Weirdest places Feuilly has worked at, and subsequently got fired from

The Cat Cafe. The cats sure were cute but then again when the owner found Feuilly handraising a litter of opossums in the breakroom, it wasn’t much of a surprise what he picked when the owner made him chose between his Babies and Work

A thrift store that was actually a cover for the mafia, feuilly didn’t know until the cops stormed the place and brought him in for questioning

As a security guard at a Definitely Haunted Cemetery, gets fired for letting jehan and some of his weird friends in late at night; jehan sheepishly approaches the security post to let feuilly know his friends are robbing graves and he should maybe do something about that

A vegan cafe that enjolras indirectly caused him to get fired from–feuilly decided to throw his all vegan green slush in the face of loyal customer who decided to misgender enjolras after enjolras politely corrected him for the fifth time that day

McDonald’s for some reason. Feuilly kept slipping leftover food to the people of the homeless shelter on his way home. One of his coworkers ratted him out when it became apparent that Feuilly does not eat thirty burgers a night.

As a nanny for a very wealthy child, gets fired bc the child steals all her mother’s jewelry and shoves it in a charity donation box, when her parents are like “what the fuck” she says “FEUILLY TAUGHT ME THAT WEALTH IS THEFT, REDISTRIBUTION IS THE ONLY TRUE JUSTICE”

As a dog walker bc one of his custumers was trying to make his dog vegan and he stole the dog. (His name is Leon.)

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*handraise* but why is 'hispanic' an incorrect, racialized term? I identify as hispanic over latino, is that wrong?

It’s not wrong. Your identity is yours and you’re the only one who gets to define it. 

One of the reasons why some people bristle at “hispanic” is because it ties Latinxs to Spain, the colonizer, and a lot of people don’t like that. 

There’s several posts that share varying reasons why “hispanic” is not the same as “latinx” here.


Ollie made it through the first night here. Jason stayed up late with her and then I got up early to take over. It’s gonna be a long week if we are going to give this cute little girl a fighting chance.

At this point I think she’s a mouse since she weighs 5.1 grams and still has her eyes and ears closed. It’s conceivable that she could be a rat still, but it’s hard to know for sure until she starts growing. Anyway, think good thoughts for Ollie the baby thing so that she grows big and strong! Also good thoughts for us since handraising is an around the clock endeavour and we still have to take care of the other animals, find a way to feed ourselves, and go to work! #mouse #rat #babything #weeklyfluff

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The Great Tit fledgling begging for food. :-) This shot is already a few days old, so the begging has mostly subsided. But still he/she so reminds me of the first bird I successfully handraised back in 2009, Chickie, and who “founded” the deep affection I feel for Parus major, a boring and common backyard bird only at the very first glance. I might repeat myself but: They are just awesome and soooo clever!! :-)
So Chickie II is still in the bird room with the 5 nameless Redstarts, waiting for release in nice weather (it is always bad weather when you want to release the birds …)
Great Tit (fledgling) ~ Kohlmeise (Ästling) ~ Parus major
2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved
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Is it bird month or something? Birds are going for 100-200, it's crazy!!

it’s all about the breeders and the store you’re buying from (and inflation, of course)

my store sells cockatiels for 189.99 because we dont get them in often, they’re handraised, and because the breeders are expensive.

our loris go for 899.99 to 999.99 because lori’s are exotic birds and VERY rare/hard for us to get ahold of.



Playing ‘Dad’ to Sooty Owl Chicks

Meet Taronga’s one week old Sooty Owl Chicks. Keeper, Grey, is handraising them, see him feed them their favourite chopped up meat treats.

When older, the owls will be part of the Zoo’s Free Flight Bird Show, helping visitors learn more about the amazing world of birds.

Black Redstart (fledglings) ~ Hausrotschwanz (Ästlinge) ~ Phoenicurus ochruros

Three cuddly Redstarts, handraised and released in 2013.

Black Redstarts love rocks, cliffs and buildings (why and how? Read here) and are not so much into greenery, that is why the companion Blue Tit fledgling (not in the picture) rested on fresh hazelnut branches, while these guys slept in the most peculiar places like bookshelves or, like depicted above, on the cozy heating pipes, 10 feet (3 m) above the floor. :-D


2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved

Hey bird friends and foes,
I’ve been absent for a long time, busy with hand-raising orphaned baby birds.
So far in 2015, I have hand-raised 5 Blue Tits, 2 Great Tits and 5 Black Redstarts. 1 Great Tit and the 5 Redstarts are still here awaiting release.
Many sick or injured birds had to be taken to the vet, many birds could be saved, some unfortunately not. :-(
I was on the phone a lot, assisting people who had found baby birds, we drove about 2000 km to the vet in just 1 month, I had to refill the feeders outside on a daily basis to facilitate the integration of the released birds into the bird youngster groups in the yard.
Now I’m very tired. :-) On the picture you can see a Black Redstart fledgling being fed a cricket. :-)
Black Redstart ~ Hausrotschwanz ~ Phoenicurus ochrurus
Copyright: 2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved
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European Starling (juvenile) ~ Star (Jungvogel) ~ Sturnus vulgaris

Finally I have managed to write two small informative (and hopefully helpful) “articles” about the EMERGENCY HANDLING OF BABY WILD BIRDS and about the FEEDING OF WILD BIRDS ~ check them out! :-) Edit: The links don’t work with the app … 

Above you can see two baby Starlings I helped handraising in 2014, feather dust included. :-) Starlings look very unlike their parents and are often confused with young European Blackbirds. Their diet luckily is almost identical.

These two guys were “coughing” because they had a Cytodites nudus infection (an air sac parasite). I took them to the bird vet who treated them and kept them in her bird rehab center where they were eventually released.

2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved