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Handmade Gemstone Jewelry by My Luna Jewel

You might or might not know that my dad handcrafts gemstone and sterling silver jewelry. He puts a lot of time, love and effort into each piece but recently has had to put it on hold and going is on rest as he has found out he will need surgery sometime within the next few weeks. It would mean a lot if anyone could send some love his way by helping to support his store. This doesn’t mean you have to buy anything, but even just liking one item will help support it! My family and I would really appreciate it and if you do decide to make a purchase, you can even use LAP10 for 10% off your total! Thank you ♡

Edit: My family dog began bleeding copious amounts yesterday and we had to do a random vet visit, proceeds will also go towards paying that off (She has perfectly recovered). Thank you all for your support, it means a lot during these times. 

Finished up this guy, which features a clear Quartz slab and a Peridot pebble, wrapped up in Sterling Silver.
Peridot carries a positive energy that pairs nicely with the amplifying properties of Quartz.


Commissioned custom sterling silver ring featuring a wolf and dragon holding the moon. Moon is hand blown borosilicate glass and it glows in the dark. Inscribed in the band is the phrase “Always and Forever”. We have a couple spots open for jewelry commissions before the holiday season. Email us (info@omnia-studios.com) before September 1st to reserve your spot. ww.omniaoddities.com

With the equinox coming up soon, we are hosting a new event, as well as a giveaway! The event will include new spirits being listed, new enchanted items and more!

Giveaway Prizes:

  • Two Custom Conjures
  • One handmade sterling silver vessel (winner may design how it looks)
  • Various crystals
  • Three Enchanted Pendants
  • And more!


  1. Must be following this blog
  2. Reblogs of this post count as entries
  3. Extra entries can be earned by making art of spirits, telling companion or spirit related stories, doing spirit interviews or anything else spirit related, and tagging us in the posts! (Five entries maximum to be earned from this, one entry per post)
  4. Do not tag as giveaway

The giveaway and event end on March 20th! Good luck, and happy Equinox!