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I'll try my hand in adding to this Teacher AU thing ¬ u ¬. When Adrien and Marinette finally get married, Lucas and Manon end up finding the "since-forgotten" Mopinette and Adriequin and bring it to the wedding ceremony and/or reception. They leave it on the side for all to see, with a bow tie for Adriequin and a handmade wedding veil on Mopinette (with Marinette's gift of flowers stuck to the handle). Also, Lucas and Manon are now always flirting xD....i tried. :3

And the entire class, which has now turned against Manon, runs away when the bouquet is tossed, forcing her to catch it. :DDD



First, no I’m not dead! I feel like I dropped off the face of the Earth. I am very much alive!! Life is crazy, but it’s finally starting to slow down! I’m really hoping to get back into blogging and posting more of my creations from my new job (it’s also my internship)! I’m working at a Hy-Vee (a freakin’ awesome grocery store that has everything from the Kraft mac n’ cheese you crave to bulk organics and their companions) in the bakery. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity because not only will I be making tons and tons of bread daily, but I get to work with the best wedding cake decorators in the company! In addition to all of that, Hy-Vee has a full-time dietitian on staff, and I’ll be working along side her as well. It seems like the perfect opportunity for me! Cross your fingers!!

Now, for the creations above! The first cake is my Child’s Cake. I chose to make an Aladdin cake! I love how it turned out. It was chocolate cake with salted caramel mousse filling with chocolate italian buttercream frosting! And the second cake shown above is my wedding cake. No, no, not my wedding cake.. We had to make a wedding cake of our choice. The only requirements were that it had to have two tiers and be coated in fondant. I like to call my cake “Heart in the Sand.” I will say this: If I could make my own wedding cake, I would have made it exactly like that!!  

I thought it would be cool for you guys to see how a cake with fondant is assembled. Basically (Picture 1), you make a cake. (In the cake industry, a cake has 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling, so that’s what each cake had!) Then, you coat it with frosting (chocolate or vanilla buttercream in this case). Then (Picture 2), you roll out fondant large enough to fit over the cake and hang just below the bottom of the cake. If you don’t know what fondant is, it’s basically a sweet dough that coats the outside of higher end cakes. It helps the cake look smooth and elegant. Back to assembly a fondant cake… Next, starting at the top of the cake with a pulling and pressing motion, you lightly pull the fondant and work your way around the cake until you get to the bottom. The cake should look like it’s wearing a skirt! You then trim the fondant around the base of the cake (Picture 6). (Sorry, I didn’t have a picture of the brown cake with just fondant!) Finally, you make a border and add your fondant figurines and any other detailed items. 

NOTE: Everything on the Aladdin cake was handmade. We spent a couple days in class making the figurines. Everything but the “veil” on the wedding cake is handmade as well. The veil is made out of cheesecloth :)

I hope you enjoy this post! I promise to post something again soon!



San Japan was so much fun and I made cane because I have a bad hip but knowing me I made it light up to give it my electrical engineering touch

Dress: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: aatp
Blouse: forever 21
Bag: ap wonder story book bag
Headbow:AP cosmic + handmade horse veil
Shoes: off brand + handmade lace wings
Cane: hand made



Handmade this headpiece and veil for @shaihasulaiman. She wanted bling so that is what I delivered. My favourite part about the finished look is the veil. I have been avoiding tulle for veils, these days I use chiffon it silk and it drapes much more elegantly than the tulle. thehijabstylist

📷 @hudaxsalman
💄 @bbfreshmakeup