the logistics and coordination and bureaucracy necessary to run and operate a galaxy wide police force is mind boggling

its too much area

and relaying info would be impossible   

it would have to be self contained contingents or precincts


//owo I don’t know about you guys, but…

Perdiot, from Steven Universe, reminds me a bit of GLaDOS, from Portal, what I heard about her, since I have not gotten to watch an playthrough of both Portal games. Don’t get angry at me please. :P

Could there be an PortalXSU!AU, or an Alternate Universe, where Perdiot is an machine, or an andriod, like GLaDOS, and the rest of the cast and possibly SU OCs, fandomless OCs, and characters from other media would be the test subjects, no matter how far fetch it would be once you do it, rather it is awesome on paper?

What do you guys think? owo



~Hando Mun~

quesadilla96 asked:

no,no estoy mejor ,quiero una pequeña probada te ´´tu chocolate´´7///7(no me preguntes por que hando de calenturienta,creo que estraño a Sia ;-;)

Samuel B:Pos…
Brittany:*Lanza la chancla voladora*
Samuel B:Mast*Le pega la chancla*Oe >:v
Ximena:Celos :v celos everywhere /:v/ \v:\
Brittany: Voy a cenar no tardó :v

Winter is indeed Coming, while Summer is Coming for the universe I am in, Leader of The North Eddard Stark.

//Rejoice and cheer, my followers and non-followers and Game of Thrones/A Song of Fire & Ice fans alike.

…I have started to watch Game of Thrones tonight, which the mindset of not really getting too attached to characters, due to the overheard nature of anyone could die in the show and books themselves. And I have got into Code Geass as well, since

So, folks, I give you this idea:

Imagine if there were an Code Geass and Game of Thrones crossover? owo

I am prepared for all of the ‘blasphemy’ and pickaxes and fire to raid me when I have dropped this crossover idea to you all. But, I can’t be sure if that would happen. :-I

~Hando Mun~