This little creature embodies a fairy forest. Many forests of different worlds, in fact. And the things they have in common – beauty and wildness. It is a forest where the air itself is filled with power. Nevertheless, the spirit is quite curious and playful sometimes. Don’t be surprised if he starts exploring your house or your dreams.

He loves green minerals, and can charge them with forest energy. But most of all he loves jade. The stones you see on some photos are a jade and a bloodstone, his favorite trinkets. They will come along with the beastie, and it’s better not take them away until he is bored of it. Or you can offer some stones from your collection – he will surely be interested to see them and play with some.

Materials: epoxy putty, acrylic paint, varnish.
Size: 39mm height, 74mm length.

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Here’s Toothless, finally done! After a year in the making XD I was always putting him aside for working on other sculptures and commissions. Now part of this project is done! I just have to finish the base for him and Hiccup! =D He was so much fun to make!!! =3 Expect to see more Nightfuries sculptures from me for sure! X)

This sculpture was 100% handmade with polymer clay over a wire armature and meticulously painted with acrylics. He stands around 5 ½ inches tall. Since this is a personal project of mine, he’s not for sale.


This little creature’s a two-headed dragon baby who was found crawling around the lava tunnels here in the desert. They’ve got a fiery personality, and if you don’t watch them close enough you’ll find all your pencils chewed and your paper edges singed. Though they may be a handful at first, after a little care is given, you’ll find no pet more loyal nor more snuggly.

This hatchling is made of Sculpey over a skeleton of wire with plastic eyes and a coating of acrylic paint and sealer. They’re very delicate and not meant to be a children’s toy. They’re about 20cm from tip to tail, and about 13cm wide. The perfect gift for fantasy or reptile loving pals or a little treat for yourself, they can arrive in time for the holidays! Purchase them at my Etsy shop!



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These tiny rainbow crabs have such colorful shells and would make anyone feel better! If you live far away from the ocean or if it’s not the right time of the year to take a dip, little crab fellas are going to bring back the memories of the sunny days and ocean waves!

7x7cm (2,7x2,7 inches), cast of resin, painted with acrylics. Glass in their pincers is collected at the Mykonos beach.

Each one of them comes with a wooden tag signed and dated proofing that this is an original figurine made by Remjie.

Attention! This is a piece of art. Not a toy for small children. Completely handmade, one of a kind. SOLD!


Here’s the final sculpture, done! One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies! ‘How to train your dragon’ is a wonderful animated movie. A masterpiece. Beautiful animations, charming characters, great story with a stunning soundtrack <3 I love animals and I always had strong bonds with my pets, so the relationship Hiccup and his dragon share touches me greatly. 

Everything was handmade with super sculpey and meticulously painted with acrylics. Hiccup is around 4 inches high and Toothless 5 ½ inches. This is a personal project so this piece is not for sale. ^^

This is a factory pendant I made. Tiny little people mill around in a factory, working around the clock. It has been made by using a good deal of old watch gears and cogs as well as little miniature figurines. It is a factory of good thoughts. When you lack good thoughts, they will make some for you.

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Here are some closeup shots and a flatlay of all the furniture and decor from my miniature living room post yesterday :) I’ve taken some closeups of the other items, and they’re linked in yesterday’s post.

More to come on this project later this year! In the mean time, I’ll be updating my etsy shop with some new ideas that I’ve been contemplating for the last couple of months :D