GUDETAMA! 🍳 I’m off to Japan with @sacredhangnail (Joe) in a few days WE ARE SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to see this little lazy egg 👴 Check out joes blog, it’s crazy good x

I will do a big blog post on my adventures and the many craft purchases I KNOW I will be making, so keep an eye out 👀

❤️ SAYONARA for now, 🇯🇵JAPAN 🇯🇵 HERE WE COME! ❤️


Here our very short film, made in one week, with @chiaroushka and @bleucalire in animated painting.

🐚(I miss summer, the beach and the sea…)🐟

The next film will be in animated sand !


DIY Easter Eggs – Very pretty!

Ok so I kno I’ve been gone fr quite a few days so to make up fr my absence here are some dumb headcanons I made w @egoraptorr and @delinquentrabbit :

- Jotaro isn’t the best at speaking English; fortunately, Kakyoin is so Jotaro tends to say something to Kakyoin first and then it’s up to him to relay it to the rest of the group.

- Jotaro tries to act cool and collected a lot of the time and it impresses many people. Kakyoin and Polnareff will bring up pictures or embarrassing stories; basically anything to take Jotaro’s cool factor down a notch or two.

- Josuke and Okuyasu are pretty sympathetic criers. So if Okuyasu starts crying, Josuke will start sniffling, and vice versa.

- Josuke can be pretty blunt on accident. He really means well, but sometimes, it’s too much. He made Okuyasu cry once.

- Narancia gives lots of handmade gifts for holidays and birthdays (which Bruno loves).

- Dio uses his followers to do his shopping, like for groceries or furniture.

- Jotaro acts like a bit of a dumbass when he loosens up around everyone during the Egypt trip.

- Somebody could be talking about how cool Okuyasu and Josuke are, and then look over to see Josuke with grapes up his nose and Okuyasu crying from laughter.

- Giorno could sit Fugo down with a cup of tea and ask him to vent if he needs to and Fugo would burst into tears.

- Okuyasu and Josuke tend to eat one sundae with two spoons. Koichi, if he’s with them, gets his own ice cream.

- Jolyne drew her dad a lot of sea life pictures when she was younger and Jotaro has every single one on display.

- Passione takes everyone in one car to somewhere and they allow Trish to play her music and 4/7 people in the car would be singing along (it’s Trish, Giorno, Mista and Narancia. Trish and Giorno tend to hum more, while Mista and Narancia belt the lyrics).

- Someone would ask Okuyasu to go ANYWHERE and he would get nervous, panic, and say he was going with Josuke instead on impulse.

- Mista buys everyone an ugly sweater each year without fail for Christmas.

- Diavolo is pretty jumpy. Noises like closing doors or things falling are enough to startle him. It happens when people tap his shoulder, too.

- Joseph is the absolute best story teller. Both Holly and Jotaro (although he’s reluctant to say) really enjoy his stories.

- Giorno’s actually pretty mischievous. So if Abbacchio’s clothes “accidentally” get bleached, he’ll pretend that he wouldn’t know what he’s talking about.

we hav more but they’re more crack fic-ish than regular headcanon

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Passover is just around the corner, and Spice Box Candle Co. has three new scents to help you get through the upcoming temporary breakup with your chametz:

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  • Karpas

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