handmade vests


This outfit is so chaotic and I love it (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
I accidentally bleached my hair too light, so the pink dye went insanely bright, and I was like omg I feel like a magical girl and a riot grrrl all in one?? Heck yes?? So I brought out my punk vest that I’ve been working on for like 4 years when I went out for lunch with a friend and I’m still so about this whole look omg
Vest: thrifted with DIY studs and patches
Sweater: thrifted
Sailor moon bag: Samantha Vega replica from Storenvy
Socks and stockings: ebay

FO: Burton Vestigan

It’s cool if I live in this vest until the end of fall right?

After months of delay, I can finally mark this sweater as complete! I used Madeline tosh chunky in the moorland colorway, and the only modification I made was the pockets, which I switched from being square front pockets to being side pockets, that are large enough to hold things like my phone.

Super cozy, and an awesome pattern that I would recommend to anyone on the mark for a thick, quick, vest.


This unique vest is made of an old hoodie with fluffy lining, (sleeves cut off). Then I took an old pair of black jeans and cut into pieces, then sewed the pieces to the hoodie.
And ofc I added all the studs, patches and so on to the vest.

This vest was a pain in the ass to make, and it took me looong time to create, but now it’s my favourite vest to wear! (:

The vest is still in progress and not finished yet!


Hey so im here to tell you guys about The Beta Llama Company. This is a shop on etsy with a shit ton of cool band and nerd merch for amazingly cheap for what you receive. This stuff is high quality handmade jewelry, pins, jackets, vests you name it. This is an ESPECIALLY great place if youre a fan of the 1975 and/or hamilton and have only a few bucks to spend. And when I say a few bucks I mean it, there is merch for as little as 20 cents. And the most expensive thing is a 45 dollar beautifully hand painted jacket. The owners of this shop are struggling to get their name out and get business currently so please even if you cant purchase, reblog so the word gets out about this amazing shop!!

you can purchase right here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBetaLlamaCompany/items

I finished my completely handmade vest and felt pretty cute today (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)