Pie Sisters Beanies!

I finally have all the Pie sisters finished! Whew. Look at all that personality.

Limestone…..same tbh.

Marble and Maud are convention stock.

Limestone and Pinkie are available here:



-About 13" Inches long
-Embroidered eyes and cutie marks
-Embroidered Artist mark on back hoof
- Filled with Polypellets and Polyfil

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12 Inch Trixie Plush with Outfit

My new 12 inch pattern. This one has much better proportions, and the best thing is, I can use my hair and head patterns from my beanie ponies! These guys are just the cutest, and I’d imagine very convenient to carry at cons as well!

She’s not for sale, as she’s con stock for this season.
Her outfit is made from custom designed minky from Spoonflower. My first time ordering from there, and I’m very pleased!

She is not for sale, but there are plenty of plush in my shop!


Here’s a quick tip, if you RP a Japanese character and want to do something for Valentine’s Day!

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is one where girls confess their feelings to the boys they like via gifts, usually handmade chocolate with a note. I’m sure everyone’s seen an episode or two of an anime that covers this, with the typical ‘opening the locker and gifts pour out’. Typically, boys do not give chocolates to the girls they like. And they aren’t expected to. It’s pretty much only girls who give chocolates.

However, there is a parallel holiday on March 14th, White Day. This is the day that the boy, should he return those feelings and accepts the girl’s confession, gives a gift to answer for the chocolates. Usually, it’s something not-edible, and only a small trinket (so not huge bouquets or expensive jewelry). It can be something as simple as a pencil case, or handmade stuffed animal. Usually, the gift is handmade, but store-bought is accepted.

Hope this helps!


Winter Wind is a solbeast who identifies as a demigirl and uses they/them as their pronouns.

Solbeasts are a creature I created based off my friend Sol’s favorite animals: sheep, goat, fox and cat. Many of the Solbeasts are non-binary since Sol aerself is non-binary, so these critters have also been a great way for me to learn about many non-binary pronouns and genders. These kids are hand-made by me with my original pattern.

Solbeasts are made with quality minky, fleece and faux fur fabrics They are about 11 inches long from nose to tail and 4 inches high at the shoulder. They are filled with silky soft polyfil stuffing so are squishy soft and perfect to snuggle. They have 11mm oval safety eyes and felt thread-sculpted horns.

Check them out in my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/264639889/winter-wind-the-solbeast?ref=shop_home_active_1

Neighbor guy my age comes over to visit (for church reasons) and my little brother starts showing him the handmade things that he has.

Gives him a handmade stuffed animal to look at.

I look over to see him cradling this little handmade leopard stuffed animal like it’s a baby, petting it distractedly while talking.

Me internally: Oh no he’s hot.