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「植物虫」シリーズより アマニタキノコ虫。ポートランドのFlora展は今週金曜オープニング。ニョキニョキ! One of my Flora Insecta series, Amanita Beetle, for Flora at Land, opening Friday at @landpdx in Portland, curated by @boygirlparty #art #insect #bug #mushroom #plants #feltsculpture #hinemizushima #craft #handmade #toy #floraatland

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A small army is taking shape this week! To prep for the festivals I’m applying for next summer, I want to have at least 10 Arolos ready to go. Since they all get the same base color, I’m speeding up the painting process by doing them all at once! The last of these will be clear-coated tonight, and then I’ll be ready to start felting.

On the bottom, you can see the other part of festival prep I’m working on. My original Flox mold has served me well, but it’s just too worn out to keep using at this point. Rather than just making a replacement, I’m setting myself up for larger casting batches this time! I only need a couple more Flox faces for whole dolls, but my plan is to start making a series of magnets available as well and the extra molds will make that a MUCH easier process!

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Father Figure



At birth, Gibbs was with you, standing slightly terrified next to Director Shepard as she screamed and heaved for everything she was worth. He held her hand through every contraction, eyes wide in terror as Ducky instructed Jenny through the birth in MTAC. You were quietly literally, born into NCIS. 

On your first birthday, Gibbs was with you. He had presented you with several handmade, wooden toys, of which you immediately began to chew with your few and futile teeth. If you ask anybody, Doctor Mallard in particular, they’ll tell you that humans do not have the ability to remember things from their infant life. However, you were certain you could remember the beaming smile Gibbs displayed as you played with his toys.

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Crafty Pokemon Go Fan Leaves Crochet Pokémon Toys At PokeStops

There’s a surprise hidden in plain site the next time you are hunting for Pokemon in the streets of Texas - someone is leaving behind adorable crochet Pokemon toys at PokeStops in the crazy journey to catch ‘em all. Under the pseudonym Knotty Nicole, this “self taught and generally crafty” mother of two, has combined her love for knitting with her passion for being an “avid gamer, foodie, and crafty geek”. Her woven characters are unique collectables and relics that trainers can pick up in their pursuit of Pokemon in real life and the project has been called #CrochetGo. Find adorable Pokémon crochet toys on Etsy!

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This was a fun project! For my half of a trade with a needle felter I know from Instagram, I was asked to make a Parasaurolophus. I made a Parasaurolophus once before, but I knew for the trade I wanted to go a lot bigger and more complex.

Pitta here is the end result! Measuring in at about 10 and a half inches long, she took me 28 hours over the course of two months (!!!!) to complete. (I’m not the fasted needle felter in the world.) She’s got a wire armature through her body, and separate wire cores in her limbs so you can bend her and pose her, and then those limbs are string-jointed for some extra poseability as well! Her little accessories are made from embroidery floss and some beads I had lurking in my jewelry kit.

I can’t wait to send her off to Maria, and to enjoy the baby raptor I’m going to get in return!


I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but be inspired every time I look up at the night sky. And hasn’t it always been that way? We look up into the stars, and we make meaning out of them. It’s human nature.

These little bears are a whimsical expression of that very human tendency. Their black bodies are a canvas for a spattering of delicate stars, seven of which are joined together with white dashes. These seven stars pick out the Big Dipper constellation, which is part– of course!– of Ursa Major, the Great Bear.

These little critter were handmade by me out of soft wool, felted into shape with a special barbed needle. This results in a plush toy that has a unique texture, soft but firm. Their eyes are tiny glass seed beads in the same color as the stars, sewed on after the body was sculpted. They’re both about 2.5" (6 cm) long, and it took about 3.5 hours of careful stabbing each to bring them to life!

Want to own one of these little bears for your very own? They’re both available for adoption in my Etsy shop!!