Alexander Handoff: Portrait outtake of Kendall Jenner on set for Estée Lauder. I’ll never forget how Kendall walked out in this look and floored everyone on set. Congrats on the September Issue gorgeous.
New York City - March, 2016
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Oregon State University basketball coach Craig Robinson is featured in the latest issue of Business Week for choosing basketball over business. 

People wouldn’t know Craig Robinson if I wasn’t the brother-in-law of the President. It gives me a little bit of brand recognition and helps with recruiting. I tell my players that everybody’s watching what they do. It brings more pressure, but that’s life. I also tell my players what my parents told me: Don’t pick your career on the amount of money you make. When I got a chance to buy all the stuff I wanted, I discovered it didn’t mean a thing.



💖 Want a flower crown for a cosplay, or event, or just for fun? Well, I’m taking commissions for them! 💖

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• Base price for a crown is $50 (+$10 if shipping within the US if I can’t do a direct handoff), subject to change depending on what you want. Payment is made in two parts through PayPal - a down payment when the commission is agreed on and the second upon hand delivery/shipment.

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Dept of TTT L/M plot bunnies

I tried to fit more acronyms and couldn’t haha. But here are two “plot bunnies”/gaps for missing scenes for your consideration, since I did a reskim of TTT recently and thought, “Hey I could use read that.”

1) Dark Force Rising. You guys it took them FOUR DAYS to get to Karrde. FOUR DAYS alone in  Mara’s ship. I know this can be used for something. I mean in Dark Force, the YOU WILL KILL LUKE SKYWALKER is beginning to ramp up (because her abilities are coming back).

2) How come I haven’t read a post Wayland visit-at-the-medi-center fic? Like pre-lightsaber handoff? Maybe I missed someone’s fic? Either way, remember Mara got all bbq’ed  (haha it’s the second time she ends up at the med center in TTT and we never see Luke visit her I understand he wasn’t there for near miss 1, but I do think there could be mileage from #2)


The Rio-Tokyo Olympic handoff video features famous Tokyo sights, popular anime and game characters, and the prime minister of Japan zipping through the core of the earth to get to Maracanã Stadium on time.

Athletes wanting to take selfies with Simone Biles caused a traffic jam during the Olympic closing ceremony


The Rio Olympics officially came to an end Sunday night with the closing ceremony.

The ceremony marks not only the end of the Rio games but also the handoff to the Tokyo Games in 2020. This edition of the closing ceremony, however, may be best remembered for the downpouring rain and the “Heroes of the Games” segment being slowed down by the presence of Simone Biles.

Specifically, it seemed as if every athlete wanted to stop and take selfies with Biles, who was tasked with carrying the US flag during the ceremony.


NBC’s Mary Carillo called it a “Simone Selfie Central” and said a “conga line of people” were waiting just to take selfies with the American gymnast.


These were just some of the selfies that NBC showed during its broadcast.


It seems pretty clear who the star of these Olympics was, and it is a status that was well earned.




NOW WATCH: Here’s why the Olympic diving pool turned green

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Tommy Amaker's Breakfast Club

But once a month, the fourth-year Harvard men’s basketball coach adds a different element to his routine.

On these days, Amaker pays a visit to Harvard Square restaurant Henrietta’s Table. It is there that Amaker meets with nearly a dozen predominately African-American scholars, doctors, and businessmen from the Boston area for a monthly breakfast that provides an opportunity for the group to share in conversation, laughter, and good-natured trash talking.

Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t you forget about me.

mr-dongleopolis  asked:

Homestuck exists in RV as fiction by a replayer. It acquired a small following but was widely derided on completion for its ending, which threw literal years of storyline in the trash in order to bring the narrative to a swift resolution.

My suspicion is that this resulted from the fact that the original author died about two-thirds of the way through and someone else finished it from their notes.

But it was the same account posting it all the way through, and it didn’t use Skyblue’s author-handoff system, so who even knows?


The climate for disagreement in the political arena has become so overheated, so mean-spirited, that it’s entirely possible a Congresswoman lies in a hospital right now, fighting for her life, because of a difference in philosophy, an intolerance of disagreement. Maybe, then, the sports arena, with a greater capacity for disagreement, is the more welcome place for the difficult conversations, regardless of the topic. The sports world, once the holiday games have come to an end, can indeed celebrate Dr. King’s spirit by engaging people, by using its athletes’ popularity to bring folks into the tent for examinations beyond the playing of the games, for in-depth looks at race, gender, the economy, opportunities for advancement, for pursuing dreams.

via Mike Wilbon’s latest column. Click the link and read the whole thing.