Luckily all my witch friends are Hellenic polytheists, or: WE HAVE TWO LITERAL GODDESSES OF REBIRTH HERE, THEY'RE GONNA BE FINE

the thing about being a resurrection deity is that you’re liminal as fuck.
Autumn: the beckoning, the handoff, the descent. The dangerous and vibrant gift. The earth opens to secrets of ghost-sex and fire.
And the volcanic chasm closes back up like a breath as the world slowly dies.
Winter is like a long stretch of road with no Wi-Fi. It’s when your IPod dies the moment you get in line at the DMV. I’ve spent Januaries in London and it’s not a blue glitter Elsa winter, it’s a muddy grey-brown shitshow.
But the secret of winter: underground, the dead are dancing. They’re going Coachella in the asphodel, kinking out re Tartarus, whispering plans against each other’s lips.
And you don’t invoke a life-death-rebirth goddess unless you plan to follow through on the return.
Kore the Maiden, through her descent, becomes Dread Persephone the Iron Queen. The Greeks feared her just as much as they venerated her bae Hades.
See, Persephone isn’t all springtime and daffodils. “She is Karpophoros, who makes the flowers grow, just as she is Praxidike, the avenging goddess.”
She’s the goddess of necromancy, curses… and reincarnation.
And I’d leave it at that- if our Dread Queen wasn’t also friends-till-the-end with the None-More-Reborn.
Pop quiz, Fantheon. Who descended into the underworld? Who literally stripteased through the seven gates of death? Whose murder came with a huge side order of Jesus imagery?
Inanna isn’t scared of death because they know the way back.
So I’m not worried either. Spring might be a long time returning. But when it does, it’ll drop like Beyonce’s new album. It’ll explode like a flash mob.
And it won’t just be Persephone who saunters out of hell.

News: CyanogenMod Android adds universal sync and handoffs

News: CyanogenMod Android adds universal sync and handoffs

CyanogenMod Android adds universal sync and handoffs

Nextbit unveiled a cloud-based “Baton” service for CyanogenMod’s Android builds that enables sync and handoffs between devices, plus backup and restore.

Half Moon Bay, Calif. based startup Nextbit unveiled its Baton service with an private beta release at the Recode Code/Mobile conference. The cloud-based synchronization and backup software,…

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The customer is literally always wrong

Its summer.
The line is out the door into the parking lot.

At the time I had been there over 9 hours, I had opened that morning, and it was nonstop all day chaos.

A woman approached me at the handoff and said rudely, “Where is my drink??”

Me: What did you order ma'am?

Customer: A small smores frappuccino.

Me: Okay ma'am, there is a smores in the line up, it will be out any minute.

At this point I am very busy, and I hear her say to some one else that we “aren’t even that busy.” Just because we move like robots and make this fucking job look fucking easy doesn’t mean you have any fucking right to say anything about shit.

A few minutes later, she comes back and says “Okay look, I have been waiting a long time. Where is my drink?”

Me: I am so sorry ma'am, we put out a bunch of smores, someone else must have taken it. (It happens almost constantly)

Customer: You know what, I don’t want it. I want my money back.

Me: (Knowing a refund is a long process in our specific store) “I can stop what I am doing and make it for you right now.”

Customer: No! I just want a refund!

Me: Okay I will get you your money back, but please don’t be rude to me, I have been over here the whole time I have nothing to do with the ordering process and I was not there to mark your cup. The cashier must have forgotten to mark it.

Customer: I don’t care.


She then crumples up her receipt and throws it in my face.


She mumbles “I can’t handle stupid bitches.”

She was ignorant, thinking it was my fault.

When in reality I can only make drinks that are placed in the line. If it was not placed in the line, go complain to the person who took your order.

OR you could realize that we are under a lot of stress, we deal with ungrateful people like you for hours on end, and we are HUMAN. I understand her situation must have been frustrating, but imagine how we feel all day long. Worse. If she was more understanding about it, I would have made her a venti instead of a tall. But instead, she got nothing except for her $5.37 back.

Oregon State University basketball coach Craig Robinson is featured in the latest issue of Business Week for choosing basketball over business. 

People wouldn’t know Craig Robinson if I wasn’t the brother-in-law of the President. It gives me a little bit of brand recognition and helps with recruiting. I tell my players that everybody’s watching what they do. It brings more pressure, but that’s life. I also tell my players what my parents told me: Don’t pick your career on the amount of money you make. When I got a chance to buy all the stuff I wanted, I discovered it didn’t mean a thing.

Review of the Coverage of the 5/26/15 Daily Show Handoff to the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

At the end of the 5/26/15 episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart “passed the baton” to Larry Wilmore and made a joke about  child molester Josh Duggar in the process.

This prompted certain segments of the internet to dig deeper into the low-to-moderately humorous event in order to meet organizational quotas for coverage of Daily Show coverage. 

