handmade star


Detailed shots of the finished piece.

This is my tribute to Carrie Fisher. She always stood out to me as a woman who did not take crap from anyone.

If anyone doesn’t know why I chose this quote, it’s from an interview. George Lucas told her she shouldn’t wear underwear as Princess Leia because the shifting gravities in space would suffocate her. So she said this should go in my obituary.

Rest In Peace Carrie 🖤💚

*also there is a small bit of the transfer pen still showing at the top but I took pictures before I rinsed it under cold water*

Space Balls

Recently I’ve been playing with wet on wet watercolor techniques.  This watercolor technique works wonders with creating backgrounds, skies, water, and space.  By wetting your work area first with water, you can create organic shapes and water movement that mimic things you would find in nature.  Make sure you only wet areas you want the colors to flow with clean water.  Or your painting will become muddy and washed out.

This is step one.  Filling in the area with color.  If you experience pooling you can either:

1. Mop it up with a brush/towel/paper

2. Tilt your paper to evenly distribute the water but risk muddying colors

3. Let it dry for a darker effect but risk getting bleeding 

Experiment with different color combinations.  You can look up galaxies, nebulas, and stars online but just experimenting works even better.  

Possible color combos that worked:

1. Warm colors: reds/oranges/pinks/yellow

2. Cool colors: Blue/purple/green

3. Mix it up, if you add in just cool colors, you can add a pop/drop of red to really give it a pop.

Now we need to darken up the borders and around the organic color flows you have created.  Let it dry slightly and then mix up very dark purple with a base of blue.

Fill in edges and then go back and get high paint to water ratios of your colors (orange) and dip your brush in those areas.  Watch the color bleed into the dark purple.  Add and experiment as desired.

Check out that bleeding action!  It’s exactly what you want.  

Now take a white gel pen/white gouache/white watered down acrylic paint and tap your brush with a pencil to get nice star variations.  I even used silver calligraphy ink to add even more dimension to the stars.  Not all stars are white.  You can make them silver, gold, light blue, light yellow, cream or anything that works for you.

What I did next is scan some of my “space balls” into my computer, cut them out into perfect circles and arrange them as a print.  You can check it out below.

Experiment and enjoy!  I think this picture “tutorial” is okay but a video would definitely convey some of the technique better.  Look forward to that.




For my Reylo Shippers, I have finally made a hand sewn felt Rey and Kylo/Ben.

Thank you @1ericayu1 for allowing me to use her drawings as a pattern.

I really really want to share something I have made for this ship. But alas, I am not very good at drawings or art. But this, this is what I am good at, sewing. :)  I hope you guys like them.

I may make more Reylo/Starwars things in the future. (When I am no longer too busy with work and other projects. I am so busy, I tried procrastinating and ended up making a cat scratch post - seriously.)

Kylo/Ben was based on this drawing: http://1ericayu1.tumblr.com/post/169192796115/what-would-happen-if-ben-got-jealous-of-the-porgs

Rey was based on this drawing: