back when we make love?” He felt a lump on his throat. “It’s ‘cause of ma scars?”

You could feel him falling down again. He was strong and brave, but he had no confidence about himself. His insecurities betrayed him and didn’t allow him to believe that he was all the good things that world had. That destroyed world needed people like him, but he needed you to believe that. Your kind voice could recharge the energy in his tired body, and raise his confidence until making him smile, a little smile at least.

“Don’t go that way, Daryl, please…” You got up on your elbows to look at him with the help of the light coming in from the window. You were kind as you were strong, and you knew that what he needed was you to look into his blue eyes, saying words with confidense so he would know you weren’t lying. “It’s because i don’t wanna add another scar, not because i don’t wanna touch you.”

“(Y/N)” He whispered. He didn’t expected that answer at all.

It was a simple answer but it was completely true.

His innocent eyes made you smile, and you leaned toward him to kiss him as he held you close, with the hand which he was touching your back. You were about to pull away, but he held your head softly to kiss you a little longer.

He looked at you, holding your face close to his.

“I wouldn’t mind livin’ with the scars ya could make on me.” He meant it. You saw it in his deep blue eyes. “Ya know? We should try it again.”

As he kissed you again moving to be on top of you, you knew there was an insecurity less inside him.

You’ve Lost Your Mind - William Nylander

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

I don’t think I’ve ever proclaimed my love for Willy but I do!  He’s the cutest little human!  He could probably run me over with a truck and I’d be chill with it! Anyways, this is definitely the longest I’ve ever written and I got carried away but I hope you enjoy it! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1727

Warnings: some smut, swearing, mention of drinking

Request: “Hiiii! Ok so I love your imagines and you like Willy too so you’re awesome. I was wondering if you could do a #2 “Have you lost your damn mind” with William Nylander? Like maybe (y/n) is one of the athletic trainers so the guys are used to seeing her in athletic stuff so when they all go to a club the boys are blown away by how good she looks, especially Willy. And they dance and get all flirty and maybe a bit smutty??? I know you’re busy so do my imagine (if u want) whenever you get a chance!” - @pookie-cleary

Prompt: “Have you lost your damn mind?”

Up next: Tyler Seguin


“You’re coming out tonight right Y/N??” Mitch Marner asked as the boys all filed out of the dressing room.  The Leafs had won a pretty crucial game so everyone was going out to celebrate.  You were an athletic trainer for the team and it resulted in you becoming friends with all they players.

“Maybeee” you pondered.

“Oh come on!  You have to!”  Auston Matthews exclaimed, “you’re done school and everything so you have no excuses!”

“But I’ll be so tired!” you whined, slipping on your Leafs athletic jacket.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” the small group of boys started to chant.

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But like imagine showering with thicc Bucky. 

Running your hands along his back, feeling the thickness everywhere. His arms are probs the size of your head. washing his hair, watching the soap run down his back and onto that perfect butt of his. 

and like giving him head in the shower is the best because you can run your hands along his thighs, watching them covered with soap as his hips snap forward as he fucks your mouth. 

and his dick. jesus. 


and looking up at him as you take him all the way in your mouth, his head falling back against the tiles, his eyes closed as his orgasm hits him. the water flowing down his body. 

pls send me church info because i have sinned again. *cries* 

One More Time

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,473

Warnings: Smut…and cursing! Metal Arm Kink because reasons.

Summary: Reader and Bucky like each other but they don’t know about the other’s feelings. One day when they are training, reader can’t stop “admiring” his arm. Smut happens!

A/N: I just felt like writing metal arm smut so ya. If you want part 2 let me know. Also, please tell me how my writing is!! Please…

Tagging @bovaria and @fvckingavengers because I dreamed a dream where my writing was actually not that bad and they might notice me…Notice me Senpais!!!

Update: Part 2

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Curse of Shortness

request ; 63 with Christopher please?? The reader saying it to him lol (I’m a shorty so this is adorable!

#63: “You’re not short. You wouldn’t understand.”

requested by anonymous.

pairing ; chris x short!reader

summary ; don’t put things on the top shelf of the damn cabinet.

words ; 1002

warnings ; n/a

You let out a frustrated huff, reaching up and standing on your tiptoes to reach something your wonderful husband put on the top of a cabinet just to spite you. Your fingers stretched out as much as possible, the strain causing the skin to turn just a shade lighter. “Oh my God,” you whispered under your breath, looking down and debating what you were going to do.

