I just purchased this handcrafted choker necklace that my best friend made from deconstructing gorgeous vintage lace, brooch and pearls. It’s one of a kind and she’ll never be able to recreate this exact piece. And I love that. Isn’t it just beautiful?! She makes all different kinds of artisanal jewelry, and the proceeds go towards her work in teaming with organizations to fight sex trafficking and poverty. She actually goes to different cities here and countries abroad and gets involved herself (and usually in what is considered not the safest of places to say the least). She is one of the few I know who truly lives out her convictions not to mention she is an incredible multi-talented artist, one of the most wonderful souls out there, and she is my best friend, kindred spirit and family. Whenever we are together, even if we do nothing, it feels like we jump into our own Wonderland and magical things always happen. So here’s to friendship and family, and an awesome Saturday to all!! And if you like this piece and are interested in seeing more of her jewelry, just let me know and I can put you in touch with the artist herself. ✨

Doing one final ID of each moss specimen in each pendant and organizing them by species so I know how many of each species card to type up on my typewriter.

After that I’ll stamp and type the cards, get them all on chain, match moss/pendants with certain characteristics to people who made special requests about the shape/color/form of moss to the best of my ability, then wrap them up and send them off to their new homes.

Pulling an all nighter to pack up orders from tonight’s shop update and get my luggage together, off to the airport in just a few hours! Packing these two signature pieces up to send to one lucky lady. I’m sad to see them go but glad they’re going to such an appreciative home. Thank you all so much for your purchases. There are still a few vintage pieces and one ring available. If they’re purchased before 2:30 AM EST tonight I will ship them before I leave, but any time after that and they won’t ship until I’m back next week. 💎