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[ENG] Yo. It’s my first time writing on this blog since a long long time ago. Sorry ! I thought about how could I udpdate in a cool way this tumblr, and… Okay, I just didn’t touch CSS, javascript, html, or anything else, because I wanted to post quickly. So here I am ! I restart with a new positive mind, thanks to personnal development books and methods like Miracle Morning, KonMari… And I will explain more with drawings ♥. Bye bye !

[FR] Hey ! C’est la première fois que j’écris sur ce blog depuis un long moment. Désolée !! Je réfléchissais à comment mettre à jour mon blog de manière cool, et… Ok. J’ai pas touché au CSS, javascript, html, tout ça, parce que je voulais poster rapidement. Du coup me revoilà ! Je recommence avec un esprit optimiste, grâce aux livres de développement personnel, et de méthodes comme le Miracle Morning, ou la méthode Marie Kondo…

J’expliquerai plus de choses prochainement avec des dessins ♥ Salut, salut !

(PS : Sorry for my English mistakes…).

First attempts to Hand Calligraphy

Got so addicted to the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran that I made use of the lyrics as my first attempt to calligraphy. I’m still not familiar with the tool cos it’s my first time to actually own one. The nib that I have is very fine and sharp that it tears the paper that I’m using. Probably should learn how to use the pen with soft and carefree hands to attain the flowy strokes. Anyone of you could help me how to use calligraphy pens and tools such as this? I’m very open to recommendations and suggestions. {Instagram}