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Wire wrapped necklace with labradorite

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Here is a blue Tritium stick sealed in another glass vial secured in silver tone “window” setting. Tritium sticks will glow for 10 to 15 years without the need of “charging” like regular glow in the dark pigment powders.  It is currently used in high-end watches, keyrings and gun sights - anything that needs to be seen at night. I decided to go with silver tone components because it complements the blow glow.  Just as important as the Tritium is the mechanical looking part it’s hanging from.  I was attempting to evoke a geared mechanical pulley assemblage with components found in the hardware store mixed with traditional jewellery findings.

I make in the steampunk genre but I wouldn’t classified as steampunk.  To me it’s futuristic with an alien artefact feel to it.  If you are interested in buying this you can find it on ebay here.


Fox Rib Bone Earrings $16🌙

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All of our pieces are made with ethically sourced and cruelty free bones! 💀 



Tritium Core Pendant

For some reason this reminds me of the old visible petrol pump.  This was meant to be housed under a glass dome but the design ended up being too tall for it to fit.  So here it is as a pendant.  You can see I’ve included a tiny “gauge” including a tiny watch hand.  I recently started using hand UV glue which I’ve used to seal the dial.  The core is green Tritium with a fine wire spring sealed inside a second glass vial.  Tritium glows continuously for 10 to 12 years.  Unlike conventional glow in the dark, it doesn’t require “charging” from another light source.  The core sits on a heavy solid brass bead.  It’s on a brass faceted cut chain that is 22 ½ inches long with a lobster claw clasp.  The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and ½ an inch wide.

If you would like to buy this please send my a message and I will send you a Paypal invoice.  It is US$135 with shipping included.  The package will come with tracking, receipt and delivery confirmation.  You will be covered by Paypal protection.


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Tritium Power

Yes, another Tritium piece!  I like the look of exposed vintage screws (originally used in glasses) with the smallest hexagonal nuts I’ve ever seen.  The vial is wrapped in fine copper wire and sealed in a glass tube with vintage copper “acorn” end caps and tiny round finials. The curved vintage brass arms are secured to two gold tone brackets and secured with the screws.  The side pins have a tiny brass round “dangle” drop ball and are threaded with copper tubing and tri-ridged brass tube.  The brass knurled beads contain a tiny grub screw that secures it all.  

The Tritium tube will glow continuously for 12 to 15 years and doesn’t require “charging” like conventional glow in the dark.  It is currently used in high end watches, keyring fobs and military weapon sights.  


The whole pendant section is just under 2 inches wide and 2 inches long.  It is on a brass facet cut brass cable link chain.  It drop (from the clasp to the pendant is 9 inches including the lobster claw clasp.  It is designed to be worn high on the decolletage but I’m happy to alter it for you.

This piece transcends the steampunk genre and would be an intriguing, unique addition to costume or contemporary clothing.  It’s US$195 including tracking postage and would be covered under Paypal buyer protection.  Just send me a PM if you are interested.   


I’m packing up orders this weekend, so if you buy something now, it ought to ship by Monday (barring disaster/mishap/zombie apocalypse)! 



Some fun layering
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Steampunk Orrery Jewelry

I set myself a challenge last year to make an orrery (model of the solar system) to fit under a glass dome that is under an inch wide.  There is a pile of rejects on my desk - it took a long time to find the right supplies and construction. The “planets” are half beads resting on a vintage hairspring.  They needed to be very light so they didn’t drag the spring down.  I would love to have found copper tone half beads for Mars and Jupiter but I couldn’t source any.  Saturn does have her ring!  

I must stress - nothing moves on this pendant.  It is a static representation not a true mechanical orrery.  One day I would love to create tiny moving ones.  It is sealed under the glass to keep it pristine.  

The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and 1 inch wide.  The brass faceted cut cable link chain has a fixed drop of 13 inches long (from the pendant to the clasp) for a total length of 26 inches.  It has a lobster claw clasp.

I’m selling this in my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/steelhipdesign


Sometimes you just need to anchor yourself to see things in black and white! 



My talented friend makes these awesome LED pocket watches and I wanted to share them on here!

He’s a watch collector and knocked one of these together having previously augmented wristwatches and pocket watches for himself. The number of comments it received (and a little encouragement from a close friend) prompted the two of them to start an Etsy shop: ScatterBrain Emporium!

Susan and Thomas are currently on a jewellery course to hone their skills, but in the meantime he is making these beauties almost daily as they are hard to keep in stock! The shop also takes custom orders so any watch can be edited to suit your needs. A love of sci-fi and Steampunk fuels their creation and as a lover of unusual jewellery, I’m of course a fan. :)


This is as close to minimalist as my designs get.  Four pulley wheels but they also look like wheel rims, feeding down a length of chain.  I wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to make this one move - couldn’t do it so it’s fixed.  The wheels are bolted down and the chain length is attached to the wheels.  It’s all attached to a vintage brass wire hanger on a rollo link copper chain. I like using the three main metal tones, copper, gold and silver in a single piece so it can be worn with any other jewelry metals.

It’s mechanical that’s a little bit distressed designed to be worn high on the neck so there is room for the tiny round brass drop weight to move with the body. It’s US$75 plus postage ($7) in my Etsy shop.