The winner of the giveaway is @irethnumenesse . Thank you everyone that has participated in my giveaway. I will be having another one soon in the future so stay tuned! 


Hi everyone! First off, I would like to thank everyone for supporting my little blog. I cannot believe I have already reached 700 followers. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if it wasn’t for each and every one of you that leave such wonderful comments or even just liking my posts. To give back to my followers, I would like to hold a small international giveaway! The prize will be your choice of any one of the items shown in this picture (Any colour of your choice as well!).

Here are the rules:

1.     Must be following me (This giveaway is for my followers!)

2.     Must be 18+ or have your parent’s permission

3.     Strictly no giveaway blogs can enter  

To enter:

1.     One reblog = one entry (You can reblog as many times as you want, but please do not spam your followers!)

The giveaway will end in two weeks (July 16, 2017). The winner will be randomly generated, but the more entries you have, the better chance of winning. The winner will be selected on July 17 and if they do not reply my message within 48 hours, I will select a new winner.

Thank you everyone and good luck!

This is Lunamon from Digimon. She was a custom order for a client and I am absolutely in love with it! It was quite a challenge making it, but the results paid off. I’m glad that her new owner loves her as much as I do :) 

If anyone is interested in a custom order, feel free to message me and we can talk about it! Also, I am having a small giveaway for my followers so I hope you guys can join in (Check my giveaway post for more details)!

Have a wonderful day everyone~ 




Nüwa [女媧] is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven. 

Nüwa is not considered a creator of the entire physical universe, but a creator and protector of animals and people. It is said that Nüwa existed in the beginning of the world. The earth was a beautiful place with blossoming trees and flowers, and full of animals, birds, fish and all living creatures. But as she wandered about it, Nüwa felt very lonely, so she began to create animals.

On the seventh day of creation, she bent down and took up a handful of yellow clay, mixed it with water and molded a figure in her likeness. As she worked, the figure came alive – the first human being.

Nüwa was pleased with her creation and went on making more figures of both men and women. They danced around her, and her loneliness was dispelled. She created hundreds of figures, but grew tired of the laborious process. Then she dipped a rope in the clay mud, and swung it around her. Soon the earth around her was covered with lumps of mud. The handmade figurines became the wealthy and the noble; those that arose from the splashes of mud were the poor and the common.


Hey doods, here’s a little custom miniature I worked on a month ago :) It’s a custom husky figurine for an adorable lil doggo named Saki. And while her final form doesn’t feature the lil moustache, I thought it was cute enough to show y’all here.

I’d like you to try something. A little experiment for your thursday evening.

Go to Pinterest, and search for anything. Literally anything you want, except exclude the terms “rustic” and “farmhouse” from your search using the minus key.

The only things left will be gold spray paint, a creepy handmade polymer clay figurine of a sleeping baby/mermaid/fairy that Mildred in Minnesota pinned to the wrong board, and ads for ugly mid-century furniture.




This is Kanna from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. I made her a while ago for a customer and I love how she turned out! It was quite a difficult challenge, but the time I put into it paid off! I’m glad that her new owner adores her as much as I do! If anyone is interested in a custom figurine, keychain, charm, earrings, magnet, etc, please leave me a message! 


It’s so fascinating to think about what things the Cullens might get in the mail on a typical day/week.

-fashion/home magazines from around the world

-tax forms under various false names for various investments

-a postcard from Peter and Charlotte from wherever they visited recently

-Carlisle’s 500 medical journal suscriptions

-progress notes from a research lab for Emmett (he’s always trying to make admantium for sports equipment)

-montly bills from several storage units around America

-Pastor Cullen’s cross back on the day Alistair FINALLY found it

-a new rental agreement for Edward’s chicago house that he has to sign as the landlord

-endless car show stuff for Rosalie

-Jasper’s latest correspondence course (he still likes doing SOMETHING on paper since he spends so much time online erasing their electronic trails, this one is on the Tang Dynasty)

-blueprints waiting for Esme’s approval (she’s fixing up one of the houses they’re keeping long-term because it’s now on the Historic Sites tour in whatever town)

-messily-scribbled notes from one of Carlisle’s nerdy doctor-friends he’s keeping in touch with (she’s a hematologist researching blood substitutes)

-first edition books Bella’s been buying on Ebay to build her own library

-a handmade glass jaguar figurine that Edward commissioned for Renesmee (she finally visited Auntie Zafrina last spring and is doing her room up like the Amazon)

-cute handmade cards from one of the random orphanages they fund