Then an idea popped in your head. Bracing your hands on the counter, you hoisted yourself up, using your knee to equalize the amount of force you were using. Once you were completely up, you smiled and swooshed what hair had fallen in your face out of it, and reached up. You still had to reach up, but not as much, so you grabbed the mug he put in the cabinet with ease.

But then, just as you were moving out of the way to shut the cabinet, you heard chuckling behind you. “Shut the hell up, Christopher,” you immediately said, hiding a smile behind your faux annoyance.

“Why are you on the counter, sweetheart?” Chris’ words were spoken in a mocking tone, and you could just see the smug smile on his face ─ stupid cute smile.

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sara lance being jealous would include...

Originally posted by shangee11

  • sara doesn’t exactly get jealous easily
  • if some guy at a bar starts hitting on you she’s more likely to laugh than anything
  • really with most guys she just brushes it off because she knows you’re all about her
  • however, around some of her teammates that changes
  • she knows how charming and good the guys and girls she fights with are
  • so when Leonard starts complementing you, with actual compliments and not just less mean insults, she gets a little protective
  • she’ll start putting her hands on you a little more
  • sara will hold you hand everywhere and all the time
  • she’ll wrap her arm around your waist
  • pull you in for kisses more often
  • just to remind him who you’re with
  • when amaya starts spending more time with you sara gets jealous again 
  • amaya makes you laugh a lot and you love hearing about her heritage and culture 
  • so sara gets a little irritable when you won’t shut up about some new word amaya taught you in her native language 
  • “well if amaya is so cool maybe you should be having dinner with her”
  • you don’t get why she’s irritated at first 
  • when a hug between you and amaya goes on for a little too long that’s when sara loses it
  • on their next mission sara teams up with amaya and while they’re kicking ass sara mentions how much closer she and you have gotten
  • amaya realizes sara is jealous and makes it clear she only sees you as a friend, amaya doesn’t really let people in so quickly and she just kind of clicked with you but she doesn’t see you that way
  • sara feels embarrassed after amaya tells her that she apologizes to amaya for jumping to conclusions 
  • amaya forgives her and knows that she meant well
  • when they return sara apologizes to you as well for being hotheaded and jealous
  • you forgive her and tell her that no one, absolutely no one, could take you away from her
  • “i love you sara lance, for now and forever. nothing and no one will change that”
  • sara pulled you into a kiss and definitely tried to make it up to you via some mind blowing sex

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jaebum texts: part 2

Originally posted by got7europe

a continuation of jaebum texts requested by anon!

Jaebum was so close that you had difficulties breathing, and you tore away from his alluring eyes. Everything seemed so quiet and the only thing you could hear was his breathing and the sound of your thumping heart. Your eyes were fixed on the corner of his room, and you stood still.

Jaebum was hovering over you and even though you weren’t looking at him, you felt his pair of dark eyes pinning you down, like a predator ready to devour its prey. You took a quick look at him and when your eyes met his again, he was leaning in closer than you’ve expected. He was going to kiss you. You waited for everything to unfold by itself when all of a sudden jackson screamed in the living hall. Jaebum shifted himself away from you instantly and he became really shy about what just happened earlier. You stood by the door and placed one hand over the other arm looking everywhere but jaebum. He ran his hand through his hair and sat on the edge of his bed.

“Sorry,” he glanced briefly at you and apologised, knowing he probably put you in a difficult spot just now.

“It’s fine,” you shook your head and said softly.

You thought it was better if you take your leave and join the rest outside, but you spotted a whole row of bart simpsons figurines on his shelf, in which you smiled. You had never thought that a chic and cool guy like jaebum would collect figurines, much less of bart simpsons. Jaebum caught you smiling to yourself and the confused him asked what was it that was so funny.

“I didn’t know you like bart,” you pointed to his shelf.

“What’s so funny about that?” he turned his head and faced you while asking.

“Didn’t expect a guy like you to do this,” you chuckled.

