My first set of Touken Ranbu plushies <3
I’ve started with my favorite characters, but I think I’ll make the other ones too when I have more free time.

If someone is interested in commissioning them (or other characters) just contact me on my Facebook page (Ikemagi Shop - Cosplay & Plush) or email (chiko86@outlook.it) 


Handmade Swords - Telpënár - the Silver Fire

  • Maker: David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge
  • OAL: 40”
  • Blade Length: 30”
  • Blade Width: 1 and 3/4”
  • Balance Point: Exactly 2” from Guard
  • Steel: 1075 L6
  • Grip and Scabbard wood: Ebonized Walnut
  • Guard Pommel and Scabbard Chape: Antiqued & Carved Steel
  • Grip Rings and Scabbard Bridge/Bead: Cast Silver

Telpënár, literal meaning “Silver Fire” in Tolkien’s “Quenya” language, is a High-Elven leaf-bladed longsword crafted by David DelaGardelle. He forged and ground the blade out of a piece of “feather”  pattern-welded steel that came from my friends at HHH Knives, who are talented smiths who produce near mythic-looking “damascus” patterns in steel.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Cedarlore Forge

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it’s been rather quiet here lately - which doesn’t mean we’ve been lazy at all!

 I’m currently working on a few commissions, one of them is a super elegant steampunk men’s corset vest, which i hope to ne able to show soon ❤️

 We’re also working on an bigger update on our website www.unartig-shop.com 

 And on October 10 &11 the first Weddfair, an “interactive wedding fair” takes place in Böblingen, where we will have our own booth. 

 you see: soooo much to do. Let’s go for it! En garde! 


Please don’t remove the credits:
 Model: Fleur
 Photographer: DerKloerk
Corset: unartig
Location: unartig boutique 

Website: http://www.unartig-shop.com

Tumblr: http://unartig-shop.tumblr.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unartig.shop
Instagram: https://instagram.com/unartig/

My son the pirate with the sword I made him. He carries it around every day and goes to sleep with it at the foot of his bed #pirateslifeforme. I originally designed it as a little spartan sword. More of these on the way if any one is interested. #handmade #knifemakersarehandy #dadstuff #adventure #explore #explosiventure #sword #woodwork #woodentoys #outdoors #kidstuff #woodensword

Late Night Edged Weapons Porn!
(My ThornHawk and Casey’s Gladius Sword)
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Rose Quartz Shield
This item is made to order with an expected 4 week turn around time. We can expedite if communicated before the order. This item is made by shop

Today myfatfuckingface and I are cosplaying Rose Quartz and Steven Universe.  Based on todays cosplay, there are a few new items in the shop.

Maria is going to be the most beautiful rose quartz <3

anonymous asked:

once getting the hang of it manba would occasionally try to make desserts for mitsu. they're plain in both taste and appearance, but mitsu loves them otherwise cause they're made by manba & will show much appreciation for them. happy that mitsu loves them, manba would add a lil bit of extra things on them like sprinkles or messily made but cute handmade edible decorations. other swords are a lil jealous mitsu's the only one who gets to have these special , even the brothers. -mtshmwr anon

People who have favorited ROBIN Hood and MAID Marian SALE ...

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People who have favorited ROBIN Hood and MAID Marian SALE … was originally published on the Hippie Corner


Handmade Swords - DeargAbhainn-Cu'ra

  • Swordsmith: David DelaGardelle
  • Medium: Steel: 1075. Guard & Pommel: Mild Steel. Wood: Bloodwood
  • Measurements: OAL: exactly 4 feet. Blade Length: 36 ½". Blade Width: 1 ½". Grip Length: 9 1/“. Guard width: 8 ½”

The “DeargAbhainn-Cu'ra”, literally meaning “the Red River Guardian” in ancient Gaelic, was forged out of 1075 high carbon steel, figured bloodwood, and mild steel hilt components. The sword was commissioned by its owner to represent the rich cultural heritage of his family lineage, while looking forward to the future as a celebration of 25 years of marriage to his wife.

The owners last name being “Rushing” literally refers to Rush reeds aka “cat tails” that grow by ponds or streams. So the grip is carved with swirling water motif’s and reeds sprouting up among them. The scabbard includes knotwork patterns based off of the owner and his wife’s wedding bands, and in between show the intertwining sun and moon.

Finally last on the scabbard you see the ever growing Tree of truth & life or the family tree. In the blade you read two French sayings engraved on either side. One side reads “One God” and the other reads: “One Faith”. A sword meant to be historically grounded in its execution but completely unique and organic in its aesthetic feel.

Source: Copyright 2012 © Cedarlore Forge


Handmade Swords - The Watchman Son’s Sword

The Watchman Son’s Sword is a Fantasy/Gothic piece with some historical inspiration taken from a few different 15th-16th century German Oakeshott Type XVa longswords.

The goal in the finishing work with its textures, materials, and decoration being an exploration in late Medieval ornamentation styles.

The blade is forged and ground from high carbon 1075 steel, lightly antique “blued” and hand surface engraved. The fittings are forge blackened steel, and the grip and scabbard is highly antiqued cherry wood.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Cedarlore Forge