• Veronica Deane: Whoever these people were, they stole, um... My goodness, look at me. I'm - I'm shaking like a leaf.
  • Archer: Would you care for a drink?
  • Lana: Archer, it's barely nine o -
  • Veronica Deane: Corpse Reviver #2, please. But if you don't have real absinthe, I'll have a double sidecar. French.
  • Malory: Oh, that sounds good. I'll have -
  • Archer: There's not enough.
The Final Problem

If you’ve been keeping up with my verging-on-compulsive meta postings since yesterday, you’ll know that I originally felt like this scene (which broke my soul and then rebuilt it up again, piece by piece):

Shows us a glimpse of a MP scene involving Sherlock having to choose between his heart (John) and his mind (Mycroft).

There’s a gun handoff with a room full of bed with restraints (Psychiatrist Smith to blame for this?) :

There’s a shot with only John:

And a shot with only Mycroft, while Sherlock holds a gun and burrows his hands in his face. Sherlock is obviously distressed.

To many people, this scene represents what we have all been waiting for.

The Final Problem.

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“You are far too soft, Emmanuel.” He chuckles and leans over to the other angel, gently placing two fingers below his chin to angel his face into a soft kiss to his lips. This is rather amusing to him, in truth, but so lovely. Emmanuel really seems to be the softest of them all sometimes. So sweet, so gentle. “Have I ever mentioned that I love you?”

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i always love the little handoff between cable news shows where they go “next up is ____” and then the next person appears in split-screen and they chat for a minute before the next show starts

and tonight during that, lawrence o’donnell (who is not my fav host but is incredibly charming and a huge flirt so i’d date him) told rachel maddow that she was “the greatest star in cable news” and she got SO embarrassed, it was SO cute omg she kept ducking her head and couldn’t look at the camera, and she was like “no, nope, nooo” and lawrence was like “NO, I’M SERIOUS”

she’s so humble. it’s adorable. when i met her, after i stopped openly weeping because oh my god rachel maddow, i told her she was my hero and she blanked for a second and was like “oh jeez that’s no good, you need to aim higher, you need to get better heroes” lmao she’s a doll

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DREAM JOB :  a bee-keeper and a gardener on the moon

TAGGING: just ?? do this if you wanna idek tagging people seems a surreal task rn

also some lady today while my back was turned just reached over the handoff plane and grabbed a container of almond milk from my side just. no? customers stop doing this, its a health code violation to just have customers grabbing ingredients like just ask me and i’ll put some almond milk in your friggin’ coffee

psa from your friendly barista:

  • make sure you’re grabbing the right drinks- if you ordered a hot drink and there’s an iced drink on bar IT’S NOT YOURS??!?! 
  • there.is.a.queue.of.drinks. NOT EVERY DRINK I MAKE IS YOURS. yes, i heard that you wanted it decaf the first 340982304 times you said it
  • if YOU ASKED FOR WATER AT THE REGISTER THEN YOU WILL GET YOUR GODDAMN WATER. don’t march up to me when i’m in the middle of making drinks and demand for your ice water. it sucks when your handoff bar is filled with 23408204923 cups of iced water because you thirsty people couldn’t wait

Archer Season 7 “The Handoff” - Process of how Archer falls out of a window naked

  Hi guys! I honestly had never thought about making a progress post on how some of the crazy stuff in Archer gets from storyboards to the screen, so here we are! 4/7/2016 Season 7′s episode “The Handoff” had a wonderful shot of Archer, bloody and naked, falling out of a window. I had the privilege of taking on this task, which was actually a pretty long process.

I’m not ashamed to say that whenever files come up where someone is naked or mostly-naked, I try and jump on them before someone else grabs them up. They’re super fun to do, and I get to draw some naked people, which is honestly very helpful in learning anatomy and proportions.

So, to start off, this is basically what my comps look like by the end of everything. Lots of reference - photos we take in the studio as well as standing Archer bodies at different angles - and lots of layers. For scenes like this where we go from seeing a character at one angle to seeing them at a totally different angle, cutting down the amount of drawing we’re doing to the absolutely essential key frames is pretty important.

So, here is the original comp I made using reference photos we take of the lovely people in the studio. I made sure to get Eric “Sexy Pecs” Warren’s permission before sending his lovely face to roam across Tumblr. His Instagram where he posts his personal artwork in case you’re interested! You can see in this gif that a step was ultimately cut since we decided that the sequence could be done in three steps, not four. Most of these photos take arms, legs, and torsos from other photos to fit the limitations of the background elements: the characters can move while the window cannot, so it’s our job to make sure things line up properly!

We not only have to look at photo reference, but also keep proportions and body structure on-model with our Standing bodies. For this I always keep the bodies that I need to reference directly in my comp to check how long the arms are, how wide the hips are, etc. I clean up my lines, make sure the motion looks clean and works for the action dictated by the storyboards and script, and move things over to Illustrator.

Going off my linework, reference photos, and our Standing Body files, this is generally the way things go: Clean stroke outlines, fill color, lowlight color to define shadows and muscles, and finally adding all the proper blood and dirt in their respective places. Repeat for all bodies and voila!

I hope you guys learned a few things about how some of the naked animated magic works at Floyd Country Productions.

@chibeast replied to your post: “i always love the little handoff between cable news shows where they…”:

YOU MET HER!?!? Why did you not ascend to an astral plane!?!

I DID a couple years ago and i actually did cry. like, she looked up at me and was about to perform the normal human response of saying hello, but she did not get to say hello because i immediately burst into tears. and she got this look on her face that was halfway between “aww, how sweet” and “…what did i do” and i had to be like “i’m sorry i just… love you…” omg it was so bad, i was like 19, but i told her all about how i always watched her and how she was so tough and smart and such a huge inspiration, and getting to tell her that was one of the best moments of my life. she was, unsurprisingly, incredibly gracious and kind.

Today at work two of our regulars put in mobile orders back to back instead of coming in and the barista on bar finished the drinks back to back so I carried them to the handoff plane and called their names off in order like “I have two mobile orders for Tyler, Perry” and as soon as Perry’s name left my mouth I just froze because I realized what I had done and the customer standing in front of me at the register locked eyes with me and we just stood there for like two seconds until I managed to mutter “oh no” under my breath and he just fucking LOST IT that’s the story of how I inadvertently summoned Tyler Perry while working at Starbucks