“What do you mean a guy like me? I can’t decipher if you’re describing me in a  good or bad way,”

“Well, it’s up to your interpretation,” you smiled and walked over to the shelf, wanting to touch the figurines when a sudden thought popped in your mind. “Can I?” you asked for permission, remembering that jaebum didn’t like people in his room in the first place, and he definitely wouldn’t fancy it if they touch his things.

“Go ahead,” jaebum nodded his head and flashed you a warm smile.

After looking around, you spotted many things that interest you; things that you didn’t expect jaebum to be into. The both of you were just talking when there was a knock on the door.

“Jaebum,” mark’s voice sounded through the door.

You panicked, not wanting the boys to know you were in jaebum’s room, knowing that they would misunderstand. You shook your head and pointed to yourself, signalling for him not to let mark know your existence in the room. As jaebum went to open the door, you hid behind his bed.

“Have you seen y/n? She disappeared,” mark asked.

“Nope,” jaebum gave a quick reply.

“Okay this is weird she can’t possibly vanish into thin air. Jackson and bambam are looking for her. By the way the movie is starting soon,”

“I’ll be out in a minute,”

You let out a sigh of relief and stood up when jaebum closed the door. “Why do you have to hide?” the boy asked.

“Because they’ll misunderstand us,”

“Do you really think this is just a misunderstanding?” jaebum blurted out and you weren’t quite understanding what he was trying to say. “Why do you think I even let you in in the first place?”


“Isn’t it clear enough? That I like you?” the same aura he had earlier returned. He had you targeted, and he was not letting the chance of getting you slip away again. You weren’t expecting a confession and before you could form a reply in your head, you heard jackson and bambam shouting for you. Why are they always ruining things for you and jaebum?

“You should get going before they tear this place down,” jaebum didn’t wait for your reply and opened the door slightly, keeping the boys in view before signalling you that it was safe to leave. You wanted to tell him that the feelings are mutual, but he seemed to be avoiding your answer, afraid that you’d reject him. Before you took a step out, you gathered your courage and leaned in real quick, giving him a peck on his cheek.

“I like you too, feisty boy,” you smiled. Jaebum was caught off guard by your action and broke into a smile later - the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen, and before he let you go, he whispered into your ears with his husky voice,

“Just know that my room is always open for you,”

Enouement- 21

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 705

Warnings: None

Master  Part 20

Originally posted by sebjpeg

“He’s been gone for almost three weeks, Nat. I don’t know how much longer I can handle this.” You moved the phone from one cheek to the other, scrubbing angrily at the dish in your hands. Nat sighed on the other end, her voice the only sound aside from the scrubbing of the sponge on the plate. 

 “I’m sure he’ll be home soon,” she offered. “He probably misses you, too.” 

“It’s not just that,” you add, setting the dish aside. You lean against the counter, ignoring the sink that’s still full of dishes. “I worry about him when he’s gone. And he’s never been gone for this long before, what if something happened to him?” 

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The Contest-Part 27

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Jared was looming tall and strong over me as he snapped, “I SAID, take off your shirt, Y/N.”

“And I said, MAKE ME.”  I sat back on the bed and just looked at him, hardly daring to breathe.

He moved quickly for such a large man.  One of his huge hands grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled, tearing it in half and scattering buttons everywhere.  Flinging the pieces to the side, he hooked his hand around my waist and yanked me to him.

“I may be a professional Y/N,” He hissed in my ear. “But if Rory Montgomery so much as glances in your direction, I will kick his ass.  I’m selfish where you are concerned, I won’t share.”

“I could care less what Rory does, Jared.  Gemini has taught me a lot about soul mates, and I think you are mine.” I murmured as I ran my lips against his neck.  

He started to say something else, but I silenced him with a finger to the lips.  “Shhh! I’m done talking about Rory.  Are you gonna show me who I belong to or not?”

With a snarl, Jared pounced.  He suddenly seemed to grow a second set of arms because his hands seemed to be everywhere.  He managed to unhook my bra and yank it off before I even knew he had done it.  He kissed me with an air of barely restrained violence, and it sent me into overdrive.

I lay back on the bed and pulled him down with me, our mouths battling for dominance.  He licked and bit his way down my body, seemingly determined to mark me for all to see.

Jared was usually a patient and considerate lover who took his time and made sure I was satisfied in every way, but not today.  Today he took what he wanted, and there was a rough, reckless edge to him that drove me wild.

