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Office playground review part 1
This is the Molecule Stress ball from Office Playground, i bought it for 2.25 USD
I really like it, esp for stress or anxiety stimming.
-as far as i can tell, it seems pretty durable
-the different balls inside give it a really interesting texture
-I tend to squeeze really hard, which this stim toy is perfect for
-the light up feature is really pretty
-It’s stretchy, which most stress balls aren’t
-I’m kind of scared i’m going to squeeze too hard and tear it
-the light up feature is really pretty, but it’s also really bright, which can be overwhelming
-the outside is rubbery, which i personally don’t mind but might bother others Conclusion: it’s a really great stim toy, but i definitely wouldn’t recommend it if bright lights hurt your eyes or you’re overstimulated easily.