So, fun news, my car battery just died. Thanks Car!

This does not help the financial situation so I’m extending the sale! You have until midnight tomorrow, May 19th at 9:00 PM Mountain time to take advantage of the code blueneedsmoolah for 20% off anything at http://thebluestblue.storenvy.com! That includes stuff I already put on sale! 

Long Barn Owl Necklace - I love layering this with other jewelry. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones. The greens, blues, and golds from the stone look beautiful with the color of the lake pebble. I am also in love with matte black glass beads at the moment…

Some of the goodies I am working on today! Hand painted caribou antler rune pendants! Very cool little things! I really love how they turned out. #rune #runes #antler #caribou #etsy #handmade #handpainted #vikingknit #viking #norse #scandinavian #pendant #jewelry #jewelryporn #jewelrydesign #copper #wirewrap #wirewrapped #witch #witchcraft #asatru #heathen #heathenry #pagan (at http://www.thewellandspindle.com)

Finally shipped this custom piece! There was a bit of drama involved with this one. With the first one, I somehow borked up the resin mix and the thing never fully dried. It was tacky to the touch, could be indented, and was in general a giant mess.

Luckily, the client was very patient, so I painted another one. And here it is! At the very least, this project proved I can successfully match & re-mix colors with gouache.

I actually like this version more- the blood looks better, and the spiral in her hair is less weird.