handmade vests


Your very own (me lol) has started making and selling punk patches on Etsy! My store (feministpunkpatches) only has three items in it right now, but I’m making more and adding them soon. :) If you could, please check it out and SIGNAL BOOST this post! You can get your patchs without supporting big business!



My battle jacket got too small for me earlier this year and I was really sad about it. I was without anything like it for a long time, but I recently decided to make a punk vest. I used some denim and flannel scraps from other projects to try this motorcycle jacket style vest. I’m doing a red/black/white theme with the patches, to go with the plaid. I’m really thrilled with how it came out.

Fashion Credits: Vest, Skirt and Shirt by me, Insane Jellyfish necklace, Vintage  DK pin, Bowie cat by DanielleVGreen, Talking Heads pin from Etsy.

FO: Burton Vestigan

It’s cool if I live in this vest until the end of fall right?

After months of delay, I can finally mark this sweater as complete! I used Madeline tosh chunky in the moorland colorway, and the only modification I made was the pockets, which I switched from being square front pockets to being side pockets, that are large enough to hold things like my phone.

Super cozy, and an awesome pattern that I would recommend to anyone on the mark for a thick, quick, vest.


This unique vest is made of an old hoodie with fluffy lining, (sleeves cut off). Then I took an old pair of black jeans and cut into pieces, then sewed the pieces to the hoodie.
And ofc I added all the studs, patches and so on to the vest.

This vest was a pain in the ass to make, and it took me looong time to create, but now it’s my favourite vest to wear! (:

The vest is still in progress and not finished yet!


I got really into classic Australian rock and the ‘Hooks are rad so here’s the process of me embroidering a patch for my jacket!

This is so amazing! You guys are all out here working hard on these jackets and vests with handmade embroidery! Especially that freaking color fade from yellow to orange!! Diy or die 100% I hope you’re as proud of this as I am for you! Thanks for the submission @prinofpol!