He wasn’t at all gentle when he kissed me, instead his tongue plundered my mouth and he drank from me as though he might never get to kiss me again.  His long fingers dug into my skin as he pounded into me, and I knew I would be bruised later, but I didn’t care.

It seemed as though Jared couldn’t get enough of me that night, I woke to find his hands and mouth on me multiple times. When sleep finally overtook us, our bodies entwined,  I couldn’t stop smiling.


I had fallen asleep in Sam’s arms that night, drunk on his kisses and still in shock about the knowledge that we were going to have a son.  Sam would make an amazing father, I could tell already.  I just wish I had as much confidence in my skills as a mother.

My sleep had been filled with dreams of our life as a family: me, Sam, and our son.  I saw us living in the bunker and raising our son here in the life, Sam and I taking turns hunting with Dean.

There was so much he needed to learn if he was going to grow up to be the one to defeat Lucifer and Jack.  But I have to admit I felt a bit like Atlas with the weight of the world resting on my shoulders.  So much responsibility.  So much we would need to make sure he learned.  Now not only did we need to manage to keep ourselves alive but him too.  And Lucifer was determined to kill me.

It was suddenly all so overwhelming I couldn’t breathe. I woke up gasping for air and managed to extricate myself from Sam’s arms without waking him.  As soon as I had opened my eyes, I knew I wasn’t in the bunker anymore.  I grimaced in annoyance.  “Dammit Lucifer, why do you keep doing this?” I shouted.

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A Blast from the Past (Part 3)

Summary: You didn’t know what to expect when you entered that factory, but you sure didn’t expect running into him.

Characters: Reader, Reader’s little sister, Simon, Negan, the Saviors

Pairing: NeganxReader

Word count: 1980

Warnings: Swearing, violence

A/N: Let me know if your want to be tagged in upcoming parts.

(Y/L/N) stands for your last name.

(Part 1)-(Part 2)

Virginia, three years ago.

The cafeteria of Fairfax High School was crowded at this time of the day. It was a little before the beginning of your first class. You were hanging out with two of your friends, like almost every day. Kate, Riley and you were in the same math class and gym class.

You were settled at a table situated in a corner of the hall. Riley was sitting beside you and Kate sat across from her. They were chatting about random things while you sat curled up on your chair, with your back against the wall, while writing a few things in your notebook.

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anonymous asked:

hc everyone is lowkey terrified at deku's reaction to pain. "yeah, if sit down it will help my back problems, but if i stand up my knees will hurt less!" "your knees hurt?" "oh, everything hurts sometimes"

This dear anon, is brilliant:

•'everything hurts sometimes’

•the class are all really upset and lowkey horrified over it
•'what do you mean breaking your fingers doesn’t hurt?!’
•'I’ve just gotten used to it is all..’
•'that’s crazy’
•it even upsets Bakugou. Half of him is: how the heck does that shitty Deku have a better pain tolerance than me. The other half is slightly terrified: how much has he been through to get used to pain like that? Did I do this?

•people start unintentionally mothering Deku
•'don’t sit on the floor here have my seat’
•'here lemme grab that for you’
•'no no don’t worry I’ll do it’
•at first it touches Deku
•then it starts to annoy him, he doesn’t need to be babied
•he gently reminds the class of this
•'we’re sorry we’re just really worried’
•'I’m sorry for mothering you but after all you’ve been through you deserves to be a bit looked after’
•The class so stop babying him but the second he shows signs of pain at least 7 people are ready to go grab recovery girl or buy some stronger painkillers for Deku

•speaking of pain: Deku gets chronic ones, almost everywhere
•the full list includes: his hands, arms, shins, knee joins & caps, his feet, ankles, neck, spine, shoulder blades, ears, nose, calf muscles, pretty much all of his muscles, his finger nails and on top of all
that he gets really bad headaches/migraines
•the worst pains are by far his arms
•if he over uses his arms, especially his scarred one the pain is terrible, even for someone with a high tolerance like him
•the scars feel as if they’re on fire
•his elbows click and crack and hurt every time he moves them
•all his muscles either painfully cramp and sieze up or they become flaccid and useless. The later is slightly less painful
•the pain from his arms travel to his shoulders, then neck then his head. Oh those days he has to keep headphones playing soft music on at all times otherwise he’ll collapse from head pain

