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Late night paint job! #hippolyta shield is looking so much better with some color! I used brown/black acrylics and Antique Gold Rub n’ Buff.
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PART 2 of 3

I’m surprised no one has really posted detailed photos for “The Art of Laika” exhibit that was currently showcased at the Heritage Auction building in Beverly Hills.  It lasted a few days before the auction but now all the pieces are gone and went to their new homes. I’m grateful to have caught it before it ended. This gallery was so awe-inducing, I had to be at the exhibit for a good three hours just to take it all in. Seeing images or looking in a book does NOT do any of these pieces justice. You must see these beautiful pieces in person to really take in the creativity, dedication and craft each one of these props possess. Every item is a work of art. I never realized just how large the newer film puppets were compared to Coraline. The whole show was quite magical and witnessing the live auction was very exciting. Enjoy these photos!

Here’s some of the gorgeous Paranorman items. I had no doubts these puppets prices would skyrocket. 


Alice’s Adventures In Paperland - Limited Edition Notebooks by Moleskine

The video features a bunny playfully hopping into an oversized book, emerging out from Mad Hatter’s hat, and entering into a magical world. Directed by Rogier Wieland, the team has created a collection of handmade props to recreate scenes of the original Alice’s Adventures Under Ground manuscript. 


Sailor Saturn: holographisch
Sailor Uranus: meemee5290
Sailor Neptune: thelaravee
Sailor Pluto: msraecosplay

Props by Christopher Singh (@chippopotamus222 on Instagram)
Photo by Rudi B. Photography

“Bubbles Soap”

© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal!

Model: Giulia Candito

Assistant - Film: Luca Coculo

Costume and Bubbles Crown handmade by Me.

Make-up /Hairstyle by Me.

Props handmade by Me and Luca Coculo


Hello everyone!

I’m Charlotte, aka the new mod, aka irynmudda​, aka charlesbazaar​ (damn that’s a few aka’s) I’m a plus sized cosplayer based in the North East of England :)

I’ve cosplayed for a fair few years, I generally go for the big dresses, big wigs kind of designs, although as you can see above I’ve done a range of different cosplays!

I come from a craft background (and I make jewellery) so I’m big on handmade, hand crafted armour, props, amazing photo edits, but also anything that has your personal touch! That’s not to say I hate store bought, mate, if you wear that well, throw in a little sass (maybe glitter) and you have yourself a fabulous time!

I have no idea what I should of wrote here, but I hope this works. See you all soon! <3