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Plush Commissions!!

Hey guys! I’m short on cash right now, what with just having moved and life just generally being horrible. So I’m opening up a few slots for Custom Plush Commissions!

These slots will range between $60-$90 (pretty cheap for a custom plush!) and be for a plush which is 6"-10"

Since these will be cheap commissions, I will be taking creative liberty with the designs and I can’t do anything too complicated (like lots of markings or clothing). I will also be taking them at my discresion, so if a character would just be too complex or something for this price range I will let you know!

First up is custom Dragon Hatchlings or Solbeasts:




These guys will be a flat-rate of $60, just send me a message with what creature you would like to commission, and what colors you would like, use the following templates:

Dragon Hatchling - Eye Color: Body Color: Accent color: 

Solbeast - Body Color: Mane & Tail Color: Horn Color: Eye Color:

You can also commisssion a custom plush of an OC or favorite media character, these will range from $70 to $90, depending on the complexity of the design. For these, send me a message with reference images, preferrably with multiple views of the character. Here’s some examples of what these sort of commissions can look like:

(Commission of Margaret the Badger warrior from the upcoming video game Margaret’s Blight)

(My characters Mica the Gargoyle and Kitty & Mouse the Kesterels)

(Finny the Dragon)

You can also check out www.etsy.com/shop/micknagerie for more examples and pre-made plush!

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Someone asked me ages ago to make them an octopus plush. They ended up not going for it, but I was kinda interested in the project for myself so I bought the fabric for it a year ago and stashed it (as you do) 

So this weekend I figured, lets give this a try. 

It’s more of a squid than an octopus (my sewing capabilities are not good enough to make spherical things yet) 

The trick here was using really cheap paper because he has to be symmetrical. So I drew out half, folded the paper in half and then traced it to be the same on both sides. 

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