•Deku’s also prescribed to really strong pain meds that the hates not only because they taste gross but they also make him really sleepy meaning he missed out on some class & study time due to impromptu naps
•'so how many pills do you take with each meal?’
•the class is once again terrified but also awed that they have someone that strong amongst them

I’m not exactly sure if this is what you were looking for but I tried my best -Mod Leo

anonymous asked:

After the attack on the alien bar when Maggie got pushed by the explosion and Alex got held at gun point they both worriedly checked eachother to see if they were hurt (and Alex definitely hugged tight her and kissed the top of her head)

Lyra’s screams, Winn’s screams, aren’t going to leave either of their minds for a long time.

If ever.

Maggie pulls him back and she holds him close to her body, not noticing or caring that her hair is still in her face, in the corner of her mouth.

Because god, that’s how ICE does it with people who look like her, who look like James, and now Cadmus is on that same xenophobic, genocidal list.

But with much better weapons.

“We’re gonna get her back, Winn,” she says, but even to her, her voice sounds hollow. She blinks an tries again, turning his numb body to hers and holding him by both shoulders.

“Winn. We’re going to get her back. Whatever it takes.”

“Yeah. Yeah,” he breathes, but his entire body is shaking. “Are you okay, and Alex? Guardian?”

He turns toward the others, they both do, to find James with his mask off, holding Alex to his metal-plated chest.

“We’re fine. We’re gonna get her back, Winn,” James calls. “All of them. All of them. Come on, man, let’s… come on.” He kisses Alex’s temple before striding over and putting his arm around Winn, leading him back to the van where he can change, where he can offer Winn an anti-anxiety pill, where he can offer Winn all the quiet, soft hugs he needs.

“Thank you, Maggie,” Winn tells her as James nods and starts leading him away.

“James,” Maggie calls after him. “Thank you.”

James smiles and glances between Alex and Maggie. “Always.”

Both women smile and watch Winn and James leave.

“Alex.” Maggie is the first to break out of it, and she rushes to Alex’s arms, stopping just short of hugging her, her hands running everywhere on her body, checking for injuries.

“Did he hurt you, did – “

“No, I – you? You shouldn’t’ve come after me like that, it was just a regular police gun – “

“Alex, I would come after you with my bare hands if that’s all I had.”

Alex’s breath hitches and her body trembles and she pulls Maggie into a deep, hard hug. Maggie hisses slightly and Alex yanks back immediately.

“The explosion! You must have gotten burned, I – “

“Alex, I’m okay. You can check me out later at the DEO, I promise, okay? Just – we’ve gotta get back in there before any of them come to, but I – I want to feel you right now, just… just hold me?”

Alex presses her lips to Maggie’s forehead and Maggie lets herself melt, lets herself be not alright, lets herself be comforted, because Alex is safe, safe, safe, and they’re going to get the others back. They have to. And they will.


Moving In (4/4)

It’s done! It’s taken over 6 months somehow, but my birthday gift for @annytecture is finally complete. <3 Feelings are resolved and declarations are made, and it is very CS.

Unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine. ~2400 words, rated T for some mild language, a bit of hinting at past relationships, and toothache-inducing fluff.

Also on Ao3.

Day 110

Finally. She finally found a way to quit working that soul-sucking schedule she’d been working for the last few months. Emma gave a sigh of relief as she exited hers and Mulan’s new office.

She had finally reached the point where she just couldn’t keep on with the schedule she’d had, and the sheriff’s department seemed no closer to hiring someone new.

She’d randomly run into Elsa and Mulan a few days ago, and it had been surprisingly pleasant. In spite of the initial awkwardness of the situation, Emma and Mulan fell into conversation quickly about work. Mulan mentioned that she was starting a private security and investigation agency and that she was looking for a partner, and Elsa had reminded her girlfriend that Emma worked in law enforcement. They’d met a few times since then and talked numbers, and they were ready to get to work.

She was just so excited and and relieved not to have to deal with sixty hour weeks except by choice. With one of Mulan’s contacts, they already had a fairly lucrative contract in the works.

Now to tell her friends.

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