The Hollywood Reporter struck first with a 7:30 am EST post that provided a fairly traditional take on the handoff, preferring to let other news outlets expand and innovate as the coverage continued throughout the day. Unfortunately, The Hollywood Reporter decided to reveal the punchline of the Stewart and Wilmore’s exchange at the conclusion of their article, which is a violation (minor, admittedly) of the journalistic code of summarizing comedy show jokes. 

Entertainment Weekly kept the ball rolling with an 8:27 am EST entry. Eschewing the single-sentence paragraph format typically favored by competitors, journalist Hillary Busis chose a compact, three-paragraph structure that featured an opening paragraph with two questions that were quickly answered by the subsequent sentences. This innovative opening was rewarded with a veritable frenzy of social media activity, as over 230 people chose to share the article summarizing the Daily Show’s handoff to the Nightly Show via Facebook.

PerezHilton.com rolled out of bed at 9:30 am EST with a piece notable for its header image, which appeared to be a pixelated screenshot of The Hollywood Reporter’s header image, and multiple references to Wilmore as one of Stewart’s Daily Show correspondents. But no one could deny the compulsory power of the anonymous author’s ending urge to readers, “Ch-ch-check out the rest of the HIGH-larious clip (below) poking fun at a touchy subject!”

Talking Points Memo closed out the day’s coverage of the Daily Show’s handoff at 12:11 pm EST with a dramatic retelling of the staged casual conversation between Stewart and Wilmore. Readers learned that Stewart “tried to interrupt in vain” while Wilmore “pressed on” with his effusive praise for the reality show about a family with 19 children. In stark contrast to the earlier Hollywood Reporter story, which blew the ending of summary of the exchange, TPM left much to the reader’s imagination:

“You know, I hope nothing happens that makes me recontextualize their closeness and isolation as something dangerous,” Wilmore said.

Stewart bit his lip.

So Who Won?

By most traditional standards of internet coverage of comedy show handoffs, Entertainment Weekly’s piece comes out on top. In addition to sparking a wave of social media discussion, EW also went the extra mile and captured  a unique screenshot of Stewart and Wilmore. But don’t count Talking Points Memo out. Journalist Brendan James is introducing a unique, nailbiting tension to what has previously been a rather stodgy, stale metacoverage scene. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him in the future.


It is not the first time they have handed off such
troublesome ones into the care of his closest,
but even so, it remains a nuisance. They have
more important things to do then teach these
handoffs how things are supposed to be done.
He regards her with a rather brief curiosity, a
frown curling over his lips. “What is your name?”

Today I learned some obvious information about training.

To my chagrin, I found out I was handling Earl’s training all wrong. 

I did not train Earl myself. I applied through a government funded organization for a service dog a little over a year ago and Earl was placed with me very recently. I’ve always had dogs and could teach them basic tricks, but as we all know service dogs are a different story. When we met someone with the agency to do the handoff, we did very minimal training and were told we would do a more extensive training session in about a month. Well, that never happened, and things didn’t seem to be progressing like they were supposed to.

Earl’s obedience was on the decline. He had trouble focusing. He was bored and grumpy despite working everyday and going on daily walks. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I thought maybe he just didn’t like being a service dog or that maybe we weren’t a good match… and I was devastated. I had grown to love him and was reluctant to contact the agency fearing they would tell me Earl wasn’t going to work out. I had to remove my heart from the situation to realize I need Earl because he is a service dog. I needed him to do his job.

I emailed the agency and was given the phone number to the head trainer. I didn’t hide my emotions well. Thankfully, she was helpful and encouraging. She asked me what was going on and how I dealt with them. She sweetly corrected my missteps and gave me training tips to get him back on track. This information is not pertinent to anyone with a seasoned service dog or to someone who trained their own, but hopefully it’ll help those of you with a new companion or who are in the process of training.

My newly garnered information:

  • Most service dogs are both smarter than the average pup and come with an excess of commands. Exercise those commands daily. It’s like having a desk job as a human. At the end of the day, you haven’t been physically active most of the day, but you’re exhausted. Otherwise they get terribly bored and not be as eager to work for you when they have to.
  • I didn’t know that I had to keep a high pitched voice to encourage him when training. I was allowing myself to get frustrated and would drop the pitch of my voice. Doing that makes him less excited (or even nervous) about performing. I practiced doing this for about 20 minutes with him and saw a MASSIVE improvement.
  • If you are having issues with focus with your newly placed dog, I encourage you to contact the company that trained your dog for you. They might be able to figure out what’s going on and give you exercises to help him or her bond to you more quickly and get refocused on you. 
  • It definitely takes more than thirty days to imprint. According to the trainer it can take up to six months. Keep that in mind when it feels like you should be more bonded than you are.
  • Still be patient. It’ll keep getting better.The trainer kept talking about how working with a dog is like interactive with children in many ways. They aren’t going to be perfect, but they’ll be more eager when you work with them the right way.

Like I said, this in formation is probably obvious to most of you, but I want it out there for someone like me who is just clueless about dog training and discouraged about expected results.